Posted: May 6, 2011

The first five people at all American Eagle Outfitters stores tomorrow, 5/7, get a free pair of shorts!  You need to use the “Places” function on your Facebook mobile app to check in when you get there!

I found this info on the American Eagle facebook page!

Posted: April 28, 2011

With the price of gas, this is only worth doing if you happen to be driving by one of these anyways!  I haven’t tried them but I love Jamba Juice so they are probably good!

Well here’s the scoop – the first 100 people at all Jamba Juices at 2pm today will get a FREE can of Jamba Juice All Natural Energy drink (in Strawberry Banana or Crisp Apple flavors), made with real fruit and natural caffeine!  No coupon is necessary to redeem this offer.

Jamba Juice Freebie details

(Thanks, Savvy Shopper Deals!)

Posted: April 6, 2011

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide

Guest Post by Lea from Coupon Train

Hello Coupon Friends,

My name is Lea. I do a coupon train. Coupon trains are simply a way of exchanging coupons by postal mail. While this is not a new concept and predates the Internet, the Internet has opened up opportunities to better connect savers. This means those “Great Coupons” that aren’t available in your local paper, supermarket, or even mail just may be in someone else’s. That pile of “free” products or coupons you were going to discard may be exactly what someone else is looking for. Add in a few more people, and you may just have a savings Dream Team!

Coupon Trains – The Basics

Every train is different, depending on who needs what, when, why, and where! Whoever starts up a train usually defines the specific goals and rules for that group. There are a few key fundamentals to consider before you decide which train is right for you.

Basics of the Coupon Trains – The basic coupon train begins with a group of 3 – 6 members at different mailing addresses. An envelope of coupons (typically 40 – 200) is mailed from the “conductor” to the first person on the “train route” (mailing list). That person takes out the coupons they want and replace them with other coupons at least equal to the number they took out. They then mail the envelope (“envie”) to the next person on the route, who does the same.

Ideally each person keeps the envelope for no longer than 1 – 3 days, and pulls out any expired coupons. The train needs to keep moving along, since the idea is to send and receive those much-needed coupons before the next sale, or the expiration date. Coupons expire quickly, so the train is only worthwhile if the coupons can be received, matched up with sales, and redeemed before they expire.

We host all the state but Hawaii and Alaska, Sorry!

Most of all, remember that the coupon train is a team effort! It should be enjoyable, rewarding, and bring SAVINGS to all the members. If you have any questions about the train, just ask!


On Facebook Freecoupontrain-Personal Blog

Thanks so Much,


Note from Deidre:

If that coupon train fills up, and there are more people who want to be involved, please leave a comment for other readers and a way to contact you below!  Maybe Hawaii or Alaska people who want to start one locally??

Posted: March 24, 2011

Have you heard about DollarSurveys? I just signed up and I’ll let you know how it goes. You take free surveys and earn a dollar for each survey you complete!  Sign up for dollar surveys and let us know how much you make!   Make sure to sign up with your paypal email address because that is how you will be paid automatically.

If you don’t have a paypal address, sign up for paypal for free. You can transfer money straight from PayPal to your bank account.   Also, paypal is extremely secure. If you buy something online and don’t receive it or have a dispute, you can work with Paypal to get your money back.   I use paypal for virtually all my online shopping.

Also, if you have a paypal email address, why not get $1 or $2 for FREE with my giveaway going on now? Everyone gets at least $1, some people are getting $2 for fun! And one winner gets $50!

Posted: March 14, 2011

This looks really fun! Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet—Choose Thine Own Adventure, held at Madeline’s Steak House on March 25 or 26 in South Jordan and at The Old Spaghetti Factory on March 28 in Orem. The witty performance features all the original puns, poetry, and tragedy while offering a more humorous treatment of the star-crossed lovers’ love scenes.

Buy tickets at this SLC Groupon page (you’ll need to sign in first) for $15 for two people.  The dinner’s start at $9 and aren’t included.

Another SLC only deal: If you love food delivered to your house, there is a deal for Living Social for $55 to Spend on Delivered Farm-Fresh Groceries for only $20.

Posted: March 10, 2011

I’ve added a great new freebie to the Birthday Freebies list!

I just read the Amy from Savvy Shopper Deals signed up for the build-A-Bear Club, and every year on her anniversary of the day she signed up she gets a coupon for a free bear – up to $12 value! It appears you also get a $5 coupon for bear clothes purchases on your child’s birthday too!

Sign up for Build A Bear emails for special offers via email and I hope they keep this promo around for a year so we can score some free Build-A-Bears next year!

*There are some free build-a-bear coupons floating around online, but these are intended for the people they were emailed to and won’t scan at the store.  You need to sign up for their email list and wait to get your coupon.

Posted: March 5, 2011

I was just at Kmart for a reason you won’t believe.   My daughter got invited to a boys birthday party.  I always stock up on “girls” toys for my kids and parties they are invited to, but never thought to buy “boy” presents for my stockpile!  Well, I was lucky to find they had some toys on clearance and I ended up getting a good deal.

But onto the most important part of this post… when the cashier stuck the toy I bought in a bag, she also stuck in a single sheet of paper with 5 $20 coupons when you transfer your prescription to Kmart!  So, if you have a prescription that needs filled, go in to Kmart and ask for the sheet of paper they are stuffing in people’s bags at checkout!  Also, this coupon is for a specific amount, $20, so it is possible Walmart will take it as per Walmart’s new coupon policy.  If anyone tries it at Walmart, let us know if it works!

Read my post on and how it works if you don’t know how exciting prescription transfer coupons are!

CVS prescription transfer coupon: Some CVS Pharmacies WILL accept this Kmart coupon as a competitor’s coupon! Call yours and see if they will take it!

Posted: February 9, 2011

Get $5 off per person (up to 10 people) with this  AMF bowling coupon! NEW coupon: $20 off when you have 4 people

AMF Bowling Locations – scroll down and enter your zip code in the box to pull up the locations near you!

Posted: February 7, 2011

Hurry and go here to get the Salt Lake County Pass of All Passes which is only $39 today! This includes:

This is a $327 value!  Now this pass is for one person, so be sure to get enough for all people over the age of 2 in your family!  Ages 3 + need tickets to Seven Peaks.

I got the Utah County one that was offered last year and it was definitely worth it!

Posted: February 5, 2011

Right now, people who are new to Mamapedia can score a $10 gift certificate to for only $5!  There are lot’s of great places to use this at like CVS or The Gap or Chili’s!

This deal is only available to first-time Mamapedia buyers and cannot be combined with referral credit or coupon codes.

Thanks, Couponers United!

Posted: December 15, 2010

I love swagbucks! Basically, how Swag Bucks works is you use them for your search engine. They are powered by Google and Sometimes when you search, you randomly will get a message “You’ve Won 7 Swagbucks” or some other amount. Sign up for Swagbucks here.  Right now, use code “JoinIn2010” to get 60 Swagbucks just for signing up!

Don’t forget you can get a Swagbuck every day at online polls.

Other ways to get Swagbucks:  watching videos, Special Offers, Surveys, Games, Trade-Ins, Shopping, getting any of the daily deals.

It takes 450 swags to get a $5 gift card – my brother is a typical guy doing searches for college, and gets 1 $5 gift card per month.  I get much more than that, since you can refer people and get points for referring people.  So refer your friends too!

Ask CCD Readers: Do you have any questions about Swagbucks? I’ll answer them for you!

Posted: December 15, 2010
45 has graciously given CCD readers a total of FOUR $25 Gift Certificates =$100 in gift cards total!

These can be used at any restaurant on their site. Right now, use code Take 80% off all purchases with code ‘CLEARANCE’ 12/21 through 12/25!

  • Gift Cards: These are physical gift cards mailed for free! Get a $25 Gift Card for $2 right now!
  • Gift Certificates: These are printed right off your home computer! Get a $25 Gift Certificate for $2 right now!
  • Dinner of the Month Club a 12 month package that comes with 12 $25 gift certificates and one FREE $50 gift certificate! The total for this package would be $120, but after you type in the promo code GIVE available—your total will drop down to just $24! Wahoo! That means you’re scoring $350 worth of dining certificates for ONLY $24!

Always read the fine print when you buy, sometimes the gift cards can only be used on certain days. Still a stellar deal though, especially if you are traveling during the holidays and want to try somewhere new.

The winners of the giveaway should email me and write up a short paragraph about how their experience with using their gift certificates went!

***You’ll score 30% cash back on your purchases if you go through ShopAtHome!

1 winner gets a professional teeth whitening Solar Bright whitening kit valued at $60 – makes teeth 8 shades brighter, from Eversave

The top 4 people with the most entries win:  $25 Gift Certificates EACH  (winners chosen by having the most entries)

Regardless of # of entries, all others are still eligible to win: 1 winner will get a solar bright teeth whitening kit worth $60! (winner chosen at random)

  • Entries are unlimited.
  • View how many entries you have in the giveaway!
  • To enter: enter your email in the box below and follow all the steps; it is easy to get lots of entries!
  • Get 5 extra entries for commenting on any post on my site: Leave a comment on any post on my site, just enter your “contest username” in the box underneath the comment box to get an extra entry! You can do this as many times as you want each day the giveaway is going on!   Entries are started at zero with each new giveaway, and we only have one giveaway going on at a time, so everyone starts with a fresh chance!

[contest_links contest=”_160_in_gift_cards”]

***Entry form won’t appear in rss feeds – you must visit the site to enter.

Disclosure: Giveaway is open to US residents only and ends Dec. 21st 2010. All winners will be announced on my site and on my giveaways feed – they must email me to claim their prize. Gift certificates provided by and the teeth whitening kit I bought from Eversave (more…)

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