Posted: February 13, 2012

Woohoo! Have you gotten any good FREEBIES lately? I got a free Astor & Black shirt in the mail!

Freebies List –>

What is the best freebie you have got in the mail lately?

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  • ruth

    i was bummed i signed up for this was told on facebook that i would recieve my shirt and then got a email saying we have had to much rsponse. you will not get one. i think it is really crappy of a company to say you will recieve one then take it back. i was not impressed!

  • Save2444

    I got the same response and so did all of my friends! All 10 of us!!! I think it was a scam!

    • ruth

      i contacted the company and they said it was legit. but that they ran out. i said they should have honored the requests that they approved. they just apoligized and offered a coupon. i will never buy anything from them ever!!!

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