Posted: March 24, 2011

My  Cuckoo “stock up” price on name-brand TP is $.18 per roll, so hurry and grab this deal while you can!

  1. First: select .25 coupon on the Amazon Coupon page looks like the coupon is gone
  2. Then head over to Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Rolls, 12-Count (Pack of 4)
  3. Select Subscribe & Save
  4. Then take another 10% off today’s order by using promotional code PAPERSNS at checkout
  5. Your total will be $43.99 for 48 mega rolls. 1 mega roll = 4 regular rolls. 4 X 48= 192 regular rolls.  $43.99 divided by 192 regular rolls = $.18 per roll. (read comments below – without the $.25 coupon, it is now $.23 per roll, a “great” price)

Always remember to calculate your price points based off a standard – mine is for regular rolls.

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  • keely hostetter

    Great deal, we are in need of some TP.

  • christina

    what is a .25 coupon book? i clicked on link and it took me to view history.

    • deidre

      it should take you to a coupon page, but the coupon isn’t there for me anymore. wonder if the limit has been reached for the coupon.

  • Kylah Marro

    What a GREAT deak!!! I just went to Target last night and got a 30 pack of DOUBLE rolls on clearance for $14.68. Used $1.00 off manufacture coupon and $1.00 Target coupon bringing it down to $12.68 which was about $.21 per SINGLE roll :o) Thanks for ALL you do!!!!

  • Jen Millard

    I guess no one noticed your typo. You transposed the price, which should be $43.99, not $34.99, then add back the $0.25 from the coupon that isn’t available. Then divide that by 192 rolls, which equals $0.23 each. Still a great deal though.

    • deidre

      AHH thanks!

  • Sara V

    Does anyone use Charmin Mega Rolls and know if they really are “mega”? 192 rolls seems exaggerated for 12 rolls of TP. I buy Angel Soft 24 double rolls which equals 48 regular rolls for $10.00, is that a better deal than this? I am confused, if the Charmin IS a better deal, I definitely want to get it.

    • deidre

      Hi! I also score some great deals on Angel Soft at Walmart. But Charmin definitely is softer. Also, there are 12 rolls per package, and 4 packages are included in this deal, so 48 rolls is what you are getting. 48 rolls X 4 = 192 single rolls.

      I have charmin double rolls right now in my closet and they are pretty big. But I don’t have any mega to compare them too.

      Also, the angel soft deal works out to $.21 per roll.

      • Sara V

        I really appreciate your response Deidre! You definitely clarified it for me! I’ll have to try out these mega rolls. And thank you for all the time and energy you put into Cuckoo! I just moved to Payson, and I love all the local deals you post for our area!

        • deidre


  • Sarah

    I love buying TP off amazon. Yeah for one less thing to have to carry at target, especially with a baby in tow.

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