Walmart’s Coupon Policy 2017

Jan 1 2017
Posted by deidre 140 Comments

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Walmart’s Coupon Policy:

UPDATE:  Get the Walmart Price Catcher App for instant savings!

UPDATE: Walmart is now price-matching online retailers,’s  new online price matching policy, thanks, Ashley!

** Online retailers include, but are not limited to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Coupon shopping at Walmart can be a drag as the store associates often don’t know the rules.  Make sure you know them and can negotiate with un-informed cashiers – remember to stay nice and calm for best results! Here’s an online copy of Walmart’s Coupon Policy (updated June 2011); you might want to print it out and carry it with you!

Here’s my favorite change: Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.

Here’s what Wal-mart WILL accept:

  • Manufacturer’s coupons
  • Printed at Home coupons (internet or IP coupons)– WILL NOT accept printed at home coupons for items that require no purchase (“free” item coupons). Buy 1, get 1 free coupons require a purchase so these are valid.  Coupons MUSTbe legible, have “manufacturer’s coupon” written on it, have a valid remit address for the manufacturer, valid expiration date and a bar code that is scannable.
  • Competitor’s coupons that feature a SPECIFIC ITEM FOR A SPECIFIC PRICE. For example, a coupon that says: Kelloggs Cornflakes $2.99.  This is like price matching from a competitor’s ad.  They WILL NOT accept any other store coupons that say, for example: $.50/1 Tide or 50% off Tide.
  • Printed at our competitors’ registers for dollar/cents off on a specific itemCompetitor’s “Check Out Coupons” or  catalinas. They MUST be legible, have “manufacturer’s coupon” written on them with specific requirements, a valid remit address for the manufacturer on them, a valid expiration date and a scannable bar code.  Must have “Manufacturer Coupon” with specific item requirements printed on them. They wil no longer accept Catalina’s that read, for example: “Save $5.00 Off Your Next Purchase”. It has to read $$ off or Cents Off. For example: “Save $1.00 Off Jello Brand Pudding” Thanks, Melissa!
  • Soft drink container caps

Wal-mart WILL NOT accept:

  • Print at home internet coupons that require no purchase. (aka free product coupons)
  • Other competitors store coupons for dollar or cents off a product, percent off a product, buy 1 get 1 free, or double-triple off. To make this clear NO Store coupons from other places will be accepted unless they are for a specific item at a specific price. For example: you have a coupon for Tide liquid detergent and the coupon states it is to be sold for $5.99. Wal-mart will then take the coupon and sell you the Tide for $5.99.

Wal-mart Guidelines and Limitations:

    Limit 1 coupon per item

  • Coupons must have an expiration date and be used prior to expiration
  • Coupons MAY EXCEED THE PRICE OF THE ITEM. Change may be given or applied towards the cost of the basket purchase.
  • We only accept coupons for the merchandise we sell.
  • Coupons must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • We accept the following with Customer Service Supervisor or Management approval:
  • 40 or more coupons
  • Any coupon over $20.00
  • $50.00 or more in coupons in a single transaction

You may want to print the Walmart ad above and keep it in your coupon binder – proving that Walmart takes competitor’s store coupons!

View Walmart’s coupon policy on their site.  View Walmart’s price match policy.

  • Shar

    I printed this off to keep in my coupon file. I did the same thing for Walgreens and it has come in handy several times!

  • Nicole

    Do not like my walmart not coupon friendly

    • D. Rogers

      I have problems with my Walmart too. If it doesn’t scan the first time, a lot of them won’t try again, and you have ask the lazy slob in a nice way to try again.Yesterday I went through the self check out and it took me three trys and twenty get the coupon through.I can call them lazy because I worked at this Walmart. Things will never change with Walmart, just be nice,and maintain your frost.

  • vodreaux

    Here is a suggestion for everyone:

    Since Walmart has updated the coupon policy, I encourage everyone to Email, Fax and even call Walmart CEO on complimenting the change on policy. Also, please share your horrible experience with Michael Duke. Ask him for his advice on making your future shopping experience smooth as possible avoiding past experience of you and others. Lastly, share this thread, other thread and blogs.

    CEO of Walmart

    Corporate contact info:
    702 Southwest 8th Street
    Bentonville, AR 72716
    United States – Map
    +1-479-2734000 (Phone)
    +1-479-2734053 (Fax)

    • Llicht1

      I had horrible coupon problem with both cashier and manager not knowing nor caring about policy. I emailed Walmart and had an area manager call me back with same attitude!! I have not been back since!!

  • Jadie

    does this mean they will match walgreens RR as they have Manufacturer cpn on top?

    • deidre

      I have heard that it does mean that! of course, with Walmart most employees don’t know their own policy

      • MJ

        and whose fault do you think that is the employee or the employer????

        • DontACTsmart

          BOTH!! It’s the employer’s priority to make sure each employee KNOWS what’s going on, however it’s the bottom of the food chain’s employee to LEARN the policy. It’s a two way street. I worked at Walmart for 6 years… I KNOW how they work (awfully!)

    • Jen

      Jadie, they will not accept Walgreen’s RR. They did for like, a week… but they revised the policy. The will accept catalina coupons (like RR) for an amount off a certain product (ie. $2 off Hefty garbage bags), but not off your next purchase or basket. RR say manuf coupon but say “off your next purchase.” They won’t take them, unfortunately.

    • Marty

      Well I guess the employees at my Walmart don’t know the new policy because I used a Walgreens $10 Off Your Next Purchase RR this weekend and they accepted it with no problem.

  • Diane

    I really like that their policy states that you can get overage – I can’t tell you how many times they have just adjusted the price of the product i was buying so I didn’t get overage.

    Im also glad they take catalinas from other stores! I always end up with a TON of them and was never sure if other stores would accept them even though it did say Manufacturers Coupon on it

    • mary neal

      yeah, i work there and a lot of times when i have coupon overages they used to say I couldn’t get the change back. glad to know we can.

    • Imona Budget

      I’ve had TONS of cashier try to refuse the coupon because they didn’t know what to do, and the thought of giving me overage was too much for them to handle…..

  • mary neal

    HI. I work at walmart and you are right, a lot of the cashiers don’t know the policy. another thing you may want to mention, while we ( walmart ) price match competitors ads, we don’t match pricing. I don’t know the reason, and think it is kind of weird. But we do have a lot of angry customers that want to purchase items insore but found it cheaper on, and we cant give it to them. Also as for coupons over .40 cents, we don’t always need management approval. it is only if it goes beyond a certain amount ( I believe the 50 dollars you mentioned). However the policy might state that they need approval. But for example if you have a coupon for .40 off one yogurt we do not need a manager to approve that lone coupon.
    Thanks for posting this. And yes i do think it is a good idea to keep the competitor policy on you, simply because some cashiers don’t know we price match everywhere( except the percentage off and gimmicks ). Also the customer does not need an ad, as it is the stores responsibility to have the ad on them. the only time we are supposed to question a competitor price is if someone, for example, say that the tv they are buying is $200 cheaper another place. and that is simply because it is a high ticket item. but if you say Kroger has Yoplait yogurt 10cents less than us, we have to give you that price weather you have an ad or not:)

    • Christina

      Oh its not 40 cents its 40 coupons. So like I (the customer) have 40 coupons but its not over 50 bucks the computer will still prompt a manager to come over.

    • Amber

      Thank You! I love hearing about the policy from someone on the “other side”. I do my best to make sure I am completely organized BEFORE I get in line, so that I am not making your job miserable or worse. It seems you are one of the few that would appreciate it. Thanks for telling us YOUR POINT OF VIEW, we needed to know the other side. Hope that all of the customers you help know and compliment you for a job well done.

  • Erin

    I have a competitors coupon that is for 64oz Sunny D .99 cents Limit 4. Thoe policy states 1 coupon per item. Dumb question, but does that mean despite the Limit 4
    That I can only buy 1 Sunny D for the coupon price???

    • Marty

      Erin, I believe it means you can only use one coupon per each Sunny D that you purchase up to a limit 4. In other words, you can’t use two different coupons on one item.

  • Rebecca Shockley

    The only way usually to get courteous service is to “remember to stay nice and calm for best results! ”
    I’m a true believer of this!

  • Rebecca Shockley

    Some Walmarts in Mn will price match, though you are right Mary, the majority will not. My son wanted a Ipod touch that he saw on, and luckily the Walmart we went to price matched for us. Thanks for the info!

  • Michelle R

    I just wanted to thank you for all that you do Deidre, I love your sight! I’m not a huge Walmart shopper, but I went with a friend yesterday, and had a bunch of the $5 Similac coupons to get the overage…the cashier was not familiar at ALL with the updated policy, and her supervisor wasn’t either! However, the sup went to the assistant manager, and eventually came back with the answer that yes they do overage now, and she apologized for not knowing the new policy. I was there a while, but very patient, and I got really lucky with a super-nice cashier! (not always the usual there from what I’ve heard!!) The sup ended up being really nice and helpful as well. I ended up getting everything I needed, and at the prices I expected. I did that Walmart survey online, and gave a shining report on the awesome cashier!!

  • Tami H.

    I have a question regarding Walmart’s price match policy. Does the ad that you are price matching to, for example aldi’s, have to give the brand name of the product? For example, I went in today to buy fresh fruit and tried to price match Walmart’s fruit price to other competitors in the area (Aldi’s, Cashwise and Coborns). I bought mangos, blueberries, cherries and nectarines that were cheaper elsewhere, thinking I could price match them. But, I was told that since the ads do not give the brand name of the produce (i.e. Rainier cherries, sunnyridge blueberries, marathon mangoes, etc.) I couldn’t price match them. Do you know if this is true? I couldn’t find it in the Walmart price match policy. The policy says, “Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc)” and “For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb for lb, each for each)”. It doesn’t say anywhere on the policy that the brands have to match, it just says that the item purchased must be identical to the ad.

    • deidre

      they should have price matched those

      • Tami H.

        Thanks for the reply. I’ll have to bring the price match policy into the store with me the next I go.

        • Need A Nap2

          I’ve found it depends on the cashier. Like last week I matched eggs from K-Mart no problem but previously when I tried to match Wal-Mart milk with milk advertised at CVS (Dean’s) they wouldn’t match it. I said fine, I’d just go to CVS then, but that was before the newest coupon policy. I think you could ask for a manager next time or try to find a friendly cashier.

          • Tami H

            I agree, it totally depends on the cashier. The problem was that the cashier asked the manager and the manager said it had to be the exact same brand, which according to the Walmart policy is not true for produce. So, I went prepared this time to price match produce with Aldi’s current ad, had the Aldi’s ad with me and the Walmart ad price match policy, went to a different cashier and had no problem. He said sure you want Aldi’s price, no problem. Didn’t even have to pull out the Walmart price match policy, but was glad that I brought it in with this time. Might have to remember the different cashier and continue to go to the same one :)

      • Cathy

        I have wondered about that, too. I have seen people post pictures of their shopping trips and price matches at Walmart. They will have Walmart brand bread or buns price matched to another store’s brand sale price. I didn’t know if they did it or not at our Walmart. I got Kellogg’s cereal price matched from Meijer at 2 for $5. Beside that, it said Buy 4, get 1 free. They would not let me get the one free, even though the ad stated the price. I thought if they did the buy 1, get one free with the price stated, what was the difference? Thank you so much for the info and all your help!

  • Mike

    I shop at the Walmart Grocery side, but not really any other department. The reason is have you compared Walmarts’ name brand clothing (ie: Levi’s) to the same clothing carried by other retailers? There is a reason for this, and other items in the store…

    It comes out as a double edged sword. We want things cheaper, and Walmart delivers, but at what cost?

  • Stacy

    “Wal-mart will NOT accept – Other competitors store coupons for dollar or cents off a product, percent off a product, buy 1 get 1 free, or double-triple off.”

    Does this mean they will no longer accept Albertson’s doublers?

  • Cathy

    I have a question about coupons that will say, for example, “good for one bottle of ketchup”, up to $2.99 and has a blank for the amount to be written in by the cashier. I don’t see why, if the product costs less, they don’t just give the customer the credit for the whole amount, since they would have paid it if the product had costed that much anyway.

    • Lisa Bowman

      Cathy, 2 mft co’s just sent me 3 coupons for free shampoo and/or condition. on the coupon it ‘said’, FREE up to $3.99 or whatever it i bought some that was a little bit over and i paid the difference. the cashier wrote in the amt. we had no problem..thank God, cause ‘every time’ i go in there, there always has to be a problem and ‘every time’ their policy changes day by day depending who’s working. call the mgr, get their name before you go so there will ‘will be no problem..good luck

  • Pamela

    The walmart in Canton Ohio said that if the coupon don’t scan they will not put it in so I couldn’t get alot of my stuff i was there for so i just didn’t get smart or lose my cool i just said take the items off if i can’t use my coupons i don’t want the items them. So my question is why would they say that if most coupons don’t scan anyway?

  • brianna

    I just went to walmart and was going to use some printable manufacture coupons. The cashier said under the new coupon policy they will only take the printable coupons if it has the VERI-FI word on it. Has anyone else been told this or had trouble with coupons that didn’t have that printed on them?

    • Tina

      I’ve been to Walmart twice this week, used my printed out coupons and they said nothing.

  • brianna

    Oh and she said the coupon policy changed 3 weeks ago so this is a new rule

  • courtney

    this is helping me alot and i just wanted to say that the printable coupons dont have to be scannable or at least here in wy. they just take off wat it says for me.

  • Beginner

    Just wondering if anyone knows if Wal-Mart matches a competitors price after the stores rewards bucks have been given…example: Colgate toothpaste $2.99…$2.00 +ups rewards…making the toothpaste .99…Does Wal-Mart match the price of .99?

    • Christine

      Did you ever get an answer to this? I would like to know also.

  • Whitney

    I went to walmart a few weeks back and had 2 aussie products and 2 coupons that said for one product, I think the limit was 4, and the cashier said I couldn’t use 2 of the same coupon for 2 products, is that true? I don’t see it in the policy but I guess they could be different for my local walmart. I guess I just want to know if I can use say 4 like coupons for 4 items or anything like that. I am very new to couponing.

  • Cathy Allen

    I was told that all Walmart stores are going to be doubling coupon’s soon.
    Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

  • Char

    Just to clarify….Walgreens has a Walgreens Store coupon that says Chicken of the Sea Canned Salmon 1.99 limit 3. Does this mean I can take it to Walmart and get 3 cans of salmon for 1.99? K-mart store coupon has 2.00 off Cottonelle Toilet paper. Will Walmart take 2.00 off Cottonelle paper?

    • deidre

      They will take the Walgreens one but not the Kmart one

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  • Jennifer

    I am wondering about the whole B1G1 coupon thing. I know that it states 1 coupon per item. When using a B1G1 coupon does that coupon apply to the free item or am I able to use say a $1 off coupon for the first one? My Walmart really needs to be put through training and quit being coupon Nazi’s.

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    went to walmart and now even though my coupon said 3.00 off 2 aveno any product!!! per purchace i had 4 coupons they would not let me get all four at the same time i had to do 4 transactions

  • Chrissy

    I have been told, on three occasions now, that walmart will not accept more than one printed like coupon per transaction. For example, if I print two coupons for $1/1 kotex regular tampon 18ct or larger, Walmart will only accept one of the coupons per transaction. I had the coupon policy printed where it says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this new rule, yet they would not honor both of my coupons. I had to split up my transactions to be able to use them. And of course, after I did that, people behind me in line were extra crappy to me and so was the cashier, on all three occasions. They claimed that the manufacturer of the coupon will not reimburse them if both coupons are used in one transaction. Hmmm. Sounds fishy to me. So now besides dealing with my walmart purposely not stocking items that are free with coupons (like the shick razors), they now make it so difficult and frustrating to use coupons at all. They treat you like a freakin criminal. I’m so sick of Walmart, I could just scream. And now of course, the “you don’t even need the competitor’s add to price match bogus Walmart PROMISE,” is a huge hassle too. My Walmart WILL NOT price match any “non-food” item without the add. And of course even though I have the printed policy, they claim that it’s not up-to-date. (and you can clearly see that I printed it from their website) It’s funny to me that they give people a huge run-around about coupons. Seems to me like they don’t want to hassle with it so they are trying to deter people from using them. No matter if I have 3 items or 30 items, checkout takes at least always 25 minutes because the cashier gets crappy with me over coupons and has to call a manager. Sometimes I don’t have that kind of time. But, I do waste Walmart’s time any chance I get just because of the poor customer service I get and the way they treat me. I don’t clear shelves or “stock up” on items. I just try to save $ on things I need. It’s sad people are treated like criminals because they try to save money. I am so disgusted with Walmart and with how I’m treated because I use coupons.

    • Josh S

      call and write corporate:
       1-800-Walmart (1-800-925-6278)  Walmart Home Office702 SW 8th StreetBentonville, Arkansas 72716-8611  

      p.s. CALL DAILY IF NEED BE! it will work you have to be persistent 

    • Diane Harvey

      I agree – I get the attitude from Walmart’s cashiers more than 1/2 the time.  Now they tell me they can’t match BOGO without a price.  I told them all the stores (in my case – Harris Teeter) have multiple locations and their pricing is different in each area just as Walmart has different prices in different areas.  Sometimes the pass it BOGO – sometimes the won’t.

  • Chrissy

    I was told that even though the bar codes are different, the coupons were considered the same coupon. So I can use identical coupons from my local paper but not from what I printed off the computer??? IDIOTS! And the printed coupons are manufacturers coupons if I wasn’t clear about that before.

  • carla

    i printed off 2 coupon from coupons .com they wont let me use both only 1 .. they are maken their own r ules or what..said they cant get paid for it..

  • Ashley

    I had a cheque for $10 off Similac baby formulas and a $5 coupon off Similac Ready-to-use formula and was able to use both. Because I had 2 cheques and 2 coupons, I was able to get two cases of Similac ready-to-use formulas. :)

  • Kylie

    Online on their coupon policy it specifies “no duplicates” could you explain this for me?
    Do they mean you cant use multiple coupons in a transaction?

  • Jordan Paula39

    I have a question if you print a coupon at home and the coupon is over the price of the item, does Walmart accept that!

  • I can never get my list to print, any suggestios ?

  • Vjshulz27

    Does anyone know if walmart accepts a coupon along with a price match for the same item?

    • Becky

      yes they do

  • Mars

    Is it right, what I have just read that I can only use one coupon on one item??? They have good deals on glade air freshener, does it mean I can use only one coupon on it?

    • yes

      • Diane Harvey

        My Walmart made me do 5 separate transactions on the glade coupon deal ($2/2)… I did it with a smile and paid .36 for 10 cans :-)

    • couponclipper

      That would be one coupon per item. If you buy 5 glade air fresheners, you can use 5 coupons

  • Mskdenise

    I selected the coupons I wanted and printed them.  My problem is how do I use them? They have no bar code to be scanned.  I am just suppose to let them read what I have printed??

    • couponclipper

      Where did you print your coupons from?  They should have printed with a barcode. 

  • Melpink531

    So I’m looking to start price matching at walmart and their policy says has to be same size, brand, and stuff like that…

    So my question is, do they match store brand to store brand? Like if kroger store brand was on sale could I match that and get walmarts store brand? Just wondering…

    Also does anyone know when matching to CVS and Walgreens and Riteaid , do they match AFTER rewards or ECBs or BEFORE according to the ad?

    • no they don’t match store brand to store brand and they don’t match ECB’s

    • Jaime

      I’ve taken my Kroger ad into Walmart & matched Walmart’s store brand for the Kroger store brand price. I do it all the time! Try it or check because I actually do that almost every week! Too bad Walmart’s 10 minutes closer for me than Kroger…sigh. :)

  • Sabinafam

    I went the other day and the store manager told me that they do not accept competitor coupons at all!  It has always come handy to have it printed but this time the manager told me that I was wrong even though I was showing him the proof

  • Guest

    I just looked at the printable version it still says at the bottom of the paper 5/12/11

  • Beckwith125

    Walmart has become a royal pain when it comes to coupons….hate shopping there.

  • Jasmin

    Oh.. Walmart has too many coupon rules.. I wish it wasn’t the only store in my town.

  • Johnshar7

    WalMart is far behind CVS, RiteAid, and WalGreens on couponing deals.  WalMart does not have sales.  If you live near the drug stores listed above you’ll come out with money in your pocket rather than in WalMarts!

  • trusoldier2004

    I totally agree with you on this issue everytime i go to my wal mart they do they exact same thing and to top it off they talk about us couponers to the maangement and tell them to keep an eye out for us b/c they refuse to price match and use coupons… i have called corporate on numerous occassions and they do nothing… it seems to get harder and harder to coupon anymore…. i bring the ads to price match and they pick and choose which one to price match and when you try to tell them that is not what the policy says they try to bend the poilcy like every store makes their own policy… i personally try not to shop at wal mart anymore… now the wal mart i went to in my town says they can’t give you overage anymore when the policy states otherwise… their customer service is extremely poor!!

    • Mcat

      This is exactly my experience every single time i have been to Walmart. They do have cheaper prices on a lot of items but the awfully poor customer service makes it not worth the savings.

    • Will

      Every store can and will make amendments to the policies that are laid out by Corp. It is all up to the store managers on what and how they accept coupons and price matching. I am a cashier and each Walmart is different. It states right in the store coupon policy, that the store manager has the final decision in taking care of the customer.

  • Lee Anna

    My first experience with couponing at walmart went ok. except the cashier didn’t know the coupon policy. so I gave her my copy and hope she studied it. went the other day and spent 4.73 on 57.12 worth of items. wait till next week when I walk in with over 90 some coupons and walk out with almost 200.00 worth of stuff for under 1.00 ha take that walmart.. hahahhahahaha love couponing.

  • chi

    I have a question. i have a free item sent from the company themselves not at home print. the coupon states max value to certain amount for example up to 10$..and if the item is 7$..will i get 3$? or will they mark down the exact price of the item on my free coupon? please help!

    • lboyette

      With every coupon that I have had with a value (for example) Save Up To $4 and the product is 2.99, the coupon is adjusted to 2.99. or if the product is 4.99, $4 is then taken off because that is the coupons maximum value. HTH!

  • Guest

    I had a $1.50 off any 1 Folger’s coffee. I read about the possible $0.50 moneymaker by purchasing the $1 Folger’s instant packs. I was told by a Walmart manager today that their coupon policy recently had changed, stated that I could not use it on the $1 item and that Walmart would not honor it without the overage to use on my remaining items to be purchased. I’m confused because I did not have any problems doing a similar transaction a few days ago.

  • Beth

    I had a $1.50 off any 1 Folger’s product. I read about the possible moneymaker of $0.50 by purchasing the $1.00 instant crystals packets. I was told by Walmart’s manager that I could not use the coupon because the value was more than the item and I could not use it towards my remaining items to be purchased. I was also told that Walmart would not honor the coupon amount up to $1.00 as their policy recently changed. I am really confused because I had a similar transaction last week without any problems. Has anyone else had this problem and any recommendation?

    • HelperJen

      Their policy has not changed. I would recommend printing out their policy and having it on you next time you go. Then when they say it’s changed ask to see it.

  • ImChi Crochet

    I have a question about the catalinas..does walmart accept catalinas?? I know its manufacture but will walmart accept them or not

    • HelperJen

      No. You can only use Catalina’s at the store that produced them.

      • ImChi Crochet

        but it states manufacturer on them some say store catalinas

        • HelperJen

          Yes even though they say manufacturer coupon. They usually have a logo of the store on the side of it.

          • Lacey

            It says in the policy walmart accepts Catalinas they say manufacturer coupon.

        • Roz Haymond

          Yes they accept Catalina’s long as it says manufacturer coupon…I use them all the time

  • Selena

    Does anyone know if you can use coupons with the layway program at Walmart? I’ve searched online, but can’t seem to find an answer. I have several coupons for the toys on my daughter’s wish list this year, but wasn’t sure if I could use them when putting my items on layaway.

  • Conastee

    Does anyone know if Walmart doubles coupons? I have researched, and no one has given me a definite answer! I’m a 12 year old girl couponer, that helps my mom. I really need an answer, because my mom will let me own a stock pile, if I can get 300$ worth of stuff, for under 100$. I can do it, and we are going to multiple stores. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    • CouponinWithYoYo

      Wal Mart does not double. In my region, practically no stores double with the exception of a 1store and they only double the first of that coupon. (ha! what a joke!) not worth my time. So if I can get a bunch of free/close to free stuff, you can do it too! :)

  • kat

    will walmart except dollar general store coupons like 50 cents off glade?

    • Rebekah Palmer

      I don’t think so, since it says dollar general store coupon I’m betting you can only use that at dollar genearl. I’ve never really tried to use coupons with other store logos, gonna try using my free chips ahoy thins coupon but it does have dollar general’s logo at the bottom though the top does say manufacturer so we’ll see if it gets accepted lol

  • wonderinggirl

    i was wondering if u get overage will they give u the extra $$$$

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      No, it typically applies to additional items in your order.

      • wonderinggirl

        i been hearing a lot of people say they have been getting the overage on a walmart card

        • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

          Yes you can get cash back. I never heard of it going on a Walmart card.

          • Rebekah Palmer

            Yeah this happened to me at my walmart, they gave me like 5 bucks in overage on their walmart giftcard. So yeah just really depends on your cashier’s manager, she had to ask and thats how they did it I shop at walmart regularly so it wasn’t a big deal but yeah they don’t give cold hard cash back they give you the balance on their giftcard.

  • sandiegoan

    I had a cashier tell me today, that all internet coupons must be printed on plain white paper. What a joke! No one has ever complained about me printing coupons on recycled paper before. She just didn’t want to scan them, but wouldn’t admit. She went and supposedly “asked” someone, and was told that they would take them this time only.

    • Jen

      I print mine on recycled paper. Wow!

    • Rebekah Palmer

      I’ve printed coupons on a printer test sheet before lol That just sounds like they didn’t want to accept them yeah, that sucks :( I usually just use my coupons at self checkout they seem to scan just fine you’ll get the odd one though that’ll scan and not give you the prices off like it’ll just show you have bunch of green dollar signs lol just hit the can’t scan coupon button and the cashier watching the self checkouts will come to check it out, I always show them the item I’m getting and the coupon and they enter it manually for me. But again it really does depend on if your store is cool with coupons or not. Sadly it seems like most walmart give their customers crap when they’re getting the cost of the coupon plus 8 cents for even fooling with it! Doesn’t sound like much but 8 cents per coupon can really add up and that’s extra money so I don’t know how any cashier can think the store is loosing money, unless of course they know absolute beans about their policies lol

  • Myles

    Thanks for posting

  • Sandra McKeon

    Does Walmart accept mfg coupons on reduced items? I asked a cashier today and he didn’t think so but wasn’t sure. No reference in coupon policy regarding this. Thanks.

    • Jen

      Yes they do.

      • Heidi S

        I believe what Jen MEANT to say was: “Yes, their policy allows for it. HOWEVER, it is likely the cashier will lie and say no. If thats not convincing, they may even begin making up ridiculous ‘reasons’ why they don’t.”
        HA HA! :)
        Right, Jen?

  • Andrea Bevan

    I read it says Walmart double coupons on Tuesday’s.

    • No, Walmart in Utah used to double coupons but it doesn’t anymore. To my knowledge, no Walmarts still double coupons.

  • phantomenace

    I tried today for internet print at home coupons and it had a barcode and everything. Only problem was the machine didn’t scan them readily, not sure if it was because of store policy or how I printed them but the manager said “we haven’t been taking print out coupons for months, they have to be manufacturer’s coupon.” Being passive as I am, I just went ok and I want to not buy some of these items.

    Has anyone had this problem? Is it the store policy for certain stores, the machine, or my barcode? How can I fix it?? Thanks so much for any help and it was a store in Fort Worth, TX btw.

    • phantomenace

      Oh and they did say manufacturer’s coupon on them, probably she meant the newspaper ad ones and not printed ones.

    • Kathy

      I had the same thing happen to me in Merrillville Indiana. But she charged me for the items that I decided not to buy because of the not scan policy so I had to prove that I didn’t have the merchandise that she charged me for and have her go through go through all of the bags even though they were in the put back bin right next to me. ?

      • Jo Tinker

        How frustrating! I had an asst. manager tell me they weren’t taking the print-at-home ones anymore either. I tried to show her that the first line item for their coupon policy on their website was all about print-at-home coupon acceptance. I did call corporate to verify nothing had changed and went back into the store to clarify with management (while corporate was on the phone) and the Asst. Manager refused to come back up.

        This has become an issue because there is so much misuse and they aren’t getting reimbursed in those cases. So they have been telling them to not accept them because they are “copies” even when you can show that they are not.

        I am sorry you had difficulties! Hopefully it all got straightened out!

    • Dee

      I have used printed at home coupons at Walmart in the past month….However I have not been able to use them recently because they said they could not scan them. I think it is because of changes in store policy, the system has been set to reject printed coupons… because I never had problems with them before until recently. I was told that many stores are changing to only accept manufacturer;s coupons from them Sunday’s paper… 1 per customer /per day.

      • Jo Tinker

        Interesting…I have found that many cashiers & even managers are making up their own rules when it comes to coupons. It can be super frustrating for sure! Manager’s discretion can always override what the coupon says, but you are always welcome to call Walmart’s headquarters to get clarification. Good luck!

  • Yacy

    I tried using a CAT ($8 off any Similac Formula 20.5 oz +) that printed from Rite Aid, and the cash register handed me the receipts (first small one said coupon for the wrong product, return coupon, second was the actual receipt). It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the smaller receipt, and I did not get my coupon back, and I know that I purchased the correct product! Is it worth my time to go to customer service tomorrow? Thanks for all the info!

    • Yacy

      Let me add that it was a manufacture coupon, listed redeemable at Rite Aid. I thought it meant it was recommended, but not necessary.

      • Jen

        Usually CAT’s are store specific. That one was for Rite Aid only.

  • Phyllis Burage

    What about Good RX app?

    • Will J

      Walmart does not accept the GoodRx price. But they will give a discount, just not as much as the GoodRx price.

  • Patti

    If you have multiples for the same product, can you use them in other words buy multiples? Cause I was told you can NO longer do that.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      It would depend on the coupon, and it’s limitations. Typically the limit is 4 like coupons, but stay tuned for our new post talking about new limits on P&G coupons as well.

  • eirejade

    My local walmart no longer takes multiple coupons for multiple purchases, nor use a coupon higher than the product. I had a $3.00 coupon for a $2.97 product, and they wouldn’t take it because their system rejected it. When I asked further why, they told me they could use both coupons on 1 higher priced item, but they couldn’t use 2 on 2 products, whether purchased separately or together. They were NOT trial sized items. The coupon policies are making it difficult to purchase anything for less than full price in my area :(

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Interesting, that doesn’t coincide with what they have online for their policy, but I suppose it’s up to manager discretion?

    • Jo Tinker

      By chance was that for the Aveeno? If so, the $2.97 size is coded as Travel Sized and that is why it rejected it in the system. I had the same thing happened and talked to corporate and managers that were making up their own rules and such, so I can totally empathize. It is frustrating for sure!

  • carroll

    I was told by my Walmart cashier last night that Walmart is no longer excepting printable coupons with out the general manager approving them first. Unfortunately there was no available manager i could speak with at the time.

    • Coupon Dan

      I would definitely try to verify this with management.

  • Toni

    I stopped shopping at Walmart because of the problems they give customers with coupons, unreal!!!!!!

  • Toni

    I get much better deals at Publix with BOGO’s, and competitors coupons, I save big!!!!!!

  • mlhughes99

    I was just told in Lexington, Virginia that you can only redeem 1 coupon per day for ANY item. For example, if I had 2 boxes of Cheerios and 2 coupons for Cheerios, they will not accept the second coupon.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      WOW! That’s a bummer!

    • shiloh66

      Total BS because at the Wal-Mart I shop at takes more than one coupon as long as it has a matching item.Just today I used 3-.75 cents off on 3 packs of sliced kraft cheese.Id politely but firmly call them on it and make them show me where in their coupon policy it states that.Id then proceed to contact the corporate office if won’t they won’t honor it.

  • libby

    can and how do I use a coupon online

  • Tiffany Rader

    Hello new, and very frustrated. I tried to use a marboro coupon off my phone. They are saying they can’t use a coupon of the phone. But to use it you have to click the store and the coupon pops up to scan the only stores that pop up are store that you are aloud to use them for its specifically that Wal-Mart. Its from morbolo and for Wal-Mart how can they not use it

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      We don’t post Marlboro deals… :(

      • Ken Dahlgren

        your fucking stupid. and ugly to boot

  • shiloh66

    Just skip the cashier and go through the self scan n go checkout.Ive gotten print at home coupons to be accepted at the scan n go no problem.

  • Iris

    printed out several coupons at home. So far they have all scanned at WM except one, $2 off 24 cans of Friskies cat food. I spent several minutes picking out 24 cans of cat food and presented my coupon. It didn’t scan. They
    changed the coupon policy so they don’t enter the numbers in manually anymore, so the coupon was not accepted. (Another coupon printed at the same time went right through.) When I asked
    them to take the cat food off (embarrassing for me and frustrating for the people in line
    behind me), the cashier did not get all the cans scanned, so I ended up
    paying for a can I did not receive. So I got to spend 20 minutes in line at customer service, who quickly fixed it once my turn came. Yay, customer service! Boo to
    Walmart for a bad coupon policy! I bought cat food at Aldi for 13 cents/can less, but if the cashier had just tried a little harder or been allowed to manually enter the coupon, I would be a happy Walmart customer.

  • Bethany Staats

    I was yelled at in front of customers that my coupons were fake. So angry

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Yipes, sorry to hear about that!

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