Posted: December 5, 2012

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We are going to give away a COOL product that will bring a lot of JOY to your holidays!  This will be great with the kids being off during the holidays!  We are giving away an Action Shot Camera, Waterproof Case and Deluxe Mounting kit ($100 Value) from!  There are so many uses of an Action Shot Camera!  Skateboarding, bike riding, Snowboarding, Swimming, & More Sports BUT THAT IS NOT WHERE IT ENDS!  We have found some fun (or maybe weird) uses for them in our house.  Walking the dog – from the dogs perspective, Playing guitar – from the perspective of the guitar to watch hands move on strings, Hide and Seek – from perspective of the hider or the seeker, Hidden Camera – to see whose getting in the cookie jar!  I think the uses are endless!

The reason I wanted to try this was for my 8 year old who is a very advanced swimmer.  He has some complicated swim strokes that he is having a bit of trouble getting them right technically.  In one of his swim strokes his left arm slightly crosses over the middle when he swims.  We put it on him and recorded him swimming laps and were able to show him later what he was doing.  This was something he couldn’t see for himself so it was great to be able to show him!  We were going to post the videos of him swimming laps, but it wouldn’t be that interesting to our readers.  Instead we made a more fun video (short) of him swimming to the bottom to get a ring.  This will just give you a SMALL idea of what it is like to record with one of these.  I felt like the images were very clear.  We also wanted to show you how well the waterproof case works.  There are NO leaks and it works perfect!  Here’s the short video.

As you can see he dove into the pool and it didn’t harm the camera or hurt him.  He wore it on his forehead with a strap that comes with the camera. It’s very sturdy when you mount it on your head.  You can record in a higher resolution than we did, too!  You can also use the camera to take still shots.  It has it’s own internal memory.  One day my son took over 600 shots using the internal memory!  The camera also has a slot to add a Micro SD card for more storage.  That would help if you wanted long videos.  We also got the Deluxe Mounting Kit!  It comes with a nice storage bag to keep all the accessories organized.  With this kit you can mount the camera virtually anywhere and adjust the tilt/angle of the camera!  It’s a great addition to the camera!  It is nice to have this kit to put on skateboards and bike bars or even a helmet!

NOTE:  I wanted everyone to make sure they knew this in not a camcorder.  This is a camera that you can mount to anything to record the action going on around it.  It’s for action/movement recording.  Some people have left comments that led me to believe it would be used as a camcorder.  This would not work for something like that.  This is a FUN camera to use though!  Some good ideas that people have mentioned are scuba diving, skiing or using it on a lake adventure.  You can also mount this to a mountain bike as you make jumps!  I think it would also be fun to wear if you were riding a motorcycle to see the action going on around you.

The camera comes with the “dongle” – basically the device you need to hook it up to your computer and clear instructions.  I’m not very “technical” and it was easy for me to do and understand. My husband was at work when we used it the first time and I was afraid I would not be able to do it.  I was wrong!  It’s easy and to use and very easy to put the images on the computer.  I’m proud that I did it myself! has a Video Editor App in Windows or Mac Version FREE to download!  You can edit and share your footage and add music or visual effects!  There are a few more accessories you can buy to go with the camera depending on your activity level like the High Impact Case, Portable Video Viewer or the Actions shot HD Camera.

Giveaway – One Reader will win an Action Shot Camera, Waterproof Case & Deluxe Mounting Kit – $100 Total Value!

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