Posted: August 10, 2011

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

This is my in-depth coupon clipping slicing & organizing  video.  It covers:

  1. Where to get coupons (I have negotiated the lowest multi-copy Sunday rates here!)
  2. Coupon binder vs. filing method
  3. Slice Coupon Cutter (no more scissors for me!)
  4. Pre-sorting categories as you slice coupons
  5. Showing my coupon binder & categories I use (view them HERE)

I have gotten so many emails asking about my Slice Coupon Cutter – you can scoop up a slice safety cutter here on for just $6 plus free super saver shipping!

UPDATE: I got a new binder cover from Coupon Clutch that you’ll love- check it out below!

Save 15% off your Coupon Clutch binder by using the code CUCKOO at checkout!

Here’s a video of me and my new coupon binder when I first got it!

Note, I use the same organization system as seen in the video above, I just got a binder that looks cuter for shopping!
I hope you enjoy the video and leave me any questions you have or suggestions!

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  • Tami H

    I have the 3 inch 3 ring binder with tabs and baseball card holder, now I just need a cute coupon clutch. I love to sew so I was thinking of buying the pattern and making one! Just have to budget the $7.95 into this months budget :)

  • kendra (kendra.davis)

    I love this video. I have got to get a binder and get organized like this sooner than later. Thanks for the tips on how to get organized with a binder. and your right my fingers do hurt after cutting and it takes so much time to cut all my coupons the way im doing it. thanks again.

  • Kate

    Thank you so much for all your tips, makes it much easier. lov the binder site

  • ambernicole8484

    I switched to the file method…but I’m missing my binder!

  • Brenda (BrenPar)

    Thanks for the how-to. I’m hoping to switch to a binder soon

  • Rae

    The binder method doesn’t work for me (I clip and file in a coupon box) but I really need to start slicing coupons like you showed. I don’t have one of those handy dandy cutters like you showed but I do have some things I could try (exacto knife, rotary cutter, another type cutter that I forget what it is called). I have been meaning to try it ever since I first saw the tip but never got around to it!

  • Jen

    I have the coupon clutch and LOVE it!

  • Kristin W

    I want a clutch so bad! Ugh. Atleast I have my lovely coupon binder!

  • polly lower

    Your tips are great!

  • Pam Hall

    how do I take advantage of the coupon deals and not get ambushed by all the add ons, you must by this or that, or phone calls start coming in, and we are now on mailing lists or my computer is compromised and messed up, now I have an angry husband who said I can not search for coupons anymore. please help :( any suggestions would really be appreciated. you are the first person that I clicked on, tank you for the lesson on binders and slicers. God bless you and your camera man :) Pam

    • Kris

      I haven’t done this yet, plan on doing it soon as I have the time, but I am going to create a separate coupon lady computer identity!!! I am going to pick and fake name, phone number, address and everything else and special coupon only email. I will use all that to sign up on websites for things and not have to worry about all that.

      As far as protecting your computer, just have a really good virus protection. I have webroot and so far no problems.

      I am even going to create a FB page with my fake coupon identity because there are so many deals you can sign up for now with FB, but you have to “like” their page or whatever, and I don’t want to do that with my regular profile with my friends and family.

  • Kris

    I do things much the same as you. You have a lot of good ideas. I really need to get one of those slicers though as I am still using scissors. I have been stapling my coupons together before cutting them, as it is very hard to cut 4 copies with scissors. I like the stapling, it keeps the like coupons together very nicely and then I just tear them off as needed like a tear pad. I always staple at the edges so it doesn’t matter if it tears just a little, but most of the time it doesn’t tear.

    I do not cut & file all coupons. There are a lot I just know that I will not be using and don’t want to spend the time. So for those I file them according to date & insert and they stay in a file pocket in my zip up binder. Occasionally, I have used one here and there, which I used the coupon databases to find if I had it and then I could go right to it. But the rest I do cut and file just as you show.

    But…I do not take my binder to most stores. It’s so heavy and cumbersome now I just hate to take it!! Most stores, I don’t shop around and rarely come by a deal I didn’t already know about… I have a little 13 pocket coupon file in my purse organized by store. I have a CVS section, which has my CVS card, my Extra Care bucks & my list & coupons I want to use there that week. I put in all coupons that I might use & if I decide not to use them once in the store & put them in the back to be refiled later into my binder. I have the same pockets for Walgreens; Target; Safeway. It’s so nice to go into the store with this tiny coupon file that fits in my purse, yet has every single coupon I need!! However, it does require a lot of pre-planning my trips, which I want to do anyway. As little time out roaming the store aisles the better!!

  • Macrina


  • Nankia

    I loved your Video and have a comment for your Followers, I work at Walmart and many people do not know their policy, Walmart WILL accept competitors coupons as long as they are manufacturers coupons, I have several with Target and Dollar General logo’s on them and Walmart will accept them because they are manufactures coupons as well as add matching. Just think of the savings have an awesome add ? and a matching coupon ?? and your at Walmart anyway ???  can we say Kaching !!

  • Melissa jones

    Your video is great I’m a good couponer but I’m taking some of your tips and applying them to my needs thanks for you info! Keep up the good work and you are helping a lot of people save money God Bless You!! Your couponing friend Melissa Jones from south milwaukee wisconsin!!

  • Clipinchick

    Is there a retail store that sales the slice safety cutter. I am really trying to find one pretty fast. They appear to be really expensive after shipping and handling. I would really like to just go purchase one.

    • Rhonda

      I bought a similar cutter at walmart for maybe $6 and am disappointed in it. After just a few uses it is ‘hesitating’ to cut when I begin to use it. After I get it going it is fine, but I am going to get a different one.

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  • Kim Case

    Always wanted to know how do they use 1 coupon for say 6 or 7 things I’m so confused about that

    • If you are buying 6 items, you would need 3 coupons that say $1/2, or just 6 coupons if they say $1/1

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  • Janie

    Thanks grat help

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