Posted: May 18, 2011

IMPORTANT: These ONLY work in internet explorer!

You can only sign up for one and if you’ve already gotten a free one in the last month or so, you probably can’t get another one.

Let us know if you find a link that’s out and I’ll remove it from this post.


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  • Jessica Combs

    BearsGab said 367 left, but when I went to the FB it said that it was over. Tried the DolphinGab and it worked fine.

  • Jenn Boyer

    Steelers is out, went to le basketbawl and they had 150 left! Thanks

  • Brittnee

    AWESOME – thanks for sharing! I just got one from the packers page – said 457 left. My husband LOVES these razors, especially when they are free!

  • Kim Elison

    I’ve tried in IE on several of the different sites and can’t get it to load properly. Where am I supposed to click? Can anyone help me?

  • Karen

    I just went to Saints and it is saying there are 468 left…. I had NO PROBLEMS…. Yeahaaaa THank you so much.

  • Diane

    LetsTalkWrestling – is all out. I tried the Bills one and it had over 400 left but it said i got one already? I don’t remember but I must have. Also, Im in firefox – im on a mac so i don’t have internet explorer.

  • darryl

    I’ve tried several and every time I click the get your button, nothing happens. I tried with explorer each time

  • darryl

    My popup blocker was on. I had no problems after I disabled it, at the Jaguars one.

  • Stephanie

    I seriously HATE internet explorer! It took forever!

  • Tara F.

    BengalsGab link has no more.

  • Valerie

    I tried the Bucc’s page and they were all out but then I tried the Fantasy Sports Gab and they had 308 left.

  • Melissa

    I had to click on several before I was able to get one…I think it finally worked on the Indians. Packers are out, Bengals are out, Bills….cant remember what else I had to click on. But I did get one! YAY! Thanks Gillette!

  • Brittany

    Mu husband loves these too! Thanks!

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