Posted: June 7, 2010

I’m part of the Swag Bucks blog network, and they let me know they are going cuckoo this week.  1 in every 7 searches done from now until Friday will win the big Swag Bucks!

Also, they are releasing at least 5 swag codes each day.  I will be announcing when they are released on my Facebook page.  I can’t tell you the code, but I can tell you when it’s released!

How does Swag Bucks work?

This week only use code “SUMMEROFSWAG” to get 20 extra swag bucks when you sign up.   I see no reason not to sign up.  You sign up and search with their search engine instead of Yahoo or Google.  And they are powered by Google and so results are still good.  But the difference is when you search with their site, you can randomly win swag bucks.  Save them up for great prizes or paypal cash.   I love swag bucks and love that I don’t have to take extra time out of my day for rewards-  I just search the same amount as usual and the swag bucks pile up.  I also enter in the codes they release on the Swag Bucks blog and on their Twitter page.

You can also get one swag code every day for taking their Swag Polls.

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