Posted: October 31, 2011

Run! Lowes Online has marked most Halloween items down 75% off!

I called Lowes, everything is 50% off in-store already, but is going QUICK!!

I called Home Depot, they were out of Halloween items and had Christmas stuff up already.

It’s been reported that Halloween candy is 50% off at Walgreens already!

Walmart & Target marks everything down 50% at Midnight tonight.  I am going at 11:30 to pickout my stuff, checkout out at midnight.

Leave a comment if you know of when other stores start clearance!

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  • Karen A

    Thanks! Headed to Lowe’s now to pick my order up! woot!

  • vnava

    I went to from you link and the items r only 50% off.

  • Joey

    It must depend on your zip code. Mine is 50% off as well.

    • deidre

      my zip 84660 is showing 75% off

    • Brooke

      Mine too. Will sit and wait it out.

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