Posted: September 30, 2016


The Google Play Cuckoo for Coupons App for Android or iTunes Cuckoo for Coupons app or the Windows Phone Cuckoo for Coupons app is the best coupon blog app on the market! *I am biased on this of course :)

  1. It’s FREE! Snag it on Google Play (Android) or iTunes app (works on iPads & iPhones) or Windows Store (windows phones)
  2. Create free shopping lists with step-by-step instructions to save money at your favorite stores
  3. Never Miss a Deal or FREEBIE!
    *FREE push notifications of the hottest deals.  This is great for people who don’t have unlimited text messages because it doesn’t use up any texting.
  4. Easily enter weekly for a FREE $25 gift card:
    *Click on the three little lines on the top – this will pull up the Main Menu
    *Click on “Weekly Contest” to enter
    *Winner will be announced on our site + right on the Weekly Contest app every Sunday!
  5. It is much quicker than the old app
  6. The back button works 😉
  7. You can add and view comments right in the app now!
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  • Kelly A.

    I appreciate all that you do, and I went to download this app yesterday, but I must ask…What is the need for all of the information we must share with you to download the app? Location, pictures, contacts, I mean there was like 7 things on there???

    • I have no idea, we do not use any of that data

  • Rhiannon

    are you guys going to have this app for windows phone users?

    • we are trying to find out how much it would cost – its harder to get one for windows

    • yes we have added a link to it

  • Gina

    Just got mine! Thanks!

  • Mary Yarosch Raborn

    They got Pepsi 12 packs for 75 cents

  • Robin Raisner

    does this page still get used?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals


  • Amanda

    Awesome!!! I already have it downloaded

  • ebg

    i use the app no problem on my samsung s5 phone but for some reason on my samsung tablet when i use the app and click on a deal the whole page goes blank except for the ad at the bottom. some deals load. some dont. no idea why.

    • Thanks we will check it out!

  • Patty White

    Actually 7. The Videos!

  • Heidi Hauk

    I can’t login on the app to post comments. So bummed

  • les sim

    Not techie at all. How do I sign up for the app if I don’t have a techie phone. Can I do it on the computer? I’m really showing my age now lol Any help is appreciated!

    • Jen

      You need a smartphone.

  • Teresa Sloan

    I try to comment on things in the app and wont let me log in to comment but i have done it before

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