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Mar 8 2011
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ShopRite Coupon Policy:

Some ShopRite Stores double coupons and some don’t, you’ll have to check your store to find out whether they do or not.  All stores only take 4 of the same coupon per family per day.

1. Present your coupons at the time of purchase. ShopRite from Home® customers must present coupons when picking up an order or at the time of delivery. We cannot give cash back or credit for coupons not presented at time of purchase.

2. Redeem your coupons within the time period printed on the coupon. We do not accept expired coupons.

3. Match your purchase to the specific item indicated on the coupon. No substitutions are permitted on manufacturer-issued coupons.

4. Use manufacturer-issued Internet coupons that are legible with a valid remit address and a bar code that scans. Internet coupons that have been identified as counterfeit do not scan in our system and will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any coupon for “free” product, “buy one get one free” offers, and those with a high value in relationship to the item’s price.

5. Note your store’s current double coupon policy. Double coupon policies vary by store. Check your store for details. We will double up to four identical coupons per household per day unless further restricted by the manufacturer.

Additional coupon restrictions are listed below:
6. We reserve the right to limit coupon redemptions to four (4) of the same coupon per household per day.

7. We do not accept coupons that have been identified as counterfeit and reserve the right to refuse any coupon that appears to be fraudulent. Coupons displaying signs of gang cutting or similar cuts and tears, coupons bearing tape, coupons in mint condition, and coupons bearing sequential numbers may suggest coupon fraud.

8. We will not give cash back if the coupon’s face value or multiplied value is greater than the purchase price of the item.

9. We cannot refund the value of a coupon or return the coupon if a purchased item is later returned to the store.

10. Customers must pay any and all applicable taxes. The cash value of any ShopRite-issued coupon is 1/100¢.

11. ShopRite® stores do not accept coupons, savings offers or Price Plus® club card numbers presented in the form of a bar code on a mobile phone or other mobile electronic device.

12. Coupons are non-transferable, and may not be copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, sold, traded, or otherwise distributed to others. Coupons that are copied, photocopied, scanned, altered, sold, traded, distributed or transferred by their original recipient to any other person, firm or group are VOID.

Note from a reader: My shoprite ( Mt. Pocono, PA) will only double AFTER you have items amounting to $10. Coupons will then be doubled.

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