Posted: October 18, 2012

NOTE: This game takes a LONG time to play, but if you have the time you can earn $5 off a purchase of $5.01 OR $10 off a purchase of $10.01 or more OR a $15 off a $15.01 or more purchase!  These are some high value coupons!  

UPDATE: My husband is trying, but says it’s really hard!  Next we are going to ask a Teenager who is good at video games!  ALSO watch the $5 coupon status bar at the top.  It’s cumulative so you can play and play to add up to it AS LONG AS you stay at the computer!

Home Depot has got a new Facebook game called Zombie Mulch.  In this game, you are driving a virtual mulch truck in a post-apocalyptic world and your object is to flip as many shuffling Zombies as you can into the back of your truck and mulch them.   Each Zombie is equal to 6 cubic feet of mulch.  The road is piled with debris and potholes, which you must steer (using your keyboard’s up/down arrow keys) to avoid, so as in real life, you can’t mulch every Zombie who comes your way.  You are allowed to hit up to three piles of debris or potholes.  On your fourth hit, the game ends.  You don’t gain or lose anything by running over the Zombies. There are “power-up” tools that you can pick up help you draw in Zombies like a magnet, or get double cubic footage for each Zombie, etc. You can keep playing over and over to accumulate more cubic feet of Zombie mulch.

At 1,250 cubic feet of Zombie mulch, you win a $5 Home Depot coupon.  At 2,500 cubic feet of Zombie mulch, you win a $10 Home Depot coupon.  At 5,000 cubic feet of Zombie mulch, you win a $15 Home Depot coupon.  The coupons are good through 12/31/12 and each one is a straight discount on a single receipt purchase.   So if you buy a $25 bag of grass seed at Home Depot, you cannot combine the $15 coupon and the $10 coupon;  you basically must use each coupon on a separate purchase.

Leave a comment if you win something!

Thanks Daily Cheapskate!

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