Posted: January 2, 2013

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I really don’t like trying to take my kids temperatures!  If they are young you may have to take it rectally (poor kids).  Older kids may have to hold the thermometer in their mouth – which we all know is hard to do without moving it!  That’s why I’m glad this week 3 Readers will Win Exergen Temporal Scanners!  These cost around $34 each for a total value of $100!!

I was able to try one of these in my home. I’ve seen these used in the hospitals and was grateful that when my son had his appendix out they used them.  It was so much easier for him after he fell asleep to have his temperature taken because they just touched his forehead and make a small “swipe.”  He could continue to sleep to get the rest he needed!  It’s the same way when you own one of the Exergen Temperal Scanners in your home!   The kids can stay asleep or at least just lay there without any hassle!  They are the fastest most accurate thermometer I have ever used!  The Scanner is really easy to use as well!  I was worried about getting it EXACTLY in the right spot, but  it’s so easy!  In fact I got sick after I had it and was easily able to take my own temperature!  For those of you who are wondering if it can be as reliable and accurate as a rectal thermometer there are new Clinical Studies that support the the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer as replacements for Rectal Thermometers!  This is really nice to know because they are less invasive!

Exergen Temporal Scanners are sold at Walmart, Rite Aid, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Kroger, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walgreens, and other retailers for around $34!  To me that’s a great price!!  Last year I paid around $10 for a digital thermometer that lasted only a few months!  I was really disappointed!  The Exergen Temporal Scanners are very affordable! Sometimes stores will run special deals so make sure you look for the best deal when you purchase one!  Plus you don’t need to buy covers for them!  You just use them and can wipe them with a little bit of alcohol to clean them.

{Giveaway} 3 Readers Win Exergen Temporal Scanners – Total Value $100!

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  • Ashley

    It looks like it works a lot better than regular thermometers

  • Jeff Shaw

    This would be great with three boys, two in school and all the crude that goes with having kids in school.

  • Drisdy

    would love the scanner! my digital ones keep dying!

  • Sandy

    My kids are very good at allowing me to take their temperature, but only axillary, which isnt very accurate. I always wanted to get one of these but cant seem to get myself to pay for one… I hope I win!

  • Lisa H

    I like because it’s easy and non-invasive for the kids :)

  • Ilka G

    I like it because i can use it while my son sleeps.

  • sabrena

    This would be awesome to have, I have a 4yr old, 3yr old, and 2yr old so if I want their temp I have to take it fast and easy! I would’ve pinned this on pinterest but the like didn’t work.

    • HelperJen

      I just fixed it Sabrena!

  • Kaytee Postma

    My current thermometer takes over a minute to register. My girls HATE it! i would love this cause it wouldn’t take so long! And so would they

  • leng

    The digital one just stopped working, this will be a great replacement.

  • Laura

    My Dr. uses this kind! I would LOVE to have this and not have to check in the ear, my baby hates that!.

  • Lisa

    I love how fast it is. My kids hate waiting for ours.

  • Daleene Fox

    I like that it is simple and easy to use.

  • Cathy B*****y

    simple, easy to use, and noninvasive!

  • keely hostetter

    It would be a lot easier to get my kiddos temp. being I don’t have to put it in any inconvient spots.

  • wendyof

    Noninvasive is the best part.

  • Stephanie

    I would Love to win this =)

  • Nicole Bright

    My first little one will be here in a few weeks, so this would be perfect to have!

  • romypau77

    this will be great for my kids, so I don’t have to fight them to know if they have fever, thanks

  • Krystal

    I love how easy it will be to take temperatures for everyone without spreading germs.

  • farnjeni

    It will be so much easier to take the temperature of my rambunctious toddler.

  • Mary

    Our family can really use one of these!!

  • jeri

    oh i so need one of these

  • Rust

    I like that it’s more sanitary

  • i like that it gets the temperature so quickly

  • wildnmild4u

    I like how easy it is to get an accurate temp.

  • Sandy VanHoey

    I love that you don’t have to wake the child to check their temp

  • debbiewelchert

    I love the speed in which it takes your temperature.

  • Emily

    This would be great for my daughter and I am also expecting another girl in April.

  • peg

    need this for my granddaughters!

  • Ruby Yoshi

    I like that these are less invasive.

  • Jenny L

    I like that it’s easy to use, won’t need to wake up baby and gives temp reading fast.

  • sandra davis

    i like how you dont have to wake them up

  • Sacha Schroeder

    I like that its easy to use and accurate!

  • Kathleen M Smith

    I like that is so easy to use and sanitation is so much easier!

  • Danielle Rhoades

    This looks so easy to use I have always wanted one.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I like that it is quick and easy to use and not invasive

  • Callie Bowers

    I love how easy it is to use and how sanitary it is too!

  • Tracey

    I like how quick it is. Everything seems to take longer with a sick baby!

  • Trung Nguyen

    I like how easy and quick it is to use.

  • Sandy O.

    I am a hospice nurse and I luv these, they are so easy on my patients. Sadly over the Christmas break mine came up missing. If I don’t win one I hope exergen sends out coupons to us, I am really missing mine!!!

  • melinda

    Great for my kiddos. What parent wouldn’t want this? !

  • Diana

    Quick and Easy!!!

  • joyh82

    It looks fast and painless

  • Angie B.

    We are expecting baby #4 in early spring. this would be great to use with baby. I’ve used digital thermometers and this would be so much easier

  • Michelle @womenwwin

    I really love that this temporal scanner doesn’t bother the baby! YAY

  • I have a grandchild coming so this would be great to win.

  • kishacotton

    i love that it doesnt go in your mouth!

  • Chasity

    My 2 year old runs screaming when I break out the thermometer to take her temp under her arm. Winning this would mean none of that!

  • Ronda

    I love that this does not need to go in someones mouth.

  • love to win one

  • Cea Taylor

    The most important thing I like is that it doesn’t have to be put in the mouth nor cleaned after that use!! Less is better and more convenient when your a mommy with little ones. Their comfort is always your number 1 priority, especially since they often get hit with little sick, germ bugs!! – My little one has a cold now :(

  • Would work great with a toddler!

  • Kim C

    its a quick and easy way to take temperature, especially when kids dont feel up to it

  • Leah A.

    I need a great temperature taker–my are all broken.

  • Leisa

    I like that you only have to touch the forehead with it. Very sanitary. No shaking down the mercury and blah blah that goes along with traditional therms.

  • This is brilliant for kids. So easy and quick with just a touch to the forehead. I also love that it doesn’t have to be sanitized because it went in the mouth.

  • NaturalHairLatina

    Quick, easy and like the ones they use at the hospital

  • Paula Michele

    I like that it can be done while the child is still asleep. I love that it’s quick and easy to use!

  • Tamar

    that it’s not invasive

  • Brandi Price

    No touching or waking! Everyone knows you don’t wake a sick little one…

  • bev

    i like its accuracy and how quickly it reads out for squirming children.

  • Hanna

    We have one, and I love that you can use it while they sleep!

  • Debra S.

    Wow- ever have a fussy, crying, thrashing THREE year old that would not let you take their temp??? Exergen is a life-saver!! Best invention for your first aid/med cabinet of the decade!

  • Ashley

    Ease of use, and with a 2 year old, that is rough!

  • karyn

    I love how easy it is to use!

  • Sonya

    I like how quick it is

  • auntiethesis

    I like that you get a fast reading and its far more hygienic than reusing a thermometer

  • Daiva

    I like that it is accurate and easy to use

  • clarissa

    i could take the childrens’ temperatures while they slept without waking them at all…and we all know fevers go up at night..

  • Lindsey C.

    I love that I don’t have to undress the baby like I do with the rectal thermometer

  • Michelle

    I like that the temperature will be accurate!

  • Tammy Horn

    I like that it is less scary for the children.

  • kim burnett

    I like that you get a fast reading

  • They are reliable and accurate

  • McKim

    I like that it’s non-invasive and quick.

  • Kelsey Apley

    How quick and easy it is to take temperature

  • pepperqueen

    I love that it is so easy to use and read!

  • Tammy H.

    I like how quick and easy it is. It would be perfect for my 2yr old

  • Kris

    easy to use!

  • CynthiaChatham

    I like that it is not invasive and uncomfortable for my kids.

  • Me

    Quick and easy!

  • onna


  • Tammy Shelton

    Quick & Easy!

  • Alison Harvey

    doesnt get any easier than that … great idea

  • Lauren

    my doctors office uses these and I have been wanting to buy one, but just haven’t had the money it would be awesome to win.

  • Rhonda C

    these are great my girls wouldn’t fuss so much if i had one

  • kath g

    i like that it’s so fast (and accurate).

  • Jojo

    I like how sanitary this seems!

  • Liz

    I like that it’s quick, easy and above all accurate

  • danielle porter

    I like that it’s non invasive and that i can be non invasive and still accurate!

  • just.kathryn

    The last time I was in the hospital, this is what they used on me. I thought it was such a cool idea. I’d love to win one for my baby Grandson that I just won custody of!!

  • Michelle Horstman

    It’s non invasive

  • kafkaesk

    I like that it’s easy and I could very easily take my own temperature.

  • Miriam

    Would. Love to have :)

  • Jennifer

    I love this!! Finally a better way to take someones temp!

  • I would love to have one so its easier to take the temperature of my 4 months baby :) so idont need to wAke her up .:/

  • Molli Knowles

    i love that its so fast…for fidgety kiddos

  • Cynthia C

    I like that it’s non invasive and accurate.

  • scottfinger

    wish I had this for my family we have five electronic regular mouth thermomiters that really never lasted very long I have to take my tempiture daily a few times due to my disability and I sure could not afford to buy one as nice as this it being quick would be great to have wish me luck

  • Helga

    I like that it looks so easy to use!

  • carol

    I love that it is so easy and you could take it when a baby is sleeping

  • Kim H

    I like that it is easy…with little ones…you need easy

  • tgfamilyof4

    As a mother of 3 this would be amazing. I love how easy to use it is and the fact they all usually get sick in a row would make it so much easier to check them all instead of waiting forever with a regular thermometer.

  • Samantha Daleo

    I love that you can use it while your sick child is sleeping. That is so helpful to not have to wake them!

  • KeystoneKarla

    This is very easy to use.

  • Rachael Henzman

    I like that it is less germy because it only touches the forehead! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lindsay

    I love that you don’t have to make your ailing child feel uncomfortable by waking them or making them stay in a position so you can take their temperature! Perfect invention!

  • Fawn H

    I like how accurate it is.

  • Jill Reid

    this would be perfect for my special needs child! quick & easy!

  • Cheryl W

    I love that it’s quick and easy

  • Jessica Vaughan Gengler

    I love how easy it is and accurate

  • golden storm

    i love its ease of use just place on the forehead,,,saves all the trouble of trying to get a tempertaure of a sick child

  • Christine Burd

    I like how easy it is to use

  • I like that it seems futuristic, almost as though it’s an item from Star Trek.

  • Nikki S.

    I like that you can read the temperature instantly.
    NStrong3604 at yahoo dot com

  • Debbie J

    Quick and easy!

  • april

    I like that you can get a temp with just a swipe of the forehead…no more struggling for armpits!

  • Megan Parsons

    I like that I wouldn’t have to mess with getting an accurate temp under the arm. With little ones it’s not an easy task!

  • Marti Tabora

    I like that it’s so easy to use.

  • I love how non invasive it is, my kids hate the ear one.
    Eileen Burke

  • David Balkin

    I’m a germaphobe, so I love that you don’t have to put this in your mouth!

  • Raquel

    Very convenient, harmless and friendly user! :)

  • Angela Kinder

    It is so easy to use! I hate have it stuck in my ear or under my tongue.

  • Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

    It non-intrusive, safe, reliable and accurate – what’s not to love. Even my darling Hubby/Honey who is the world’s biggest baby when it comes to things like taking his temp or swallowing a pill will have no excuse when it comes to this one!

  • Danai

    Love that I don’t have to put it in my sick, germy mouth.

  • Jennifer Bell Lorenzini

    That you can use it on the forehead.

  • Denise Bigley

    It is very quick and accurate

  • Krystal M

    I like that it’s quick and easy to use, plus it’s non-intrusive!

  • tinareynolds

    I love it is so non-intrusive and quick with three little ones that is important

  • melissa t

    I can take a temp while my son is sleeping

  • Kaila

    I love that you can do it externally!

  • RustysR

    I like that it’s quick, reliable and won’t disturb a sleeping child.

  • debra pauley

    i like You just use them and can wipe them with a little bit of alcohol to clean them.

  • Tina Bartunek

    Ease of use!

  • Aimee McPherson

    I like that it is non-invasive

  • Caitlin Chapman

    We are expecting our second baby in June and already have a toddler son. If you are a parent then you already know what a joy it is to try and take the temperature of a sick young child! This would take soooo much less time and battle out of it!

  • Kelley S

    I like that it is easy to use and non-invasive.

  • Allie D

    the seems like an awesome themometer and I make life much easier

  • Heidi Johnston

    Easy to use

  • I really like that you can use this on anyone of any age. I had bought one from CVS and it didn’t work properly, this looks like a lot better of one so I’m excited to try it if I win. I have a family of 5 and it seems like almost always someone is sick!! ugh!

  • Lisa Smith

    I like that I do not have stick it in my kids ears and do not have to buy refills

  • Sandra

    I like that I don’t have to mess around trying to get their temp in the middle of the night poking their ear!

  • Deb C

    I like its speed and ease of use.

  • Jan Messali

    I like the accuracy and that you don’t need to buy any covers.

  • MichaelPerkins

    Easy interface.

  • usnsjf

    I would love to try this product

  • Tim Lintz

    I like how easy it is to use as opposed to having to sit with it in your mouth for 2 minutes.

  • Mary DeBorde

    I really like that it is not only accurate, but
    that it is non-invasive to use :)

  • Jaydyn b

    I like that it is easyto use.

  • nadine m

    It is almost impossoble to take my son temperature , he justs hold a reg thermometer in between his teeth never under his tongue.

  • jennifer lane

    I like that it’s quick and easy to use!

  • It’s so easy to use! It’s fast and accurate!

  • I LOVE its ease of use….

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    Like that it is so easy to use on little children

  • kelley roach

    easy to use and non invasive

  • zoey

    What do I like about the Exergen Temporal Scanner? I love that it is so easy to use and read!

  • MaryAnn

    My son is a wiggler and doesn’t like his temp taken so I love that it’s quick and easy. No waiting involved.

  • Becky Horn

    I love how fast the temperature is taken.

  • Cinderella10383

    I love how quickly it takes your temp and I love that I don’t have to wake my son up in the middle of the night to check his temp.

  • so easy and non-invasive!

  • Cynthia

    These are my favorite type of thermometers!!!! I have a cheap ear one that only works about 40% of the time. My little girl has been sick with croup this last week and this type of thermometer would have been awesome to have around!!! I would love to be able to check my daughter’s temp without waking her up!!! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!!!

  • dawn reid

    I like the ease of it and would help with my wiggly kids

  • Margaret

    I like how easy it is to use them and also clean – with just a bit of alcohol. Hope I win one for the grandbabies.

  • Lisa R

    easy to use and non invasive
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  • Chicora76

    I absolutely hated having to take a rectal temp. on our babies. I have seen these in use in the hospitals and are great way to not have to bother a sick person even more. We are expecting 2 grand babies and would love to have these for them.

  • martin3

    What I like most about the Temporal Scanner is that it is easy and fast. We know babies are attracted to just about anything, even when not feeling well. Before they reach out those little fingers to explore what mom or dad has on their forehead, it will already be over.

  • Molly Bussler

    It’s quick and simple to to have one! Thank you!

  • $12260892

    I love how quickly it takes tempuratures

  • Maria B

    I love it is easy to use and you don’t have to stick it in the ear.

  • cassandra m

    how it does not have to gag the kids

  • What I like most about the Temporal Scanner is that it is easy and fast. We know babies are attracted to just about anything, even when not feeling well. Before they reach out those little fingers to explore what mom or dad has on their forehead, it will already be over.

  • Barbara R.

    I like how easy it is to use. No fuss and no pain.

  • Roxana

    Wish we had these when we were kids!

  • Aimee Lee

    i love how quick and easy it is to use!

  • Sammy

    The ease of using it.

  • Mya Murphy

    it’s quick easy and reliable!

  • Rachel W

    I have yet to find a thermometer I’m thrilled with but this one looks great! I love that it’s fast and not invasive!

  • Lori Alcorn

    quick and easy

  • I love how quick and easy it looks!

  • pat

    quick and easy, I hate waiting for temps to pop up

  • susan smoaks

    i love that it’s super easy to use and won’t spread the germs

  • Teresa Thompson

    The kids can stay asleep or at least just lay there without any hassle. Love it!


  • Sonia

    I am in desperate need of one, my daughter is 11 months and this would be so easy and less hassle.

  • Kayla rice

    So easy and don’t have to wake the kids. I love this.

  • lori b

    This would sitter come in handy around our house!

  • Colleen Maurina

    I like the fact that it is esay to use on wiggly children and that it is accurate.

  • this is easier than sticky something under an arm, in the ear or mouth cause it’s quick and easy

  • Kate

    I would like to get it, seems very easy

  • Sandra K321

    It’s hygienic.

  • Lisa Garner

    I like that they are easy to use on a sleeping child.

  • Lora

    I had one used on me several weeks ago, it’s pretty cool.

  • Leslie Bennett

    My doctor uses one. It’s fast, accurate and totally non-invasive :-) No poking and prodding your sick kids.

  • Would love one of these so I can make an already unhappy sick child feel a little bit less stressed and cranky.

  • April

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time. my kids hate having their temperature taken and this would make it so much easier.

  • Erinn A


  • Heather@STL

    I need a reliable thermometer so bad!

  • cherie

    This would be SOOO much easier to use! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. :)

  • Chelsea Nickels

    i have two kiddos under age 2! this would be sooo convenient!!

  • It’s easy to use and faster than the old way

  • Corey Olomon

    I like how quick and easy it is.

  • Cici

    It’s easy to use

  • jenab01

    I like the ease of taking the temputure of a sick or sleeping child.

  • Ashley Cheser

    Having one of these would be so much easier, especially trying to take the temperatures of two infants! These are great!!

  • Elizabeth B

    I like that it seems so easy… and no more disturbing baby. Especailly when they’re sick. They need the sleep!

  • Tanya White

    I like that I can use it without waking my children when they are sick.

  • TIB

    I would love to win something in my life!! This would be great on my 10 month who never sleeps and when he does its a miracle!! Love your website!!

  • Denise

    Would love to win this!!! I

  • Denise

    Would love to win this!!!!!

  • francine

    i like that its fast and easy to test temperatures. we usually test our kids under the arm pit since its less invasive. however we still have to restrain them and wait for the thermometer to finish reading.. this would be sooo much better

  • Candie L

    I love how quick it is. Thank you

  • rebeccaorr

    I like that it is easy to read and not invasive.

  • easy to use and read

  • Jess L

    painfree for the kids

  • Stephanie Thompson

    It make it so much easier to take temps on the little ones.

  • carolpie

    You don’t have to hold under tongue forever!
    carol lewis

  • carolpie

    spcale at yahoo dot com

  • Adrianne B

    I love that it’s non-invasive.

  • Debbie Ellis

    I like the fast and easy use.

  • Rochel S

    Love that its non invasive – dont have to ‘fight’ with my kidsto take their temp!

  • Valerie C.

    I love that it can be used on a sleeping child! Fast and perfect!

  • Vikki Billings

    i love that there is not any cross contamination and that it is so easy to use with children.

  • Chacoy

    I love that it’s accurate and easy to use without disturbing them when their sick!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  • Sue Bunting

    I like that it takes your temperture so fast!

  • robynnorris

    I love the scanning feature! So much better than old school thermometers!

  • Sharon Braswell

    I love that its fast accurate and easy!
    Thank You!

  • Kelley F

    I like the fast and easy use.

  • laura

    Would love this for my twins…so much easier than the other ways of taking their temps when they aren’t feeling well.

  • Beth Palacios

    no hassle. I have a 2 year old so it would make taking a temp so mich easier!

  • Tonya Filleman

    It makes the process so much easier!

  • These look great.. Wish I had one when my kids were little!!… I’d probably give this one away to someone in my family with little ones!! :)

  • Robin Ericksen

    Would love to win….

  • Holly S.

    I like the ease of use. Thanks!

  • Michelle H.

    I like how it is so easy to use.

  • mommilori

    With twin toddler boys, having a temporal scanner would be a GREAT help!

  • Angel Card

    I’m adopting twins. Let’s just say that I will be needing a whole lot of things. Proud 1st time mother

  • I love how fast and easy this is.

  • Sharon Schoepe

    I like how easy it is to use

  • Kelly S

    Easy to use. Makes life simpler.

  • bev

    sure feel like i enter these wrong.

  • Sara l

    The best to have for little ones!

  • slehan

    I like that it’s non-invasive.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • alexis

    it makes taking a temperature not such a hassel-it makes it a lot easier for the child and mom! i love mine.

  • Alexandra Roach

    wow this takes your temp. fast!

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