Posted: April 14, 2017

How to Save Serious Cash atWhole Foods (often called whole paycheck) is one of my favorite food stores to shop at. However, the price of food can be almost shocking. Have no fear Whole Food lovers, there are ways to save money at this store. Let me break it down for you.

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You don’t need the large portion

Wait, let me explain! When you shop at Whole Foods, you don’t need the large portion. You can buy the smaller portion of almost anything in the store.

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Spend time looking at the sales ad

If you really want to save money at Whole Foods, you need to know where to look. The #1 way to save money is through their ads. I don’t know many people that do their regular grocery shopping here, so those ads are super important.

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You don’t always need the organic version

I know organic tastes better and is better for you, but it’s not always better for your wallet. Buying conventional food isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’re buying it from a place like Whole Foods.

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Don’t buy the heavy stuff at the salad bar

Anyone who has ever shopped at a salad bar knows that it can be expensive. Pay attention to what you’re getting off the salad bar. Also, pay attention to the price per pound. You will pay a hefty price for convenience.

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Check out the bulk bins

One of my favorite parts of Whole Foods are the bulk bins. I LOVE checking it out to see what I can find. I’ve always saved money by buying what I need. I’m also more cautious because I know what I’m buying.

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Look at the less expensive options

I know this might sound crazy, but there are less expensive options at Whole Foods. Look at the prices on the shelf and compare. Go with the least expensive version and watch how much money you save..

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Buy in bulk when possible

Let’s face it, you’re always going to save more in the long run, when you buy in bulk. If you will use the product. Pay attention to what you can buy in large quantities at Whole Foods.

Saving money at Whole Foods means you need to pay extra special attention to what you’re buying. If you just walk in and pay full price for everything, be prepared to spend a pretty penny.

Use Apps

Did you know Whole Foods has an app?  Get exclusive digital coupons to use at the store.  Don’t forget other apps that can be use to get money back like iBotta, Checkout51 and Mobisave.  Check the apps BEFORE you go to the store and activate any offers you want to use.

How do you save money at Whole Foods?

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  • sandy weinstein

    whole food will also use wf coupons and manf coupons together. at least some stores do. if you have a Sprouts in the area, they have better prices and great sales. one just opened in my area a few wks ago.

  • Elizabeth Baucum

    Whole Foods are popping up everywhere in my area, but I did not know they took coupons, and the ways to save was most handy.

  • les sim

    This was good, but I would love to see something dedicated to organic sales, or freebies too. If you can find an item on sale, with an in store coupon and a mf coupon that’s always best :)

  • Ivan Y

    there are 2 other very important money saving techniques
    coupon booklet as well as app coupons not to mention ibotta and checkout51. Why did you miss those?

    • Jen

      Great ideas – I just added those. Thanks!

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