Posted: August 19, 2011

Recyclebank is giving out more points!  They have come out with the Green Your School Year challenge to help you earn more points.

You can use points redeem your point for high-value coupons and even gift cards.  They offer coupons for Coca-Cola proucts, McDonald’s, Olive Garden and more!

This new challenge will give you up to 115 points today!

Follow these steps to earn your points:

Sign up or log into your Recyclebank account.

  • Click on “Earn Points.”
  • Scroll down to the Green Your School Year challenge and click on the link.
  • Read the Earn Information and click on the bottom line “Enter the Green Your School Year contest today!”
  • If you look to the right side you will see you are at 9am, begin scrolling down the page to 10am
  • click on Pledge in the little box near the clouds, take the pledge and earn and collect 10 pts
  • Scroll to 11am and you can click on pledge to get 10pts + List to get 10 more pts
  • At 12pm there are two quizes each worth 10pts
  • 1pm has a link on the left side of the screen worth 10 pts
  • 2pm has a quiz (10 pts) and a List (10 pts) next to the woman on the couch
  • 3pm has a quiz on the left side (10 pts) and a Poll over the man’s head (5 pts)
  • 4pm, click Share to earn 20 pts

Thanks moms need to know!

Want more ways to earn points?  Visit another post on Recyclebank!

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