Posted: April 17, 2017


The winner of the FREE Nintendo Switch! ($300 Value) was selected using Gleam:

  • Mark Thompson, mthomxxxxx@….com  CLAIMED!

The winner must email me at before Wednesday, 4/19 at midnight or forfeit their prize and a new winner will be selected. My emails were all getting sent to peoples spam folders, so from now on you need to check the site or the giveaways feed or giveaways emails list to see if you’re a winner!

Wanna win some more?

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  • ginger

    pick me instead… 😉 I’d be happy to get it off your hands. lol

  • Lisa


  • Bill Davis

    At least this is making feel like I still have a chance!

  • Scooby Don’t

    The continued suspense is killing me!

  • Camryn

    You made a small mistake, you said Sunday 4/19 but it is actually a Wednesday :) If they don’t claim I really hope I get chosen!

    • Jen

      Thanks – fixing now.

  • hayanyujah847

    Wow, that’s insane! Congrats to the new winner! 😀

  • Alexandrea

    It’s sold out eveywhere and people won’t claim it,my I entered to win but didn’t win ,I hope that they check the app daily like some of us do then they would know that they won?

    • Jen

      We emailed them plus it shows on the app, Cuckoo Site and on FB.

  • nday12

    OMG!!! A fourth winner?!! Oh well Congratulations!

  • Ashley

    Was there a post I missed? I only see this being the 3rd person picked. Maybe someone didnt see it if it wasn’t posted to the giveaway page.

    • Jen

      We posted it 3 times before this on our site, plus fb and did videos as well. We also emailed them.

    • tracey barfield

      I saw the first winner’s post but never saw the others but Facebook likes to play with my facebook notifications and timeline

  • Jennifer

    Pick me if you have to do a 5th time LOL.

  • tracey barfield


  • Teresa Sloan

    Been watching all selected winners hoping to be next

  • kerri

    Man, I cannot believe this! LOL. I’ll take it if no one takes it this time :)

  • Keely hostetter

    Every redraw I am hoping it’s me! Congrats to the new winner.

  • Tasha

    Oh my this many times? I would love one! Pick me next I’ll respond super fast ?

  • Sondi Lyn Boswell

    Wow. I would have claimed

  • Joanne Martin-roberts

    Woohoo congratulations

  • sandy weinstein

    wow, i cant believe this, it must be a record.

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