Posted: August 1, 2011

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Well it looks like this county girl is headed to the East for the first time in her life! NYC here I come! I was invited by as part of their DealPro community to attend SaveUp 2011.  I have never been to the Northeast and am so excited – and a little scared! That is one big city.  I get scared in SLC!

Have you taken the Savings Pledge yet??? It’s a great way to motivate you to use money responsibly.

Take the Savings Pledge

I put a new application on my Facebook Page to get you to start getting serious about saving money. FIVE randomly selected people from the first 500 people to take the pledge will win a one-on-one, personalized advice session with a 2011 DealPro! I am one of the DealPro’s but I actually don’t know who it is that is that is giving the one-on-one savings advise. If it’s me, they didn’t tell me LOL!

Here’s my pledge (recap)

The first time I am debt free it will be like breathing different air.  No constant strain or burden on the back of my mind.  I plan to be debt free (except for my mortgage) in 3 years.    My plan is to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first; then once that is paid off use the money I was paying towards it to pay down the rest of the debt.

My Progress (um?  not on track!)

So I worked on a goal which is a little different – I got more food storage for emergencies.  Now I feel more prepared for disasters or other financial problems and am ready to tackle savings!

Ask CCD Readers: What are your goals?

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