Posted: July 23, 2010

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I just read a great article 10 Products to Always Buy Generic and I wanted to let you guys know how I feel about it.

They have a savings calculator to show how much you can save by buying generic vs. store brand. This is, of course, if you aren’t using coupons on the store brand items. Even the best couponers have those days when you need something and don’t have a coupon for it.

One of the best ways to save money, #1 on their list, was Generic Medications. Did you know they are required to have the same exact active ingredients in them? I didn’t know that. Well if that is the case, I say go generic on those!

The last on their list was Baby Formula. I know I have registered for Parent’s Choice, a Walmart store-brand formula before, and received coupons in the mail. With their low prices plus coupons, I was surprised this was last on their list. Unless I can get name-brand formula cheaper then store brand formula, I always buy store brand baby formula. I had no idea that the Infant Formula Act requires specific procedures be followed in making infant formulas; so you can rest assured generic or store brand formula are as good as the pricey ones that claim to be better for your baby. In fact, if you set the formulas side-by-side and compare ingredients, they are nearly identical.

I hope this helps you save money – medicine and formula can be a large part of your monthly budget. Remember, I always say to get what is cheapest after all sales and coupons are factored in, as long as the product is of high quality.

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