Posted: August 13, 2013

Yesterday, at CVS, I spotted some in-store unadvertised deals.  Price Cuts and Clearance may vary by store, but be sure to check for these deals if you stop in this week!

Note: my store typically has higher prices than most and they don’t usually discount clearance as low as most other stores, so you could score better deals than these!

Let us know if you find these deals or any others!

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  • Emily Adams

    My store had some of the $1 section of food on clearance. I picked up the $1 box Frosted Flakes for .32, mushrooms for .32 and green tea for .50. It is so rare to find food on clearance so I was happy to see these deals!

  • sarahcat42

    I found the candles for 75% off with a price of $2.24. They also had a gallon of cvs bleach on clearance for $1.33. I’m not sure if the bleach was 50% or 75% off. Unfortunately I left my candle coupons on my bed. Still couldn’t beat $2.24 so I snapped them up.

    • Elizarae

      Glad you found even better deals!

  • Lilyflower03

    Cvs by my house is doing 25 cents each box of Joy Ice cream cones. I used only one .55 cents coupon and got two free.. Going back to do the other two

    • syd

      I found them to be 0.25 cents each at my local CVS too. But I had 4 coupons with me so I was able to snag 9 boxes for a grand total of 5 cents!

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