Posted: August 9, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you or someone you care for is wheelchair bound, you know the hassle of getting in and out of vehicles, particularly if you are wanting to drive and are wheelchair bound. It used to be nearly unattainable to get a wheelchair accessible van that was customized for each user’s needs, but now NMEDA has upped the industry standard for safe driving equipment for disabled people.

NMEDA does not sell anything – instead they refer you to retailers (members of their non-profit organization) who sell handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people.

NMEDA also has higher-level members who adhere to the highest standard in quality they are in the Quality Assurance Program (QAP). QUP requires participating members to be inspected by an independent engineering firm to monitor quality, compliance, insurance and proper registration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The QAP is a voluntary program and shows that a dealership is willing to go the extra mile to make quality modified vehicles.

How does the process of buying a handicap accessible van work?
Mostly because all handicap people are not the same, vans sold online may not be the best fit for you. NMEDA is a free organization to consumers that helps you find a Mobility Equipment Dealer, then helps you find a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (DRS) who will lists the precise equipment you will need. Then you can decide on a vehicle (remember there are new and used ones so prices vary greatly), train you on your new equipment, then help you submit your Mobility Assistance Reimbursement Application to the appropriate vehicle manufacturer.

To find the closest dealer near you, go to and type in your zip code.  When I typed mine in, a dealership in Centerville, UT pulled up.  It included its address and website where you could view wheelchair accessible vans for sell or rent, and you could sell or trade up a wheelchair accessible vehicle you already owned. How far away is the closest dealer near you?

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Posted: August 9, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Crowdtap. All opinions are 100% mine.


I just discovered Crowdtap where you earn rewards for gift cards by taking polls, participating in discussions with brands, sharing online content, sampling products and throwing house parties with leading brands. Basically all the things us couponers do on a regular basis anyways!

I just signed up. At first they have you login through Facebook, so it is easy to sign up. Then you select which charity you want 5% of your proceeds to go to – and I selected one that helps get clean water to third world areas. Then you setup your profile and answer polls to get points and move up levels. I took about 10 minutes to get up to level 2 and get $1.05.

I also answered a question where other users answer the same question, and vote on who answered the best. This was called an “Action”. The top 3 most selected, by other users, as the best answers get $10 each. You also get points just for answering.

Tap In at and hopefully it becomes like Kraft First Taste where you get awesome freebies, or House Party where you get to throw house parties. I have had good luck with both of those sites which Crowdtap site reminds me of. Overall I think their concept is good, if they end up delivering on the great samples and house parties, which is my favorite part of sites like these. I also have noticed on sites similar to these, the more you participate the more free samples and things you get, so we will see if that is how Crowdtap works as I keep experimenting on it.

The brand I would love to see the most on Crowdtap is Blue Bunny Ice Cream. I love their ice cream and would love to throw a house party for them or sample new products for them.

Visit my sponsor: Crowdtap - Innovate with Brands - Get Rewarded

Posted: August 9, 2010

Two “Like It” ice creams + 1 mix in for $5 at Coldstone Creamery’s Coupon page on Facebook.  I think these are normally about$3.99 each – does anyone know?

Thanks, Miami Mommy Savings

Posted: August 9, 2010
If you’re not already searching and winning on, head over now and enter the code BackToSchool for 40 bonus bucks during registration – plus you’ll get the regular 30 swags = 70 swag bucks! Use swag bucks for cash from Paypal, gift cards, well anything. Get more swags by using their search engine instead of Google or Yahoo.
Starting today through Friday, you’ll have the chance to win five different limited edition back-to-school themed Swag Bucks – if you snag them all, you’ll earn a 50 Swag Buck bonus! Make sure you follow Swag Bucks on Twitter and Like them on Facebook for more rewarding opportunities. Plus, they’re having another Swag Code Extravaganza on Thursday, where you’ll get at least 5 codes for extra bucks.
Read what the swag guy just said about all this on the Swag Blog.
Posted: August 9, 2010

I got a Robby Wash Ball to review back in July.   My 3 years old put it in the washer for me and it’s still there workin’.

  • You just put the Robby Wash in your washer.
  • Leave them there for 120 washes.
  • And you don’t have to add detergent!

I put it in and have not been using laundry detergent – since 10 ounces of macro-molecules of laundry detergent in the Robby Ball lasts in the washer up to 12 months.  This replaces 75 lbs. of traditional laundry detergent.

Being a mom with 2 toddlers, I was skeptical, since I am used to having stains set in. The Robby Ball also came with a little stick of cleaner to get the set in stains out.  Between it and the Robby Ball, I have had no problems.  No stains and my clothes are fresh and clean.

Now, I do still add my fabric softner to the rinse cycle to keep my clothes soft.

My brother does his laundry at my house since he’s in college, and he likes it because it is so easy.  He never has to wonder how much detergent to put in, because you don’t do anything.  Just dump the clothes in.

The Robby Ball still looks full of its macro-molecules and I believe its claim that it lasts 120 washes – about 1 years worth for normally people with 2.3 loads per week.  My family does more like 4-6 loads per week, so I will be happy if it lasts six months.

The Robby Wash Laundry Ball pack (blue or fuchsia) is $32.95 and will last up to 120 washes. Visit Oransi for more information or to purchase Robby Wash.  They claim it will save you $100 per year based on buying regular detergents.   I bet this is true for regular folks – for us couponers the savings probably would be much less since we pay so much less for detergents, but it still may save you lots of money and time.

More details from the Oransi site:

  • Contains hypoallergenic laundry detergent formulas and can be used as baby laundry detergent.
  • Meets the strict environmental compliance requirements of Europe (more stringent than U.S.) and contains no phosphates or chlorine.
  • Economical refills allow each Robby Wash ball to last two to three years.
  • The blue Robby Wash ball can be used in either cold or hot water while maintaining the softness and colors of washed items.
  • The fuchsia Robby Ball is formulated to specifically clean colored laundry items and is for use in cool water temperatures.

Thanks SheBlogs and Oransi for providing me this product to review.

Posted: August 9, 2010

Back-To-School deals for Office Depot courtesy of Minnesota Coupon Adventure:

Great Deals (no rainchecks!):

* Paper Portfolios $.05 (Limit 3)
*Tug 2 Hole Manual Pencil Sharpener $.05 (Limit 3)
* Wilson Jones 1? Poly Binder $.25 (Limit 3)
* Schoolworks 5? Scissors Blunt or Point tip $.25 (Limit 3)
* Bookcovers Assorted Styles $.25
* Composition Books Wide Ruled $.50 (Limit 3)
* Sharpie Accent Pocket Highlighter 6 pk. $.75 (Limit 3)

$1 Deals:

*Select Fashion folders
* HP Multipurpose Paper After $6.49 Mail In Savings Visa Pre-Paid Card (Limit 2)
* Mini Milk Crates
* Scholastic Washable Markers (8pk.)
* Composition Book Assorted Colors
* Solar Card Display Calculator
* Select Fashion Portfolios
* Westcott Twist-It 12? Flexible Ruler
* Office Depot Value Notebook Filler Paper

$2 Deals:
* Westcott 12? Aluminum Ruler
* Office Depot Book Covers
* Index Cards With File Box
* Office Depot Brand Correction Tape
* Construction Paper* Elmer’s Washable School Glue Sticks4 pack
* Stacking Bins

$3 Deals:
* Mead Five Star Notebooks
* Really Useful Boxes Plastic Storage Box
* Mead Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper 100 pack* Ticonderoga #2 Pencils 24 pack
* Pilot G2 Mini
* PaperPro Nano Mini Stapler
* Spiral Notebooks (6pk.)

$4 Deals
*Purell hand Sanitizer Wipes
*Pencil Pouches
*3M Post it 2 x 2 cube $1 coupon
*Swingline Compact Stapler
*Stacking Dwarers
*Pentel Sharp Mechanical Pencils

Thanks couponing for.

Posted: August 9, 2010

Great Back To School Sales for the week of 8/8 -8/14 only at Kmart.

.25 Cents Items
RoseArt, 24pk Limit 4

.50 Cents Items
Filler paper 150-ct. wide or college ruled Limit 4
Paper Mate 3-pack pearl erasers
Paper Mate Write Bros. 10-ct. pens Limit 4
RoseArt 40-ct. pencil toppers
RoseArt 12-ct. colored pencils Limit 4
Simmons woodcase pencils, 10ct Limit 4

$1.00 Items
Paper Mate 10-ct. mechanical pencils Limit 4
Pencil grips Limit 4

$2.00 Items
Crayola Model Magic
Pilot 2–3-pack EasyTouch pens
RoseArt 10-ct. classic markers Limit 4
RoseArt bold washable markers Limit 4
Westcott Pointed or blunt 5? scissors Limit 4
Sharpie Highlighters, 4pk
Expo Dry Erase, 4pk

$7.99 Items
Disney Princess lunch kit

$9.99 Items
Iron Man lunch kit

Posted: August 9, 2010

Hot Deals:

  • 12?  Wood Ruler – $0.05 (Limit 6)
  • Paper Mate Black or Blue Ballpoint Pens (10pk.) – $0.10 (Limit 3)
  • OfficeMax or Just Basics #2 Pencils (12-pk.) – $0.10 (Limit 3)
  • OfficeMax Filler Paper 100-Sheets – $0.20 (Limit 6)
  • Schoolio Poly 2 or 4-Pocket Folders – $0.25 (Limit 6)
  • All Schoolio 1? or 1.5? Poly Binders – $0.30 (Limit 6)

$1 Deals:
OfficeMax or Just Basics Erasers (5-Pk.) (Limit 6)

$2 Deals:
Swingline Tot Stapler
Select Command Strips or Hooks

$3 Deals:
Crayola Colored Pencils (24-pk.)
Reversible Construction Paper

Thanks Frugal Living &  Having Fun

Posted: August 9, 2010

Staples Great deals this week: FREE Highlighters, Stickies, and Scotch tape. Use this $5/$50 Staples Purchase printable coupon to save even more on larger purchases!

:: Extreme Deals

  • Staples 8×10 Filler Paper (120 ct.), $0.01 (Limit 5)

:: Easy Rebate Deals

Pentel Handy Lines Retractable Highlighters (4 pk.), $4.99
$4.99 Staples Easy Rebate
FREE after rebate!

Staples Stickies Post-its (12 pk.), $5.29
$5.29 Staples Easy Rebate
FREE after rebate!

Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser, $3
$3 Staples Easy Rebate
$0.75/1 Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispenser printable
Better than FREE after rebate!
(Thanks, Coupon Katarina!)

Staples Multipurpose Paper (500 sheets), $4.99 (Limit 2)
$3.99 Staples Easy Rebate
$1 after rebate!

:: Staples Rewards Deals

PNY Attache 2GB USB Flash Drive, $9.99
$8.99 Staples Rewards
$1 after rewards!

:: WOW! Clip & Save Coupons

BIC Round Stic Grip Ballpoint Pens, $1 ( w/ in-ad coupon)
$1/2 BIC Stationery Products printable
$0.50 ea. after coupons!

Paper Mate Retractable Gel Pens (4 pk.), $2 (w/ in-ad coupon)
$1/1 Paper Mate Product printable
$1 after coupons!

  • Ticonderoga My First #2 Pencils (4 pk.), $1
  • Staples Photo Supreme (50 ct.), $1
  • Westcott 7″ Student Scissors, $1
  • Staples Pencil Pouch, $2
  • Expo Dry-Erase Markers (4 pk.), $2
  • Crayola Washable Markers and Crayons, $2
  • Xcellence Math Set (10 pc.), $2
  • Expo Double-Sided Dry-Erase Board, $2
  • Staedtler Maxum Ballpoint Pens, (8 pk.), $3
  • Pilot G-2 Retractable Gel Pens (5 pk.), $3
  • Staples CD/DVD Envelopes (50 pk.), $3
  • Staples Brights Colored Paper, $4
  • Staples Storage Crate, $4

Thanks Deal Seeking Mom.

Posted: August 9, 2010

Check out Groupon Boise deal (my hometown!). Today only you can snag a 24-cookie gift box from Insomnia Cookies for ONLY $22 shipped. This gift box retails for $50, so you’re getting over 50% off!

Fine print: Expires Nov 30, 2010. Limit 3 per person. Shipping and tax included. Includes an assortment of flavors. Nationwide delivery available.

Are you ready to get in on this deal?
*Login or sign up for a Groupon Account.
*Under “Visit More Cities” (top of site) find Boise.
*Click on it (since this is an online offer, it doesn’t matter that you don’t live in the area)
*Click on “Buy” and complete your order
*Online Vouchers will show up in your account under “My Stuff” and then “My Groupons”
*Print your Voucher once your deal has been processed
*Note: you will have to wait until the minimum number of people sign up, then they’ll charge your card and send you a link to print your Groupon.

Posted: August 9, 2010

Elmers Glue Sticks, 2 pack $0.19

Penway 2 Pocket Folder $0.09

Nature Made Vitamins B1G1 FREE$2.00/1 – Nature Made CoQ10 Supplement – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Fish Oil Supplement – (
$5.00/1 – Nature Made GreatMind Product – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Product – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Herbal Supplement – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Multi’s – (
$3.00/1 – Nature Made SAM-e Complete Product – (
$2.00/1 – Nature Made Sleep Product – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Vitamin C Product – (
$1.00/1 – Nature Made Vitamin D Product – (
Final Price: Unknown

All Detergent $3.99
$1.00/1 All Liquid Laundry Detergent, any 28 load or larger from RP 8/1
Final Price: $2.99

Lipton Green Tea, 1 Gallon 2/$6.00
Buy 2, Receive a $1.00 Register Reward

Final Price: $2.50 each after RR

V8 Vegetable Juice 64 oz. or V-Fusion 46 oz, $2.50 with in ad coupon, Limit 4
$1.00/2 – V8 100% Vegetable Juice, 46oz or larger – (

$1.00/1 – V8 V-Fusion Juice – (

$1.00/2 – V8 V-Fusion Juice, 46oz Varieties – (
$1.00/1 – V8 V-Fusion Juice, 6-pack slim cans or 46oz bottle variety – (
Final Price: As low as $1.50

Planters Trail Mix 6 oz B1G1 FREE or 2/$2.69
$1.00/2 – Planters Products, any – (
Final Price: $0.85

Mentos 15 ct, $0.99 with in-ad coupon
$1.00/2 Mentos Gum, any bottles  from SS 7/18
Final Price: $0.49

Domino Sugar 4 lbs. $2.19 with in ad coupon, Limit 3
$0.35/1 – Domino Sugar Product – (
Final Price: $1.84

Glade Lasting Impressions, Sense & Spray, Reed Diffuser or 3 Wick Candle $6.99
Buy 1, Receive a $2.00 Register Reward
$3.00/1 Glade Sense and Spray starter kit from SS 7/11
Pay $3.99, Receive a $2 RR
Final price: $1.99

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner 16 oz. B1G1 FREE or 2/$2.99
$0.50/1 – Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners – (
$0.50/1 – Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner – (
Final Price: $1.24 each

Glad Trash Bags 25-80 pk., 13 or 30 gal. $6.99
Use the $1.00/1 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon Booklet
Final Price: $5.99

Pilot V5 Precise Pens, 2 pack $1.99
Use $1.00/1 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 – Pilot Pen – (
Final Price: FREE

Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip Pens 8 pk. $0.79 with in ad coupon Limit 3
$1.00/2 – BIC Stationery Product, any – (
Final Price: $0.29

Elmer’s School Glue 4 oz. $0.49 with in-ad coupon, Limit 6

Nivea Women’s Body Wash B1G1 FREE or 2/$5.99
$4.00/2 – Nivea Body Product – (
Final Price: $1.99 or $0.99 each

Aquafresh Advanced, Extreme Clean or Ultimate White Toothpaste 5.6-6 oz. $2.99
Use $1.00/1 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon Booklet
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening – (
$1.00/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean, any – (
Final Price: $0.99

Aquafresh White Trays 14 pk. $26.99
Use $7.00/1 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon Booklet
$7.00/1 – Aquafresh White Trays or White Trays Pro Gentle – (
Final Price: $12.99

Kotex and U by Kotex select varieties 2/$7.00
Use $2.00/1 coupon from the Walgreens August Coupon Booklet
And use $1.00/1 – U by Kotex Product – (
Or $1.00/1 U by Kotex Pads, Liners or Tampons, any  from SS 8/8
Final Price: $0.50

Bausch & Lomb Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution 4 oz. $4.99
Buy 1, Receive a $4.00 Register Reward
$2.00/1 – Biotrue Multi-Purpose Contact Solution, 2 oz or larger – (
$2.00/1 – Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution, 10 oz or larger – (
Pay $2.99, Receive a $4 RR
Final Price: $1.00 Money Maker

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers or Pull-Ups $8.99
4.00/2 – Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers – (

$2.50/1 – Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers – (
$2.00/1 – Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants – (
$2.50/1 – Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers – (
$3.00/1 – Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers, 60 ct or larger – (
Final Price: As low as $5.99

Dial NutriSkin Body Wash 16 oz. $3.99
Buy 1, Receive a $3.00 Register Reward

$1.00/1 – Dial Nutriskin – (
Pay $2.99, Receive a $3 RR

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*HOT* Back to school promo going on at H&M!

They offer FREE $5 H&M gift cards with ANY kids purchase thru August 12th! There is NO minimum amount you have to spend, so this should easily make for a FREE item after you take into account the $5 gift card. They offer shirts as low as as $4.95 and kids accessories priced at just $2.95!

Find a store near you.

Thanks, Mommy Snacks.

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