Posted: December 27, 2012

There are two cuckoo boot sales going on!

First, there is a sale up to 88% off for youth boots! Snatch the ones above for $11 + free shipping if you’re new to Totsy.  Login here, click on “Blowout Youth Boots” sale to find them & also some toddler boots.  I love the cowgirl ones!

The other sale is “Blowout Ladies Fashion Boots” where you can find boots up to 94% off + free shipping if you’re new to Totsy.   There are tons of winter boots and fashion ones to choose from.  I woke up this morning to 6 inches of new powder snow to I am all about the boot sales right now.

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  • Chellsy

    Just to note, they say that all sales are final so no refunds if they don’t fit correctly! :)

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