Posted: August 25, 2011

UPDATE: Giveaway is over!  Congrats to our winners:

#1: So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains., Mandy F

#2: Styx, Ashley  (and how did you guess that so quick?!? I am not that old lol!)

#3: The Hobbit, Sadie

#4: Led Zeppelin, Dawn

I hope that you’ve had fun in the scavenger hunt!

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It’s been a slow day for deals so I thought I’d pop this up to have some fun on an otherwise boooring day here in the rocky Mountains.  

Bonus Giveaways:

#1: For the $25 gift card: What is the mystery sentence?

#2: For the other $25 Gift Card: What band has Deidre seen the most in concert?

#3: For the 2 free Gatorade products Walgreens Register Rewards:  What book is reportedly referenced in the lyrics, which are the answer to the scavenger hunt?

#4: For a free bottle of Herbashine by Garnier (coupon I already got in the mail from their FB giveaway, $7.99 value):  What is the greatest rock band, EVER!!!  In Deidre’s opinion!

In your answer, you can just say the # you are answering, like: #1: Shania Twain (not correct, although I have seen her in concert!)

Please list one answer per comment.   You can only win one of the 4, so there will be 4 unique winners. 

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