ABC’s of Couponing

Nov 8 2009
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Click on my free ABC’s of couponing training guides images below, as well as my Non-Couponing Ways to Save.  Together, they make 49 cuckoo ways to save!


All About How Coupons Work BOGO Coupons & Sales Best Places to Coupons Catalinas CVS Training Double Coupons eCoupons How to use Ebates All about freebies Getting the most for your $$ Save Time Couponing How to get coupon inserts Junk Food Myth tracking coupon savings Kmart coupon training Coupon Lingo Markdown Schedules at Stores Never Miss a Deal Coupon binder organization Price Points List Printing Coupons problems Print Coupons from your Phone! Questions Answered Rebates Rain Checks Rite Aid Training Seasonal Sales Cycle Special Ordering for couponers Coupon Train Crabby Cashiers Walgreens Training Writing to Companies for Freebies Xtreme Couponing Your Real Savings Ways to Save on Gasoline Kmart money-saving tips Save Money on Printer Ink Amazon Prime Perks Subscribe & Save Best Mobile Apps for Couponing add 4 people to Amazon Prime for FREE! Save on Cell Phones & TV Bills 14 Costco Secrets that really work Amazon Prime vs SWR MAX How to Start a Blog in under 10 Minutes! Free shipping deals why you need a FREE personal shopper Lower Your Regular Monthly Bills Image Map
  • Sandra S

    I have a question. When you use your Smith’s Rewards card and have loaded coupons on them from Shortcuts and Cellfire if there is an identical coupon on each site will both of them come off or just one? Right now there is the BC Warm Delights listed on both sites and I have a printable coupon, I am wondering if all of them can be used?

    • deidre

      Sometimes randomly all of them will go through, my experience lately is usually only one eCoupon will come off per item. For example, if you buy a Warm Delights you will get the Shortcuts coupon used but not the Cellfire. However, ecoupons CAN be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons. Make sure to login to Upromise and load their grocery coupons on your card too! Those won’t come off your bill but they will be added to your kids/grandkids college savings accounts.

      • Lizbeth Lopez


        I am new to the couponing thing so I’m kind of lost…

        When you talk about the cellfire coupons, if I have a manufacturer’s coupon let’s say $1.00 off a bath tissue and then a cellfire coupon on my store card for 1.00 off the same item, will I get 2.00 off? Or it counts like the same coupon and I can only use one of them?
        If I have this, can I still double coupons? What brings me to my next question…

        Then, what those it mean double coupons? When do I know that a coupon can be doubled? Does the coupon say it can and then I’ll ask the person at the register to double it or what? how does that work?

        Thanks a lot! =o)

        • deidre

          most stores won’t let you use an ecoupon + a manufacturer’s coupon. And I don’t think you can double ecoupons.

          • Lizbeth Lopez


            What about the doble coupons? Can you explain to me how that works, I asked @ the store today and they couldn’t tell me, I just dont understand what they are and how to use them?

            Thanks, again

            Oh! and I don’t know if you knew it or if you have a Shoprite in you area, but Shoprite has the kellogs PopTarts @ 3 for $5.00 and Kellogs website has a coupon for 1.00 off 3 boxes of poptarts so that’s 3 for $4.00 and I think that is a great deal ’cause I always buy them for about 2.89 each at regular price.

  • pam718

    where can i buy the slice safty cutter

    • deidre

      You can purchase the slice here
      for just $6 plus free shipping!

  • debra gill

    hi, i love your site and it has quickly become my favorite. i tried to use my coupons for the hungry hungry hippos and the connect 4 travel games at walmart and the computer would not accept them. since i was holding up the line and the manager was not responding to the cashiers call for help, i told her to take the items off of my bill and i took my coupons back. how should i handle this next time? also, i had printed a coupon for 95 cents off of one pillsbury cinnamon buns. but im not sure if that was on your site or not. would you know where i can find this coupon again? thank you for any help you can give me. debra

    • deidre

      I searched several coupon databases and can’t find that coupon, so it probably isn’t available anymore. Walmart can be stinkers with coupons. I like to tell people right when they get behind me in line that I will be using a lot of coupons, and often they go to another lane and are glad I let them know. If someones already there, and I’m having problems, I feel bad but also remember what feels like forever is really on 5 minutes in the grand scheme of things. Another option is to have them take the items off your bill, then take the items and the coupons to Customer Service and try again. Sorry I don’t have a quick-fix solution for ya!

  • Bonita

    I have used coupons for quit some time now, but have never gotten as good of deals as I got today at Rite Aid, K-Mart and Wal-mart, by using your helpful hints of course. I have a question about the Single Check Rebates offered by Rite Aid, the J&J one in particular. Does the $50 have to be spent before coupons or after coupons? Thank you so much for all of these helpful hints and tidbits for stretching a dollar!

    • deidre

      BEFORE coupons, that’s why Rite Aid usually has my favorite rebate programs!

  • Debbie

    Hi Diedre,

    First let me say a BIG Thank You for your site. I have been trying to use coupons over the past few months and learn all I can about the most effective ways to save. I don’t even remember where I got linked to your site from but I am glad I did. It has been helpful all ready, especially the video showing how to cut and organize them and this weeks Rite Aide items. I came back today and tried to access the Rite Aide and Walgreens videos and several attempts only got a message that that site didn’t exist. Have those been too long ago for me to view?
    Thanks again.

  • Candi

    Hello. I absolutely love your site!!! Question… can you use two MFQ on one item. For example:

    Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $8.99
    -$2 SCR (limit 1)
    -$2 +UP Reward (limit 1)
    -$1.50 MFQ (P&G 8/1)
    -FREE Wipes MFQ wyb Diapers (P&G 8/1)
    Final Price = $3.49 for diapers & wipes!

    • deidre

      Looks like you are referring to Rite Aid – Kinda a trick question because in this example you’d be buying two items – wipes and diapers. So it is a tough one, usually depends on your store. My store allows this.

  • Stacey

    I’ve seen people referring to “buying” JUST the coupon inserts instead of the entire paper…I am new to couponing and would LOVE to do that! I hate wasting all those papers every Sunday! How do I get my hands on these? Thank you!

    • deidre

      You can go to and select individual coupons you want.

      • Shar

        I have had the same ? as Stacey. Do you buy the coupon inserts then?

        • deidre

          I buy 5 subscriptions to the sunday paper

  • NewMom1112

    Hello. I didn’t know where else to answer this question. For some reason I am unable to go to the next page when viewing your home page. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is anyone else having this problem?

    • deidre

      Weird! What browser do you use?

  • Lori B

    Thank you for all the tips!! Some I was doing, others I need to add into my daily couponing!

  • Jodi

    hi deidre, first, thanks for all of the tips and tricks! im definately gonna print off all of the coupon poilcies and keep them in my binder. but there is one store im confused about. Dollar general states “Unless the coupons state otherwise, you may use multiple coupons in one transaction.” and after that, the next bullet point says you can combine MFG Q and store Q to increase your savings. so when they are saying “Unless the coupons state otherwise, you may use multiple coupons in one transaction.” does that mean i can use 6 $1.50 off coupons on one $9.00 bottle of tide and get it free?

    • deidre

      What they mean by “you may use multiple coupons in one transaction” is that you may use 6 $1.50/1 tide coupons on 6 bottles of tide, in one transaction. You can never use more than one manufacturer’s coupon on one item.

  • Josie

    I click on the tab “Get SS, RP, & P&G Coupons” but nothing happens. How do I access these coupons please?

  • Mommy B

    I just watched the thing about extreme couponing! With that information and yours, I’m sure to save tons in the new year!

  • Modesty

    Thanks for the info on coupons!

  • Haley

    i have a coupon for walgreens 99cents softsoap liquid hand soap it says limit to 3 so does that mean that i can get 3 for 99 cents each?

    • deidre


  • Tonya James


  • Amy Juhasz

    Great tips!

  • ceis8009

    I’m amazed by your organization skills! While I am not into extreme couponing, I do appreciate getting deals on your site than I can use.

  • Nicole

    Thanks for all this info your amazing!!!! :)

  • Danielle

    could you put a add to favorites on the top of this one and I love how you are so quick to answer our questions thank you very much for that.

  • Shanna Bailes

    Wow!!!! Thank you!

  • Claudia

    I just started to really get into coupons. I am in need of moving out of my place and am having some financial issues being able to live on my own. I’m working 7 days a week now and am looking to save as much as I can. I’ve been inspired by the SUPER COUPONER women I’ve seen on tv., but haven’t gotten to their level. I think this site is great! I need the support and reading all of these questions and answers are great! It’s great to have so many people supporting you on even the seemingly simple questions.

    I experienced my first upset crowd last night as the cashier at Target thoroughly inspected each coupon and then proceeded to ask me what I purchased and how much it was. She gave me a really hard time on the coupons, but I tried to keep my composure and just go with the flow :o)

  • Claudia

    Hey Deidra,

    I went to a Rite Aid in California and the assistant manager said they didn’t take competitor’s coupons. I’m going to try calling the store when the regular manager is there and maybe even try corporate. I’d like to make sure that we can all get the great deals that you’ve taught us about.


    • deidre

      They take Rite Aid store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, but they don’t take competitor’s coupons.

  • Angela S.


  • Rosalind

    I am trying to become a couponer (I hope this is the correct term to use) I would like to know how does everyone save that much money. I guess I don’t understand the math of all the savings. For example how to get the item free.

  • rebecca shockley(becca33)

    This is all great stuff to know, couponing here I come!

  • Rebecca Shockley

    Will all stores honor or follow through with this method called Catalina? I have never heard of this, but it sounds complicated a little, have you ever had a problem with this method? I’m assuming this isn’t new, it’s been around awhile.

  • Darlene Judd

    I hope you can answer this. I apologize if this is the wrong area to ask: I have a $1/1 on Olay bar soap, body wash or body lotion coupon. I also have a coupon for $4 off when you buy ONE Secret, AND ONE Olay bar, body wash, or in-shower body lotion AND ONE Olay hand and body lotion together.
    Then I have a $1.50 off TWO Secret Flawless, Scent Expression, Smooth Effects, Fresh Effects or Sheer Minerals.
    Can I use all 3 together?
    I figure I would have to buy a Olay body wash and TWO Secret items in the last coupon above….or do I have to buy more? Please help! Thanks so much, Darlene

    • deidre

      $4 off when you buy ONE Secret, AND ONE Olay bar, body wash, or in-shower body lotion AND ONE Olay hand and body lotion together. That coupon covers all three products bought, so you can’t use another coupon on that purchase.

  • Darlene Judd

    oops, and one more Olay body wash.

  • Connie Caproni

    I am subscribed to your newletter but receive it a day late 5/12 on 5/13 and so on, therefore I miss alot of the that day only items. Can you please look into this? Thank you for your time. Connie

    • deidre

      I’m sorry about that! I’ll see what is going on.

  • Lisa

    Hi i was wondering what would happen if there was a special at Walgreen’s for B1G1 50% off and you use a B1G1 free coupon what would exactly happen?? do they deduct the price of the full price item or the half off item??

  • Petra Zepeda

    Hello Deidre, I’m a new @ coupons but i learn quick : ) i just to tell u that i went yesterday to target bought Downey, Clorox, Tide w/bleach, milk, dove the 8 pk, 1 toothbrush, toothpaste crest the pro clinical ad i spend $74.00 i couldnt believe it !!!!!!!!! Im a fosterparent and im always looking for specials but even though it seems to me that i dont save any $$$$$……. so one night i was watching TV and there is a new show called “Extreme Couponing” so i was watching it and i could belive my eyes this lady bought like $500.00 worth of groceries and she only paid like $25.00 how can that be!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i couldnt believe it!!!!!!!! so i said is this a sign for me to learn how to save and fill my refrigerator???? and stop limiting my childrens with food…….. i have lots of question why do the coupons say limit of 1 transaction and or limit of 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip, and what is RR ???? i need as much 411 that i can get cause i need 2 save lots …cause Christmas is around the corner and i want to be prepared please any help i can get i bought 2 news papers on Sunday and 1 sister of mine works @ the LA Times news paper so ill b getting news paper free so god is blessing me …..

  • Cheryl

    New to couponing as I am sure allot are. I absolutely love your site. I am having a problem printing the coupons. I go to your Coupon Database I am able to have the hand cursor show up over the coupon I want and when I click on it nothing happens. It doesnt bring up the actual coupon and then give me the ability to print it, What am I doing wrong?

  • leslie Blosch

    Deidre tells us we can get Sunday Papers for 1/2 price, if we contact her contact. who is that contact? i NEED THAT INFORMATION AGAIN. CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY AND LET ME KNOW. LESLIE

  • Colleen

    I moved from California to Utah and miss my stores that offer double coupons. Do you have a list of Utah stores that double the coupons?

    • cal

      I think some walmarts do on tuesdays up to a total of 1.00. Mine does. If the coupon is 75 cents than they add 25 cents.

  • Chantel

    Hello, I have been educating myself about coupons and deals for a bit now and starting out small before going big. It’s helped out alot especially in the hygiene department. My husband and I are students and I am currently the bread winner. It will be so nice to continue to save money. Can you please tell me what RR means since I am
    New to your site?

  • Monica

    RR means reward rebate

  • Sasha

    ok i was wondering i’m just starting out using coupons and i was watching that tv show extreme couponing and how in the world do they get $600 and more worth of groceries and pay little to nothing on them i don’t see how their able to use so many coupons in one transaction

  • cal

    It seems like they all buyalot of unhealthy stuff!

  • georgia

    HOLY CRAP!!!! This site is AMAZING i am new to couponing and i spent days researching and trying to figure out how to get started and after reading every tip this site has to offer i feel like iv been couponing for months … lol… no i can wait to get out there and save save save!!!! im so excited thank you

  • Jennifer

    Is there any way to know when shampoo is going to go on sale? I’m almost out and hate the thought of having to pay full price.

    • deidre

      you would just have to check the store deals lists I post each week

  • Dianna

    This wednesday coupons had a target coupon for $5.00 gift card when you buy two of there following items like bounty, charmin and pampers. How do you make that work $5.00 back on items that has the lowest price of $7.00 but you have to buy two

    • deidre

      If you are getting a target gift card for buying two items, you can still use coupons on the purchase! So you could could use two coupons on the two bounty products, and still get a $5 target gift card!

  • Jen

    I am wondering if you do Fred Meyer. We have them in Oregon and I’d love for you to match the sales and coupons. Do you have them in the site?

    • deidre

      I actually have a girl in Idaho who does them, I need to add them to the sidebar. I will have to ask her if the Fred Meyer ads in Idaho are the same as Oregon.

  • Cassie

    I am just starting out on this couponing adventure. I have my binder, extra ink cartridges etc. I have run into one MAJOR problem though that is keeping me from being able to get all the deals.
    I have a MAC and when I click on the link for a printable coupon the page comes up telling me my printer or printer settings are not compatible. I have emailed them several times trying to figure it out and still have not resolved this issue. All of my system settings on my MAC are ok and they said my printer is compatible.
    Have you ever heard of this happening and if so how do you solve it. The majority of the printable coupons are through so I am at a loss.

    • Dana

      I have a mac as well; if you get an answer on this… please let me know, thanks

  • Stephanie Becker

    love love love this!! i’m still a newbie :)

  • nicole

    hey guys so I’ve tried to download this” track ur savings ” tool that i keep hearing about but can’t get it to work AT ALL can someone HELP ME possibly e-mail it to me cus i’m not surewhat I’m doing not very computer savy lol plz help nikkilynn

  • Star

    I just came across your website and I really love your it. I do have a suggestion for you. Would you consider putting the letters ea or each after your coupon matchups? It was a bit confusing to me at first until I figured it out. Thanks.

    • Star

      sorry about the misspell there should be no your before the it. lol

  • Lavina

    I am new to extreme couponing. I did, however, always use coupons. I saw one epissode of “Extreme Couponing” and I wad hooked. I thought, “I can do that. I have the patients, organizing skills, and mathmatical skills to do that. I googled ABC’s of couponong and found your website. Boy, am I glad I did! I have learned so much from it. Thank you.

    • deidre

      You are welcome! Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Rosemarie Patrizio

    I was wondering those coupons you posted for milk and cheese. Do you think that I could use them at Walmart? I realize that I live in NJ, but it is a competitors coupon right? Or am I just thinking too much?

    • deidre

      The coupon says “Valid only in UT or ID” on it

  • Dana

    Hi, I just started couponing almost 2 weeks ago; I only have coupons starting from 6/25/11, (that’s how new I am :)) I am still getting completely baffled on some of the deals that are listed above…for instance, If my math is correct on the “Gillette Fusion/ProGlide/Venus Pro/Skin Embrace or Spa Breeze”, 1 for $9.99, with my coupon for $2 off (1) frm p&g 7/3, that would =$7.99 and – 4 ECB’s =$3.99, (not the .99 as you state above). Even if I had the 6/5 coupon (instead) for $4 off (1), that would still bring the total down to 1.99 (after ECB’s and coupon), so HOW did you get the .99 total on this?? I have re-done the math over and over and I am not getting the .99 in any case, (even if you could use both coupons(which you can’t use 2 MFC’s on 1 item) from 6/5 & 7/3, after EBC’s, it would equal out to -.01…Please explain your strategy.
    Thanks….anyone :)

    • deidre

      OOPS you are right it should be $1.99, I updated the post!

  • Dana

    How do you get the “p&g homemailer”?

  • Dana

    LOL, ohhh thanx girl, was thinking I was extra tired or… :)

  • Dana

    3 more questions :)
    1) On the Herbal Essence/Aussie sale, do you use BOTH coupons (from the insert dates listed) to get the =.97/ea? Just wondering, because I don’t have any inserts from before 6-26-11…
    BTW, 2) Are the old newspaper inserts still available?
    3) I have gotten 2 Sunday papers so far…6/26 & 7/3… In the 6/26, I found a SS insert, a RP insert and several specific store inserts, but (no P&G Insert). I understand the P&G inserts do not come every week, however…when they do come, are the SS and RP inserts not included that week, along with the P&G)? I am assuming not, as I saw 2 of the 7/3 papers and found only the P7G with NO SS and RP inserts this week… kept looking around for the SS & RP inserts this week, thinking they fell out…

    • deidre

      the reason SS didn’t come last weekend was because of the Holiday they don’t come on holiday weekends. usually they come regardless of whether the P&G come or not. What herbal essence sale are you talking about? at cvs, you would need to scan your card to see if the coupons from the magic coupon machine print and those are stackable with the ones from the 7/3 P&G

      • Dana

        Thanks for the reply; u didnt mention RedPlum, guessing that doesn’t come as well, on holidays?

        I was referring to your matchup for 7/3-7/10 on the herbal essence/Aussie deal at CVS

  • Dana

    Hi, I was wanting to do the Walgreens, Noxzema disp razors (see below), but i cant find the coupon in RP today (7/10 as you stated, but I am just not seeing it anywhere in my insert…

    “Noxzema Disposable Razors BOGO
    Use $2/1 from 7/10 RP
    Final Price= FREE”

    Also, I was wondering… what is “Get More From Your Pharmacy booklet”? As I am interested in the Softsoap deal? as well:

    “Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap $.99
    Use $.35/1 from Get More From Your Pharmacy booklet
    Final Price= $.64”

    Thank you

    • Dana

      I even got another paper from 7/10 just to see if the noxzema razor coupon had gotten misplaced; it was not in there either… ? are the coupons different from state to state, or something?

      Is the “Get More Pharmacy Booklet” the same as the little Walgreens coupon booklet that you get inside the store? If so, there is not a single Softsoap coupon in the (my) July issue…. I have gone through it a hundred times and their are no missing coupons; I am baffled at this point-
      If anyone knows…please answer. Thank you

  • Diane Morrow

    referred by Janice Cash

  • Cal Hesse

    I have do everything asked and installed coupon printer etc. I can not print coupons ? why?

  • Amanda Murphy

    I have an ethics question. I was just on another couponing blog and saw a “brag” photo. It showed someone buying 40 or so of one item for free with a .50 overage on each one. Now if it were a newspaper coupon that she had used I wouldnt think twice about it. But it wasn’t and she doesn’t have 20 computers in her home. The coupon was in the form of a PDF file that allows you to print as many as you want. However I don’t think that this is how the manufacturer intended for this coupon to be used.
    So my question is; Do you think it’s right to print off as many as your want just because you have the ability to do so?
    (I dont’ want to say what item or coupon it was because I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea I’m not calling anyone out or anything like that. If you want to know what item and coupon it was pls email me and I”ll tell you that way.)

    • deidre

      I always just print 2 printable coupons, even PDF’s as that is how I think every one should do it so manufacturer’s don’t stop releasing online coupons

  • Joey

    I was wondering which stores have the best variety of travel sizes? my local cvs is pretty small and is mostly travel containers ( toothbrush holders, bar soap holder, etc)

    • ambernicole8484

      My walmart and target have very good travel size sections. My CVS, Rite Aid and Wags do not.

  • julie westbrook

    After I seen Extreme Couponing i was hooked. I would love to learn how to save on items for my family. I have to boys 13 and 7 and I am married. My husband has been laid off for two years and it’s been really really hard for us. So i thought if i got taught how to do it I would save and help my family alot. i have been going on line to get all the research but i still need some help. I dont think our state does double or triple coupons because we live in Michigan. I think its probably the highest in unemployment rate. So if you could please please help me. Thank you soooo much. have a great day.

  • Lisa Bowman

    Softsoap liquid hand soap $1
    Use the $0.35/1 Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap, exp. 8/13/11 (SS 07/24/11)
    Final Price= $.30

    I would like to know how, $1softsoap liq hand soap – $.35 coupon and the final price be is $ i overlooking something?

    • deidre

      it’s a double coupon week!

  • Amy Norman

    I so need this review. Thank you for compiling it.

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    I dont know how you do it! It drives me nuts! I think Im just way too busy. I sooo wish I had more time to coupon like crazy!!

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    this area helped me so much when i started

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    This is an AWESOME resource! Thanks so much for your hard work that you put into getting this together!!

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    I think it’s a great source of info!

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    Recommended your site to a friend who just started!

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    Your tips are great!

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  • It’s actually great for myself which has been seen.Its provided well as well as nicely written which easy to understand.Thank you very much for the data.

  • sandra

    I have a question & a problem about rite aid up rewards. Yesterday, I paid for an order after coupons with my ups which brought it down to $3.24, so I gave the cashier $3 more in ups and she scanned it and the register beeped and said that it could not accept it unless i did another purchase for $1and some change, (cant remember the exact amount she said). The cashier then told me to save those ups for another day and just pay with cash. Which i agreed, because i did not want to make another purchase just to use the ups. So today, i went and did another transaction and handed those same ups to the cashier and she scanned them, and the register said that they were scanned and used already. Now i did check my receipt from yesterday and those ups were deducted. How do I get reimbursed for those ups. This is the second time I had this happen to me. I am down $4.00 now. Anyone ever have this same situation?

  • Kate

    Great page, makes my life so much easier, plus I can argue with stoge managers now, I know my rights 😉

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    Blessings and Good luck to Everyone!!

  • Cliff Bearden

    Bear Cuckoo LOL!! I see in the Walgreens ad this that the Vanity Fair products are BOGO! There is also a coupon on for Vanity Fair Hand Towels, will these work on the napkins?

  • Heidi Rees

    I love your website, blog, and all the posts on Facebook! I’m a mother of four young kids, and my new obsession is hunting down those deals and coupons to save our family money! Thank you so much for all your help to make it possible for me to save money! I can’t even imagine all the research you do to find all those deals out there from all these stores! Keep up the great work!
    -Heidi Andrene!!!

  • phyllis ohnson

    do you have a list of catagories that you split your binder into such as bread, pastas, and such..I am not sure of how to set my binder up..

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Thank you

  • Savvyshoppin

    Lion King DVD question …. is there a best place to purchase the movie when it is re-released? I did get a $5 coupon from Subway!
    Thanks from Vermont

    • deidre

      As soon as it’s released I will post a full list of the best places to buy it!

  • Kathleen M Smith

    Thank you for posting this, it has been so helpful. After just 2 weeks, I am saving 50-87% on my purchases! I know this will increase as I get more of a coupon base. I am so excited about being able to give to charity!

  • Naomi

    I love your site! Thank you for the information you share. I have been couponning for 6 months now. With a husband and three children, I am still able to share my finds with my close family without feeling there isn’t enough. We are now able to get “our monies worth” when shopping!
    Thanks again.

  • Danielle

    First, thank you for all your hard work giving us the best deals. I really appreciate all that you do!
    Second, how do you find time to do it all? For me there seems to be not enough hours in the day. I hope you are taking some time for yourself. We all need our alone time. And lastly I looking to purchase a flip open sofa (preferably Cars) for my 2 year old son. I look around and Walmart is the cheapest. I have a $10 birthday coupon that I got from Sears, but I still have to pay shipping. Amazon was simply outrageous. Any ideas
    where I might find a great deal? I also looked at Toys R Us but even with the 20% the price is around $36.00.


  • Kandi Smith

    Coupons are a MUST in this economy!

  • Dawn

    I can’t seem to put my zip code in on Smart Saver website. Do those coupons work in Ca.?

  • Jennifer

    Hey Deidre! I have a question about something i saw on extreme couponing last night that confused me . the coupons that are BOGO ( example buy a gilette body was get a free gilette deoderant ) i thought were not supposed to be combined with other coupons . The lady on the show bought a bunch of old spice deoderant and used coupons for those and then used another coupon for the buy one get one . is that allowed .( by the way i shop at harris teeter ) .Thanks so much , Jen

    • deidre

      Yes, you aren’t supposed to do that. There are lots of rumors of coupon fraud on that show.

      • Jennifer

        thanks for getting back to me . i thought u werent supposed to thanks for confirming :)

  • Kathleen

    This page has helped me so much and I haven’t made it all the way through yet! I have tried coupons over the years and saved some. After finding your site, I realize that I will be saving a lot more as I learn and get more coupons. I am currently saving 50 – 87%. If you are new to coupons and wondering if you can do this, Cuckoo for Coupons does the hard work for you. I love this hobby – it exercises my brain and forces me to walk and get out of the house. After about a month of finding your site, I already have a stock pile of things to donate to charity that I got free or almost free, it is such a good feeling to be able to help others.

  • Renee

    Thank you for this. I am new to couponing. I never realised how much you could save using coupons until I watched the TLC Extreme Couponing. I need all the help I can get!

    Thanks again!!!!!!

  • ria

    can you explain savingstar?

  • Shirley

    Newbie questions. Please help.

    What exactly is a unilever coupon?
    How did you know about the doubling of unilever coupons?
    How old is this coupon booklet? My Kmart has none.

    Thank you

    • deidre

      They are at the front desk, and they are gone quickly once they put them out. Unilever is a brand, so products from them.

      • Shirley

        Thank you so much for replying. Was the doubling of Unilever coupons advertised on the coupon booklet? If not, where? I didn’t see this anywhere on the kmart ads.

  • USHA

    Hi – Thanks for your wonderful coupon tips. Can anyone please let me know where I could get the best deal to buy storage cabins or shelves? I’m a beginner and starting to build my stock pile. Thanks in advance…

  • Debbie

    In this horrendous economy, we are all needing to learn how to save money — thank you for all you do to help us learn.

  • Linda

    I have a question. Went to rite aid today, I have not shopped there much. I bought 2 of the Sensidine toothpaste that was on sale for 4.99 each. I used a 4$ off 2 video value coupon. I tried to used 2 manufactorers coupons for 1.50 off of each. The cashier would not take them, she said that was not allowed because I used a video value coupon, she said the register would not accept them, even though she did not even try to scan them. She did let me use a 1.50 ups. I throught I could stack a manufactors with a video value, am I wrong or was she wrong.

  • jana doucoure

    Do we print the coupons or can they be sent to me via postal mail? I am using a mobile phone.

  • Sandy W

    this is awesome! Thank you for all your had work!

  • Jessica sizemore

    WOW… I love this site.. I have just been couponing for a coupole months.. I have saved a few buks but now that I have found all the facts and info I need ,I see alot of savings in my future… ..Now, I just have to get my binder together… Im gonna read more on that.. I want it perfect…. Thanks….

  • Danielle

    Do you still use the coupon clutch? Did you purchase the binder only and add our inserts

  • nikki

    i made my ow. it sounds generic but hey it works…. get a 97 cent binder noteboook from walmart or even at a dollar store, buy school dividers, a box of zip lock bags, a hole puncher…. then go from there mark divider tabs etc like i have mine listed as household, pet, personals, dairy, frozen, breakfast, etc…. it’s like putting a scrap book together MAKE SURE U DO HAVE A COPY OF THE COUPON ACCEPTANCE POLICY!!! They will argue with you, and yes FIGHT FOR UR SAVINGS!! thnx, nikki

  • Cathy

    I have bought the HP photo deal from Staples that you listed on your site and have no trouble with the rebates but you said sumit for $25 gas giftcard when you buy $50 worth of HP photo paper How and where do I do this ? thanks cathy

  • Dawn

    I am hoping you can shed some light on something that happened this weekend and today that really has me aggravated. I went to CVS to get the Nature’s Bounty vitamins B1G1 and had a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon with a Kroger logo on it. I didn’t realize that they considered this a competitors coupon and couldn’t use it. So I called CVS corporate to compliment their cashier and complain and came across a very rude customer service rep and in the end spoke to her supervisor who was very upset about the way she spoke to me and the wrong information she told me. After calling different companies themselves, Nature’s Bounty and Kimberly Clark specifically, because they are the manufacturers coupons that I have used at different stores with a logo of a different store on it, I found out that Nature’s Bounty will not reimburse a store other then what that of the store logo on it. Kimberley Clark however informed me that they would (I used HEB logo manufacturers coupons for Huggies slip on diapers at CVS a couple of months ago). I argued my case to Nature’s bounty because of the wording on their coupon. My arguement was: Kroger logo on it, BUT it said in fine print that it was good only in USA including US military bases. So I would take that to mean anywhere in the US and commissaries, wouldn’t you? Because here is the deal, there are no Kroger’s on a military base, EVER! The very nice rep from Nature’s Bounty understood where I was coming from and was forwarding my complaint. I told her I don’t have a problem with them having coupons specifically for certain stores, but the fine print should also word that too, where the verbage on the coupon says specifically anywhere in US and military bases, and instead of having that wording they need to put manufacturer coupon only @ Kroger etc. She said they wouldn’t change the wording for a specific store and that their coupons all had that standard wording on all of them. I told her if they could change the logo they could change the blanket fine print wording. And I felt that by them wording it this way they were not on the up and up and felt very sneaky to me. So my question, how are we supposed to know what manufacturers coupons we can use at any stores? Or do we just not use them except at those specific stores? Because in the end I don’t want to have a store not get reimbursed to a company who is not on the up and up. I am seriously thinking of boycotting Nature’s Bounty and getting our vitamins from other manufacturers, we NEED some of these for health reasons, it’s not for fun or on a whim, my daughter is Vitamin D deficient and diabetic she HAS to have them it’s not a choice. Any light you can shed whould be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for all you do Deidre!

  • Tammy

    Hi! I was wondering about using different zip codes (other than your own) to get coupons. I’ve been noticing that on some recommended coupons it says to use other zip codes other than my own to get the coupon. If I do this will the coupon still be accepted in my area? I’m sorry if this question has already been asked & I didn’t catch it. I really love this site & thank you for all the great information.

    • deidre

      yes they will accept it, unless it is a milk or cheese coupon, those say on the coupon valid in UT, ID or FL only

  • Katherine

    Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you. Your video really helped me understand what I need to do. I am really excited to get the news paper tomorrow! haha I am a newly single mother of 3 (I’m going to get 4 papers like you said) and I need to really find ways to save. I just was wondering if you knew of a way I could get older coupons so I dont miss out on “hot idems” this week?? and after I cut my coupons tomorrow… do I have to wait another week or so to be able to start couponing? it seems when I look around online all the sale items in the store linger a little bit till you can really save??

  • Leah

    I’m very new to this.. my question is do the make coupon for meet and produce?

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  • Barbara Morris

    How do you download your toolbar. I have scoured over your blog and don’t see a link. I must just be overlooking it. Please tell me how to download. Love your site.

  • Maria

    can you add bj’s to your list since they take store and manufacturer coupons.

    • deidre

      I will try to get it added!


    I would like to let you and others know that Walmart has brought back the One time offer of scrubbing bubbles one step kit for 3.97. Inside each kit is a $3.00 off copupon. I wanted to post my picture of the item and my receipt but I didn’t know how or if it was possible.

    • deidre

      Thanks! I have a pic I’ll post it now!

  • native terpie

    Could you help me find a good deal on 32 inch tv’s on sale ? Can be any brand name.

  • Evangelina

    Hello to all, I’m also a Newbie and so fare its been working out. Ms. Deidre, I have watched your videos and they have been very helpful. Hope I can call on you with any questions I may have.

  • Penny

    I have really enjoyed all the info you have shared on couponing, I have a problem printing coupons from I have made my printer the default printer, installed the coupon printing installer (30 times) and still coupons won’t print. I have an Apple computer and the coupons printed until I installed new software both Snow Leopard os x10.6.3 and Lion os x both from Apple. Do you have any ideas what I can do to make my coupons print.
    Thank You Penny

  • Karen

    When I try to look at ex: Albertsons SW- posted updates, its still last weeks. What am I doing wrong

  • majesticghost

    Question. Last week I purchased the Thermacare Heatwrap at walgreens for $2.49 and recieved RR $2.50 and a catalina for $2.00 off any 2 ct or larger. I did this twice. Next week walgreens is having buy 2 Thermacare 2ct recieve $5.00 RR. If i use the 2 $2.00 catalina’s I have, with the 2 $3.00 manufactured coupons I have, will I still get a $5.00 RR  being I’m using a Pfizer catalina on another catalina product.

  • MUGI


    • I would by 3 or 4 newspapers per week

  • coupon crazy

    like your new format, but I don’t see the little blocks on the left to click so I can print out the lists.  Can you tell me how to print this info since the change?  Thank you!

    • you should see those blocks, what browser and version are you using so my programmer can fix it for you?

  • WendyHightman

    I’ve just started couponing. My best deal thus far are:
    1) Brita Water Pitcher ($22.97 value) overstocked item at Walmart so I paid $8.88 used a $4.00 coupon and a $10 rebate. Profit $5.12
    2) Vaseline lotions 3oz. .on sale Walmart .98 used coupon for $1.00 overage .02 cents
    I’ve seen where people go to CVS and buy 10/10 Dove bodywash using $10 coupon OOP FREE ! However, I have not found such deals todate. I also watched the extreme couponing show and wondered just how do they do it. The show I watched was when they went to Las Vegas, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of items (donating them to charity) for zero amount.

    I know you’ve posted a RiteAid, Walgreens and CVS sample deals. Can you do one for Walmart. 

    I also saw the Kelloggs rebate. 10 UPC for $10 Mastercard (5 limit per household) Anyone find any good deals on Kelloggs

  • WendyHightman

    I’ve just started couponing. My best deal thus far are:
    1) Brita Water Pitcher ($22.97 value) overstocked item at Walmart so I paid $8.88 used a $4.00 coupon and a $10 rebate. Profit $5.12
    2) Vaseline lotions 3oz. .on sale Walmart .98 used coupon for $1.00 overage .02 cents
    I’ve seen where people go to CVS and buy 10/10 Dove bodywash using $10 coupon OOP FREE ! However, I have not found such deals todate. I also watched the extreme couponing show and wondered just how do they do it. The show I watched was when they went to Las Vegas, purchasing thousands of dollars worth of items (donating them to charity) for zero amount.

    I know you’ve posted a RiteAid, Walgreens and CVS sample deals. Can you do one for Walmart. 

    I also saw the Kelloggs rebate. 10 UPC for $10 Mastercard (5 limit per household) Anyone find any good deals on Kelloggs

  • KAT6418


    • At the top of that page there is a drop-down, click on 100 and it will show all of them. 

    • At the top of that page there is a drop-down, click on 100 and it will show all of them. 

  • Kacie

    Thank you for this website!  You are such a huge help!  :)

    Quick question…I am going to Wal-mart this week and just checked out your posting of the Wal-mart ongoing deals.  Some of the Money Maker coupons come from Travel sized products, but the coupon says “Excludes Trial/Travel Size”.  Can I use the coupon for a travel size anyway?

    • No those are coupons I must not have noticed that restriction on them, which are they? I will remove them.

      • Kacie

        It’s likely I have a different coupon for the same product and mine just has the exclusion.  I’m still new at this  :)  Thanks for your reply!


    Thank you so much for offering this free laundry sample. I love trying new things, and I love all the deals I can get, Im a mom of 5 and myself and hubby we need all the offers out there. Im new to all this, thats why I like this site it helps so much for coupon beginners. So thanks so much for all your help…..

  • Katy

    Question: On the $1.50/2 Seasonal Mars candy coupon, it says that it is “available at Walmart” right on the front. Does that mean I can only use this coupon at Walmart? We only have a CVS in our town.

  • Deefitz76

    I am getting an error 404 message since Feb 12. I can not view anything beyond tht date. Can anyone help?

  • kimberly

    Has anyne used  This site had a link to it one day soI tried it out.  Is this true deal?  Almost 2 god to be real thing.  I would love to hearfrom anyone who has used this site.

    • I heard it is spam so I blocked Amoozle from placing ads on my site from now on.

  • ChrisG

    Hello! I love your site. It is so helpful. Thank you!!! I have a question regarding tp. Is this a stockup price? Scott Big Roll 1000 sheets 118sq ft on sale 2 / .88….

    • do you mean 2 big rolls for $.88? Does it say if the big rolls = 2 regular rolls?

      • ChrisG

        Yes, 2 big rolls for .88. It does not say = 2 rolls. 118 sq ft each roll. The sale is at Walgreens.

        • If you mean, 2 big rolls or 4 single rolls for $.88, it is a stock up price if it is 2-ply, but not 1-ply.

          • ChrisG

            Thank you…it is 1 ply.

  • Vsachar

    Hi how are you? I am coupons newcomer and you have been very helpful. I had a question about cvs right now they are giving $7 EBR for $10 worth of physicians formula make up item. I bought an eyeliner that I might not want to keep n probably exchange for another item. Say if I use my $7 EBR before returing or exchanging my item. what happens then.. Will they take back the $7 EBR the next time I buy something or will they take it off when I return the item? I hope I made the question clear for you my mind is a store policy mess. Thank you so much

  • Julia Potvin

    Luv all the info available on your site, you have each store I shop which makes you my one stop shop for ideas on deals ect., tyvm =)

  • Marcellaloomis

    I tried to use a coupon from today and the clerk at wags said it did not have a security watermark, and I was not able to use it.  I didn’t realize what he meant so I am home doing research and after speaking with people and looking through old coupons I realized it was the little dots in the expiration date. I tried printing several coupons in color and black & white they were all different one color one came out with markings behind the $ amount, I assume another security feature, but still no dots, the blck & wht one had no markings behind the $ amount and no dots. I am confused as to what I need to do to get the dots (security watermark) to print on my coupons, I don’t know if this is a printer thing, or what.  Does anyone have any info that may help?  I have windows vista.

    • Carrie Miller

      No replies?? Hmm Im new to couponing, will be printing out my first batch this evening and now Im scared that this will happen to me! Anyone got an answer?? Last thing I need to do is get through the store and checkout only to find out that none of the coupons are valid:(

  • Stephanie

    Question:  Is there a site/link where we can compare one stores deals against another (i.e., CVS / Rite Aid / Walgreens)?

  • Michelle Madding

    Hi! Ok so I just got back from Walgreens… Got 3 6packs of Viva paper towels has the $1.00 off each Wags coup, had 3 50/1 coup… I paid $14.49 total… no RR or Catalina. The cashier asked me WHY I thought there were RR, it is not in the ad. UGH…. So what to do now? I plan on returning them BUT I want my coupons back… Is that an option? lol THANKS! How can I get the RR to print if I return, get coups back & try again??? Get my total BEFORE using any coupons??? THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Penny

    I have a Question and a comment, Why don’t you have Menards on you list of stores? Maybe not in your area? I live in Michigan very close to Indiana and just picked up a great deal at the Menards store they have Lysol No touch Kitchen Starter kit on sale for $3.99 and I still had my $3.00 off coupons also in time for $3.00 rebate, thats a money maker isn’t it. 

  • JustGlenda

    Hey Deidre, My dryer machine just stopped working! I have to hand rinse and hang dry all my sheet now… =(  Do you know if there are any good deals on washer and dryer at the moment?  Thanks!

  • Shondabr

    question, I have a coupon for $1.00 of two for cereal and .50 off 1 for cereal (same brand) can I use both?

    • no – the $1/2 coupon covers two items, and not other manufacturer’s coupons can be used with them.

  • Hopeellen7

    How do I print the rite aid video value coupons?  I keep printing the whole site’s page instead.

  • Linda

    I have watched your page for some time now, I am a couponer already so I enjoy your page a lot. I look forward to remaining a subscriber  to your page.

  • Vlynn0095

    I’m going to love this site,

  • 394barb

    I watched TLC Exstream Couponing and I was wondering where the lady got the high dollar coupons for the soda, it was $4.69 I think for each 12 pk.

    • Debbi Merritt

      I dont know if it will work with all company’s but I google the company and ask them if they send free samples or coupons. Believe it or not I got back alot of coupons( good one too) If u have the time what do u have to loose? The companys want our bussiness

  • wendyll18

    Hello.  I just printed coupons from commonkindness for the first time.  Has anyone had issues with the coupons scanning due to the small size, and if so does anyone know what is a good size to increase them to?

  • newwwwwbie

    Do you have to ask the cashier to double your coupon or will it automaticly double?

  • Angelastroup

    None of the coupons you say should be in my circulars are there.  3 dollars off 2 revlon products from 6/10 smart source is not in mine.  What am I doinf wrong?

  • Michelelianne

     Hello, I just came across your website and I noticed it said

    “California (Sacramento Area) Get Multiple Copies of the Sunday paper
    JUST $.77 each! These have RP & SS weekly, and P&G once a

    I’m in the area, so i thought this was perfect.  However, when i
    clicked on the link to order, it states the price is $2.00 per copy. 
    How do i get the $0.77 price?

  • Richerson Crystal

    I heard u say something about single check rebate program what is that and how do I sign up for that

    • munyan

      If you go to the rite aid home page and click on save now….scroll down and find the single check rebate tab….click on it. You will need to create an account. Then login and click on submit reciept. If you have qualifying items they will credit you and you can choose to get check now or if you wait until the end of the SCR period they send it out automatically, which is better because you can only request the check once per period. I have started entering all my rite aid reciepts even if I don’t know about a SCR for the items I entered, and tonight I had a wonderful suprise. A reciept I entered for two clearance storage totes ($2ea) actually had a $5 SCR when you buy 2 so I basically made $1 on the clearance bin without even knowing it!! Hope that helps.

  • tawana

    where can i get free manfacturer coupons in the mail

  • Dexxter8

    I want to get coupon in the mail

  • Leo

    I need an alavert coupon could not find it anywhere. is there anyone who is willing to trade I have tons of dog or cat treats coupon and don’t have any of those please whoever want to trade let me know thanks 

  • Natalie

    Hi Deidre,
    I’m new with couponing here. I want to ask you, when you print the coupon from the or redplum, etc, how do you make your print just black ink, because my printer is automatically print with the colour. My husband just change the ink 2 weeks ago and now the ink it’s gone already. My printer is Lexmark. I dont know if you know about this? Thks Deidre , you are a blessing for us. GBU and yours

    • I print in black and white only. I have never had a problem with them.

    • Cheryl

      Make sure your printing preference is set to a default setting of black and white or gray scale – if you continue to have problems with it, try removing your color cartridge and only use the black and white! Can’t afford to spend our coupon savings on ink**** If you are lucky enough to live near a Costco, they will refill a large variety of cartridges for $7.99 to $9.99!

  • Natalie

    do you set up your printer to be blank ink only ? Do you know how to do it?  Thks Deidre

    • I go to start, devices and printers, I right-click on my printer and click on printer Properties, then Preferences, then Features, then finally it lets me choose grayscale instead of color

  • mercedes

    does Vons adjusted coupon? like if something is .99 and you have a coupons for $1.00 will they adjusted the coupon and give it to you free or they wont take it?

  • careina

    how do i send you my mailing address to get coupons in the mail?

  • natalin


    I want to ask you I saw the digital coupon from Kroger said that “FREE
    Glade® Expressions® Fragrance Mist Refill ” When you buy ONE (1) Glade®
    Expressions® Fragrance Mist Starter,

    so if ….I have a coupon from Newspaper said : FREE Glade® Expressions®
    Fragrance Mist Starter ” When you buy ONE (1) Glade® Expressions®
    Fragrance Mist Refill…

    Is it mean free or not??? I’m a newbies for this coupon.Thks alot for your help.

    • natalin

      Sorry I mean … Deidre….just miss type. Thks alot.

    • I don’t think you are supposed to stack Kroger coupons, at my Smith’s you are just supposed to use one on your card or the manufacturer, but not both.

  • Abby

    hi im new here, we only have Walmart, Dollar General and Freds here i didnt subscribe for sunday newspaper yet. Do you have any suggestion for me. I lived in Louisvelle, Mississippi. Thanks

    • munyan

      There are lots of great printable on facebook and at sites like coupons dot com or smartsource dot com.

  • Brenda

    I don’t understand the RR coupon I got from the previous week, how do you know if you can use them and get the new RR coupon, example mine says $3.00 compliments from P&G retailer P&G 2150 Sunnybrook??

  • Visionary6733

    I went to CVS today to buy the toothbush and tooth paste,deal that in the weekly ad @$2.99 a piece. I presented the cashier with a $1.00 coupon for each. She charge me $4.40 after $2.00 off with the coupon and gave me back $4.00 in extra bucks reward. can you please explain if this is correct? Thank You

    • HelperJen

      If you only had the two items that cost $2.99 from the sale you should have paid $3.98 instead of $4.40. Everything else is right.

      • Visionary6733

        Thank You for you quick response.
        On the receipt they charge me .42 ga taxes .
        Can you let me know about the .42 taxes.

        Thank You

        • HelperJen

          Taxes are normal depending on the state in which you live.

  • bwatch

    like what i asked last night is kmart double the coupons automatic or need to tell the cashier that you want to double your coupons , syrp members here …

    • Elizarae

      It is automatic as long as you scan your SYWR card.

      • bwatch

        thanks :)

  • bwatch

    Hi there , i have a question if i have a 5,000 point wyb $50 and use my sywr card points is the 5,000 will be included also if i used my points in my reward cards? example i have $5 points in my reward card if i will use this the 5000 points will be included aslo? it will be $10 ??? TIA

  • Gina Goodman

    Question for anyone who can help me. I am only on my 2nd week of couponing and live in western pa. I have Walmart, Kmart, CVS, RiteAid, Giant Eagle, Dollar General, and Target near me. I am still trying to figure out how to get things for free or at least close enough too. I only plan of spending $20 OOP a week at most. I am a family of 4. Last week for my first couponing trip $99.65 worth of stuff and paid $61.18. How do i bring my total OOP way down to $20 and build up my stock pile including food? All i got last week was things that weren’t food? Also is there anyone in Western Pa that could meet me at some store and teach me?

    • The best deals are on non-food items usually. Such as razors, diapers, shampoo, etc… so those are the things I get more my deals on, and use my savings to buy fresh produce and meat and eat less processed foods. But that is just me, everyone has their own way of doing it. Don’t get upset if you aren’t saving 90% on food items – extreme couponing like on that show is usually just fraud. But you can get 90% off or free shampoos, razors, etc! You are lucky to live near a CVS, you can get some amazing deals there.

      • Cheryl

        I agree Deidre about living near a CVS. For the longest time I was too scared to venture out from Rite Aid and Wal Greens for me, learn yet another store’s coupon policy. I have found that I was missing out! Although they may limit a great weekly deal to “1 per household” I’ve been able to partner with my mother a few times to benefit not only her on items she enjoys but for my family and those we enjoy best! Thanks for all you do and share with us!

    • Elizarae

      I agree 100% with what Deidre said! I do the same by saving big on non-perishables and using those savings for fresh foods. While $20 a week is an ideal goal, it’s not going to happen overnight. Building a stockpile will help you get to that goal, but building a stockpile will cost more money up front and less and less over time. Start small, say cutting your current grocery spending by 20% each month. As you get better at finding deals and couponing, you’ll soon be where you want to be.

    • Cheryl

      It has taken me a while to learn but you have to shop the deals of the week to collect the items you and your family enjoy. As some of the other readers have shared, you begin to have a stock pile of grocery items that will reduce your weekly OOP expenses of making your routine meals more and more, week after week. Don’t forget milk and eggs are sold at most of the drug stores (e.g. CVS, Rite Aid, Wal Greens, etc.). When you see a deal on razors at your local drug store, for example the Gillette brand for $9.99, less a $5 coupon, combined with a $5 or $4 reward for your next purchase – use that reward to grab a gallon of milk, carton of eggs, bread, etc. Stick with it, it will get easier!

  • I’m new to couponing and this was so extremely helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! Can’t wait to get into it!

  • what is “green Bag Tag ECB?

    • Elizarae

      At CVS, you can purchase a Green Bag Tag, which is a leaf-shaped tag that you can attach to any reusable shopping bag. It costs $0.99. Whenever you checkout at CVS using your reusable bag, have the cashier scan your Green Bag Tag and for every 4 scans, you will receive a $1.00 ECB!

      • Cheryl

        Wow – thank you for the information! That will add up fast!

  • Leave a message…

  • Deb M

    Thanks for the guide

  • munyan

    I was trying to change the zipcode on tonight and it seems they have changed the process. Can anyone update me?

    • click on Local at the top

      • munyan

        I did that as I have several times in the past and for some reason tonight it would change the “local” coupons but when I tried to go back to the printable coupons the zip/coupons remained the same as before.

  • melinda

    which web site can I order coupons for cheaper price? Ebay is pretty pricey..

  • natalie

    hi, does anybody having a problem from I use firefox. I uninstalled and installed again still not working? I have this problem since 5 days ago.

    Also, before redplum wasn’t working, but I installed again, and I enable add ons plugin. But Now redplum working, but still not working? Does anybody can give me suggestion. Thks.GBU all

  • Holly Thomas

    A lot of good resources for everyone, old or new yo couponing!!

  • carla bonesteel

    This is a great idea!! Too bad I can’t memorize it like my ABCs!

  • jenna

    Hi, I need some help my walmart here in Delaware is telling me that if you do a price match you can not use a coupon they are giving me a hard time they said either one or the other does anyone know if they can do that please need helpppppp

  • Great information! Thanks so much.

  • jenna

    Hi, I need some help my walmart here in Delaware is telling me that if
    you do a price match you can not use a coupon they are giving me a hard
    time they said either one or the other does anyone know if they can do
    that please need helpppppp

    • Elizarae

      Yes, you can price match at Walmart and use coupons. Their price matching policy and coupon policy are on their website and neither one excludes the other. I would bring both in with you next time.

  • Alexandra Roach

    I love extreme couponing!

  • Jordi Capetillo


  • I have a question about price matching. Where I live there is no CVS, Rite-Aid, K-mart, or Kroger… Could their sale prices still be price matched at my Wal-mart?

    • No, they only match near-by competitors

  • disqus_kX29jHIAzc

    I went to Dollar Tree today and they didn’t carry Oil of Olay bar soap? On your store list it indicates it? I am confused….

    • HelperJen

      Not all Dollar Trees carry the same items. Different regions may have different items.

    • some dollar trees do, some don’t

  • deebook

    How to unsubscribe the emails

  • deebook

    How to stop getting texts

  • damajamom

    ok first thing i want to say is i really love your blog and have tried a few of your deal sceneros. however, when i tried to match my own deals i feel like i’m spending way too much money. i hit the stores at least 3 times weekly and each time spending up in the $10s or $20s for a few items. don’t know if i’m doing it correctly because i personally feel like it’s been a month into couponing now and i’m not saving but shopping more spending more for things i don’t really need.
    PROBLEM IS: i’ve got (3) $10 of $35 purchase and (4) 20% off single item…..i really need some help to put together some great deals to make the most out of what i got to work with since i have been pouring way too much money just in the last month or so.
    i plan on shopping tomorrow…..and some of the things i really need are:
    -diapers-wipes-detergent-paper products-cleaning supplies-food/snacks/sodas-household goods…..
    just about everythings else walgreens offers but less on health/meds products….
    thanks i really appreciate it….

    • Elizarae

      You will shop a lot more and maybe not cut back on spending at first, but realize that you are getting more for your buck. Don’t chase after every deal just because its a good one. Focus on things your family will definitely use and focus your dollars there. Once you have built up a stockpile, you will go to the store less and less because you will have what you need at home.

  • Kelly

    I was just at KMart and prior to this trip they always accepted a coupon on a free item from BOGO promotion (for example BOGO vitamins, they would take a q on each bottle) today, they told me that was never part of the policy and anyone doing it previously did it by mistake. I couldn’t find a clear definition in their policy but see that you have blogged using a q with a free item, what is the policy exactly on BOGO items? Thank You!

    • HelperJen
      • Kelly

        Does the Corporate KMart policy say this as clearly as your site because I will print it out and take my coupon and receipt back to the store, lol.

        • HelperJen

          I was just reading the official policy and they don’t spell it out as clearly as we do. In our experience it does work BUT not all stores have to accept them. It’s up to the manager’s discretion. Sounds like yours will not.

    • Probably just that cashier, I’d use a different one next time, they scan find at mine on BOGO all the time

  • kym xiong


    i’ve just started couponing a couple of months ago and spent well over $200 on things i didn’t really need and was just buying every deal in the cvs ad. today i went over my stockpile and realized i didn’t need several items such as the EURCERINE items i purchased back in mid feb as part of promo deal “BUY $20, get $10 ECB” using $4 ECB AND $11.50 OOP AND A FEW COLGATES purchased last week using $3 ECB, AND $7.79 OOP. well i decided i don’t need all that toothpaste and eurcerine cream so i called my neighborhood CVS, where i have been shopping 2-3 times weekly and spoke to manager about their return policy and explained to her i have some items i bought with part ecb and part debit, she told me it was ok. when i got there, the cashier REFUSED TO LET ME DO A RETURN AND I TOLD HER I SPOKE TO THE MANAGER AND SHE SAID TO COME IN…SHE PHONE THE MANAGER AND TOLD HER SHE’S NOT DOING IT AND THAT I WAS A “COUPONER”. SHE THEN ACCUSED ME OF DEFRAUDING CVS AND THAT WHAT I WAS DOING IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE CALLS “COUPON FRAUD”. i of course apologized and told her i have lack of knowledge about their return policy and that i was new to it all, and she knows that from day one when she met me, buying those 12 cases of coke for $30….NOR….have any intention to defraud them……SHE CONTINUED TO HUMILIATE ME INFRONT OF SEVERAL CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES…I EVEN OFFER TO RETURN THE ITEMS FOR JUST MY OOP AND DIDN’T CARE FOR THE ECB OR COUPON AMOUNT…..SHE STILL REFUSED AND I WAS ASKED TO LEAVE…..


    • Elizarae

      That is all very frustrating. The first thing I would do is call Customer Service and let them know what happened. Be sure to mention the cashier’s name and manager’s name if you have them. Hopefully, they will speak to the manager directly. Next time something like this happens, don’t be afraid to stand outside and call Customer Service right then and there. You could try returning at another CVS and see what happens, usually they don’t have issues with returning items that you used coupons on or earned ECBs from. They will only give you a refund for the amount you paid OOP and the rest will be on a CVS Cash Card. It shouldn’t be a big deal.
      With regard to chasing deals, many newbies get caught up in the good deals and buy everything even though they don’t need it…I was once there. Even if the deal is good, only buy the item if you know you will use it or you can donate it. Speaking of which, if you can’t return the items, you can choose to keep them or donate them. Good luck!

  • FROSTIE1230

    Where can I get coupons mailed to me?

  • cuckoo ANGIE please help

    i sat and picked out all the deales for dollsr genenarl so i read what i wld get and how much it wld cost i fell like im coo because i printed the pappers to tell me what to get and got though and where are the couponds at? hubby is still laughing,what did i do wrong

  • feeding10

    Axe body spray 2 for $4 at Kmart in month long ad.Price match at walmart or go for $5 gift card deal(Target, til 3/23).BRING ORIGINAL NEWSPAPER AD.The pages are not numbered but page 24 on website BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER BOX.Month long ad

  • ih

    My favorite couponing blog! I love the pink ***CuCkOo*** in bold!

  • Randi Simpson

    do you collect coupons for products that you don’t even intend to purchase?

  • cecilia

    i was wondering if you can used a manufacture coupon and digital coupon
    at the same item….. a digital coupon its like store coupon??

  • i was wonder if manufacture coupons and digital coupon (shoprite) can use together with the same item??

    digital coupon is the same as store coupon??

  • Mom42boys

    This is the best couponing site on the Web!

  • Gina

    With Walgreen’s Register Rewards if I buy say the Crest toothpaste and the Crest mouthrinse in the same transaction order with coupons for each will I get $2 RR’s on each product or just one ? Thanks :) I love your site it makes shopping for deals so easy at some of my favorite stores in utah!

    • Elizarae

      If they are part of 2 separate RR deals, then yes, you would get both. If they are part of the same deal, then no, you would only get one.

  • Guest

    watch your Kroger receipt coupons -I got one this week for a free 34pk of Kroger water when you spend $10.00!!

  • DBecker

    Watch your Kroger receipt coupons- I got one this past week for a free 24pk of water with the purchase of $10.00!! The coupon expires April 28th!

  • Chelle

    Can I use an expired $5 of $30 CVS Q? Are they the same as using a expired $2 off $10 beauty purchase CVS Q?

  • cole mckinnon

    Love this site. it is new to me!

  • ladyvictoriarose caceres

    does anyone know of any refunding magazines addresss freebies sites thanks

  • ?
    Okay I have a buy one clariol natural instincts get one Pantene product free! Can I also use the 2$ off one clariol product coupon so I’m getting the Pantene for free and the clariol for only a $1!

  • Kathy Zadakis

    I <3 LOVE your site…so much so, I added your site to be "followed" from Twitter so that I get your deals sent to me in a text….HOWEVER, recently the text stopped?? PLEASE HELP ME to get your texts again……

    • yes my twitter stopped auto-posting, I will re-set it up now, thanks for letting me know!

      • UPDATE: I think it is fixed now

  • Lisa

    Thank you for all the info

  • justme4kids

    WOW!!!!! You are simply awesome. Thank you helping my family save some money in this terrible economy. Every little bit helps. Thank you and many blessings to you and your family…….

  • WisconsinLaDie

    Does Walmart really give you the overage? My Walmart wont do it even though it does say it on their policy. What should I do?

    • LoveBeautyNGlam

      Yes Walmart does give overage. If your Walmart will not I suggest you print out the coupon policy directly from their site, have Walmart’s corporate number saved in your cell phone. Expect to get your overage and if they do not give it, tell them you have the coupon policy with you if they’d like to see it or would they rather you speak to their manager about it. If you do not want to do anything at the register then just tell the cashier you can/will take your order to the service desk and would like to speak to a manager there. Show them the coupon policy at the service desk and where you got it from. Wait for them to tell you no they won’t do it for you to make your next move, hopefully they will do 1 of 2 things, follow through with the policy and give you the overage or look into the coupon policy, find out it’s legit which then leads to giving you the overage. If the outcome is them still telling you no then, depending on if the situation is tense or relaxed, you can either let them know you will be calling their corporate office or ask them to call corporate.

      Obviously this is all a big hassle but since it’s your local Walmart, if you don’t do something about it, nothing will change. It’s really just ignorance and lack of training. This is something I had to go through with more than 1 store in my area when I first started couponing, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

  • Liz

    Why does my CVS considers ESBs as coupons and put a limit of how many of them I can use per transaction? For example, another day after running all of my CVS coupons and Manufacturer coupons, I gave the cashier my ESBs for the transaction (a $10, a $6, a $5 and a $7), but only the $10 and the $6 go through, then the machine beeped and told the cashier that it exceeds the limit of coupons and would not let him to put any more of them in. I talked to the manager but she’s so rude and told me that it was because I used too many coupons. I told her that all of my coupons went through, I had 11 items and I only gave him 11 coupons (mixed between CVS and manufacturer), now I just spend my ESBs to lower my out of pocket but she wouldn’t let me so I ended up spending a lot more than I planned to. But am I right? As what I know, ESBs are considered like in-store cash and you can use as many as you want per transaction and should not beep or give me a problem? Any suggestion? I am a newbie and this kind of hassle makes me scared to continue :((

    • Elizarae

      You can only use as many ECBs that equal or total less than your subtotal after all other manufacturers coupons and before tax. In your situation, was your subtotal $28 after all other coupons and before tax? If it only took the $10 and $6, then your total must have only been a little more than $16.

      • Liz

        My total before tax after the $10 and the $6 went through is $12 so the $7 and the $5 will bring it down to $0. but the machine just beeped and didn’t let him put it in anymore. However, I went to another CVS which is very far away, I had 2 huggies diaper jumbo packs and gave them 3 extra bucks ($5, $4, $1) and 3 coupons (2 Mnuf and 1 CVS), it also beeped at the last CVS coupon saying the same thing. However, this manager is very considerate and she understood and had the cashier override it since I didn’t do violate any rule. I ended up spending a little more than $3 out of pocket and was happy. However, the nice CVS is way far away from home so I can only go once in a while. I don’t know why it just happened like that. No one I know do couponing at CVS has this kind of problem so I am totally confused.

        • LoveBeautyNGlam

          ECB’s(ExtraCare Bucks) are not counted towards your coupon total and are not the same thing. I linked the coupon policy at the bottom and there is one part that clearly states, “There is no limit to the amount of ECBs that may be used in a transaction as long as it does not exceed the transaction total.” Which is what I think happened in the first CVS closest to your home and I don’t think they clearly explained why it was not accepting all your coupons and ECBs for that transaction. Now in my CVS if this happens to me they tell me I can use the ECB but since they don’t give cash back I’ll be losing out on X amount of dollars. It also means the cashier (or manager I’m not sure) has to manually do some magic and zero out my total.

          Soooo what I really think that at the “mean” CVS that it did NOT tell them that it was exceeds the number of coupons, in fact I’m sure of. I’m willing to bet they didn’t know why it was beeping and they are just telling you the easiest thing, it won’t work, you can’t do it. Which is true, BUT you may be able to juggle around those ECB’s and apply them in a different order to save yourself a couple more bucks. (That’s if this was the issue.)

          Here is a link to CVS’s coupon policy (in .pdf format) If you can print this out and bring it with you next time and every time you go.

  • natalin

    Hi Liz, Just ask the cashier how much the tax, and how much the total. The Ecb can not pay the taxes. So …. you must pay the taxes from your Out of Pocket (OOP). Kind of confunsing the 1st time, but you will learn. I’m newbie too for couponing :):) .
    So.. Your subtotal spend must equals/ higher than the total of coupon and total of ECB. Try to write down in the piece of paper , before you pay everthing ( write down how much the subtotal of your shopping, how much the coupon, how much the ECB/ %, and how much you will get the ECB from your future shopping )and claculate everything. I spend alot time in CVS just to tried to figure out everything. CVS is the best place to shop for razor, soap, lotion, toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, cosmetic, toilet paper, klenex, etc. GBU .

  • Mrs.Callen

    i have a question about the General Mills cereal deal at Kroger. I have 5 of the Save a $1.00 on two boxes and Kroger has the special buy 10 save $5 instantl what would my final cost be using the 5 coupons i have along with the sale?

    • Brooke Bielen

      I don’t know what the cost of the cereal is, but you take the cost of the cereal x 10 to get the total cost. Then -$5 (Kroger special). Then -$1 (your coupons), and the total should be your final cost.

  • Lana

    Wags policy states you cannot redeem points and earn points in the same transaction. How are you able to? I purchased and item I should have recieved 1000 pts but I did not. I paid for my purchase with BRP. Can you explain how you are doing this. Thanks

  • Linda

    Just curious – the KMart July monthly ad is not on the KMart site yet. When I went to my local store they do not have it. It is very rare that my local KMart ever puts the ad out for the customers. Any idea of where to find the ad online?

  • luz contreras

    I downloaded coupons from different sites and App. and store but I don’t know how to use them. On some of your recommendations, you recommend to use an Ecoupon. But how?

    • HelperJen

      Which store?

      • luz contreras

        I downloaded coupons from Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Coupons App., and other similar.

  • CrazyCouponKid

    Is it okay to ask my neighbors for their coupon inserts if they dont want them or is that a no-go?

    • HelperJen

      If I had a good relationship with my neighbors I would ask.

  • April Dudley

    Hi I was wondering about Kmart doubling. It says 25 bucks in pharmacy. I am trying to get shampoo, tampons, shave gel, and toothpaste. Will that work for the 25? Going today and just don’t want to get it wrong. Thanks

    • HelperJen

      Yes all those count.

      • April Dudley

        Thank you. I am newbie and trying to get the hang of it. lol

  • Shelly

    Wow…this stuff is confusing! Ok I did the Reach tooth brush deal at Walgreens. I have 8 of the rewards coupons for $2.00 each to be used on anything over the value of the coupon. My question is, do I need to buy 8 items or can I use them to buy something like a box of diapers? Since I have these rewards coupon what is the best way to use them?

    • Elizarae

      Walgreens RRs are considered manufacturer coupons and the Walgreens coupon policy requires that you have as many products as manufacturer coupons are being applied. So, if you have 8 RRs, you’ll need 8 products in order to use them all. If you want to purchase diapers with them, you could buy the box of diapers and get 7 cheap “filler” items (like a $0.10 pencil or something).

  • Brianne

    How come the Kroger ad is from march. Is it the same ad as now?

    • Which Kroger location are you talking about?

      • Brianne

        The Kroger in Ohio or mid atlantic region. Whenever I go to look at it, its not the current week. When I scrolled through the pages it kept going further back.

        • Brianne

          Sorry it took so long to reply back! Thanks

  • Arubaingrid

    I haven’t heard from you about freebie Friday at Krogers. Did they do away with it? It was so much fun looking forward to it every week.

    • HelperJen

      I never did find a Freebie from this last week, but I don’t know if they are gone forever. We will look again this Friday and if we find one we will post it.

    • Brianne

      They are giving away 1 free tum-E yummies juice if you download the e coupon this friday oct. 4 between 12a.m and 11:59pm! you can redeem it then til oct 19!

  • Jackie Bish

    i keep getting messages about downloading tool bar but it does not tell how to do it or even a link to download it? where on your page does it show with instructions?

  • Brianne

    Still having trouble with the kroger ad on here it dates back to july, am I the only one haivng trouble with this?

    • Which region?

      • Brianne

        It’s the mid atlantic and mine is stuck on july!

      • Brianne Crager

        It s the Mid atlantic region!

  • Angela

    Thank you for all you do. I was trying to follow the Rite Aid deal on Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport Tampons. The coupons are listed as $2/1 with an exp of 11/17/13 ( 10/6/13ss). Would those coupons be regional and perhaps I didn’t get them in my area? I can’t seem to find them.

    • HelperJen

      I have heard they were regional. Sorry you didn’t get them.

  • Jocelyn

    Love your website!

  • Georgia Hatheway Beckman

    OMG! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for putting all of this together! YOU ROCK!

  • Thomas Bailey

    Hello everyone, Im new to this site and to couponing and I was vwondering if anyone out there would be willing to help me get started in couponing so I could save some money for myself and children. I live in the northwest area of Florida “Navarre” to be exact and we have Winn Dixie Publix and Walmart to shop at. Any and all help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  • Linda Pell Womack

    Thank you so very much. I have been looking for something like this.

  • Julie

    Awesome! Thank you so much for all your information! :)

  • stephanie

    Thank you!!!

  • Beki Lozano


  • Chelsea Blair

    Thank you!

  • pmilner

    Thanks for offering these great tips. I am working my way through them. I have always used the occasional coupons but after reading the posts in your site, I am going to make them a part of each shopping trip. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  • Alexandrea Hampton


  • Anne Quaranta


  • Red Walsh

    Thank you so much. Things have gotten really hard and I’ve decided Coupons are probably my best bet but I had no idea where to start!

  • tannawings

    I need to get busy learning more about CVS we just got one down the street thats really convenient. I am a pretty good couponer juts have to learn their way!

  • Lori Coupon

    If I spend $60 on P & G products at CVS this week will I get $5 EB for each $20 spent? Week of 12/1 /13.

    • Elizarae

      No, the limit for the ECB deal is 1 per card, so you can only get 1 $5 ECB.

  • carltodasco


  • lacym


  • Anna Cyr


  • Steena95

    This is Awesome, Thank you so much for this information. I am new to couponing and am doing it more cause I need to then the option of a new hobby! But, have found that it is more confusing then I thought – So thank you again for your detailed HOWTO’s!

  • Kelly Crook

    Where do I find the coupon that is noted Target 01/26/14, Resolution Solutions?

  • Missy Tucker

    Is there a place for us to share deals we find?

    • Yes you can put them under any post plus upload pics, email them to me, or put them on our facebook page

  • shay

    I used to be able to click a little box next to the things that I wanted to print , and print them and now the boxes are gone. is there a reason that happened?

    • Elizarae

      The shopping list feature is still there. Where are you not seeing it?

      • What browser and version are you using? You might need to update to a new browser.

        • shay

          Thanks Ill try that!

    • Judy Hodge

      My isn’t showing either.

      • They should still be showing – what browser are you on? Or are you on a phone?

  • Linda Jackson

    Can u tell me if Walgreens can limit, the number of register coupons I can use individually, on an item that is not advertised.

    • Elizarae

      I’m not sure what you mean exactly, but Walgreens (and all stores) only allow one manufacturer coupon per item. Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons, so you can only use one per item. If you are already using a newspaper or printable manufacturer coupon, you must buy another item (filler item) if you want to also use a register reward

      • Linda Jackson

        Okay let me try again. I purchased caress soap fo

      • Linda Jackson

        Okay, let me try again. I purchased the caress soap on sale for $1, the register reward printed a register reward for $ 1.50. I wanted 6 of them. But the manager said that I could only roller one time. I looked at the policy, it states that there is only a limits on sales in the weekly, it says nothing about items not advertised.

        • Elizarae

          Oh I see what you’re saying. Managers do have the discretion to limit the number of items bought, whether or not they are on sale, advertised, or produce a register reward. You might try another store if this one will only allow you to buy one.

          • Linda Jackson

            Thank you, I really thank u for getting back with me so quickly. I’ll try the next one.

    • Lorri Simon-Love

      I try to use the holiday pencils as filler…lol the cheapest thing I can usually find

  • Debbie

    Does anyone know of any Caress Body Wash or Bar Soap coupons out right now??? Thanks all!

  • Lynn

    I once remember reading that a B1G1 can be used with another MF Q on the B1 at Walgreens. Can anyone verify this?

  • Adria

    Could you post your video again on organizing your binder, and your categories you use? I can’t find it going back thru the posts.

    Thank you,

  • Mary Swartz

    I’m new to this…I’m interested in the Walmart crockpot deal just posted, but how do I redeem the offer?

  • Mary Swartz

    Thanks for the info…it took me a bit, but I got it.

  • Joyce

    Thank You for all the hard work you do!

  • Regina McCoy

    I am interesting in getting in getting coupons sent to me from other states. How do I do this?

    • Gloria

      A good way to do this is to subscribe to a newspaper that doesn’t just send locally. Another way is to order specific coupons you want from a coupon clipping website. You can get really nice deals from whole inserts or even individuals. I recommend Klip2save, Couponbeat, and Coupondede. If you have family in another state or region, ask that they buy their newspaper for you, and pay them through paypal. I also ask my friends back home if they get the sunday newspaper to send me the coupons they get. I hope this helps!

  • Janet

    were are people finding the 2/1 charmin or bounty blinkie so i can use it kmart?

  • Heidi Weismiller

    Has anyone redeemed the P&G $10 rebate yet? i noticed on the rebate information that it states “Buy $30 (AFTER COUPONS AND DISCOUNTS)”. Every scenario I have seen shows transactions under $30 after coupons. Does P&G honor this rebate if the transactions is below $30 after coupons? thanks!

    • None of our scenarios for the P&G rebate are under $30 after coupons – we make sure they are over $30 after coupons.

  • Jess

    My CVS refuses the 30% coupon because I was getting extra bucks back. They claim it qualifies as “being on sale” which doesn’t make any sense because it’s regular price. Does anyone else have this issue? I tried it today with the Physicia’s Formula deal you posted.

  • Ardene

    Can anyone help find the promotion that was at walmart for the power wheels dune racer. It was $229 free in store pickup and get $75 e gift card . This is my first time and went to ebates as instructed to start and lost darn thing!!! Need take that training class! A big thanks to anyone that can help.

  • dl

    Does anyone know of any coupons or deals to JCW’s hamburgers/

    • Oh I wish, I love that place! Will post if I see any.

  • Elizabeth R.

    I have a question about the rite aid xtra detergent. It is $1.99 and your posts says .99 after coupon but the coupon states $1.00 off of 2, so how is it .99 after Q?

    • It’s $1/1 the larger bottles and $1/2 on the smaller ones

  • Amanda T

    I was wondering what kind of cutting board you use?


      Paper Trimmers

  • goldie39

    Deidre…what was the site where we got $7.00 back for cotonelle toilet paper …can’t find it…thank you..

    • HelperJen

      Top Cash Back

      • goldie39

        thank you so it safe to use a bank account…

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  • Trish Lindley

    how can I get coupons in the mail

  • Joanne

    how would we order coupon inserts direct from the company’s ?

    • HelperJen

      You get them from the Sunday newspaper inserts. The Red Plum and Smart Source company do not sell them directly.

  • 101Pastor

    Hi! My name I Robert and I’m knew to this. I am a diabetic with one kidney. I am in remission of cancer Thank God. I am looking for coupons for vitamin water and all natural juices with no added sugar. Can anyone help please?

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  • Celena

    The coupons that I select are not being sent to my email. I’ve looked in my junk mail, too, but nothing is there.

  • Tina R. Clark

    I wanted to know if someone could tell me if you comment on the Wednesday give away on Facebook does it count as an entry to win the Wednesday give away? I posted a comment but did not know if it counted cause it was on Facebook. Where can I make the official comment that counts any one out there let me know, please and thank you.

  • deb

    How do I simply get a printable coupon for The generation doll at Target?? PLEASE EXPLAIN!! I do not understand this.

    • HelperJen

      You can do this deal online today, 11/7. Just follow directions and it’s FREE Shipping.

  • mickeyma4

    anyone have the wet n wild coupon link that works ??

  • katie

    How come there aren’t any recent post for Safeway?

    • we are switching them to a new list

  • Teresa D

    How do I find out what coupons will be coming in the inserts for my region? It is becoming very difficult to put together my coupon deals with coupons from my inserts and putting them with CVS red coupon machine coupons. It seems like I only get 3/4 of the coupons mentioned from the coupon previews. Thanks!

    • HelperJen

      I’m not sure. We don’t get to know how the regions are divided or who gets each coupon.

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  • Ally Marchildon

    no Kmart or Target here is there anything to do with walmart

  • Wendy

    I tried getting the Amazon Diffuser deal for $8.99 but it says promotion is expired. I dont understand how if you just posted it.

    • Jen

      We posted it yesterday. Sometimes deals on Amazon go fast.

      • Wendy

        Yeah I tried it yesterday too. Same thing

  • amy

    Amazing site.

  • Mckinnize Chader

    Hi, I’m new to couponing! I need to take free classes to break it down for me. Can anyone point me in the right direction to aNY video/virtual classes? TIA

  • Linda Souders

    Hi I am just lost here. I was wondering, if the coupons that say print can some how be downloaded on to your smart phone or accessed by your smart phone? Will stores allow you to do that? I am trying this new app for grocery shopping that has seemed to help a bit, however I still haven’t figured out how to do this couponing thing. If anyone in the greater Kansas city area coupons and is in this group could help me I would be so so very grateful.

    • Jonathan Dower

      Well I can’t find one that actually works or that takes you back to the beginning of signing up for it period..

  • Christina Grant

    does anyone know where i can get a detailed free printable couponing guide

    • Click on the links in the post, each one goes to our free couponing guide.

  • terri

    There is a $25 Amazon Gift Card When You Sign Up For Amazon Prime For $99* thru Topcashback but it says only for new prime users. My subscription ended in September. Do you think I would be considered a new user again? Has anyone tried this and gotten the $25 gift card?

    • Jen

      I can’t find that offer to look – it must be targeted for you alone. I would think if you have not had it for 30 days you would be considered new – but I can’t guarantee that.

      • terri

        Thank you.

  • Nancy Loring

    I am in coupon heaven right now. This is the only site that I need

  • Jessica Gaddas

    Ty very much

  • Jillian Vandermarks

    If you have the Ebates app there are amazing cash back offers that will come in a check in February. On line at Kohls is 10% through the app, Walmart is 7% and ToysRUs is 6%. So at Kohls if you purchase 100.00 in merchandise you get $10.00 from Ebates and $30.00 in Kohls Cash!

  • Lora

    Do you know if the great sale on hand soaps at Bath and Body Works is this weekend (12/10)?

    • Jen

      We haven’t heard that. They have already done hand soaps several times for $3 each. Do you have any more details?

      • Lora

        The past 2 years they had a Saturday hand soap sale similar to last weekend’s candle sale. I am hoping they do it again this year.

  • Tabrina

    how do I post a deal I just found at kmart?

  • Jen

    That might be a unique offer to your account. When I place the items in my cart I don’t get any points.

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  • Laura Lee Fitzpatrick

    I am looking Kenmore Freezer 22042 at the cheapest fee we can or one similar for less than $6oo…. it is currently on sale at Sears for $599… would love to save more… this one is a 20.2cubic.. we have plenty of head room… could go alittle bigger…also needs to be energy efficient . The coupon code that is obn your site did not work. Thank you

    • Hahaha

      Big lots or home depot and I saw one cragslist

  • ayesha asfour

    thank you for all your coupons

  • Tausha Adington

    I just started using the spreadsheets to keep track of my savings, and I was wondering if you could tell me what the Wags Q’s and IVC Q’s stands for?

  • Sun Kaka

    SywEaster Win what you up to $100 is a door buster for me

  • Pamela Sparkle

    Is there a list for tomorrow’s coupons in the newspaper?

    • Coupon Dan

      Watch for the lists for Target, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s today for the best deals at those stores. You can also look up coupons in the coupon database.

  • Jessica Ramirez

    I hope this helps me

  • Ray Davis

    Hello folks i want to join this room

  • Ray Davis

    hello I want to join this room

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Hi Ray, Our ABC’s of couponing is here to help beginners learn couponing. Did you have any questions? :)

  • slucat

    hi…just like to know if cvs has an item buy1 get 1 50% off..if the buy 1 get 1 manf. coupon states..Do not combine with any other manf. coupon(s),rebates , offers or the coupon still legit to use

  • abadu

    I looked forward to the Saturday posts every week to see the breakdowns of weekly deals from store ads and coupons to use to maximize the savings…I haven’t seen this for a few weeks. Will these types of posts be coming back? I saved so much time and money using them. I miss them and hope to see them again soon!

  • Catherine

    Hi! I was wondering if someone has advise me of a good shopping/coupon spreadsheet that I list the items and coupons and it gives me the savings. I see people bringing their ipad and keeping track of exactly what the are spending. They are actually changing the stats as they buy. Thank you.

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