Posted: December 31, 2010

Wow! I read somewhere on a forum (forgot where) that someone saw Baby Alive dolls at Target for $4 something, and so with this $5/1 baby alive doll coupon they got it free!

Now since I live far from a Target I couldn’t go verify that deal BUT I ran down to Kmart because I live close to it, and found they were on clearance there for $5!  Score! Now clearance deals vary by region, so let us know where you live in the comments section if you find this deal!  Oh and if anyone checks the price of these at Walmart let us know too!

Tons more freebies!

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  • Modesty

    Wow! Little H. would love to add another Baby Doll to her collection!

    • lesliemartinez

      i have1 baby alive the baby alive is awesome i love my baby alive

  • Steph

    No kidding, for free…that is so awesome…I SO need a car ;(

  • sammy gumer

    i will have to go check this out.

  • Renee

    So cute!! I bought my daughter one of these years ago when they first came out.

    • lesliemartinez

      i got my for christrmas last year and now i have the baby that you cold put in wate

  • Mommy B

    Oh boy!! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!! Gotta get me well, the baby one!

  • Lori

    Wow! My daughter would love one of these. She has so many baby dolls she could start hew own store! 😀

  • Carie

    I saw these at Wal-Mart yesterday and they weren’t marked down.

  • Shianne

    This is amazing! Thanks!

  • Kristi

    These were $13.98 at my Target store in norther CA. I will check KMart tomorrow. Hoping its on clearance there!

  • april yedinak

    Even free, I couldn’t make myself pick one of these up, because they kinda creep me and my kids out. Lol!

  • Charity Lyman

    Sounds like a neat doll. Still don’t know if she needs another one though:)

  • Brenda Vicario

    I couldn’t find the coupon, must be all gone:(

  • Kristi

    These are also at Kohl’s and Kohls has a 2o% printable coupon. Does anyone know if Kohl’s will accept a manufacturer’s coupon?

  • Shar

    This is a great deal…are the coupons still available?

  • Shar

    If I leave a note will points automatically go to the username listed below (lollimom)?

  • deepsudi

    This is a great idea..Love it :)

  • deepsudi

    oh great deal

  • debi affrunti

    My niece would love this this

  • kiki

    please send me a baby alive im crying 4 one

  • Oanh B

    This is perfect for my 2-year old niece. Making a trip to Target and Walmart tomorrow to check it out. Thanks!

  • Yanick

    Awesome, deal only if this was around for Christmas. I know several moms who brought this.

  • thilak


  • anna

    my 2 year old wanted this but i was done with her christmas shopping so she didnt get it so i guess i can put it away for her birthday in april off to kmart and target i go in the am

  • Carol Santora


  • Veronica L.

    Will definitely have to check this out, thanks!

  • Shar

    I saw these marked down at WalMart in their clearance area too…I can’t remember the price though:(

  • Amy Juhasz

    Missed it. Darn.

  • Tyne

    So great!

  • Shanna Bailes

    I used the coupon on these and got two dolls for $1.54 each….Awesome for gifts!

  • Sara Gosome


    • Sara Gosome

      Love these dolls!

  • Brittany

    AWESOME gift ideas!

  • Brittany

    My daughter wants another one because she has a baby sister coming soon!

  • Brittany

    This is a great coupon! I know these will go really fast!

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