Posted: January 16, 2017

Reasons To Get Amazon Prime + How to Get it FREE (1)

What is Amazon Prime?

If you are a member of Amazon Prime you can get Free 2 Day Shipping on Any Order! I debated for a long time on whether or not it was worth it to sign up for Amazon Prime.  But after I did, I decided quickly it was definitely worth it.  It gives you Amazon Family for free, free songs and movies, and tons more.  I use it often and feel it is worth the yearly cost.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you get Free 2 Day Shipping on any order (No Minimum), or upgrade to One Day Shipping for just $3.99 per item.  Amazon items are tax free in 45 states so the savings will add up!  There is an annual membership fee of $99 OR $10.99 a month. Eligible customers can try out a membership by starting a Free Amazon Prime Trial.

Top 15 Reasons To Get Amazon Prime:


  • FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items! When shipping to select metro areas, Prime members also get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now on daily essentials and groceries. With FREE release-date delivery on eligible pre-order items, you can enjoy highly anticipated books, movies, and video games as soon as possible.
  • No Minimum Order sizes to snag your free shipping!You get unlimited deliveries with no minimum order size, and with millions of eligible items, the options are practically limitless.


  • Amazon Prime Instant Video: Enjoy unlimited instant streaming of over 50,000 movies and TV shows. Anywhere, anytime.  These work on your computer, Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Fire TV, game consoles, smart TVs, mobile phones and other streaming devices.


  • Prime Music: Unlimited, ad-free access to over 2 million songs
  • Read free books each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library


  • Prime ReadingPrime Music is a music streaming benefit featuring a growing selection of two million songs, Alexa voice-integration, and personalized recommendations at no additional cost with your Amazon Prime Membership. Unlock even more music with Amazon Music Unlimited, plus get an exclusive Prime member discount.


  • FREE Amazon Family Membership: This gives you 20% off all Diapers purchases, plus if you have 5+ items on any months Subscribe & Save subscriptions, you get 20% off of each item too.  The items do not have to be baby-related to get the discount.
  • Share Free Shipping With Your Friends & Family:  You can add up to 4 people to get free 2-day shipping.  Read my full training post on how to add people to your Amazon Prime membership.   The best part is, they sign in from their own accounts. So they will not have access to your credit card info or the ability to login/use your account.  They get the free shipping right on their own
  • One Day Shipping Upgrade – if you need something quick and can’t wait 2 days, just pay $3.99 to get the item shipped to you in just one day.
  • FREE One Month Prime Extension if Guaranteed Delivery Date Not Met:  if your item qualifies for Guaranteed Delivery and it does not arrive on the promised delivery date, then you can be eligible for a free one-month Amazon Prime extension.  Free extensions are limited to one per free trial and twelve for an annual membership; free Amazon Student and Amazon Mom Prime Memberships do not qualify for this extension.shipping
  • If you choose no-rush shipping at checkout, you get a $1 ebook credit (or sometimes $5 Pantry credit.)  You can save these up and use them all at once to get completely free ebooks!photos
  • Store Family Photos – get unlimited photo storage


  • Audible Channels – unlimited listening to original audio series and playlists handcrafted for every interest
  • Prime Pantry – Everday sizes of poular household items delivered for a flat rate delivery fee


  • Twitch Prime Get free game content every month, ad-free Twitch viewing, Twitch Channel Subscription, plus loads more.

3 ways to try Amazon Prime for free:


What is Amazon Family?

Amazon Family is a free program where you save 20% when you use the Subscribe and Save feature on all purchases (read below on how to use Subscribe & Save). Plus you get 2 day shipping on ALL purchases sold directly from Amazon – not just baby items.  If you are a mom, dad, or caregiver, you can sign up for Amazon Family for free for the first 3 months!  If you have Amazon Prime, you get Amazon Family for free, but you do have to click to the Amazon Family page and signup still.

Important: Make sure that after your 3 months is up you let them know if you want to cancel so you don’t get charged!


What is Amazon Student?

If you have an email address that includes an @edu then you can get FREE Amazon Prime 2-day shipping with an Amazon Student Account – FREE for the first 6 months.  Then you get 50% off Amazon Prime after that.

Here’s 2 more ways to snag free shipping on

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  • sheri

    thanks, i had been comfused about amazon mom for some time now, never could figure out how to get my free shipping. didn’t know it was only for subscribe and save.

    • deidre

      ya I wish it was for more!

  • Kristi

    This link shows you step-by-step how to get Amazon Prime for one month…Absolutely free. You just have to go to your amazon membership settings and click “Do Not Upgrade” to opt out before they automatically charge $79 to your credit card-the cost of a 1-year membership.

  • Heather Beville

    I am loving amazon mom right now! :)

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the info.

  • Lori B

    When ordering I always try to spend $25 and up to get the free shipping

  • Ron Taylor

    I think the offer of Amazon Prime is really attractive. And the concept of save and subscribe is really something innovative I ever heard about. The offer Amazon Mom is also good. I want to know what are the cost incurred in its Transportation Jobs .


    I would love to win

  • Oanh B

    I joined Amazon Mom in December to take advantage of the free shipping for Christmas.

  • Renee

    I love my free shipping on

  • Tina

    I think it’s important to note that with Amazon Mom you don’t just have to buy diapers.. I used it during Christmas and a lot of the things I bought as presents qualified and I got 3 additional months of Amazon Prime!

  • Teresa

    I can’t find where to sign up for shop and save. I seem to be running around in circles. Any help would be appreciated.

    • deidre

      subscribe and save isn’t something you sign up for – you sign up for Amazon Mom, then Subscribe and Save will be an option at checkout for you. Look at the pictures in the post.

  • Jean

    Do you have to join Amazon Mom in order to participate in Subscribe and Save?

    • deidre

      yes it is free to join though!

    • Allisen Merrill

      No you can use subscribe and save for tons of stuff and you don’t need amazon mom for that!

  • souci

    Does each item have to be $25 to get free shipping? My cart is over$25 and I’m still getting charged for shipping.

    • Allisen Merrill

      If you have prime, this $25 rule no longer applies to free shipping unless you have an item which indicates it is an “add on” item

  • stephanie southland

    Im an amazon student

  • Margaret Horn

    I noticed that the Prime eligible items are the more expensive ones. Plus, when I brought receipts home from Walmart for drugstore items, Some of the Walmart items were cheaper than the same brand on Amazon!

  • sandy weinstein

    i got it and have only used it once, and ups delivered my dog vitamins and left them in the mailbox, against the law, and they froze….it is not worth it to me….i will be stopping mine.

    • Jill

      O my!

    • WhyMeLord

      I expect that is the result of Amazon and the USPS having a deal to handle delivery so it is legal. My problem with the deal is USPS typically doesn’t hold up it’s end of the bargain on Amazon or any other shipping partnership..

      • sandy weinstein

        it was delivered ups not usps. ups not allowed to leave in usps mailbox.

        • WhyMeLord

          USPS has deals with all the major carriers

          • Tracy Jacobs

            Because the USPS ‘can and will’ deliver to every address in the US, unlike all the other major carriers!

  • Drea

    hi I just want to say first.. Thanks for such a wonderful site!!! I think I want to sign up for amazon however I am both a mother and a student which account do you advise me to sign up for. I was thinkng student as I would get 6 mths free plus 50% off. but the moms account would give me discount on baby stuff?

    • I think you can do both, just sign up for student first

  • Ashley Anderson

    I love amazon prime!! I’ve had it for 3 years now…they have great customer service and are quick to resolve any issue that may arise. They have so much to offer and I even have the Amazon Fire Stick! I love that I can stream movies, tv shows, and much more from my tv! :)

  • Jill

    I thought amazon mom was free

    • Jill

      So in order to get amazon mom you have to have prime that’s the ketch. I’m not all that fond of amazon. Have to pay a hefty fee might as well just pay the shipping at that rate. And I alway most of the time find people who do free shipping, so definitely not worth my time. I hear walmart is doing a big sale to keep there customers. I might check them out. Dont have to pay $99 to get the sale.

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  • WhyMeLord

    Color me dumb but is there any way to search and return only items that qualify for Prime benefits? The other search option I’d like is an EXACT match.

    • HelperJen

      Yes when you are on Amazon there is a menu on the left side. There is a box you can check for Prime only. That enables you to only see Prime deals.

      • WhyMeLord

        Not on any of our browsers (both PC and MAC)

        • HelperJen

          For instance. Do a search on backpacks. Look on the left side and scroll down to see the option. It will say REFINE BY….and then a checkmark and prime very close underneath.

          • WhyMeLord

            Tried that on both PC and Mac. Logged in and logged out of my account.

            No joy.

  • Jonny B.

    Ive gotten them to give me $5 in promo credit instead of the free month. I argued that a free month really isnt a free month since i was planning on renewing my membership anyway. In reality, you are not getting a free month if you are planning on renewing every year. They are only dealing your due date by a month. You would only get that free month when and if you decide not to renew your membership.

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  • Stephanie Coen Boruch

    Wanted to share… I believe they have changed the name from Amazon Mom to Amazon Family. I’ve clicked the links above, but not seeing anything with a Mom label. Can anyone confirm?

    • Charlie

      It looks like Amazon did change the name from Amazon Mom to Amazon Family. The post is now updated, thanks for pointing that out ?

      • Stephanie Coen Boruch

        No problem! Figured I’d would make my comments towards entries helpful at least, lol.

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  • Teresa Sloan

    I have had prime for years and i love it

  • Kim

    I love prime! The shipping discount is incredible and then to get prime pantry credits? My favorite is using the credit to buy Mrs Meyers clean day products for cheep/free. When I’m traveling I can stream movies and shows as well.

    It’s been worth it!

    • Coupon Dan

      Have you tried the Amazon music part?

  • Valerie White

    I thought you couldn’t share Prime anymore, glad to know I was wrong. Going to go figure out how to do this now :)

    • Valerie White

      Awwwww I was going to share with my sister but it says only 2 household adults and 4 children. Don’t know what good that does. If my hubby need anything he just logs into our account and boom it’s done. Don’t see the point of sharing :(

  • Brooke

    When I click on the family page it only says free 30 days, where do I go for the free three months?

    • Jen

      Looks like they changed that. I’ll update the post. It’s definately worth the 30 days free.

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