CVS Coupon Policy 2017

Jan 25 2017
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Learn how to shop at CVS like a pro.  Here is CVS’s coupon policy and how to use the CVS Pharmacy Extra Bucks (formerly called Extra Care Bucks) to rock those deals!

UPDATE: Here’s some in-depth posts:

CVS Lingo:

  • Extra Care Bucks (EBs): It’s a CVS store coupon for a discount of your next purchase order that prints at check out.  They print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used “like cash” on almost anything else sold at CVS (excludes gift card purchases, alcohol, prescriptions).
  • Extra Care Bucks card: Card that will track your EB’s and rewards.  You must scan this before your transactions to get your EB’s.  Apply for the free Extra Care card online or in-stores.
  • CRT:  or Cash register tape is a coupon that prints at the bottom of your receipt or at the Price Scanner. Most commonly called ECB’s.
  • Price Scanner (Most commonly called the Magic Coupon Machine): Price scanning machines located at certain stores that serve to check the price of items and also print CVS store coupons when your CVS Extra Care Bucks card is scanned.
  • CVS Store coupons:  These can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for added savings.  Can only use one per transaction.
  • CVS $/$$ coupons:  These coupons provide a discount once your order reaches a certain value before coupons.  For example:  you could save $4 when you buy $20 or more.  This total is always before any other coupons.

How to Shop at CVS:

In each weekly circular you will see a certain number of items that may be FREE after EB (Extra Bucks). For example, notice to the right the pens are priced at .99 (your out-of-pocket cost), but when you buy those they will also generate a .99 EB…that’s essentially FREE after you get your EB back.

Make sure to print your “ deal scenarios.” before you go into the store. This will help you by having a plan of attack to maximize savings.

View/print the deal scenarios for CVS each week.

Have you heard?!  CVS Pharmacy has changed their coupon policy again! This policy was updated 8/1/16.  There are a few changes and additions.  To make your life easier, we have broken down both the new policy point-by-point and highlighted the changes and additions.  Some of it is very confusing and unclear, but hopefully this post will answer more questions than it raises.  Remember that this policy is very new, so we still don’t know exactly how CVS will enforce it.  And, as always some stores enforce policies different than others.  We will all learn from experience together, so please leave comments as you shop and encounter these new policies being enforced.  You can read the policy in its entirety here.  Below, we have written out the policy as it pertains to coupon-usage.

CVS Pharmacy coupons (ExtraCare® coupons and other store-issued coupons), ExtraBucks® Rewards and third-party manufacturer’s (mfr.) coupons are accepted in our retail stores in accordance with the following guidelines and as required by state and local laws. CVS Pharmacy reserves the right to change this policy at any time without advance notice or advertisement.

The highlighted portion has been added. This is pretty standard language for most coupon policies and just allows the company and stores to enforce any policy at any time.  We see this a lot with some stores enforcing certain policies, while others don’t.

All paper coupons:

  • Must be presented during checkout in order to receive credit
  • Must be legible
  • Must have a scannable barcode
  • Are acceptable in black and white or color
  • May not be duplicated

Other guidelines & limitations:

  • We reserve the right to process coupons in any order.
  • Coupons must be used on or before the expiration date.

The highlighted portion has been added.  It is unclear whether this applies to CVS ExtraCare coupons and ExtraBucks rewards.  Some stores have accepted them past their expiration date, but this new policy may mean that they will no longer do that.

  • Qualifying ExtraCare card must be presented at checkout to use CVS Pharmacy coupons. Does not apply in limited circumstances.
  • Valid coupons loaded to your ExtraCare card will be applied at checkout.
  • We cannot scan coupon barcodes directly from a mobile device.
  • Manufacturer’s (mfr.) coupons are generally designated with “manufacturer’s coupon” or “mfr.” printed on the face of the coupon (other similar type language may appear on the face of the coupon indicating funding from the manufacturer).
  • You cannot exchange your coupons or ExtraBucks Rewards for cash or gift cards. Neither coupons nor ExtraBucks Rewards can be refunded or re-issued. CVS Pharmacy coupons may be subject to state sales tax rules similar to manufacturer’s coupons. Sales tax may be charged on pre-coupon price as required by law.

This is new.  I read this as you can’t return an item you paid with ExtraBucks Rewards for and receive ExtraBucks Rewards back, but instead you get store credit.  Some may interpret this as meaning if you pay with ExtraBucks Rewards and return an item, you may not get the value of the ExtraBucks Rewards you used refunded at all.

  • Your purchase must include qualifying items in order to use coupons.
  • Individual coupon value cannot exceed the value of the item it is applied to.

This is new.  This most likely means you can no longer use two coupons on a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE sale.  You will now only be able to use one, since the second coupon would exceed the value of the free item.

  • CVS Pharmacy coupons generally cannot be used on sale, promotional or clearance items. Other restrictions may apply. Language at the bottom of coupons may provide additional coupon acceptance rules.

This has been added.  It is unclear as to whether this means that we won’t be able to use CVS Coupons or CVS ExtraBucks Rewards on sale, promotional or clearance items. As of January 2017 most stores are still allowing the use of CVS Coupon and EB;s on sale, promotional and clearance items.

  • You can only use one item-, brand-, or category-specific CVS Pharmacy coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per qualifying item unless prohibited by either coupon. We honor manufacturer limitations.
  • Some coupons may not be applicable to orders placed on
  • We have the right to refuse or limit the use of any coupon and/or the subsequent return for any reason and at the discretion of CVS Pharmacy management.

Visit for more information.

Coupon policy FAQ

What happens when I want to use a coupon with a value that is higher than the amount I am purchasing?
You may still use the coupon; however, its value will drop down to the value of the amount you are purchasing.

  • A $5 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value.

Can I use multiple coupons within a transaction?
Yes, as long as all of the coupons meet their qualifications.

  • Two $3 off $15 coupons for purchases that are $30.00 or higher.
  • $3 off $15 coupon and $5 ExtraBucks® Rewards for a purchase of $15.
  • $1 off toothpaste mfr. coupon and a $2 off toothpaste Coupon Center coupon for a $3 toothpaste item.

Can I use multiple coupons on sale items?
Yes, for certain coupons and certain sale items.

  • Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) and the customer purchases two shampoos; the customer may use two coupons for $1.00 each and pay the applicable tax.
  • Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a mfr. coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.

How do I determine the application of sales tax on my purchase that involves the use of a coupon?
Funded manufacturer’s/mfr’s coupons will generally calculate sales tax on the pre-coupon price of the item, as required by state law*. If the coupon is issued by CVS Pharmacy® (ExtraBucks Rewards plus ExtraSavings coupons that includes ExtraCare® Coupon Center and myWeekly Ad circulars), the coupon is generally deemed a retailer coupon and the sales tax is calculated on the discounted price of the item (after the coupon is applied), as required by state law. However, some CVS Pharmacy issued coupons are “funded manufacturer’s coupons” and designated as mfr. on the face of the coupon and also on your receipt. Sales tax is calculated on CVS Pharmacy issued mfr’s coupons on the pre-coupon price of the item.
*Sales tax is calculated on the discounted price of the item (after the manufacturer’s coupon is applied) in the following states: CT, MA, MO, PA, TX

Can the processing order of multiple coupons that are applied to an item affect the calculation of sales tax?
Yes. Although CVS Pharmacy reserves the right to determine the processing order of its retailer coupons issued (including discounts earned via the ExtraSavings Programs and myWeekly Ad circulars), individual state tax laws govern the processing order of retailer coupons vs. funded manufacturer’s coupons.

Am I limited by how many items I can buy?
There is no set limit however, store managers do reserve the right to set discretionary limits on specific items being purchased in order to ensure there are enough of those items for other customers.

How am I able to use percent-off coupons?
Percent-off coupons may be used on non-promotional/non-sale items. Exclusions are displayed on each of the coupons.
This is new.  All percent-off coupons exclude sale items.  However, in the past, percent-off coupons could still be used on promotional items and items that were regular-price and earned an ExtraBucks Reward.  However, this new policy seems to exclude the latter.  As of January 2017 most stores are still allwoing percent off coupons to be used on items that earn EB’s.

How do I use digital ExtraCare coupons or ExtraCare coupons that have been sent to my card?
You are able to send available deals and coupons to your ExtraCare card from® , the CVS Pharmacy mobile app, digital receipts and CVS Pharmacy email. Click on the Send-to-Card® icon and view the success indicator on the landing page to ensure it was loaded properly. To use it, purchase the necessary items the coupon is valid for and ensure your ExtraCare card is scanned. The colleague will ensure it is applied to that transaction during the checkout process.

What is considered an ExtraCare coupon?
Any coupons and ExtraBucks Rewards that print at the ExtraCare Coupon Center; or are featured in your printed or digital receipt, CVS Pharmacy mobile app, or on are considered ExtraCare coupons. Quarterly ExtraBucks Rewards, circular ExtraBucks Rewards, BeautyClub ExtraBucks Rewards, and Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards® are all types of ExtraCare ExtraBucks Rewards.

  • Mommy B

    Thank you for this!

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    Thanks for the CVS Coupon List!

  • Amy Juhasz

    Gah, I miss CVS. We moved when my daughter was 8 months and no longer have a CVS, but before that we never paid for diapers, wipes, baby wash, tooth paste, tooth brushes, deoderant or face wash. I just rolled my CVS bucks every trip and only paid a few cents here and there. More than 2 years later and we’re just now running out of our tooth paste stash!

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    Thanks- I never knew CVS had different regions

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    You’re so detailed! I love it

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  • anne conover

    Hi, love this and I have to say CVS is my favorite out of all the drug stores. BUT…you forgot to mention the Green Tag that you purchase for 99 cents. Attach it to your own reusable bag and have them scan it each time you go in – .25 every trip, can only use it once per day! I make $2-3 a month using my own bag!!! The reward comes out on your receipt, just like ECB’s :)

    • deidre


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  • kristen

    what does it mean when CVS says the dont accept coupons on “front store items”?

  • Sarah

    I may have missed it, but are you able to stack sales and coupons at CVS? Example being a sale for BOGO 50% off, plus a coupon for $3 off.

  • Deborah

    Our CVS now has a tag you put on your own shopping bag you take to the store with you. It looks like a green leaf with a long green flexible stem so you can put it on your shopping bag. It has a UPC label on it so the clerk can scan it every time you come in to the store. It gives you $0.25 cents back on every visit and after every fourth visit, you will get an extra care buck for the four total visits. You will not get anything back for the first three visits, but upon the fourth visit, the register tape for you as long as you also use your person care card will indeed print out a dollar $1.00 extra care buck for you!!!!!

  • Tanya

    Overheard the manager whisper to the cashier this morning that they would not be accepting printed coupons in the near future. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I can’t find the current coupon policy on their website, and was wondering where or whom I contact to get that information. I do shop there quite frequently, and my shopping trips take quite a bit of preparation. I would hate to do all the work, and be turned down when it comes time to check out. That is quite frustrating.

  • keegan

    When it says they will except other ‘pharmacys’ coupons does it mean Rite Aid, Walgreens type places or only the actually pharmacy part of the store . COupons on pharmacy items? I’m slightly confused.

  • Kimberley Smith

    Hey this is great info…funny I’m still learing the lingo….good to hear about the BOGO!!! And yes Walgreens doesn’t do the Roll baby Roll…so better to split the transaction to get your register rewards…..I bought an Airwick automatic freshner this weel and only paid 99. Ya Hoooo….

    Thanks for your help,

    Best Always,
    Kimberley ~ Peace ~

  • Cynthia Syna Cunningham

    So when purchasing a razor that is 8.99 and you get a 4.99 dollar ecb. And i have a 4 dollar off coupon. Can i buy the razor use my coupon and ecb bucks on that one razor to get it free? or do i have to buy the razor at regular price, use my coupon and then use the ecb on my next purchase?

    • deidre

      you buy the razor and use the coupon, and any PREVIOUS ECB’s you may have. If no ECB’s, pay $4.99 out-of-pocket and an ECB’s will print. Even if you use ECB’s to pay for it, another ECB will print. But you may have to pay $4.99 if you have no ECB’s to use

  • beth

    Hi there…im new to couponing…how would a b2g1 coupon work with a b2g1 sale at cvs? And if I have 15 coupons will they make me break up the transaction? Thanks!

    • deidre

      you would buy 3 items, and get 2 free

      • Lytha

        At my cvs you can use the bogo coupon on the met-rx bars and the .75 off coupon all in the same transaction. Right now cvs has Buy 2 get 1 free so You use the bogo and three .75 off coupons so at my store I’m paying .25 cents for three met-rx bars!!! this is the best coupon combo I have done to date.. I bought 90 bars that would have been $225 FOR $7.50…

        • Lytha

          Sorry miss type I got all 90 bars for $22.50 I had leftover extra bucks that was taken off my total so it took it down to $7.50 but you might not have any extra ones.. so if you have the coupons bogo and the .75 off you can get 3 bars for .25!!

  • Emily topper

    today i went to CVS and had a manufactures coupon for .55 off a carefree acti-fresh product and a manufactures coupon for .50 off a carefree acti-fresh product and she said i was not able to use both on one product. i never had a problem using 2 different manufactures coupons when they were 2 different prices. what went wrong?

    • deidre

      you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item purchased

      • Emily topper

        even if they r 2 different prices?

        • deidre

          yes even if they are two different prices, you can only use one

  • Yadira Quiroz

    I am new to couponing but I am loving saving $. My husband was recently laid off his job so right now I am the only one making $ so any help you can provided as far as breaking down the the rules of couponing I would really appreciate it. Ok so my question is , what does it mean “per transaction”? Is that per trip? And what does. It mean $1.50/2?? Is that you get 2 products for 1.50? Thank you very much for your help I love your website and have told all my friends!

  • jazzyintexas

    that sounds really awesome

  • jc

    Can I use more than one ECB per transaction? Meaning if I have a $1 and a $3 ECB, can I use them both on one item?

    • deidre


  • Angel

    If there is an ECB deal in the ad which pictures several different items and states limit one does that mean that you can only pick one of the different items to get the deal? If I shop the yellow tags in the aisle I would think I was getting multiple ECBs if I had not looked at the ad. I bought Always Infinity and Tampax Pearl and only got one ECB which said it was for Tampax. Manager said it was really the same deal because they were pictured together in the ad. Is this normal policy? Curious because the manager was very hostile about it and seemed like she was just blowing me off.

    • deidre

      Yes it is one per all items in the ad

  • Tim

    I just need a little clarification…So, if I go to CVS and have 2 Manufacturer’s Coupons for B1G1, can use them on 2 items to get them both for free?

    • Jamie

      No, if CVS is having a sale BOGO free say it is Nivea Body wash and you have a BOGO Free coupon you get it for free then. You cant use 2 of your coupons but you CAN USE THEIR CVS Sale BOGO with one of your BOGO to get it FREE :) Hope this helped :)

  • Valerie

    Went to CVS today. Bought Garnier hair product 50 cents on clearance. Cashier wouldn’t take my 1.00 coupon because it was for more than the item. I said she could adjust it down but wouldn’t. Was she wrong?

  • Meg

    This info is very useful!!! I just started couponing as a neccessity and ur site has brought my understanding to a whole new level! thx again!!!

  • Jamie

    I just found out about CVS from a friend yesterday I went to CVS in Meadville, PA and the manager was a Jerk I turned around went to another store and after 140.00 purchase I walked away with .33 bill and 6.00 in ECB coupons. So much for shopping at walmart or giant eagle anymore! CVS here I come! I’m gonna be the next extreme couponer :)

  • DeAnna

    So new at this and was wondering…axe’s has a coupon for buy one get one free…meanwhile cvs has a buy one get one free special. Could i buy one and get one free on the store deal and the one i bought also count toward the mft coupon for one free as well?

  • wennona

    Thanks for the info about green bags. Also picked up a few more pointers on couponing. CVS is my favorite.

  • nancy wolpert

    I printed $5 off $25 coupon on line on my computer. When I tried to use it I was denied. I was told the coupon was on my daughter Eileen’s extracare card. We compared our card numbers -they are different. How is this possible? We do not live together. What is the solution?

  • Catrina

    CVS is tricky to learn… but i’m getting there 😉 .. just a few weeks ago I was behind a women who was using coupons and she had her binder in the cart, by the time she was done she had 4 bags of goodies and only spent $11 bucks… we walked out at the same time and I commented on her great savings and she got all defensive .. lol.. not sure if she was worried i was going to steal her ideals or run off with her coupon book… i guess she just didn’t want to be congratulated.
    I also didn’t not know how the Green Bag Tag worked, i guess i will be picking one up at my next CVS trip :)

  • ashley

    I am just learning how to shop at cvs and I’m confused with the ECBs and rolling. After buying a shaver that had 5 ecbs and shaver blades that also had 5 ecbs… I split up the transaction. First buying the shaver which rolled over 5 ecbs to the blades. I was expecting the same from the blades to a few other things i was buying. The cashier claimed It is only 1 per card. Am I wrong thinking that I should’ve received 5 ecbs from the blades as well?

    • jessdare

      Sometimes it’s only one set of extra care bucks per offer. It will tell you in the ad what the limit is as far ecb’s.

  • Kelly S

    I recieved a 30% off my purchase coupon that printed on the bottom of my receipt, almost like ECB’s. I was given a time limit of 3 days to use it, Could you tell me how a percent off coupon works. Is it before any coupons? After man. coupons? When the total at the end comes up after ECB are used? This would be very helpful! Thanks.

    • Cindy

      In my opinion these coupons are worthless. They do not work on anything that is on sale or you use a coupon on. The ones I have seen in the past are only good on full priced items that you are not using a coupon of any kind on. Not very often that I ever buy anything that is not on sale or have a coupon for. : (

  • Sallie

    Does CVS have a maximum number of identical coupons (both store and manufacturer’s) that can be used in one transaction? Example, could I use 3 of the 2.00 off Huggies store coupons and 3 of the 3.00 off Huggies printables?

    • ivonne

      i have the same question! i have (4) of the CVS $2.00 off coupons and (4) of the manuf. $3.00 off coupons. I wanted to use all at once… can that be done?? i can’t find a rule anywhere that it can’t, so i’m wondering.

      • Crystal

        The limit is written on the coupon specifically, for the CVS 2.00 off coupons for the Huggies I am assuming it states 1 per transaction. The manufactors coupons will also state limits for P&G they typically state limit 4 like coupons per shopping trip. Make sure that your store knows that limit 1 per item purchase implies 1:1 ratio of coupon to item not per transaction and the 1: transaction is limit 1 total per paying transaction. This has been a hang up for me at times explaining to cashiers the difference. If there is any problem contact a manager… they want your business and they don’t lose money when you save, they get the mfc value plus 8cents for many of the coupons so they are actually turning a profit from it.

        • Cindy

          Being told it’s one per purchase is a royal pain in the butt. 50% of the time it’s also a waste of breath to try and explain it also. That is when I just ask for all my coupons back and leave. It seems a lot of stores don’t care if they have your business.
          The .08 cents per coupon is not actually a profit. It is to pay for having the coupons processed. Coupon processing companies do not do it for free. That coupon does a lot of traveling before the store actually gets their money back and sometimes payment is withheld.

  • Jena

    I know that you can not use 2 coupons for the BOGO but if it is BOGO 1/2 off can you use 2 then?

    • Cindy

      Some stores do allow you to use a $off along with a BOGO coupon. The $off is for use on the one that you are actually buying. For a BOGO sale, some stores also allow you to use a coupon for both items, or even a BOGO coupon to get both items free. Even if the store has the rule, I still find it 50/50 on the cashier allowing it or not. As much as we wish all stores in a chain followed the same set of rules, it just does not seem to happen that way. Today they do, tomorrow they may not. You check out and get shot down, friend with same order with different cashier is waiting in car wondering what the holdup is. I find that couponing takes nerves of steel. LOL
      And yes, you SHOULD be able to use 2 coupons on a BOGO 1/2 off.

      • deidre

        Yes I agree, you SHOULD be able to use 2 manufacturers coupon with a BOGO 1/2 off sale

  • Meagan

    Can you use a Online printed CVS coupon with a Manufacture coupon? The Online CVS coupon I printed says CVS Pharmacy and I cannot use it anywhere else.. I don’t believe I say anything about Online CVS coupons.


    • deidre

      yes you could use it at CVS with a manufacturer’s coupon

  • M Stanley

    I purchased some items and scanned my CVS card awhile back. Submitted a rebate for Oil of Olay and the date of the purchase wasn’t on the receipt. Can I bring in the receipt and get a copy with the correct date? I have the transaction number. It’s for a $20.00 rebate so I would really like to be able to do this.

    Thanks so much!

  • Malibu

    Do you know anything about CVS’s coupon policy for clearance items??

    • deidre

      they accept coupons on clearance items

  • mari

    New as of a few months now. CVS is confusing to me. I understand most of it except I have not been able to find the correct answer to this: Limit 1=? Is it Per month? Per week? Per lifetime? I have asked the managers and they can’t seem to be able to give me answer except they tell me to look at receipt. I guess they don’t know either. DOES ANYONE KNOW? The add DOES NOT if rewards are per week or per month. HELP PLEASE

    • Trevor

      It is limit 1 per card per week. It is beneficial to get multiple cards for members of your family (i.e. spouse). However, sometimes they run the same special multiple weeks in a row (i.e. $1 reward for milk), the limit starts over the next week or next time it is offered. Hope this helps.

      • Elise

        Actually, getting multiple cards per household is now illegal. The limits now say “1 per household” in case anyone is still reading this.

        It’s people who get multiple cards per household that clear the shelves every Sunday morning…

        • Elise

          Actually, I take that back. Their official policy is one per PERSON, but they have changed most of their ECB deals to read “one per household” which is in theory to keep people from clearing shelves…but if my stores are any indication they don’t seem to enforce that.

          But bottom line is you’ve just got to do what you think is ethical.

          • Cindy

            In most stores I have been in, it only takes 3 people getting their 1 per card to clear the shelves.
            A lot of people on blogs talk about shelf clearers and their disdain for them. Unless you just happened to see that one person take everything on the shelf, how does that person know that it wasn’t multiple shoppers that cleared the shelf? In a grocery store that has 100 items on the shelf. If each shopper only took 10 (and that’s not a lot) it would only take 10 people to clear that shelf and I am sure it could be done in a matter of minutes.

        • yvonne

          Illegal? so many of us extreme coupon folks will be heading to jail soon!

  • mabini

    Does CVS accept expired coupons or can you please identify which drug store or grocery store who accept expired coupons.

    • Cindy

      I don’t know of any store that intentionally accepts expired manufacture coupons. You may be able to get a store to accept them with a raincheck if you ask. But most still look at you like you have lost your mind. I am sure someone out there has a store that will, on occasion accept them, but I would bet if everyone says “Hey, XXX store accepts expired coupons, lets go there to use up these great coupons that expired”, that offer would end pretty quick.

      • deidre

        Yes no stores accept expired coupons EXCEPT overseas our military can use expired coupons, up to 6 months expired.

        • cassi

          I send my expired coupons to my aunt in florida, the CVS in her town takes them within 30 days of their expiration date

          • mindy

            Wow Cassie: She’s really lucky that they accept her expired manufactuer coupons. My niece, who also lives in FL & just got layed off), just started couponing and would love to be able to pay with expired coupons also. May I ask at what store in FL does your Aunt shop (city/town).
            Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Lydia Filipasic

      I was informed by a friend. If you saved alot and sent them to them address they would reimburse you. But haven’t tried it and don’t know if its true. It would probably cost you more in the long run to save so many.

  • Brittany

    Are you able to stack man. coupons with the cvs coupons? Thats how I understood it but when I tried to today the cashier wouldnt accept it and said the register wouldn’t allow it… ? Maybe I just read something wrong.

    • Angela

      If you are purchasing one product only and have two coupons the register sometimes will not allow more physical pieces of paper (coupons) than products purchased…if you have a great deal in front of you grab a cheap something or other (ie candy) to get your dea.


  • reba

    Can you use a mfg. coupon for a free item @ CVS. that is printed from the internet. Wal Mart would not accept it.

    • Cindy

      A lot of stores have put in their policy they will NOT accept a coupon for a completly free item that has been printed off the internet.

  • Stephanie

    ok so I am new to this so this may sound dumb, but can you buy (in the same transaction) two items that recieve ECBs and get both ECBs on your reciept.. or would i have to split the purchase into two transactions? hopefully that makes sense, I have been looking online and can’t seem to find the answer.
    For example, say you get $2 back for bodywash and $3 back for razors, would i get back $5 on my receipt ?

  • Erika


    Yes you are right. Your receipt will give you the extra bucks for any items within your purchase you are due for. It will list them separately- for example you will have one for 2.00 (body wash) and one for 3.00 (razors). It is nice this way because you can make sure all of your extra bucks printed, and it will tell you what item you earned them for.

    CVS by me has a self checkout, and I have no problems using the buy one get one free and a coupon on both items. Nor do I have any problems using expired coupons. They accept them no problem. If it were a cashier, I don’t know she might stop me but the self checkout does allow it.

    • mindy

      Hi Erika: When you say that you have no problems using expired coupons do you mean manufacturer coupons or CVS coupons? If CVS coupons, which ones?

  • Millie

    If i have a manufacturer coupon for $.50 and it also says limit of 4 like coupons and what I want to buy is $.99 can i purchse more than 1 product and still get the discount for all or do i have to have lets says a coupon for each one I purchase.

  • Jennifer Holder

    How old is this policy? I saw one that was released Sept 2011 and it stated that you can use a $../1 coupon with the “Buy one” part of a B1G1 Free coupon. Just wanted to see which one was correct before I go this week.

  • ksrina

    I work at cvs, and some of the stores can accept expired coupons, but thats the manager decision, it depends on everything

    • I bought two crest at one cvs with the gift card, then I return them all at another cvs, I don’t know why they give me hard time and then keep my receipt? Do they suppose to do that? I didn’t get any extra bucks from the items I bought. What will they do with the receipt?

  • Nancy

    My internet coupons were denied today because the girl said she was told that they were all frauds. I did not fight her on it because she it a good cashier that is always agreeable.

  • Sherley

    Thanks for all the help with the coupons and emails.

  • Tom Seleck’s Ulcer

    Basically, If you are buying items from a CVS, you’re best bet is to:

    1) Bring a bag – get the GREEN BAG credit
    2) Make your purchases one-by-one. Each transaction requires a bag, right? Refusal (green bag credit) earns you 25c toward your eventual ECB dollar.

    So why wouldn’t you divide your purchase (no bag please) per item and earn a 25c [green bag] credit?
    Hell, if you buy 4 items at CVS at any given time, you are pretty much guaranteed to earn $1 ECB before you leave! ~~~”You’ll thank me later.”~~~ [Adrian Monk]

    …Amy Davidson is a wicked hottie redhead!

    Green Bag Tag: Scan the extracare card, then an item, then the green tag. You can use any re-usable shopping bag, re-use a plastic bag from a previous purchase, or simply carry out your items to qualify for the green bag tag rewards. Anytime you decline a one-time use plastic bag, you will receive a green bag tag™ credit. Look at your receipt. The quantity needed to earn reward will show, and it goes down each time you use it. It starts at 4 and counts down to 1 and then you get an extra buck every time after 1. Then it starts again at 4 and continues. So every 4th visit you can get one free ECB!

    • Rebeca

      Green Bag Tag can only be scanned once a day

    • Lauren

      So I was at cvs and to her no and did not get the credit so know what ?

  • Kelly

    My understanding of the Green Bag Tag credit was that you could only use a tag 1x per day per card. And since all tags have the same bar code there’s no need to buy multiple tags if you use multiple ECcards…I learned the hard way.

  • Lydia Filipasic

    Thank you for these tips! They work great for me when the managers at my local CVS see me coming they call me the couponing queen of CVS! Im not that great but learning fast and Im alot more organized. I got in over two days $185.00 worth of product and paid only .24 cents. My son has enough toothpast,brushes,deodrant,shampoos,body wash to last for a few years. Thanks so much and yes Im hooked like a kid in a candy store. Im thinking of seriuosly doing a blog on my setup,how I did it,show my receipts and products only because my friends gave me the idea to do What you think?

    • molina777

      Yes please do I would love to read it

  • Brenda

    Question? If I have more than 1 ECB can I used them to buy just 1 item? In other words, how many ECB’s can I use when purchasing 1 high value item?

    • Tonya

      You can use as many as you want I was in the other day and I purchased alot of thier black friday sales and in my next transaction I got two Sylvania starter kits for thier 7″ tablets (computers) retail was $29.99 each and I got them completely FREE with my ECB! I just recently started couponing but if I would have paid attention to the end of my ECB the very last one a 25% OFF coupon I could still have $6.87 or close to in ECB left over. I was still extremely happy I just know for next time to look at all that print outs first

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  • Tblais

    How do you tell what CVS region your in?

  • Karin

    i’m new on this and i have a question about the Buy $30.00 on select products get a $10 gift card, do i have to buy the $30 dollars worth in products in one transaction ? or can i do 2 or more transactions?

    • Tblais

      No you can make several transactions you just need to do it in the same week that the gift card deal is good for. On your receipt you’ll see the ammount needed before you reach the $30.

  • wypadek drogowy

    Vielen Dank für dieses Blog-es ist toll! Ich mag diese Art von Menschen, die Wissen mit anderen zu teilen.

  • Jess

    If CVS is running a buy one get one 1/2 off and I have a Buy one get one free would I pay 1/2 for 2?
    Razors 6.00 (buy 2)
    RAZOR 1: 3.00
    RAZOR:2 free
    total $3.00

  • Wandaalley

    Deidre I’m just now getting started on deals with coupons and it seems very exciting,some day I hope to be good at it but right now I suck at it. newbe 

  • Smitty0405

    FYI ECBs do not, ever, never ever expire.  As long as you have them, they won’t expire.  They tell me this every time.  Also from corporate, CVS will no longer “preorder” any items.  Some stores do not know about this, and will still preorder.  Guess there has been a bit of an issue with running out. 

    • cvs employee

      Ecbs do expire…du to many ppl abusing coupons CVS is now enforcing coupon policy. -cvs employee

    • Sorry Smitty but like the cvs employee below says ECB’s DO Expire!!!!

  • Martikeller

    TOO many people are just HOGGISH when it come to coupons NO ONE CAN 
    use 20 bottles of hand/body lotion at one time Leave some for others, oh that’s right we are a nation of ME ME ME  to hell with any body else, tried to buy a bottle of Cruel for my Mother-in-law while it was on sale and each cvs stated the coupon ladies already clean them out what and many of these people put the product out at yard sales or simply resell it . Please coupon responsibly

  • Lisa

    Does ECB and $10 CVS Cash Cards take out before or after tax? 

  • Marucasal2205

    Just tried to use my bogo coupons in Little Falls NY…they refused them…so left and used them at Walmart with no problems…

  • Shakess

    Is there a actual set cents amount to trigger ECB? for example Revlon $15 purchase Recieve $7 ECB, would a $14.79 trigget the rebate? How close do you have to be to the actual amount?

  • i’m new on this and i have a question about the Buy $30.00 on select
    products get a $10 gift card, do i have to buy the $30 dollars worth in
    products in one transaction ? or can i do 2 or more transactions?


    I love shopping at cvs it exiting;)

  •  My local cvs told me $/$$ deals have to equal the total after manufacturer coupons. :(((. It’s not spelled out on their coupon policy so I can’t argue with them. Someone told me the policy on this is up to the store manager at each store.

  • Nancy

    I recently stared to bu whit coupons and you help me a lat whiht your comments

  • Chaneyamanda220

    Can you stack more than one manufacture coupon on an item

  • Chaneyamanda220

    Can you stack more than one manufacture coupon on an item


    Do you except expired coupons? I was told yes but only cvs coupons not manufactor coupons? Please let me know. I love to shop @ cvs. I bought make up that was 50% off already and it said buy 1 get the 1 50% off but the second 1 wasn’t 50% off of the marked down price. Molina777

    • jj

      No they do not accept expired coupons…

  • Jamie

    I got a great deal today, I got the Schick Hydro Silk Razor with a rain check for 9.49 with 3 ECB back, I then got a money maker with the Schick Hydro 5 Power Select for 9.99 with 3.00 ECB and stacked 2 coupons, a 5.00 CVS one that printed, and a 4.00 coupon from the newspaper. I think the total was 11.94 and got 6.00 ECB, THEN  I got the the Pillow Pets Light Bright  they had just got them in stock and were selling fast for 29.99, I also got a Happy Napper for 9.99, a 3.99 magazine, a 2.99 gallon tea, I used my 6.00 ECB, 4.00 off a 20.00 purchase AND 20% off items not on sale for a total of 19.49 for all. I was super excited to find the Light Bright, and the Happy Napper at 9.99 (they did not have them out but when I asked about them, she went and got several out from “upstairs”.  I had been looking for the Light Bright and there it was, I got a great deal!!

  • confused ?:/

    If CVS has B1G1*50% off sale, can I still use to mfr coupons?

    • confused ?:/

      *Can I still use two mfr coupons?*

    • yes you can use two coupons on BOGO 50% off

      • Coupon Mommy2

        im confused since its a b1g1 50% off sale can i use 2 manufacturer coupons b1g1 free? and if yes will that make it 4 items or 2?

        • Suzette Du Plessis

          You pay for the first in full and get the 2nd at -50%. Then u use 1 coupon on the first and the 2nd coupon on the 2nd item.

          You can do the same on BOGO free. 1 MC on the full price one and 1 MC on the Free one… eg.. Item 1 $5.99 Item 2 FRee LESS Item 1 MC $1.00 + Item 2 MC $1.00 = You will just pay $4.99 for both items
          Hope this makes sense lol

  • Robjan76

    Question I cant print an official CVS coupon policy Does anyone have a copy they can send me?
    Question if you have a rain check and a coupon to go with the rain check and the coupon is expired does the policy say the coupons can be taken due to the fact you have a rain check? I member a while back I had a copy of policy and it stated they had to take the coupon even if expired due to the fact that you have a rain check
    Does anyone know what the policy states?? HELP!!!

  • Vanessa

    I know I can stack 1 store coupon & 1 mfr coupon but can I do TWO store coupons and 1 mfr?? Thanks!

    • Suzette Du Plessis

      Nope, only one of each

  • Ruby

    Hi.. I m new to couponing. I have a question.. Do we have to buy 2 ECB back deals in 2 different transactions? Yesterday, I bought Crest Rinse deal (5$ ECB) and cereal deal ($3 ECB) in the same transaction. But I got only 3$ ECB back. I realized it after coming back home. Can I go back to store and request the 5$ ECB showing the receipt?

  • Heath

    If I buy two items that offer ECBs in the same transaction, will they add together on the CRT or will they be seperate on the same CRT?

    e.g. Transaction 1 – item1 get back $2 ECB, and item2 get back $3 ECB. Will that be one $5 ECB? Or one $2 and one $3 ECB?

  • Angel Card

    Does anyone know when Spending $50 towards beauty items are counted before or after coupons?

    • Elizarae

      It’s before coupons :)

  • bluecastle

    I saw that you have cvs region 1, cvs region 2, etc. How do I know which one I am in? That would explain why I’m not seeing some of the deals in my area. Thanks!

  • Yasmin

    Can I accumulate ECB’s? Then use them all in one transaction?

    • Elizarae

      Yes, you can use as many ECBs in a transaction up to the value of your pre-tax subtotal. The smart way to use them, however, is to roll them. Meaning you use an ECB you earned on one deal to pay for another deal that earns ECBs and keep your out of pocket costs low.

      • Yasmin

        ok, so if I get $15 ECBs today, can I use them the same day? Never really understood that

        • Elizarae

          Yes, you can use your ECBs immediately after you earn them :)

      • Yasmin

        One last question! How many ECB roll overs can you do a day?

        • Elizarae

          There is no published limit.

  • Minnie

    BOGO 50% on Covergirl but, what if I have the BOGO -Buy lashblast mascara, get one 1-kit eye enhancer free? What discounts? Nothing?

    • Elizarae

      Since the 1-Kit Eye Enhancer costs less than the Lashblast Mascara, it would be discounted 50% off by the sale. And when using the BOGO coupon, it would just take off the purchase price of the 1-Kit Eye Enhancer (50% off retail). So, it basically negates the BOGO 50% off sale.

      • Minnie

        Thankyou, I figured all it does is make my total closer to $30 rather than $40 to get $10 ECB from PG&E

  • Yasmin

    So starting on Thursday they are giving 20% off your entire purchase with regularly priced items. I plan to use it on the P&G deal…but, can my total be 30+20%off and still trigger the $10 ECB?

    • Elizarae

      You will not be able to use the 20% off coupon on the P&G deal because all the items are sale price. The 20% off coupon is valid on regular price items only. It will still trigger ECBs though.

  • Is there a way to print this coupon policy? And or the great instructions for use of the CVS card?

  • Yasmin

    I have a couple questions here…I have a 20% off…will it calculate the original subtotal, the subtotal after coupons, or the subtotal after ecbs and no coupons? And my last question is…can I do a raincheck in one store and redeem it in another stocked store?

    • Elizarae

      The 20% off coupon will apply to regularly-priced items only before coupons. ECBs will not affect the % off coupon with the exception of (Beauty Club ECBs, Green Bag Tag ECBs and force-printed ECBs, like ones you would get when you use a rain check). Rain checks are valid at all CVS locations and they do not expire. Hope that helps!

      • Yasmin

        Awesome! THANKS! BTW, have you gotten your free cvs items? Do you usually get them the day the sale starts?

        • Elizarae

          The best time to go is on Sunday morning when the sales start in order to get the HOT items that everyone will want. I don’t shop on Sundays, but this morning I went in and was surprised to find many of the free items still in stock!

  • Yasmin

    I purchased some items at CVS earlier, and earned Extra Bucks. The problem is that I want to return 2 items that had the promotion attached. Will they take my ECB? or can I keep them?

    • Elizarae

      They will usually let you keep them.

      • Yasmin

        so, they wont void out or anything?

  • Yasmin

    for this sunday’s new ad, there is 2 revlon promos..can i double dip if i get lip and nail that qualifies for both?

    • Elizarae

      You can do both deals and get the ECBs for both. They are both different promotions, with a limit of 6 each. Hope that helps.

      • Yasmin

        One is 1 limit, the others are 6, I meant the buy $10 Revlon get $3 back…can I combine that with the individual limit of 6 promos to get all?

        • Elizarae

          I don’t see a Spend $10 on Revlon get $3 ECB deal. The ad preview I am looking at has a Spend $10 on L’Oreal get $3 ECB deal with a limit 1. It may be regional. CVS never has deals that double dip. Usually, if there are multiple deals for the same brand, one promo will exclude the items in the other promo.

          • Yasmin

            oh yep. You are totally right! This is what happens with my head the week of finals! Sorry!

  • Suzette Du Plessis

    I have a question before going for a trip to CVS…. I want to do the Paper poducts deal where you buy for $30.00 and get ECB$10.00 back. I want to pay for my toilet paper with MC on each and my ECB I have….. Will I be limited to the amount of ECB coupons I can use? And will I still get my ECB$10 since Ive paid with ECB?

    • Elizarae

      You can use as many ECBs up to the value of your purchase after manufacturer coupons and before tax. At CVS, you can roll ECBs and it will not affect whether another ECB prints :)

      • Suzette Du Plessis

        THANK YOU Elizarae :o)))))

  • Mariter

    I have a question regarding the 20 or 25% off CVS email coupon. How many times can we use that in a day or can we only use it once?

  • Rebeca

    do you know if they accepted coupons from the ”Magic Coupon Machine” expired?

    • Elizarae

      It depends on your store. Ask a cashier or the manager.

      • yasmin

        I had the same question, I see people still use them, then the girl at the register lied to me, saying that starting 2013 they weren’t taking them! very mad, because i wanted to do the dixie cup deal…

  • To get the P&G reward when you spend $30.00 and get $10.00 back, Can you break it up into different transactions or does it have to be one

    • Yes you can at CVS! This deal is also going on at Kmart, but you can not break it into separate transactions at Kmart.

  • taysariece

    Oh my gosh I appeciate you breaking that down! I had every single coupon and went to CVS and all the Simple products were gone and I had coupons for the Schick razors and so much more! I was so sad too, and my husband a non-coupon believer, was like I told you that show on tv is fake etc.I didnt even think to ask for a raincheck! Uggghhhhhhhhhh! lol I feel a lil better now and hope the next few sales I can catch and use accordingly. Sigh* the hit and miss of a newbie couponer!

    • Liese

      I asked for a raincheck on the Thermacare for 3.49 and get 3.49 back. I wondered if the computer will still offer me the Freebie. Walgreens opened my eyes to that. The sales/deals are in the registered in the computer for that week only! I cross my fingers to get to CVS. Nasty weather and I have to walk. What I like about couponing is that you can donate items to charity or family members, senior citizens, etc.

  • gonzalez

    if the limit is 1 ecb per household can you buy the item on monday and return tuesday to buy the same item using the same card and get the ecb’s on both days?

    • Elizarae

      No. Once you reach the limit for an ECB deal, you can no longer receive the ECB for that deal, even if you return the item.

    • cashier

      No, thats called coupon fruad

  • Brooke

    My CVS will take the ECB’s anytime, they say they are expired but they’ll accept them forever, they also accept manufacture coupons that have expired for up to 90 days and they will take their coupons for life, even if they are expired. The only thing they will not take after expiration date is the 20% coupons they email out. They even have signs posted at checkout stating this.

    • Sara Fisher

      Where? What store is this?

  • Chris

    I went and used the 2 dollar coupon for the U by kotex 18 count liners today and I also picked up a 2 litter of coke for .99 cents. what I didn’t know was that since the coupon wasn’t used for the full 2 dollars, because the liners were only 1.49 each, they used the rest of the money left over on the total purchase so the 2 litter was only .63 cents

  • i really love shopping at CVS compared to Target! the deals were great plus the great service of the cashiers, supervisors and managers of the store. I had tremendous experience at CVS that every time I shopped I had a great smile when going home. Highly recommended this CVS store!

  • Dorothy

    There is a coupon for 6.00 off a 5 count zyrtec…apparently there was no limit…they were all gone…lol But I did get alcohol prep swabs and a candy bar for free today…LOL Btw does CVS take manufacture along in addition to a EC/coupon?

  • melissa

    I have a question I have a manufacturers coupon for save up to 14.00 off any tens product…I see they are going to be on sale for 10.99… and I have a CVS 2 off a 6 dollar feminine hygiene or sanitary product….can this be done at CVS?

    • melissa


    • LoveBeautyNGlam

      Yes but you won’t receive money back, that money can be applied to other items in your purchase.

  • courtney

    Can you use CRT’s or magic coupon machine coupons that were scanned on someone else’s CVS card? I didnt know if each coupon was linked to one card. I know ECBS are linked to the card but wanted to know about the CVS store coupons. Thanks

    • Elizarae

      Yes. CRTs and coupons from the magic coupon machine are linked to a card. They have the last 4 digits of the card on the coupon.

  • krizza

    How about Military store coupon from Manufacturer’s? Are they going to accept it?

  • maris

    Cashier did not allow me to use q on clearance items; looking for answer here but couldn’t find it.

  • lillaura

    wow i always stayed away from cvs and was loyal to just walgreens. but now, i’m really excited to learn and give cvs a try. However, I’m so overwhelmed w/the lingo, etc. but it’ll be worth it when I’m getting freebies & other great promotions. :)

  • Lilyflower03

    How many times in a month or in a year can i use rain check?

    Do I have to buy the number of items indicated on the rain check? Ex: 6 herbal essence, do I have to buy all six or can buy less than that?

    Can I get more than one rain check?

    Another question is… Can I redeem the rain check at the sale’s when the store is doing extra buck on the item and will get the extra buck?

    Sorry for a long ???… I’ll appreciate ur answers. Thank you in advance:)

    • Elizarae

      Rain checks can only be used once, as you must surrender it when you use it, except if you purchase less than the quantity indicated on the rain check. Although, sometimes, you will have to purchase the entire quantity indicated, for example, if the price is 2/$6 and you indicated a quantity of 2, you would have to buy 2 to get the $3 each price.
      You would have to ask your store if they will allow you to get more than one rain check.
      If you redeem a rain check from a previous week for an item that produces an extrabuck that week, usually the ECB will not print, because it will be cancelled out by the price-change.

      • Lilyflower03

        So only once a year per customer to use the rain check?

        • Elizarae

          No, the rain check can only be used once, period. Just like a coupon. Once you use it, the cashier takes it and you don’t ever get it back.

          • LoveBeautyNGlam

            From my experience, if there is an ECB sale going on and you get a Rain Check all you have to do is make sure the CVS employees know about it and write it down on the Rain Check. There is even a spot on the CVS Rain Checks to write down the current ECB attached to that product as well at that current price. Even though it won’t automatically print when you go to purchase it at a later date, CVS employees can make ECBs print separately from the receipt purchase. (If that makes sense.)

  • Lilyflower03

    Okay, but in the future if the item is out of stock, I could get a new rain check to use right? It’s not limited to one rain check per customer per store per year right?

    Sorry if it sounds confusing.

    • Elizarae

      Yes, you can get rain checks for different sales for the same product. But, each rain check itself can only be used once.

  • Lizzi Long

    What is the CVS policy on BOGO manufacturer’s coupons? I have shopped a few and I usually receive the retail price off thus making the second item even less.
    Ex: CVS sale 2/$ 6 shampoo on sale but regular shelf(retail) price is $5.99. They scan coupon (BOGO) and it takes off $5.99 making that total price $.01. Is this ok? I hope I asked this right?

    • Elizarae

      BOGO coupons usually have a “maximum value” that they are worth. And when the CVS registers, when scanning BOGO coupons, usually take off that maximum amount. The cashier should correct it, by manually entering the purchase price for the item, but if they don’t, I have been told that they are still reimbursed for the value that the coupon is scanned for. HTH!

  • Anna Ceecy

    First I must say thank you for taking your time to do all this for us! I love coupons! I have 2 quick questions and hope you can help.
    ———I have a coupon for pantenee shampoo. Buy 1, get 1 free. up too a 4.99 value. but I want to buy a big pantanee shampoo that is on sale for 6$ can I pay the difference? (since I get back 5 ECB’s on that specific size if I buy 12.00 worth of shampoo) and last question to make my head clear CVS DOES OR DOES NOT accept EXPIRED manfu. coupons? THANKSSSSSSSS!

    • Elizarae

      You should be able to use the BOGO coupon on the $6 bottle and pay the $1.01 difference on your Buy 1 item. There are NO STORES that accept expired coupons. Using expired coupons is technically considered coupon fraud. CVS may accept expired CVS coupons from the Magic Coupon Machine or ECBs, but you’ll have to verify that with your individual store. HTH!

      • Rhonda

        Bed, Bath, & Beyond accepts only their expired coupons.

  • sara

    Mabe i didnt read right because ive just started out couponing slowly but how many cvs store coupons can you use in one transaction and can you use two of the same coupons (ive got two of 4 off 20 and two 3 off 10 oral care. And more coupons) at a time?

    • Elizarae

      You can use as many CVS coupons as allowed by your purchase and the wording on the coupon. Some of those $ off $$ coupons state one per transaction. If they don’t, you can use more than one in the same transaction. If you use more than one, most stores will require that you satisfy the purchase requirement for each coupon separately. For example, if you wanted to use 1 $4 off $20 and 1 $3 off $10 oral care, you would need to purchase $30 in merchandise, $10 of which is oral care. Some stores, however, will allow you to count the $10 toward the $20 you are purchasing, so it may vary for everyone.

  • hellooo

    So i have 2 $5 off cvs redbox q can i use both for 1 razor?

    • Elizarae

      Are they the same coupon? What does the coupon say? usually, you can only use one CVS coupon per item, unless one is purchase-based and one is a $ off coupon.

  • Joque Toahbear

    CVS has had milk on sale for 3 weeks now, limit 2. $1 ECB. I bought 2 the first week. Can I do this again and get the ECB because it is a new week/ad or have I reached my limit? thanks

    • LoveBeautyNGlam

      Any current limits you have purchased 1 or all of are usually at the bottom of your receipt, have you purchased anything recently? If not maybe buy something super cheap to check, they have 25 cent caramels in buckets at registers at my CVS.

  • Fia941

    Does cvs double a mfg coupon?

  • Michxx314

    I got a coupon for $10 off $30 professional salon—how do I know where I can use it?

  • Cyndi Solis

    Will they give you credit if you have a coupon for more than the sale price of an item? Perhaps put it toward the remainder of your purchase?

    • LoveBeautyNGlam

      From my experience, yes they do. They will not give you money back but they will apply it to the rest of your purchase like you asked.

  • Amador

    CVS is advertising Bogo Digiorno pizza. I have a coupon save $2 on any 2 digorno pizza. can I use that coupon?

    • Elizarae


  • LoveBeautyNGlam

    Love the CVS Tutorial! It should probably be updated a little bit to take out the green bag tag and the reinventing beauty magazine that are both no longer existing. Also doesn’t CVS call the coupon machine the “Red Coupon Machine?”

    • Yes I do need to make a new one

      • LoveBeautyNGlam

        I’m sad to see the green bag tag program and the Reinventing Beauty Magazine go!!

  • Mia

    How many ECB’s can be used in one transaction? I have about 10 of them right now!

    • Sara Fisher

      No limit. You can use them all or use a few. Whatever you need.

  • Kevin

    I was given a coupon from a person at the store that I don’t know which was printed from the red machine (25% off) am I allowed to use it?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Elizarae

      It will be linked to their card so it will beep if you try to use it.

  • Kevin

    OK, thank you still learning.

  • Josh

    I am a beginner coupon shopper at CVS, today I bought Tide for $5.94 with a mfg. coupon of $2.00. I also had an mfg. coupon for 40 cents, but it beeped when she scanned. Is this because one mfg. coupon is allowed per item? I have been trying to find the answer somewhere. On the bright side, the cashier manually entered it, but I want to do things the right way.

    • HelperJen

      Yes you can only use one MFR coupon per item.

  • Rhonda

    Just beginning with CVS shopping. If you have an overage but are not buying any other items, what is CVS’s policy?

    • Elizarae

      CVS doesn’t allow overage. So they will adjust the coupon down.

      • Kevin

        actually it depends on the cashier. some really don’t focus on it so the overage goes towards other items.

  • Aliisha

    If you have a MQ for BOGO Free and get 4.. could you use a $XX.xx off MQ??

    • Elizarae

      No, the BOGO coupon attaches to both items.

  • Than Luangsiyotha

    Do I have to be at exactly $30 before coupons to get back 10 ecb? I was 3 cents short and only 5 ecb printed.

    • Elizarae

      If it’s a deal where you spend $A and get $B ECB OR spend $C and get $D ECB, you MUST spend $A or $C to get the corresponding ECB. In your case, because you only spend $29.97, the register recognized that as you spending $20, not $30, so you only got $5 ECB. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a $10 ECB if you spend $30, since you already received a $5 ECB. You’ll need to spend at least $10.03 in order to get another $5 ECB.

      • Than Luangsiyotha

        Oh. Ok. Thanx for the quick reply! :)

        • Kevin

          some stores modify it and on the receipt it says you only need to spend 28.xx this is called the 98% rule

  • Jose

    does cvs accept “free” coupons? i have a P&G manufacturer coupon for a free item, will cvs accept it?

    • Elizarae

      As long as it is a valid mfg coupon, CVS should accept it.

  • ProudMommaofTwins

    I just got an email for a $6 off of $30 beauty purchase and an email for a $5 off $25 purchase… Am I able to use them both at the same time?!

  • DEE


    • Did it have Ralphs Logo on it? CVS won’t accept it if it has another stores logo on it

    • DEE


      • DEE


    • Elizarae

      They are not making up their own rules. The 5th bullet point in this post says that CVS (all stores) will not accept coupons with another store’s logo on it, even if it is a manufacturer’s coupon. That’s why you couldn’t use it.

  • Sonia

    If I use a manufacture coupon to purchase something & I decide to return it do I get my money back plus the value of the coupon or just my money?

  • Maribel

    Elizarae, can you explain me the 98% rule? Also, tell me if that rule applies to the red machine coupons. I bought a $9.99 razor and I have a CVs coupons from the red machine buy $10 on razors and get $4 off & the cashier didn’t want to scan it because I only expended $9.99 & not $10. She was rude with me too.

    • Elizarae

      The 98% rule applies to spending requirements to earn ECBs, not coupons. If a deal says Spend $X to earn $Y ECB, you only have to spend 98% of $X to earn the ECB. Some stores will allow you to be cents off to use a CVS coupon, but this is not a corporate policy.

  • Maria

    Can you use ECBs earned with one card to pay for other items purchasd with another card?

    • Elizarae

      No. ECBs are attached to the card it was earned with. It even specifies which card it belongs to on the ECB itself and will beep and prompt the cashier if you try to use it with another card.

  • Evelyn

    If your purchasing different offers which will each give you ECB will you still get each ECB by purchasing them in one transaction? Will they add up?

    • Elizarae

      You can earn ECBs from multiple promotions in the same transaction. If they are separate promos, the ECBs will be separate. If you make multiple qualifying purchases for a promo (if the limit is more than 1), the ECB will add up.

  • FeelingJipped

    On this week’s ALL detergent deal, it is B1G2 free. I gave the cashier 3 MQ’s which were $2/2. She told me she could only take 2 MQ’s and gave me back 1 MQ. Now total value of the 3 MQ’s were only $6. My OOP total was over $10 – I did not see it anywhere in the corporate policy and this was not allowed? Can someone help me? The reason why I ask is because I know there is another CVS store which does except them all.

    • How many All detergents did you buy? If you bought 3, then you could use 1 $2/2 coupon.

  • Family 1st

    I have a couple of questions. CVS had a deal if you spend $14 dollars you get $4 ECB. I mistakenly only spent $12. On my receipt it says $2 needed for reward. Can I purchase my $2 now and still get those ECB’s? Also, If they run the same deal more than one week but limit the deal to 1 per household…Can I purchase the same deal in the 2nd week?

    • Elizarae

      Yes, CVS tracks your spending, so once you meet the threshold the ECB will print on that transaction. If a deal is a monthly deal and the limit is 1, you can only do the deal once that month. Although, usually monthly deals have a limit of more than 1, despite what the signage says. To know for sure, once you do the deal once, if the receipt says Offer Limit Reached under the deal, then you can’t do the deal again and get another ECB. If the receipt shows money being tracked toward the deal after you’ve already done the deal, then the limit is more than 1.

  • Erica

    Wisk was buy 1 get 3 free so I had three 1.50 off one wisk coupons. at first they told me they cannot use coupons on “free” items which i know is not true according to their coupon policy. they ended up letting me use it but made a big deal about it and will only “allow one time” it retailed at 8.99 each so i got 3 for 4.50

    • Erica

      buy 1 get 2 free**** sorry

    • Erica

      buy 1 get 2 free**** sorry

    • Elizarae

      It’s so frustrating when stores don’t know their own policies. It’s helpful to keep a copy of the policy with you

    • Elizarae

      It’s so frustrating when stores don’t know their own policies. It’s helpful to keep a copy of the policy with you

  • Erica

    Wisk was buy 1 get 3 free so I had three 1.50 off one wisk coupons. at first they told me they cannot use coupons on “free” items which i know is not true according to their coupon policy. they ended up letting me use it but made a big deal about it and will only “allow one time” it retailed at 8.99 each so i got 3 for 4.50

  • ebonie

    Hello, can I use a b1g2 rc on b1g1 sale? If so how does it work? Help please?

    • Elizarae

      Not sure what RC means? If it’s a manufacturer coupon, you should buy 6 items # B1G1 Free and use the B1G2 coupon. You should only end up paying for 1 item.

      • Paula Valentine

        RC means rain check :-)

  • kristy

    This information was very helpful I just started couponing and never understood how CVS worked.

  • Fran

    I’ve always wanted to start couponing and am do happy that you ate actually helping us understand what and how to do it and that you encourage it.

  • Kari

    I just recently did a deal on the ALL detergent and I had a rain check for b1g2 free and in this weeks at it’s buy 2 for 7$. Plus if you spend $20 dollars toward this product you get $5ecb back .. So I used 3 2/2 MF coupons . But I never received the ecb what do i do?

    • guest

      You will not receive the ECB because you did not pay for the $20.00 worth. Technically and what the computer realizes is that you paid $7.00 worth.

  • Prncss2274

    What do you do if you lost your extra care bucks card and don’t have the ability to scan the red machine?

    • Brian K Weegan

      You can print out your offers at home.

  • Angela Soledad

    of u loose ur card put in ur phone number and by the way this info is just wat i needed

  • kellyls30

    Can you use ECBs the same day you receive them or do you have to wait until the next day as in other stores?

    • You can use them the same day

  • Mee-Hyea Kim

    I bought 2 items of L’Oreal makeup last night, if I purchase a third to total $15 will it print my $5ECB? (this was for the buy 15 in L’Oreal make up and received $5ECB)

    • Elizarae

      Yes. Look at the bottom of your receipt. The L’Oréal deal should be tracking your spending

      • Mee-Hyea Kim

        I went on 5/10/14 and the cash in told me 5/11/14 deals were in affect that night, I received my $1 ECB for the speed stick deodorant but nothing on my receipt about L’Oréal also, I didn’t get my $4 ECB for the Edys. Will they force print the Edys and allow me to add another L’Oréal for the makeup deal even if it’s not on the bottom of my receipt? TIA for your help!

        • Elizarae

          Since you went in early that’s probably why it didn’t work. You can ask if they will do that. Otherwise, just return and re – purchase the items to get the ECB to print automatically

  • Carmen

    I went today to cvs with a coupon of .99 deal of purified water and the cashier said that I can only used that coupon one time only that if I get another coupon the next day I can not used it!…the coupon said that it will expired on May/31/2014 and per costumer…is it TRUE? I can’t used a coupon the next day?

  • jackie

    What products qualify in beauty club? A cashier told me that toothpaste is part of beauty club. Is that true?

    • Brian K Weegan

      No, if you go online to scan the weekly ad, you will see that toothpaste is listed under personal.

  • Katricia Rosado

    i can ask for a raincheck for ítem that are in clearance?

  • Coupon Newbie

    Can I use two extra bucks rewards in the same transaction?

    • Elizarae


  • maria

    can i use a 25% with a raincheck

    • Elizarae

      No, the cashier will have to manually adjust the price, which will make the 25% off coupon invalid on that item.

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  • Sherrian Smith

    If I have 3 manufacturer’s coupons for the same item, but different amounts will CVS honor all 3 or is there a set amount of coupons I can use. The coupon states that I can use up to 4 like coupons.

    • you can use them, but you would have to buy 3 items (1 item per coupon) if the coupon is say, $1 off 1. If it is $1 off 2, then you’d have to buy 2 items to use one coupon.

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  • nessa

    for the b1g1 free. I have a mfc thats b1g1 free with the limit of one coupon perchase and it says not more than 4 coupons for the same product in the transaction. i also have another mfc that says 2.00 off and it also says the same limitations. Can i use my 2.00 off with my b1g1 free

    • cait

      If the $2 off is for the b1g1 free items, then no. But if it’s for another item that you’re purchasing, then yes. You can use 2 manufacture coupons on the items you’re using the b1g1 free.

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  • bree

    can you use mfc when buying on

    • cait

      unfortunately no :/

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  • mark

    so does cvs double coupons?

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  • roz

    hi, sorry but there seem to be no answer i could find to my question about stacking q’s at cvs, quick question pls, if i use a cvs purchase based coupon, can i stack it with another $$ off specific item CVS q and a manu q as well?thanks for the response.

    • yes

      • roz

        thank you so much, you rock!!

  • Amy

    I have two CVS coupons for $5 of $15 purchase. Can they be used in the same transaction if I spend over $30?

    • cait


      • Amy


  • nina

    Just curious if i had a $4 off $20 and a $1.20 off of 2 items and a $2.00/1 cvs coupon for one of those 2 item, could i use all of the coupons? Thanks in advance!

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  • tt

    cvs mailed me a 2.00off coupon and I have a 1.00 off coupon on the same product can I use ,stack them together

    • Elizarae

      As long as the $1 off coupon is a manufacturer coupon, yes.

  • Melanie White

    Does anyone know… on this week’s Huggies deal, can I use (2) $2/$10 Huggies product CVS Q’s if they are in separate transactions? And if so, will my purchases accumulate to earn the $5ECB? I’d like to buy a $9 pack of diapers & $3 wipes using $4.50 in Q’s, doing the transaction twice to earn the ECB, essentially getting 2 pks of diapers & 2 bxs of wipes for $10. Thanks for any input!

  • Melanie White

    One more thing, I was told by a CVS employee that “all CVS’ start their weekly sales on Saturday at 5pm. Basically from 5 to closing, there are 2 sales going on and the customer will receive the better deal of the 2 if products are included for both weeks” (that’s why there isn’t any yellow sticky sale prices up at that time!) … just thought I’d share. I’m in MD, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

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  • Rhonda

    Where it says the order to use when handing coupons to the cashier,,,could you please tell me what exactly you mean by the “CVS dollar off transaction coupons?”

  • Rhonda

    Thank you for all this information. Yes it does sound confusing. You’re a lot of help. Now for a dumb question…what is a cash card deal? and are these questions answered here or sent to our email?

    • Elizarae

      Occasionally, CVS will do a promotion like an ECB promotion, but instead of offering an ECB back, you get a CVS cash card, which is a CVS gift card.

      • Rhonda


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  • Susie S.

    Just thought I’d clear a few things up:
    The “Extra Care Bucks” or “ECBs” you mention are actually called ExtraBucks Rewards by CVS. And the card is just called your ExtraCare card, not an “Extra Care Bucks card”.
    Lastly, the “Price Scanner” is actually called the ExtraCare Coupon Center.
    Just thought it would be helpful for everyone to have the proper names of the tools we use to save with, so there’s no confusion once you get in the store/look at your weekly circular, and so everyone is on the same page! :)

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  • mark

    what if a coupon says only 4 like coupons per day?

    • Elizarae

      Then you can only use 4 like coupons per day.

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  • Cindy

    Hi I have a question regarding rain checks. I got a rain check for buy2 L’Oreal butterfly mascara and get 5ecb. Can I use my rain check while they have a spend $15 on L’Oreal get back 5ecb deal, and get back 10ecb?

    • Elizarae

      The rain check will override the current deal, so you can’t double dip. You will just get the $5 ECB from your rain check.

  • Cindy

    How does the double dip work?

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  • Lisa

    Hi im new here to couponing and just started this last week shopping. i love going to this site for help.
    Anyways i have 2 questions about CVS ecbs… i have a $10 ecb i got from doing a deal on Pantene a few days ago..
    1) if i use it to buy something less than $10 do i get the refund in cash or another ecb ?
    2) since i already used the $10 ecb when you spend $30 on proctor & gamble does that mean i cant do that deal on the Pantene or other P&G again?
    ..or can i do it on Tide or other proctor & gamble products ?

    • Elizarae

      ECBs can only be used for their full value or up to your pre-tax total. So if you use a $10 ECB to buy something less than $10, you will not get anything back. The cashier will adjust the value of the ECB down to your pre-tax total.

      If you’ve reached the limit for the P&G ECB deal for the week, you cannot do the same deal on ANY participating products for that deal again in that same week. Hope that helps!

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  • Nydia

    There’s a new policy in place, Apparently you can’t return if you paid with coupons. I bought a beauty item, it didn’t go with my coloring, and I tried to return it, instead of the $19.99 I paid, they tried giving me back $17.99.

    • HelperJen

      When you pay with coupons they only give you back the actual value you paid. Did you have $2 off on it?

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  • Hal

    I just went to CVS and was told I cannot use printable coupons. This is the first I’ve heard of this, is it true, I used printed coupons last week!!

    • Elizarae

      Try another store. Your store may have implemented a new policy.

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  • Danielle Elise ? 1/9

    To clarify, if an ECB has a limitation of one per household like your image shows, will they still allow you to do multiple transactions and give you an ECB for each one?

    • Elizarae

      No. If the limit is one, it means one per card, no matter how many transactions you do.

      • Danielle Elise ? 1/9

        ok, so you cannot roll ECBs when there is a limit of one per household

        • Elizarae

          You can roll ECBs if there is a limit of one onto another deal, but not the same deal.

          • Danielle Elise ? 1/9

            Ok thanks!

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  • Janel Bradway

    okay this week I want to buy the physicians formula mascara(spend 10 get 7ecb) and elf cosmetics (spend 10 get 3ecb) I have a 30% of beauty coupon loaded to my account as well as $7 ecbs will I still qualify for the ecb using the 30%? how will the math work? I’m sorry I haven’t figured the order of what works where when coupons are preloaded

    • HelperJen

      The 30% off coupon will apply as long as the items are regular price. The $7 ECB will count as payment, not a coupon.

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  • Marlee Diller Asulin

    will cvs let me use online coupons in the store?

    • Elizarae

      No, a coupon must have a barcode on it in order for it to be scanned in the store.

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  • Kimmie

    I have a question. When is the cashier supposed to take off the 20% (for example) Coupons that they send you in the email? before manufacturers? Before CVS? or after all coupons?

    • HelperJen

      It’s not up to them, the register should apply the % off before coupons no matter when it is scanned. I’ve heard some stores apply after coupons though so YMMV

  • Tonya Austin-Peartree

    does cvs double coupons? if so, how much?

    • they don’t double

      • Tonya Austin-Peartree

        thank you

  • bbgirl

    Hi had a question last week I did the maybelline deal 3 times which gave me back 15ECB’s. On my receipt it says if I buy 2 products more I can get another 5ECB, my question is, wll that truly be the limit 1 more time or can I do it 3 times again this week. Thank you, just planning my trip and wanted to mae sure, thanx again

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  • danielle

    I have a question if something is on sale for buy one get the other one 50% off and then I have a coupon buy one get one free how does that work

    • HelperJen

      It’s up to your. Some cashiers put in the full amount to make FREE, others use the 50% off item.

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  • karen Smith

    On Sunday I went to CVS and got the buy 1/ get 1 free fragrance sale and used my $10 off 2 fragrance CVS coupons with no problem. The exp date was 12/21/15. Last night (Monday) my sister was going to do the same deal and the cashier said that the coupons was expired and the items were n sale so he wasn’t going to do it. I was told that they accept their own coupons for 14 days after exp. I only go to the one store that we have here. I don’t see how they can change the rules from day to day,

    • HelperJen

      CVS doesn’t take expired mfg coupons. Many stores accept expired CVS store coupons like from the Magic Coupon Machine or email. Some stores do not accept any expired store coupons, though.

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  • Brianna

    I just did a maybelline deal buy 2 get $5eb. I had 4 printable $1 off coupons and the register wouldn’t accept the 4 the one? The cashier said the policy had changed is this true??

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      This is not true. I did this deal today at my cvs

    • Paula

      I wasn’t allowed to use 2 coupons of the same in one transaction he said it was fraud coupon states one per transaction ?

      • Jen

        This video will explain that:

        • Paula

          Thank you for that video ! After reading it carefully it does say 1 per purchase and I did purchase 2 items and was still able to only use one coupon I just got off the phone with cvs and they said per purchase and transaction is the same thing ?

        • paula

          Update… CVS says purchase and transaction is the same thing

          • Kathryn Kirkland

            Ok now I’m confused. If it says on the coupon “per transaction” or ” per purchase” are you saying that now you have to do all individually regardless of what the coupon says. i.e. If the Zatarains were on sale for 1.99 and I have 4 / 1.00 off coupons, regardless of what the coupons say, I’d have to do a separate transaction, 4 times, to use all the coupons?

            • Jen

              No. You can still do them all in the same transaction. Purchase and Transaction are still different things. Maybe a reader was told that by a misinformed cashier.

              • Kathryn Kirkland

                Thanks for letting me know. I’m already irked because of them refusing to honor what is online for sale at THEIR store, saying that they only go by the circular. I live 20 miles from CVS and it’s annoying to have to drive over there just to get the circular and then come home, do my coupons and such, and then make another trip just to use them. Such is life :(

  • Paula

    I tried using 2 garnier coupons in one transaction and I wasn’t allowed since coupons said one per transaction

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  • Jennifer Kelly

    I have a question regarding CVS’s policy on their “$10 ECB when you spend $20”. Do you have to spend $20 on that specific product, or can you combine with others using the same wording? (if they have the same deal for Huggies & Tide can I buy a combination of the two to hit the $20?)

    • Jen

      It depends on the ad. If several products are shown together with one headline stating $10 ECB wyb $20 then yes. But if they are just separate products with the same wording then no. Which one are you looking at?

      • Jennifer Kelly

        I’m looking at this weeks sales ad and wondering if I can buy a combination of All laundry detergent, Brawny paper towels & Snuggle dryer sheets totaling $30 to trigger the $10ECB.

        • Jen

          Yes on that one they have several pages of included offers. The limit is one ECB for any items you pick. You can combine those three you listed.

          • Jennifer Kelly

            Great, thanks for the info!

  • Trisha

    I was just at CVS and I purchased 4 Ajax detergents and tried to use 4 coupons that I had. They were .25/1 coupon. They told me that I couldn’t use the coupons in one transaction. I had to have 4 different transactions to use the coupons. I have a call into the manager right now so verify that because their coupon policy clearly states that you can use identical coupons as long as you have 1 coupon per purchase. The coupon states up to 4 identical coupons per purchase. I don’t see what the problem is and I was not happy because I never had an issue before. It’s a coupon and they get their money back. I don’t see what the problem is.

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  • Caligal76

    Here’s a question. When using a $3 off $10 cvs coupon will it take it if my total is actually 9.98? I want to buy 2 items marked 4.99 which is very close to $10 total- and I know there’s a 98% rule for ecb’s. Does it apply here too?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      I would typically say no, but a reader last week said it worked for them at 98% so YMMV.

  • Anna villa

    Do u guys do overage? I was buying centrum vision on sale for $3.44 n had mfq for $4.00 off . The manager said I couldn’t use it cuz it had to cost $4 or more. He said cvs changed policy on overage cuz cust. We’re abusing it. I was wondering if that was true?

    • Jen

      CVS will usually reduce the amount of the coupon to match the price so you don’t get overage. They don’t restrict you using coupons more than the selling price because they reduce it.

    • StephyWill

      I tried this exact same thing on the same item and was also told they could not accept it.

    • Annie

      Hi Anna. At anytime there is a coupon over the price of an item ad a filler ( candy) that will cover the cost of the coupon so it will scan w out any problem. I’ve been a couponer for over 4 years and that’s the trick ?Hope this helps


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  • vale

    Nescafe Taster’s Choice Coffee, 7 oz – B1 Get 2nd free, and is included on “Buy $15 and get $5 ebc”, let’s say that the price is $10 . how many of this product should I get to reach $15???

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      You would need to buy at least 3 at $10 each to meet the $15 requirement, but the better deal would be to get 4 since they are BOGO FREE 😉

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  • Rosemary Zesner

    i have a rain check for dog food bogo but my mfgr coupon expired about a week ago will they accept it? its hard to use them when i can never find the dog food in stock

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      expired coupon? Not typically i wouldn’t think they would be able too, but have heard other readers say their CVS has.

    • No you can not use expired coupons.

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  • Denise Barnes

    Cvs use to take coupons up to 7 days past expired date! What happen to that policy!

    • Elizarae

      That was never an official CVS policy. Most stores just honored them out of courtesy.

  • Denise Barnes

    I use to shop once a week at CVS and buy all my household supplies! But now their new policies are ridiculous and I choose to go and shop at Walgreens and spend my $200 every week there.

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  • Karla

    do you know if you can combine the $10 off $30 cosmetics and the $10 off $60 q at CVS? Like if I spend $30 worth of cosmetics and spend another $30 to reach $60?

  • Torri

    I went to cvs and spent over $30 on cosmetics hoping to use the $10 off $30 coupon that is on my app. When I went to ring up, that coupon didn’t show up on their computer and they wouldn’t let me use it even though I showed the associate that the coupon was loaded on my app. Has that happened to anyone else?

    • Christina

      The same thing happened to me tonight. I even talked to the manager about it. My store just had a meeting for coupons and had been sending through more coupons then corporate thought so they are in trouble for it. I don’t blame the manager at all but I do plan on calling corporate first thing in the morning to figure out why and hope they fix the problem. I hope you called and got your problem fixed!

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  • Mew123

    Hi, I shopped yesterday and I used $15 ECB , $3 of $25, and 30%.i sent all these to the card. When I check out, looks like the ECB deducted first, then $3 , and lastly 30%. I remember in the past, 30% was always the first one but now it changed? I could have saved more but ended up paying more. Do you know what happened? Do they have specific order to ring these coupons? Thanks.

    • Elizarae

      Purchase based coupons (i.e. $3 off $25) ALWAYS apply first, this has always been the case. The 30% off then applies to the remaining balance. The ECBs should have counted as cash and applied last, but the store can apply coupons in whichever order they choose. In the future, I recommend printing and then handing them your coupons in order. Remember, % off coupons will always apply AFTER purchase-based coupons.

      • MrsGoolander

        I’m so sorry Im going to interject. I work for a CVS and we have no control over the order or coupons go in. The computer puts them in whatever order it sees fit. They all go in after we scan them, after all the manufactured coupons.

        • Reeden

          I just went to cvs to get olay bar soaps 2/$10. I wanted to use 2/$2 off MFR and when the cashier scanned, the computer showed that it only honored 1 and wouldn’t honor the 2nd coupon. We tried to void and re do the transaction but it still wouldn’t take 2 identical coupons. Is this new?

          • Jen

            For That Coupon: It says $2 off 1 Olay Bar Soap (4+ ct) wyb 1 Olay Body Wash. If youonly bought bar soap, that coupon’s requirements were not fulfilled.

  • Minnie02

    Hi, I know this probably seems like a stupid question, but can you use a manufacturer coupon and an online coupon, like one you would print out?

    • Jen

      If the online coupon CVS store coupon then yes. If it’s just a Manufacturer coupon no.

  • Minnie02

    oh and also, does cvs double their coupons?

    • Jen


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  • Debbie

    How many times can a mobile coupon be used in a transaction?? Can I use a $2 off 2 toothpastes three times if I buy 6 tubes??? Ty in advance

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      On the app. It’s a one time use per card

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  • Reya

    Do you know if coupons sent to emails can be printed multiple times and used even though it’s the same coupon being used over

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Just once

  • Pingback: CVS Weekly Ad Deals 8/7-8/13/16()

  • Jenn

    I heard that CVS no longer takes printed manufacturer coupons is this true?

    • Jen

      No we have not heard that. We go to the store and show you live videos where we have used them.

  • ALMA

    If i have 4 BOGO coupons for shampoo. Can i buy 4 and get 4 free?

    • Jen

      You can buy 8 and use (4) Bogo coupons. Then you would only pay for four.

    • Anna

      I have still been able to use 2 coupons on a bogo. That has not been a problem. So maybe try it and see what happens.

  • Catherine Andrew

    Hi my question would be I shop at cvs yesterday and bought two oil of Olay and then went today to get two more with the intention on getting my $5.00 ECB back but that didn’t happen is there anything that cvs will do if I call costumer service?
    Thank you

    • Jen

      Look on the bottom of your receipt and see what it says for that deal. It should have an amount towards the deal and what is still needed.

  • Carlie

    Can you use multiple of the same manufacture coupon (even if the coupon says only 1 per transaction). I have seen places that say to use 2 of the same coupon (even though the coupon says only 1) to get the discount of 2 or more.

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  • Mely

    I wish I saw this website earlier. I had an issue last week with the Calendula Cream. I first went to purchase the 2.5 oz and the $3mq from RP 8/7 insert and when I went to pay for it the coupon kept beeping and it wouldn’t take it. I didn’t purchase it, went to another CVS and got the 1oz Calendula Cream and it had the $3 peelie on it, when I went to pay for it the peelie didn’t go through, she even keyed in the number and it kept beeping, I gave her then the #3mq from the RP insert and also did the same thing. I ended up using my 4 ecb instead. But I was curious why didn’t it take the coupon? Will I have the same problem with other coupons this week and if I do can I do something about it?

    • Jo Tinker

      We are hoping to get to CVS this week and see what is going on with the new policy. They are taking away the override power from what we have seen from the new policy and have heard from employees. We will keep everyone posted as to what we are finding with our deals!

  • Lily

    Can I use a cvs 3$ off of $8 coupon on sale items? I over heard an employee telling a customer that she couldn’t do I just want to make sure before I try to do a deal.

    • Jo Tinker

      This is the grey area in their updated policy. We are working on seeing how these non-clear areas will play out. You can always try and ask to void those products off of your transaction if you won’t want them without that coupon. Good luck & let us know what you experience!

    • Laura

      You can, as long as you meet the 8 dollar requirement with said sale items. It’s only percentage based coupons that cannot be taken for sale items.

  • lwillu

    I recently shopped at cvs under its new policy and spent about 30 mins checking out.

    What I found:
    Everytime they need to correct any item instead of taking it off they now have to void the entire transaction.

    They would now allow me to see my final amount before using my ebb.

    I was unable to use my cvs coupons loaded on my card until the manager finally decided to give me ebs in place of it.

    The store manager and staff is still learning the policy.

    • Jo Tinker

      We will need patience for sure during this transition time! As of Saturday night, my local stores had still not had any training for the updated policy (just rumors about it) and it went into effect on Sunday.

      Yikes! Voiding the entire transaction! That will be insane! Dollar Tree has to do that a lot of times, so I tend to do smaller transactions now.

      • lwillu

        Same here. The manager even encouraged me to call the 1800 to see if I can find out more info, she said she will do the same :)

  • Sandy Dickens

    When I went to CVS this Monday I done the deal about the pampers and 3 of the small dawn dish was, I had 2 coupons for the dawn and 2 for the pampers, they both stated limit of 4. I just wanted to use 2 of the time on the 2 pampers swaddles and 2 for the 3 dawns I got. The check out lady wouldn’t take but one for the pampers and one on the dawn coupon. Same way on the vive paper towels, I got 2 of them and had a cvs coupon, 2 ,75 cents off one 1 vive towels.She didn’t take but one for the 2 towels.I don’t think that is fair.I could see if I have 6 diapers , 4 vive towels. and all the coupons for them.Yes, it takes longer now than before, I don’t like losing money.I think CVS will lose money by doing it this way.Thank you for your time.

    • Jo Tinker

      Oh dear. Maybe contact the store manager or customer service to get clarification on the matter.

  • Desnia Lee

    I went to CVS today, wanted to purchase 4 Almay eye make ups. They were buy 1 get 1 half off. I have 4 Almay coupons, but was told i could not use them. I could only use 1 coupon for all 4 eye shadows.

    • Jo Tinker

      That is interesting. I would consider contacting the store manager or customer service to get clarification on the matter.

    • Laura

      That is not correct. As long as the coupon did NOT exceed the value of the items, you should have been able to use one for each product. Sounds like you got an inexperienced cashier.

  • Josie

    am I allowed to stack a CVS and a manufacturer Q on a sale item? sorry but it led me to confusion due to the new cvs coupon policy

    • Jo Tinker

      This is the fuzzy grey area that we are still trying to figure out for sure.

    • Angela Coupon

      “You can only use one item-, brand-, or category-specific CVS
      Pharmacy coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon per qualifying item unless
      prohibited by either coupon”

      • Angela Coupon

        Addendum: their print ads still advertise suggested deals using their coupons on sale items.

      • Josie


      • Elizabeth Ray

        I was told today by my cvs store manager that if I purchase more than one like item in a single transaction I will only be allowed to use one mf coupon. Example: if I purchase 3 tide I will only be allowed to use 1 tide coupon. Looks like I may need to start shopping at walgreens

        • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

          that’s not true. You should be able to use up to 4 like coupons unless its a BOGO free sale or something?

  • Susana

    They told me I could only use 1 coupon that was printed from home

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  • gina

    found out the policy change a few days ago, guess i’m 3 weeks late which is surprising since i extreme coupon there at least 3 times a week. prior every single cvs i go to or i shop at is able to approve expired coupons, (if anyone is familiar, the yellow pending cvs coupons on register at checkout). two days ago, supervisor appologized and send a new memo was sent to all cvs stores to no longer accept expired coupons. :( so sad, it was one of the benefits b4, putting shopping at cvs a priority to other stores. oh well. i understand otherwise.

  • Warren

    Holly Molly, my dream is over! I went traveling to Japan since 8/5, I hadnt noticed the new policy until today. Really sucks! I lost $5 ecb!! That is expired.. Oh well, I need to follow their rule , my quetion is if I will stay with CVS in the future.

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  • Shauna6166

    Does anyone know if the register still allows you to use multiple 30 percent coupons in one transaction? Haven’t done it on a while. Definitely use to They would be loaded to card. TIA

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      I wouldn’t think so.

  • PaulDA

    So I was so excited and happy to see that CVS stopped printing all of the extra bucks rewards out and decided to email them to you. Then I saw that I had a WHOLE 7 DAYS to use those extra bucks. Sent them an email stating unless they change this policy, they have lost me as a customer. This is just downright disrespectful and disdainful of their loyal customers.

  • Rose

    What is the point to issue EBR dollars if they are going to expire. I have been a loyal customer and now you have lost my business, and your sale items do not compete with other retailers. What is the point, WASTE OF TIME!!!

  • Pen

    Hi, Purchase amount to qualify for ECB, is it before mfr coupon or after coupon? for example, buy $15 get $5 ECB. If I buy items cost $16 with $2 coupon, so I pay for $14. will I receive ECB?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      yes you will receive ECB. It’s after coupons.

      • pen

        Thanks for your reply, The reason I asked this question because some CVS stores allow before coupons. I have never seen the official CVS policy on this issue.

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  • adrienne

    Can i use three bogo free mfr coupons on a bogo free sale to get all of the items free or has that changed

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      yes, you should be able to. Here are our examples in the post: Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) and the customer purchases two shampoos; the customer may use two coupons for $1.00 each and pay the applicable tax.
      Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a mfr. coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.

  • Amy

    If you print the same coupon from coupon.Com twice, are they considered duplicates? I was trying to use two such vitamin water coupon ($1 of 2) on 4 bottles but the second coupon came up as duplicate?

    • Jo Tinker

      Look in the upper right hand corner to check if the ID numbers are the same…they SHOULD be different!

      • Amy

        It was different and I did point it out to them but she said she doesn’t care, they only scan the bar code which was same on both and moreover she showed me her screen which was giving a duplicate error. She said she can’t override that error.

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  • Penny Coker

    If you have a 15$ off 75$ purchase and you have a 2$ off 6$ body wash and 15$ ecb can you use all of those together as well as other mfr coupons? I’m a little new to this ecb and cvs I normally shop Walgreens but I shoppes there the other day and got a 15$ off 75$ and the coupon center I got a 2$ off 6$ body wash or barsoap and I received 15$ ecb and I don’t want to lose these savings. Can I use them all together??

    • Jen

      You will need to use the $15/$75 and the $2/$6 in different transactions. You can use ECB’s with them for your out of pocket costs. Just remember you need to use the ECBs in the same increments you got them. For example, use a $4 one for $4 in purchases otherwise if you use it for less you lose it.

      • Penny Coker

        Thank you so much it’s a little confusing when reading cvs coupon policy. I’ve read it like a hundred times and i was still like but can I use them together. Thanks for clarifying.

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  • Shortybiscuit

    ECB Question here. There is a deal this week that says $3 ECB when I spend $12. However, the items will cost $11.94 (6 x $1.99). Will the register print the $3 ECB or do I have to purchase another item?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      It seems to vary with stores (ymmv). To be safe I would add another item

      • Shortybiscuit


  • kathleen niemiec

    So yesterday I shopped as always at CVS…when I went to pay I was told that my 30% coupon could NOT be used since I purchased items of BUY ONE and GET THE 2nd HALF OFF. Is this something NEW…in the past I always was able to use it with these purchases. ??

  • Barb E.

    Yesterday I used the Coupon Center for the first time and nothing printed. When the clerk was free, I asked him about it and he said the coupons are sent to my card when they don’t print. Of course, the $3 in coupons didn’t show up on my receipt. Do the coupons in the Center run out in a week? We only had one clerk and most of the time he had a long line of customers so I didn’t get more information from him.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      You can typically print coupons from the cvs magic coupon machine weekly and they vary on expiration dates. You should be able to print new ones starting tomorrow.

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  • Ana Alvarez

    There is a crt for .25 cent off of a variety of coke. Can this be used on more than one coke drink or just one? No quantity was specified.

    • Jen

      Usually only once.

  • nina

    hi ! :) so i went to cvs today and the ad said buy $10 on colgate and receive $5ec …bought 1 colgate mouthwash $5.99 receive 2ec and one toothpaste $5.29
    i used two $1 coupons and did not receive $5 edxtrabucks :(
    do they count the amount after coupons?

    • Jen

      The ad is confusing. On page 10 it says Select Colgate rinse is $5.99 and you get $2 ECB(it shows Colgate Rinse in the pic). Then on the last page it says Select Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush or mouthwash is Spend $10 Get $5 ECB and the picture shows Toothpaste. I think the mouthwash you bought was part of the first offer on page 10. I think the toothpaste is part of the second offer. If you go back and buy another toothpaste for $5.29 you will also get hte $5 ECB as the computer tracks how much you have spent already.

      The total to get your ECB’s is always before coupons.

      • Yes that is what I thought that meant too.

        • Nina

          Thank you ! :)

      • Nina

        Ahhh okay … thank you so much!! I thought they had somehow changed the total policy 😀
        So i cannot combine both offers right

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  • Natalie

    I purchased a some quilted northern toilet paper 3 weeks ago and got a $5 EB from it. It is about to expire, and I noticed that CVS is running the exact same deal again on Quilted northern, brawny, and angel soft. can I used this EB that I got for quilted northern on more quilted northern? What if I bought the brawny or angel soft instead?

    • Answers From Ashley

      Yes you can.

  • Mitch

    Are you able to stack CVS coupons such as 25% off your purchase plus a $1 CVS coupon for specific category items?

    • Elizarae

      It depends on your store. Some will allow it and some won’t.

  • Barbara Taylor

    There are sales next week for buy two razors get rxtra rewards bucks etc. Can I use l for example if its buy two on Gillette and Venus can I use one Gillette mfr coupon AND one Venus mfr coupon?

    • Jen

      Can you tell me more about the scenario? What will you buy and what do the coupons say?

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  • camilla

    Is there a limit to the number of coupons per transaction

    • Jo Tinker

      Just the limit specified on the coupon (usually varies from 1 – 4 per transaction in most cases) and as always, manager’s discretion can have a limit for an individual store as well.

  • camilla

    what to do when the cashier dont use the buy one get one free. And you get just applied

    • Jo Tinker

      Can you clarify what you mean?

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  • A

    Can I use a manufacturer BOGO Q and a manufacturer free item Q on two items that the coupons are for?

    • Jen

      You can’t use 2 manufacture coupons.

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  • Erica

    I had CVS refuse to take a couple of my coupons tonight. One instance for example, I bought 9 Pantene shampoos/conditioners. I tried to use three of the $5/3 coupons. They would only accept two of them but couldn’t give me a reason why they couldn’t take the last one. Any ideas?

    • Jen

      No actually I have no idea why. They will usually take 4 LIKE coupons unless the coupon itself has a restriction.

      • Alesha

        I had this same thing happen to me TWICE and they “can’t” give me an explanatation as to why the coupon won’t be accepted accept that they changed their policy. All my coupon were correct and for the right items????

    • Kaytee Postma

      They’re making up their own rules. The coupon policy specifically states they abide by the restrictions on the coupon. So if they coupon states 4 like coupons per transaction, then CVS needs to abide by that.

  • Pingback: CVS Weekly Ad Deals 1/8-1/14/17()

  • kristen

    Can I use a $6 off $30 purchase AND a $1.50 off $4.00 bodywash coupon in the same transaction?

    • Jen

      To use both you would have to spend $34 first.

      • kristen

        got it, thanks!

      • kristen

        another question…if an item is BOGO free, do they both count towards the threshold total I need? Or does the register deduct the free one before I use my threshold coupon? thanks!!

        • Jen

          No because the first one rings reg price and the second one defaults to zero.

  • Sherri

    Ok, this is a first for me. I just finished up a transaction at my local CVS. One of the offers this week was buy $15 of select Dove shampoos/conditioners, get $5 ECB. They were on sale this week 2/$8. I bought four and used two $3/2 manufacturer coupons. I didn’t get the ECB after I paid and was handed the receipt. I was told by the manager that because I used coupons, it dropped down the amount spent to under $15 to get it. Like I said, this was a first for me. The same thing happened when I purchased the Boost drinks during that same transaction. They went ahead and gave me the $10 ECB for the drinks, but they still wanted to argue over the shampoo. I politely told them I wanted to return the items, which they did. I’ve read the coupon policy, but I don’t see anything that states that stipulation. She ran all of my coupons after she scanned all of my products, which is normal. Am I missing something?

    • Jen

      No you did everything right. It was probably something wrong with the machine and they should have given you the ECB.

      • Sherri

        Thanks, Jen! There were some rather strange things happening at checkout today with the machine. When the clerk scanned in my $1.50/2 Always pads, it said it expired 3,000+ days ago. The clerk rolled her eyes and mannually entered it in. But you would think when the clerk called over the manager, she would have given me the ECB. She wanted to say it was the coupon policy. I think corporate needs to educate their managers a little better (at least in this Missouri town). I had a similar problem with my local Walgreens about a year ago.

  • Nancy Chung

    this upcoming sunday, revlon will be having a bogo 50% at cvs. can I use two bogo coupons on these as well as a $3 revlon crt? is there a limit on how many crts I can use in a single transaction.

    • Coupon Dan

      There is no set limit however, store managers do reserve the right to set discretionary limits
      on specific items being purchased in order to ensure there are enough of those items for
      other customers.

    • No there is no limit

  • Tausha Adington

    Are you able to use coupons from the newspapers when shopping online at CVS? All stores around me are out of everything :(

    • Coupon Dan

      Coupons are physical copies and must be used in store. You might try asking for a rain check.

  • Juvy

    I have a friend that returned an item that generated $5 ecb and the cashier demanded to return the ecb. Is this common?

    • Jen

      It is up to the store manager.

  • Spiral

    I was just at CVS. Tide is on sale and I had 6 mfr coupons for Tide. The manager said that only 4 of the same coupons can be used per day. I just looked through the CVS coupon policy page on their website, and didn’t see any mention of it. Does anyone know about this?
    Earlier this week I wanted to return something that was $16.31. I paid $4.31 in cash, and the rest in ECB. The manager said I can only get $4.31 back. I took back the item. In the past they issued a money card. I don’t know if this is their new policy or it’s this particular manager. I’ve had other issues with him. On mondays he won’t issue a raincheck. He tells me to come back Thursday. This is the only CVS near my house.

    • Kate

      On the tide coupon itself if you read the fine print, it will say “limit of 4 identical coupons per purchase”. This is common on MFR coupons and because of this CVS could only accept 4 of the 6 coupons

  • les sim

    Hi guys, I tried to do the CVS deal on Revlon lip products where you get back 2.00 extra care bucks and we could use our 3.00 off one coupon. I heard there was another 3.00 off 12.00 store coupon but I can’t find it. Was that from the red machine? My transaction didn’t work out as planned and I left paying over 27.00 with tax. Can someone explain what I did wrong?

    • some people are getting it from the mcm machine

  • itzel

    how many transactions can i make in one day at cvs???

    • Jen

      As many as the store manager lets you. BUT certain items may have limits and you must stick to those.

  • Samantha

    Can i use two CRTs? I have a pantene crt for $2 off and a crt for $1 off shampoo. I plan to buy 2 bottles of pantene

    • Jen

      Just one.

  • Christine R.

    Can I use a $2/2 mfr q on a BOGO free sale @ CVS? I can’t remember and don’t see anything about that particular scenario in their cpn policy. Thanks!

    • Kaila

      Yes, you can.

  • Stephanie

    Will I be able to use other CRTs with my 10 off 40?

    • Helper Jen

      Yes if you follow all the rules on all the CRTs. If everything works within the deal yes.

    • Jen

      Yes if you follow all the rules on all the CRTs. If everything works within the deal yes.

  • Lorena

    When I print coupons for Huggies. They all have the same barcode. Can I use three Huggies coupons with the same barcode to purchase three separate Huggies diapers ?

    • Jen

      You can only print out two. Then you need to either go to another device or have a friend print off the 3rd one. Even with the same barcode they are embedded with a QR code so they know they are different and where they were printed.

  • Jessica

    I have a $6 off $30 purchase that was sent to my card. Can I use this on sale items or is it like the % off where it can only be used on regular price items?

    • Jen

      You just have to reach the $30 threshold to use it. Items can be on sale.

  • Lauren

    Is there any way to use extra care bucks even if you don’t have it printed on your receipt? I was able to pull it up online where it said I had it but it said printed and only gave a sequence number.

    • Coupon Dan

      Is your Extracard card linked to your CVS Account?

      • Lauren

        yes it is

        • Coupon Dan

          You should be able to use it with your card.

  • Kay Hale

    I’m confused how $__ extracare bucks for purchasing __ items (from one brand) works.

    In my case, it’s $5 EB for buying 2 L’Oréal cosmetics. I have bought 2 items from L’Oréal within the same week, but on my receipt, it still says that only one purchase counts toward the reward and I need to make one more purchase, on both receipts for each item…

    I’m confused, do you have to make the purchases at the same time in one transaction? That seems dumb and it’s not a stipulation that is mentioned anywhere on the deal I see in my account or on the receipt…

  • Dreamr75

    I’m hoping someone can help me with this. At CVS this week, there’s a johnson and johnson deal to get a B1G1 50% off. I have a manufacturer coupon that is a BOGO free. How does that work with that kind of sale?

    • Jen

      Usually it just takes off the 50% item.

      • Dreamr75

        Ok, that would make sense. Thank you so much for answering my question. I really appreciate it!

  • Aimee

    I got 6 Pantene and used 2 $5/3 and a $2/3 from the coupon center. It did not generate the $5 EB I was expecting. Does it matter the order in which the coupons are scanned? I haven’t had this trouble before. I am thinking it was the store coupon. Any ideas??

    • Coupon Dan

      You might try contacting customer service at 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287) Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM ET.

  • Soledad

    I just went to cvs to take advantage of the promo that started today where you get $10 ECB for spending $35 or more on Pantene and head and shoulders hair products. I bought 2 head and shoulders shampoos for $7.99 each + they had a 30% off deal which brought them down to $5.60 a piece. I got 2 Pantene shampoos, 2 Pantene conditioners and 1 Pantene hairspray that were each $5.99 a piece but also had a cvs promo for 30% off which made them $4.19 a piece. I thought I had to get a total of $35 before the 30% was taken off. My total after the 30% off ended up being only $2 under $35 so I ended up not getting the ECB. I am pretty bummed about it. MY QUESTION IS: did I have to spend the $35 in one transaction or can I go back this week and spend another $2 or more to get the $10 ECB? The reason why I bought all this stuff in the first place was because I had coupons for all and I wanted to get $10 back for my next trip. Someone please help.

    • Coupon Dan

      Yes, I am afraid you had to make the threshold in one transaction. There is a 98% rule (YMMV) that would trigger the threshold. On a $35 purchase, you would have to spend $34.30.

  • Cindia

    So cvs is having a buy 1 get the second 50% off on rimmel products. I tried using 2 coupons of 3 dollars of any rimmel product but the manager told me i couldn’t because it’s only 1 coupon per purchase. But I told him I’m purchasing 2 items
    1 of them regular price the second half off. He told I couldn’t. Was he right?

    • Jo Tinker

      One coupon per purchase simply means one coupon per coupon’s requirements (like $1/1 would be one item per coupon and $1/2 would be 2 items as your purchase). Many times, store personnel don’t always know the coupon lingo. So, you should have been able to use 2 coupons in that scenario. The one thing you could run into is manager’s discretion if they have put a limit at their store. I could contact the head store management and/or corporate for clarification.

      • Cindia

        Thank you that will be great

  • Laurane

    I have a 30% off deodorant CVS coupon. Can that be used on the full price items of a BOGO 50% off promotion? As in only take 30% off the item that’s full price? Or does it not apply at all?

  • Karyna

    Today all the coupons I receive from cvs app have “mfr” on them. Am I gonna be able to use this on top of the inserts coupons? Please help!!!

    • Manda Sutton

      Mine as well. I’m worried as if I cant use them. I will be breaking up with CVS!!

  • Amber

    Hello all! I’m a newbie to the CVS coupon game and I totally missed up yesterday. So I would like to make this shopping trip a little better. I plan on doing a few transactions so I can get this thing down. My first trip was a disaster because I was trying to apply to many coupons with to many sales and I got confused…lol.. So if you could help me verify I’m doing this correctly that would be great.

    Transaction 1 ( Paper towels): SALE SPEND 30.00 GET 10EB

    Buying 3 packs of Scott Paper Towels 9.99 each =$ 29.97
    Using three $0.55/1 Scott paper towel 6ct or higher
    Using one $1.00 of $6.00 paper towel
    Using one 25% off
    My plan is to hand the cashier 25% first…..which would make my total without taxes $7.49
    Then I will hand her the three $0.55 coupons = $20.83
    Then I will hand her the $1.00 of $6.00 = $19.83
    So….my out of pocket would be 19.83+taxes…….and I would get $10.00 back AND submit checkout 51 credit for $2.00.
    So my grand total after coupons and rebates would be $2.61…

    Does this look correct?

    • Jo Tinker

      Each time you go, it should get easier, so keep your chin up! You CAN do this!

      Let’s go over a few things about CVS that might be useful for this transaction and for future ones. When CVS gives you % off coupons, they are only valid for NON-SALE items only. That is something that can confuse new to CVS shoppers. Also, when it comes to % off coupons, they get applied at the end of the transaction, no matter when you hand the coupon over to the cashier.

      So, you would do the following for your transaction:
      Buy (3) Scott Paper Towel, $9.99 sale price
      Subtotal before coupons: $29.97
      Use (3) $0.55/1 Scott Paper Towel q’s
      Use (1) $1 off$6 Paper Towels CVS q
      Pay: $27.32 OOP
      Get $10 wyb $30 (limit 1)
      Submit for $2 Checkout 51, expires 4/19 (BUT it comes back again tomorrow! GOOD NEWS!)
      Final Price: $15.32 or $5.11 per pack (12 Ct. = 18 Reg. Rolls) or $0.28 per roll!

      Now, keep in mind that any name brand under $0.55 per regular roll is a great price! So, although it is more than you had originally thought, it is still a STOCK UP price!

      Keep trying and you WILL be successful with your CVS Transactions! Let us know if you have any further questions about your transactions.

  • James Martin

    How many of the same Manufacturer coupons can I use in one transaction? Example, can I purchase 7 All detergent and use 7 All manuf. coupons that are all the sames?

    • Jen

      Usually the MFR coupons say a limit of four LIKE coupons on them.

      • James Martin

        Yes, but the upcoming All coupon in 04/23 RP does not have a limit. Does CVS have a limit as to how many like coupons in one transaction?

        • Jo Tinker

          If that is the case (no limit stated), then it will be YMMV as that is usually a manager’s discretion policy. Now, CVS does track their deals, so you could always split that transaction into a set of 4 and a set of 3 to get all 7 credited for that deal. Watch the bottom of your receipt to track your weekly/long term deals!

          • James Martin

            Thank you.

  • Shannon Warner Powell

    Riddle me this….example $10 EB when spend $30 on Glade products but I have coupons. Are the EB generated on the total BEFORE the coupons are applied or the net price paid AFTER the coupons are taken off?

    • Charlie

      EB offers are triggered on the total before coupons. :)

      • Shannon Warner Powell

        THANK YOU!

      • Heidi Rictor

        Hi Charlie, can you please tell me where in the CVS policy it states this. I have a student who wants to be able to show the store who told her otherwise. :)

        • Charlie

          It doesn’t specifically say it, it’s just always been that way. It’s not up to the cashier, the register does it automatically. Hope that helps!

          • Heidi Rictor

            Thanks for responding. I wish they did have it in their policy because a student of mine was told that since she didn’t meet the criteria of the deal post coupons, then this is why the ECB’s didn’t print out. :(

  • Shannon Warner Powell

    I have a 25% off purchase, exclude sale items coupon. Does that mean Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Buy 1 get Half Off deals are considered “Sale”?

    • Charlie

      Buy one get one promotions would be considered sale items.

      • Shannon Warner Powell

        Thanks again! I figured as much but thought “Well if I’m buying one at regular price can I use a coupon?” Wish I would have found this discussion about 3 hours ago :)

  • Brittany Murray

    I just tried to purchase the right guard on sale BOGO 50% and had a coupon for BOGO free. I tried to explain that I thought I should only have to pay taxes but the cashier charged me full price for one item. I got six deodorants with three coupons. He told me my “free coupon” only took off the half off item in the sale but I don’t think that’s right after reading policy. Any help is appreciated. I’m a newbie and just trying to figure everything out!

    • Junk Mail

      I used that same coupon a few days ago at Meijer. My receipt shows “Deodorant 2 @ $2.99” for $5.98, then directly below it says “=> 50% Off $2.99 -$1.50” (because the store was having a Buy 1 Get 1 50% sale. At the very bottom of my receipt, it says “Vendor Coupon -$1.50” (for the other half of the “free” one). So I paid $2.98 for 2 deodorants, which is BOGO. It sounds like you ended up with BOGO as well, which is what the coupon says. It could be that you were hoping to “stack” the coupon with the sale, but I don’t see where the CVS policy would allow that. Can you show me? Both the coupon and the sale state “Buy One”, so you’d need to do that. The item you pay for is always the higher priced one, so even in your scenario, you’d still owe the 1/2 of the second deodorant rather than just tax. But, I think that CVS was correct in this case.

      (Someone please step in if I’m mistaken. I’m new at this myself.) Hope that helps!

      • Jen

        You are correct and explained very well. Thanks!

  • Compton Native

    I have $2 off a $8 disposable razors and $2 off any schick disposable. If I buy $3 would the coupons be applied to each item or overall items? TIA

    • Coupon Dan

      Have you checked the fine print?

      • Compton Native

        It was a CRT no fine print. I was looking at my receipt and was confused because it said applied. I also had 3 $4off any schick coupons.

        I bought $3 schick @10.79 each

        • Coupon Dan

          What was the total cost?

          • Compton Native

            $18.72 with tax

            • Coupon Dan

              If you only bought the 3 razors, the total should have been $32.37 before tax. It sounds like all coupon were applied. Each coupon can only be counted once.

              • Compton Native

                Ok! Thanks?

  • CMH1977

    Can I return something that was paid for with only ECBs? I only paid tax. I picked up the wrong diapers this week. They were supposed to be huggies not pampers. I plan on buying the huggies instead at the same time. Will they give me my ECBs back? Thanks.

    • Coupon Dan

      Yes, you can return the diapers. You must return it within 60 days of purchase and have Manger Approval. Make sure to bring your ID as well. They may return it in the form of a “money card” though.

  • A

    I have red box printout 30% off razors. I want to buy 3 razors will the coupon apply to just one? Or all 3?

    • Coupon Dan

      If that is all it says, then it should apply to all of them. But it should explain further in the fine print.

  • Nikki

    I got a 25% off coupon in the mail and then another 25% off coupon on my card. Can these be combined? Neither says that it cannot be combine with other coupons.

    • Coupon Dan

      You can use one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon. If they are both store coupons, you can ‘t use them together.

  • ItzMe

    I have a question sorry new to couponing I have a cvs Crt I received and it says 40% off l’oreal color vibrancy expiration date then next to it it says (up to $99.00 value) could this be right? I mean there isn’t anything I seen that cost that much? I need help how can I use that? Thanks

    • Coupon Dan

      You could buy multiple items from the L’oreal Color Vibrancy line. CVS has the Hair coloring, shampoos, conditioners. The Shampoos start at $2.39 and go to $4.99 online. (YMMV) So if you bought 10 of each @$2.39 of the the cost would would be $46.78 and 28.08 after the 40% off coupon. However, you will have to read all of the fine print to make sure there are no limits or other restrictions and exclusions.

  • Reyna Ortiz

    I have a question
    If you have a dollar off coupon and 2 CRT coupons that applies to the same products than dollars off coupon….can I still use the 3?
    For example : $ 2 off when you spen $7 in Total Home products, and have $1.50 in in cups, plates, forks , and also have $2 off in bags, containers ……if I want to buy all of them in Total Homes products…can I use all 3 coupons?

    • Jo Tinker

      If you spend a total of $7 in Total Home products, including those specific types of items (cups, plates, etc and bags, containers, etc.), then you should be able to stack them together!

  • Casey

    Question, I have a $6 off $30 purchase and a $3 off $15 baby formula purchase. The formula is $30.99. With all my other EB I’d pay 99 cents for the formula…if both of these dollar offs were applied…will I be allowed to use both for this transaction? Thanks.

    • Jo Tinker

      In theory, you should be able to since you are hitting the formula threshold and also the total purchase threshold! As always, it is up to manager’s discretion (and what the computer has as available), but I think you should be fine! Good luck!

  • Dove body wash is buy one get one 50 percent off. I have a buy 1 get 1 dove body wash coupon and one 1$ off dove body wash coupon. Can I use the 1$ off coupon on the free item?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Hi Soni, great question. No you cannot use both, as the BOGO coupon applies to both items if that makes sense. :)

      • Ok.. thanks so much. And yes both manufacturer coupons.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Assuming these are all manufacture’s coupons, and not store Q’s?

  • Jennie

    Always Pads are BOGO 50% off next week and I have multiple coupons. Will I be able to stack $4 EB, $5 off (2) Always Pads, and 2 $0.75 off (1) Always Pads?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      You should be able to stack, Are you coupons CVS coupons or manu coupons?

  • Pearlie M. Baker

    What if I have a coupon overage on an item, can that overage go towards another item like that or will the coupon automatically be adjusted down?

    • Jo Tinker

      Almost ALL of the time now, the coupons are being adjusted down.

  • Emlight

    What’s the law or regulation that applies to purchasing milk using a CVS 25% or 30% off coupon. It doesn’t allow the discount on milk.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Most stores try to sell it at minimum state requirement, but also each state is different as far as laws go.

  • Jacqueline Quillen

    Can a manager override a digital coupon I loaded to my card via the cvs app that was showing on my phone that it was loaded on my card but the cash register wasn’t showing it was loaded..they told me I had to call corporate they couldn’t override it.

    • Depends on the manager if they will or not.

  • Jensa Ouch

    There’s a sale for All detergent that’s BOGO Free and if you spend $20, you get $7. Does the free item price go towards the $20 I need to trigger extra bucks?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      no the FREE Item price will not calculate towards the $20 to trigger the ECB.

  • Vicky

    This week tide detergent is 4.94 nd if yu spend $20 yu get $5 extrabucks back. I have a $5 off $25 coupon. If i buy five will i still get the $5 off $25 even if the totally is gna be 24.70??? Or do i have to get another detergent so i can get the 5 removed.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Hi Vicky, yes you could use the $5 off $25 and still receive $5 ECB, as the total is before coupons.

  • Baylee

    I went to cvs today there was a buy one get one 50% off of any secret deodorant. The cvs app also had $1.00 off of one secret clinical. I tried to use this coupon however when looking once I got home. It was not applied? I got the buy one get one but not the coupon. Is this not allowed? This happened on several things I bought, but this is just one example. If they don’t allow this, then what is the point of having the coupon on the app? Haha

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      The CVS app coupon should’ve been applied, maybe try contacting customer service?

  • Grace Beyours

    When calculating beauty purchase totals for beauty bucks, do CRT’s deduct from your total? Example: Purchase a shampoo for $4.99 and use a $1 off shampoo CRT, will $4.99 count towards beauty or $3.99? Also, do percentage off amounts deduct from your beauty total towards beauty bucks? TIA ?

    • Jo Tinker

      When they changed to the spend $30 get $3 Beauty Bucks, I have been trying to watch. It seems that the $3.99 (in your scenario) would be what tracked (from what I have seen). Same way for after the % off as well. Whatever the final price was, should be what tracks. We will keep monitoring to see if we notice any changes! Let us know what you find too!

  • Laurie Davies

    I have a $5 off $22 facial cleanser/moisturizer CRT & a $5 off Almay cosmetics or cleanser CRT. Can I use both? And will $5 off $22 apply to Physicians Formula oil moisturizer? I’d like to get PF moisturizing oil for $14.99 and (2) Almay facial cleansing wipes for $12.98. Can I use both CRTs on that one transaction?

    • Jo Tinker

      Yes! The $5 off Almay is specifically towards those Almay items you will be getting, where the $5 off $22 facial cleanser is off any in that category. Without seeing the PF product, I can’t say with 100%, but since it is a moisturizer, I would say it would work be a part of that CRT!

  • Frank

    Can digital extrcare coupons be used more than once on a purchase. Ex. $3/1 Razor. But I purchase 2 razors, will i be able to get $3 off each razor with digital coupon?

  • Frank

    Can digital extrcare coupons be used more than once on a purchase. Ex. $3/1 Razor. But I purchase 2 razors, will i be able to get $3 off each razor with digital coupon?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      digital coupons only apply to one item.

  • Frank

    Can digital extrcare coupons be used more than once on a purchase. Ex. $3/1 Razor. But I purchase 2 razors, will i be able to get $3 off each razor with digital coupon?

  • Lis

    My ecb’s are going to my card instead of printing on my receipt…does anyone know how to fix this

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      I would give Customer Service a call at 1 (800) 746-7287

    • Faye

      Go to any CVS and ask them to give u a paper reciet and tell them what’s going on and they should be able to fix it there. Takes 30 seconds had the same issue.

  • B hill

    Can I use paper manufacturer coupons with the manufacturer coupons in the cvs app?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Most of the CVS coupons on the app are store coupons aren’t they? You cannot use more than one manufacturers coupon per item.

  • melanie vee

    recently i got 10$ extra bcuks and i used it for sensodyne when i went to the register i also had coupons on the card for the toothpaste the manager than gave me a weird look and said its not allowed and said it automaticallhy took my coupons off …she said coupons and extra bucks couldnt be combined.. is this true or are they (as usual) giving me a hard time for trying to get the most out of my money? this was in the wanaque nj ringwood ave location

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      coupons & extra bucks can be combined — that’s so strange!

      • melly

        honestly they get pissy with me everytime i coupon, i knew she purposly took it off guess im calling corporate

  • Sharon

    I bought the Loreal shampoo, and had a coupon for each item. Then I tried to pay with an ECB, and it did not work. She said it was because they are considered man. coupons, and there was not an item to go with it. She was able to override it, but said that now the ECB’s are considered man. coupons, and need to be matched up with an item. I hope that is not true. If so, I will be done with CVS.

  • Mandy

    Hi there! This seemed like a decently straightforward transaction however my “30% off one item” email coupon seemed to be applied in a way that I need some help understanding please! I **THOUGHT** the 30% would come off of my cosmetic item after a “$3 off $12”, as calculated below. However – what actually happened is in the receipt pic. What the heck happened to my 30% off?? What was it applied to ultimately??
    Phy Form Cosmetic: $12.49
    Subtract: $3 off $12 cosmetic
    **Subtract: 30% off one item ($2.85)** = $6.64
    Deodorant 2/$5: $5
    Subtract: $2 ($1 off each, manu coupons)
    Subtract: $2 off one deodorant =$1.00

    Total: $7.64
    EcB ($7) = $.64 Due (plus tax) …. But th is wasn’t the case! See receipt image for actual transaction and help me understand how the 30% off was applied please!

    • Mandy

      I should mention: the cashier was NOT helpful in the least and seemed quite annoyed that I was using these few coupons. I was in the store at a crazy time of 1am with NO ONE else in the store, and asked her for a simple price check on a cosmetic that had no price indication and was misplaced – to which she advised that I head to the ExtraCare coupon kiosk and scan it myself. I did so and attempted for about a minute (while she watched) with no success as the kiosk scanner is crap. The whole time, no one else in the store and she was just idle at the register watching me before finally calling me back over for her to scan it herself. I knew that I was not in agreement with the 30% off discount (or wanted clarification at least) however felt very put-off by the cashier lady, so I paid what I thought was $2 it so excess and left. That said – and if there is a correction to be made – what can I do to remedy this? I know it’s $2 BUT it’s $2 that I want (if applicable) and will head back to set things straight if I can!

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      hmmm I thought maybe they were taking the 30% off after the $3 coupon, but that would be $2.85 – so I would call CVS customer service.

      • Mandy

        Thanks! I’ve had such issues with CVS lately! I grabbed 4/$2 Arizona teas which the register didn’t discount correctly and after the clerk tried to charge me $4 THREE times (she couldn’t understand “4 for $2” despite seeing it in the ad, and kept saying to me “ok 2 for $2”… NO!), it then took her 10 minutes – actually 10 minutes of confusion, continually pushing something on the register followed by an “error beep” when trying a manual input as directed by the manager, then finally just charging me for 2 teas (.99 each) and having me take all 4 to get to a 4/$2 result. Seeing that this clerk wasn’t going to be able to understand my earlier 30% Issue, I went To a different CVS location to try to remedy it. After approaching the clerk there and then handed off to the manager to whom I showed the receipt and laid out my question re: 30% discount and what I had expected the discount to be, the clerk on the side said to me “its just a few dollars” (trying to dismiss my concern in an effort to get me to leave), and both manager and clerk said to me “you do have to pay tax” (as if the few dollar difference between what I was charged and what I expected was merely a sales tax misunderstanding on my part – as if I wasn’t keen enough to understand that sales tax does add a bit to the final total). After many more “the discount doesn’t apply to sales/you need to take off the $3 first” get-customer-out-using-BS-“explanation” comments, the manager finally gave me the additional approx $2 that I was owed! I cannot stand having to practically argue a concern, only to have the employee (worse MANAGER) give no-thought “get customer to leave” responses, without actually looking into the issue! Moreso, to have a clerk say “it’s just a few dollars”, as if those few dollars are unimportant, insinuating that it’s pathetic for me to be trying to get them back ( says the CVS clerk who is working a minimum wage job for those SAME “few dollars” per hour – and undoubtedly isn’t in a financial position to write-off a few bucks!). Regardless of anyone’s job or financial position, I believe that every dollar is important and should be accounted for! CVS puts forth endless coupons for amounts like 25 cents…clearly sending message to consumers to “save down to the cent”, so I don’t appreciate snarky comments trying to belittle and embarrass me for honing in on a few dollars that I feel I’m owed.
        Anyways, thanks for your reply!

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