Posted: July 22, 2015


Make sure you have the latest updates on your Cuckoo for Coupon Deals app, download it free for  Windows device, android device, or Apple / iPhone if you don’t have it yet.

We have added to all 3 apps, the new “click for comments” button. As shown above, you can see how many comments are on a post before you click on it.  Before, there were no comments in the app.  Now you can read & add comments, right in the app!


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  • Reynoso Xochitl

    Stater brothers and Upromise

  • Reynoso Xochitl

    Upromise asking for my loyalty card number but stater’s used my phone number

  • Ananeika Pankey

    I just moved to union county NJ and I need help couponing here…its different from Florida… Anyone has suggestions for Shoprite grocery store?

    • Do you have a Kmart? They double coupons about once a month and the deals are amazing! We post them here, as well as Target, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and tons of online ones as well.

  • TW

    Has your VA position been filled? I can’t find it on the website anymore ?

    • Jen


      • Kimberly

        Have any positions open in Kentucky ?

        • Jen

          They are all filled.

  • amy

    Got the app. I am super excited to start

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