Posted: April 21, 2017

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There are people who love Starbucks and then there are people who LOVE Dunkin Donuts. I don’t want to leave the Dunkin Donuts people out, so it’s only fair I show them how to save money here. If you love your coffee in the mornings from here, you’re going to love keeping your cash and using these tips to save money at DD.

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Don’t forget the DDPerks

Like you thought I was going to skip this part. DDPerks is for the Dunkin Donuts lovers out there. When you sign up for this rewards program, you get 3 free coffees over the span of the first year. Get a free coffee when you sign up, on your birthday, and when you reach a certain number of points.

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Watch out for coupons

DD does send out coupons, but you need to be on the lookout for them. Whether you get their emails or check out your local DD’s Facebook page, there is money to be saved. If you fill out their survey, you can get a free donut, when you purchase a large coffee (double check your receipt to see what promotion they’re offering).

Dunkin Donuts Bagged Coffee

Make your own Dunkin Donuts coffee at home

When you really don’t want to spend $5 for a cup of coffee, it’s time to brew your own at home. You can buy Dunkin Donuts Coffee almost anywhere you shop on a regular basis. If your grocery store does not carry it, don’t be shy about asking them to.

Dunkin Donuts

Check out discounted Gift Cards available

When you see a Dunkin Donuts gift card for cheap, snatch it up! There are websites out there that sell gift cards for cheaper than normal. Sometimes Dunkin Donuts will even run a special giving a promotion on their gift cards.

Perhaps saving money at Dunkin Donuts boils down to what you order. You don’t need to buy the most expensive drink on the menu, keep this in mind. Pay attention to what you order and try to keep it down to a minimum, if you really want to save money.

How do you save money at Dunkin Donuts? Tell us your secrets!

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