Posted: January 6, 2017

super-savvy-secret-tipsYou walk into a store, and the first thing you think is to grab a cart and grab the items you need off your list. You are not alone, here! 90% of people don’t think twice about what is on sale or when to go shopping. They make a list and head to the store hoping the ad or preloaded coupons will save them money. However, if you really want to save money at Target, you need to know these super-savvy secret tips!


#1. Know When Things go On Sale.

Did you know target puts different items on sale on different days of the week by noon? If you want to score clearance stuff, you need to know what gets marked down and when. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Monday: Electronics, accessories, kids’ clothing, books, baby items, and stationary get marked down on Monday.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday is the day for domestic items, women’s clothing, pet items, and food.
  • Wednesday: Hump day makes its debut by discounting men’s clothing, toys, garden, and health and beauty items.
  • Thursday: If you need housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys, décor, luggage, or sporting goods, go to Target on Thursday.
  • Friday: Payday is the big deal day for jewelry, cosmetics, auto items, and hardware.


#2. Know How Items Get Marked Down

It’s common knowledge that the longer something is on sale or clearance, the more the price continues to drop. Do you know how far Target drops its prices? Target will drop prices to 90% off! For example, say you go into the store on Monday for kids clothes and the shirt you want is 30% off, if you go back in 3 Mondays, it will be marked to 90% off. Remember, it’s not an exact science, but it is a good estimate if you want a better deal.


#3. Head to the Back

I am not talking about just the back of the store, here. I am talking about the back of each section. The stores will draw you into the new items that haven’t gone on sale towards the front of the store. If you want to hit the clearance, you will need to start shopping in the back of the clothing section, on end caps, and at the end of a section to find the clearance. Clearance isn’t always right out in the open at Target.


#4. Get the Target Credit Card

The Target credit card is called a “Red Card.” With the Red Card, you get 5% your total purchase every day with no coupons needed! You also, get free shipping on any orders online, and you can easily make a return without a receipt.

#5. Download the Cartwheel App

If you haven’t already, you need the Cartwheel App from Target. The Cartwheel app lets you clip hundreds of coupons electronically, but you can also use printed coupons on top of it. Sometimes you can even get a freebie like a free gallon of milk for clipping it on your Cartwheel app. Now, that’s savings.


#6. Stack your Savings

I am a big advocate of stacking store coupons with manufacturer coupons, but Target makes doing this a breeze with their coupon policy. Not only can you stack a Target store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, but you can stack a store coupon, manufacturer coupon, AND Target Cartwheel coupons with sales, deals, and gift card deals (like buy 5 get a $5 Target gift card). Not only that but, if you have a Red Card, you get your 5% off.


#7. Ask for a Raincheck or Price Match

If there is a deal or sale, but the item is sold out, Target will issue you a rain check for that item. This means you can get the item for that price when it comes in stock. Target, also, price matches, so if you find a better deal somewhere else, bring in the ad and show it to Target, and they will adjust the price.

#8. Stock up on Gift Cards

Target has numerous deals in which they offer Target gift cards if you buy a certain number of items in one transaction. You can find these in the ad and throughout the store. I like to make several transactions, so I get the gift card then use it on my next purchase.

Are you starting to see why shopping at Target makes it all worth it? Take your time to go through the ads, clip store coupons, cartwheel coupons, and manufacturer coupons to come out saving more than you spend at Target!

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