Posted: March 21, 2010

Link up your giveaways here. Readers, check out this list for awesome giveaways to enter!

For a full list of every site that offers giveaway links, including the day they post their linky, go here.

For a full list of linkys that are for coupon blogs, but not about giveaways, go here.

Posted: March 9, 2010

$1/1 Kix Cereal coupon There hasn’t been a Kix cereal sale for awhile, so when one pops up combine it with this for a real sweet deal soon. 

Walgreens Deal $2 jellybeans this week:
$1/2 Walgreens March Coupon book (in-stores, just ask  for it)
$1/2 Jelly Bean Lifesavers
Final Price = $1 per bag 

B1G1 Free Land O-Frost coupon just click on the button on the upper right hand side.

Yoplait Greek Yogurt – $1.19
free coupon (Publix) here
Stack with $0.30/1 printable
Final Price= Free Thanks, iGoBOGO

$2 coupon for Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, or Raisin Bran This is still available if you haven’t printed it already.

UPDATE: NEW LINK: New Hasbro coupons available here:
$5 Off Star Wars HASBRO purchase of $20.00 or more
$5/1 ELEFUN game
$5/1 GATOR GOLF game
$5 Off HASBRO IRON MAN™ 2 total purchase of $20.00 or more
$4/1 CLUE game
$5/1 SORRY! Sliders game
$5/1 OPERATION game
$5/1 BOP It
$4/1 TWISTER game
$4/1 CONNECT 4 game
$4/1 R2-D2 is in TROUBLE game
$10/1 either (1) MONOPOLY Electronic Banking Edition or (1) MONOPOLY City game

+ too many more to list. Go here to see them all.

While your at, notice it has reset the following diaper coupons:
$2 off any one Huggies Diapers
$2 off any one Huggies Overnites Diapers
$.75 off any one Huggies Baby Wipes (64ct or larger)
$2 off any one Pull-ups Training Pants (mega pack or larger)
$2 off any one Goodnites Sleep Pants (jumbo pack or larger)

New coupons or reset coupons:

$0.40 off one package of Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks (5oz or larger)
$2 off any 4 units of So Delicious Yogurt made with Coconut Milk
$1 off any one half gallon of So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage

Various new CVS coupons
$1 off any one Cottonelle bath tissue (12-pack or larger, any variety)
$1 off any one Viva Towel 6 Big Roll Pack
$.75 off any one Kleenex Facial Tissue (any bundle pack)
$1 off any one Kotex Product

Mambo Sprouts Organic Coupons:

  1. $1/1 package of Seventh Generation Diapers or Wipes
  2. $1/6 jars of Earth’s Best Baby Food

$1 on any 2 bags of Ghirardelli SQUARES Chocolates
Hint: look for link in the bottom left hand corner.
Thanks, Jessica’s Coupons!

$2 on any One Schick Disposable Razor

Click on “Get Special Savings” — lower-right side of the page.

$1/2 Nestle Nest Eggs or Wonka Chocolate golden Eggs
$1/2 Wonka Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans, Wonka SweeTarts Jelly Beans or Wonka Spree Jelly Beans
Thanks, Coupon Katarina

$5/1 Boost Kids Essential
$1/1 Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites

$1/1 Desitin Product (2 oz or larger) 

Not all, just some, Kix & Hasbro coupons for sure. Last time Hasbro had coupons available I got $.99 Mr. Potato Head with over 40 pieces.  I plan on just using the toy coupons  if I can get dirt cheap toys and stowing them away for Christmas or my daughter’s friends birthdays.

Posted: March 7, 2010

Bloggers link up your giveaways with Mister Linky, and good luck to all who enter!  Every Sunday I delete the expired giveaways, so you can actually link up all week long.

I have won 3 giveaways on various blogs so far. My favorite giveaway I won was on Couponing For 4, I won a cute cake tray that makes cakes to look like popsicles.

Posted: March 3, 2010

“Fill your cart”

Grocery Store & Coupon Deals

I don’t have time to post all the hot grocery store deals out there, so if you found a great deal leave a link or comment below!

Posted: February 22, 2010

I got my Free Excedrin coupon I told you about (link still looks like its working) in the mail today.  Some Walgreen’s have $2 Register Rewards going on for Excedrin Menstrual Complete, so make some RR’s!

Thanks, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free???

Posted: February 9, 2010

I’m from Idaho, so I gag at the thought of boxed potatoes! Head on over here to print a “buy any two 5 lb. bag of Green Giant Potatoes coupon and receive a third bag FREE” coupon! You’ll need to first create an account and then confirm your account with a link they send you via email. You should then be able to click the link, login to your account, and then print the coupon. My coupon has an expiration date of 2/28/2010.

Posted: February 4, 2010

These are coupons matched with everyday prices at Target:

Contadina Tomato Sauce (Del Monte) 8 oz
Retail: 42c ea
Coupon: 75c/3 printable (ff link)
Total: 17c ea

Friskies Party Mix
Retail: $1.25 (until 2/6)
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 25c

Hershey’s Pieces
Retail: $2.39
Coupon: $1 from 1/31 SS and $1 Target printable
Total: 39c ea

Chapstick Classic Original Single Count
Retail: 99c
Coupon: $1/3 from 1/31 RP (exp 4/30)
Total: 67c ea

Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix 2 oz
Retail: $1.11
Coupon: 40c from 1/31 RP
Total: 71c

Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer 16 oz
Retail: $1.79
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 79c

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish 6.6 oz
Retail: $1.66
Coupon: 75c printable
Total: 91c

Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer Air Freshener Spray
Retail: $1.92
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 92c

Chapstick Classic Original Single Count .99 cents
-$1/3 (01-31-10 RP) (exp 4/30)
= $.67 cents each

Shedd’s Spread Country Crock 15 oz Tub Spread $1.42
-$.30/1; .40/1; .50/1 S (01-31-10 RP) (exp 2/28)
-$.40/1 (12-06-09 RP) (exp 2/27)
= $.92 – $1.12 depending on Q
Scotch Lint Roller (30 Sheet ct) $2.19
-$1/1 (01-24-10 SS) (exp 3/31)
= $1.19 each
International Delight Liquid Coffee Creamer $1.59
-$.55/1 I PRINT
= $1.04 each
Coffee Mate Liquid Creamer 16 oz $1.79
-$1/1; $1.50/2 eventually re-sets if you have printed before PRINT
= $.79 – $1.04 each
Renuzit® Super Odor Neutralizer® Air Freshener Spray $1.92
– $1/1 HERE
= $.92 cents each after Q

Sobe Lifewater — $1
Coupon: B1G1 printable here (ff link)
and (2) 50c/1 Target printables
Total: 2 for free!

Pepsi 2 Liter — $1
Coupon: 50c/2 Target printable
Total: 75c ea

Dannon Yogurt 4 or 6 pack
Coupon: $1 from 1/10 SS
Total: 89c

Buy 2 bags of Tositos at 2/$5 and get free dip
Coupon: $1/2 Tostitos Chips and Dip Target printable and $1/2 from January All You
Total: $1 ea

Beggin Strips Canadian Cuts
Retail: $2.54
Coupon: $1.50 from 10/25 SS and $1/2 Target printable
Total: 54c ea

Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Travel Size
Retail: 98c
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: Free!


Scotties Facial Tissues
Retail: $1
Coupon: $1 printable (tell them you do not use Scotties regularly)
Total: Free!

Sensodyne Toothpaste (travel size)
Retail: $1
Coupon: $1 from 1/3 RP
Total: Free!

Renu Contact Solution (travel size)
Retail: $1.67
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: Free!

Reach Dental Floss
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from 10/4 RP (exp 6/30/10)
Total: Free!

Rolaids 3 pack
Retail: $1.32
Coupon: $4/2 from 1/3 SS (exp 4/3)
Total: Free!

Bandaid 10 ct (in the travel section)
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from 1/3 (exp 3/31)
Total: Free!

All Laundry Detergent (travel size)
Retail: $1.02
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 2c

Starkist Tuna
Retail: $1.02
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: 2c

Post-It Page Markers — $1.05
Coupon: $1 from 1/10 SS
Total: 5c


Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion (travel size)
Retail: $1.07
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link)
Total: 7c

Friskies Party Mix (buy 4)
Retail: $1.25 (exp 2/6)
Coupon: (2) B1G1 from 1/24 SS and (1) $2/2 from 11/15 SS (exp 2/14)
Total: 13c ea

Contadina Tomato Sauce (Del Monte) 8 oz
Retail: 42c ea
Coupon: $1/4 printable (zip 60051)
Total: 17c ea

Nabisco Barnum’s Animal Crackers
Retail: $1.14
Coupon: $2/2 Nabisco crackers printable (ff link)
Total: 28c

McCormick Cinnamon
Retail: $1.11
Coupon: 75c from 1/3 RP (exp 2/7)
Total: 36c

Johnson and Johnson Safety Swabs
Retail: $1.39
Coupon: $1 from 1/3 RP (exp 3/15)
Total: 39c

Wonka Gummies
Retail: $1.39
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link) and here too
Total: 39c

Shout Travel Wipes 4 pk
Retail: 97c
Coupon: 55c from 1/10 SS (exp 3/6)
Total: 42c ea

Gatorade 32 oz bottles
Retail: 96c
Coupon: 50c from 1/10 RP
Total: 46c

Softsoap Ensembles Hand Soap Refill
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: 49c

Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese
Retail: $1
Coupon: 50c printable
Total: 50c

Pepperidge Farm Crackers
Retail: $2.50
Coupon: $1 Target peelie found on some boxes and $1 from 1/17 SS (exp 3/14)
Total: 50c ea!

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup
Retail: 60c
Coupon: 40c/4 from 1/3 SS (exp 3/15)
Total: 50c ea

Yo Plus
Retail: $1.50
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 50c

Cheese Nips 13.5 oz
Retail: $1.50 (until 2/13)
Coupon: $2/2 printable (ff link)
Total: 50c ea

Steaz Organic Iced Tea (16 oz) — $1.08
Coupon: B1G1 printable
Total: 54c ea

Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix 2 oz
Retail: $1.11 (exp 2/6)
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/15 RP
Total: 56c

Del Monte Canned Vegetables 14.5 oz Can
Retail: 82c
Coupon: $1/4 printable
Total: 57c ea

Aquafresh Extreme Clean .8oz
Retail: $1.07
Coupon: 50c/1 printable
Total: 57c

Wishbone Salad Spritzer
Retail: $1.62 (until 2/6)
Coupon: $1 from 1/31 RP
Total: 62c ea

Knorr Vegetable Soup & Dip Recipe Mix 1.4 oz
Retail: $1.25
Coupon: $1/2 from 11/15 RP
Total: 63c ea

Ore-Ida Easy Fries 4.75 oz
Retail: 99c
Coupon: Look for $1/3 blinkies in some stores
Total: 66c

French’s Spicy Brown Mustard 12 oz
Retail: $1.17
Coupon: 50c printable here or here
Total: 67c

Mission Tortillas (10 pack)
Retail: $1.68
Coupon: $1 printable (ff link) or look for peelies on the package
Total: 68c

Electrasol/Finish 20 ct. regular tabs and gelpacs
Retail: $3.18
Coupon: $2.50/1 from 1/3SS (exp 2/7)
Total: 68c

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta
Retail: $1.22
Coupon: $1/2 printable
Total: 72c ea

Special K Cereal — $2.94
Special K Granola Cereal — $3.29

Buy both and use 50c Target cereal coupon
$1 Special K Granola cereal coupon
and the Free granola with the purchase of regular Special K cereal

Total: 72c ea

SoBe Water
Retail: $1
Coupon: 25c printable
Total: 75c

Starkist Solid White Tuna 5 oz cans — $1.20
Coupon: B1G1 printable (no logo on it!)
Total: 80c ea

Chapstick Medicated
Retail: $1.09
Coupon: 50c/2 from 12/13 RP (exp 2/28)
Total: 84c ea

Lean Cuisine
Retail: $1.87
Coupon: $1 Target Printable plus there is a
$1/3 mfg printable here
Total: 87c

French’s Yellow Mustard 20 oz
Retail: $1.38
Coupon: 50c printable here

Total: 88c

Bagelfuls Strawberry Cream Cheese
Retail: $1.89
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: 89c

Juicy Juice Brain Development Juice 33.8 oz
Retail: $2.89
Coupon: $1 printable and $1 Target printable
Total: 89c

Wet Ones
Retail: $2.24
Coupon: $1.50 printable
Total: 94c

Downy Wrinkle Release, 3 oz.
Retail: $1.97
Coupon: $1.00 printable
Total: 97c

Aveeno Oatmeal Bath 1.5 oz or Anti Itch with Calamine Lotion
Retail: $2.99
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: 99c

Electrasol Finish Quantum
Retail: $3.49
Coupon: $2.50 from 1/3 SS
Total: 99c

Coffeemate Creamer 16oz
Retail: $1.49
Coupon: $1/2 mfg printable on the Target site (exp 2/23)
Total: 99c

Dannon Danactive 4 pack
Retail: $1.99
Coupon: $1/1 from 10/4 SS (1/31/10)
Total: 99c

Dawn Direct Foam
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $1.50 from Home Made Simple booklet (exp 3/31/10)
Total: 99c

Listerine 3 oz Antiseptic Mouthwash
Retail: $1.49
Coupon: 50c printable
Total: 99c

Meaty Bone Chewlotta
Retail: $2.01
Coupon: B1G1 printable
Total: $1

Del Monte Fruit Chiller Tubes
Retail: $2.04
Coupon: $1 printable
Total: $1.04



Stash Tea — $1.66
Coupon: 50c printable (zip 90210)
Total: $1.16

Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes
Retail: $1.64
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.24

Betty Crocker Warm Delights
Retail: $1.67
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.27

Milk Bone Essentials Plus Biscuits
Retail: $3.29
Coupon: $2 printable
Total: $1.29

Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
Retail: $1.72
Coupon: 40c printable
Total: $1.32


Bagel Bites 9 ct
Retail: $2.49
Coupon: $1.50 Dove Lotion Target Printable and $1 from December All You
Total: $1.49

Clean & Clear Deep Exfoliating Scrub or Daily Pore Cleaner, 5 oz
Retail: $3.54
Coupon: $2 printable (ff link)
Total: $1.54

Satin Care Shave Gel (in the travel section)
Retail: 97c
Coupon: $1 from 2/7 P&G (exp 3/31)
Total: Free!

Ortega Seasoning Packets
Retail: 59c
Coupon: 75c/2 from 1/24 SS (exp 3/31)
Total: 22c ea

Ortega Black Beans
Retail: 79c
Coupon: 75c/2 from 1/24 SS (exp 3/31)
Total: 42c ea

Sobe Life Water
Retail: $1
Coupon: B1G1 printable (ff link)
Total: 50c ea

MY AWESOME READERS: Please alert me if any coupon expires or the link doesn’t work anymore!
Posted: February 1, 2010

I won a coupon for $1/1 Kikkoman Sauce but I didn’t print it, I don’t know how many times it can be printed but the link is here if anyone wants it!

To get your own or a chance to wins tons of Kikkoman prizes, fill out this short form HERE and a pin # will be sent to your email.  Mine was in my spam folder so check there!

Thanks Alaska Coupon Diva

Posted: January 31, 2010

Walmart deals vary by region! I never go there expecting to get all the deals on my list.

Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant  $2.50
$2/1 ( IE or Firefox or Safari)

starkist-tuna chunk light

2.6 oz. pouches of Starkist Chunk Light Tuna
$/1 Starkist Pouch printable coupon(IE Link) (FF Link)

E.P.T $3.97
$5 off any e.p.t. Pregnancy Test printable (IE) or printable (FF)
Final Price=Free

Knox Gelatine $1.32
Use the $4 off any one Knox product coupon from the 1/24RP
Final cost FREE + some possibly serious overage!

Duck Packaging Tape $1.08
$1.00/1 (S 11/22)
Final Price= $.08

Johnson’s Buddy Soaps $1.00
$1/1 Johnson’s Baby Product (RP 1/3)
Final Price= Free

Rianxeira Tuna Snacks, $1.88
FREE Rianxeira Tuna Snacks, exp. 4-30-10 (ALL YOU Feb ‘10)
Final Price= Free

Walmart has Cheese Nips (8 oz) for $1 and there is a $2/2 Nabisco cracker coupon HERE.

Barnum Animal Crackers, $1
$2/2 Nabisco Cracker Products printable (IE) or printable (FF)
2 FREE after coupon!

Post-It Notes, $0.50 (NOT IN UTAH!)
$1/1 Post-It Brand Notes, exp. 2-10-10 (SS 01/10/10)
2 FREE after coupon!

Kotex Pads $1.00
$2/2 (SS 1/10/10)
2 FREE after coupon!

Reach Floss 55 yds *in black package* .97
$1/1 (5-31-10) SS-6/14
$1/1 (1-31-11) JCPOpticalRP-1/3
Final price: FREE!

Other hot deals not to miss:

Ivory Soap, 3 pk $1.02- 1.07
$1.00/1 Zest, Ivory, or Safeguard wash or bar pack from PG 12/27
Final Price: $0.02-$0.07 each

Limited Time Offer Tide Stain Release Packs are $5.00 at Walmart
$3.00/1 (PG 12/27) Limited Time Offer Pack
Final Price: $2.00

Bic Comfort 3 disposable razors $2.97
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE up to $6.99 (2-21-10) SS-1/10
Final price: $ 1.48

Degree Invisible Stick *trial size* .97
Use: Degree Men or Women Deodorant or Body Mist, any .75/1 (2-28-10) RP-1/31
Final price: $.22

BandAids Go-Diego-Go 10ct. $1.24
$1/1 (3-31-10) JCPOpticalRP-1/3
Final price: .24

BandAids 50 ct. All-One-Size $1.88
$1/1 (3-31-10) JCPOpticalRP-1/3
Final price: $.88

BandAids 40 ct. Sheer $1.88
$1/1 (3-31-10) JCPOpticalRP-1/3
Final price: $.88

Suave 24 hr. deodorant – full size .97
$.75/1 (2-28-10) RP-1/31
Final price: .22

J&J gauze pads 10 ct. $1.63
$1/1 (3-31-10) JCPOpticalRP-1/3
Final price: .63

Posted: January 31, 2010

Hosting a free giveaway?
Leave us a link here.  We recently switched to Mister Linky to make it easier to list your giveaways! This list will be refreshed every Sunday.

Readers, go here to see all the free giveaways going on around the net this week!

Posted: January 27, 2010

This deal is dead because the limit has been reached!

Be one of the first 30,000 people to fill out this form (click on the “Request Your Bag” link), and you’ll score a FREE insulated freezer bag from Sam’s Club! You do NOT need to be a Sam’s Club member to get this sample. I think this would be great for running to the park real quick during the summer!


Posted: January 27, 2010

Go to IE Link or Firefox Link to print a coupon for $1.25/1 off Yoplait Frozen Smoothies.  Last time I was in Walwart these were on rollback for $2.50.

Five weekly emails each with a dollar off coupon for Multi-Grain Cheerios
Bottom-Right side of the page here

My Turn:
Will you print either of these coupons?
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