Posted: July 5, 2017

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Hey Cuckoo fans! You may have noticed some new restrictions on this Sunday’s P&G coupon inserts. There is a “limit of 2 identical coupons per household per day”. This means no more 4 like coupons of P&G coupons on products.

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Why is this happening?

Well, there seems to be an unfortunate misuse of coupons and coupon fraud so P&G wants to crack down on this and attempt to keep more items on the shelf.

Are there any other options?

P&G printables

Yes, actually you can also use their printable P&G website to increase the limit to one more item, as most of the printable coupons on their website have a limit of 1 identical coupon.

What does this mean for the Future?

Cuckoo intends to continue to give you the best deals, while following the limitations. Make sure you are signed up to receive FREE hot text deal alerts, and download the FREE Cuckoo app to get the best prices on in-store and online deals.

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