Posted: July 2, 2013

easy greens

Earn another FREE 45 Recyclebank Points now!  You can earn 20 MORE FREE Recyclebank Points after you log in or Register look on the home page for the Easy Greens banner (like above.)  Answer 2 questions and take pledges to earn 20 points.

florida banner

Then go to this link to earn another 25 points.  Answer six questions to earn your points!

all you magazine

UPDATE: This is for the DIGITAL issue, it includes coupons you’ll have to print out

You can get a one year (12 issue) subscription to ALL YOU magazine for only 400 Recylebank Points!  Just click Get Rewards at the top of the page.  Then click Music, Books & Magazines on the left sidebar.  You will then see a One year Subscription to ALL YOU magazine for only 400 Points!

This is a digital edition that includes:

  • Affordable, no-nonsense tips and ideas to save in every area of your life
  • Simple, delicious recipes with easy-to-find ingredients
  • Access your recipes on the tablet and clip your coupons from the print issue

NOTE:  Reader Allison was able to use her points to renew her All You subscription!

Earn 30 More Recyclebank Points!

Earn 180 More Recyclebank Points!

Earn 120 More Recyclebank Points!

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  • Luz Rueda

    It’s a digital subscription so you wouldn’t be getting any coupons :(

    • HelperJen

      It allows you to clip the coupons from the print issue with the digital subscription.

      • Sarah

        How does that work? Do you print the coupons from your computer?

        • guest

          I was wondering the same thing. Can i print the coupons from the computer even if i do not have a smart phone or kindle?

          • HelperJen

            I don’t have a direct answer for you. On their website it says you can clip the coupons from the print issue.

            • guest

              Yes, and since this is not a print issue, there will not be any coupons. Thats too bad.

              • Randi

                does this mean that they will give both the print and digital?

                • HelperJen

                  That is the way I understand it.

                  • Brooke Bielen

                    I redeemed my points at RecycleBank for the subscription, I get both digital and print. I had to wait like, 8 weeks to start getting the mag, but it comes. Great deal, for free. 😀

                    • ChrisH

                      They are giving a print issue—just takes about 6 weeks for you to receive after the web version of ALL YOU!

  • Annoyed

    Super Duper Annoyed I just redeemed 400 pts for a DIGITAL subscription. Perhaps you should edit your post to include that it is digital. I realize I should have read it before ordering, but your post was quite misleading.

    • Super sorry about that! I updated the post to make it more clear

  • Ladyship Null

    I love Recyclebank. I just used 150 points each to get a MAILED 1 year subscription to “Woman’s Day” & “Good Housekeeping.” I saw the offer for the Digital subscription for “All You,” but I decided I’ll wait until I can find a better deal on that later. Besides, I thought the 2 I did get were GREAT deals.

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