Posted: June 14, 2010


TEXT Rite Aid training here.

Coupon shopping at Rite Aid just got better –

UPDATE: I didn’t make it very clear in the video: Each advertised +UP Reward is limited to 1 per transaction; unless otherwise stated in the ad or else it’s a fluke. For example, if you purchase 2 bottles of Clariol in one transaction, you will only receive 1 $1 +UP Reward. So if you are interested in purchasing more than one of the same +UP Reward item, be sure that you purchase each item in a separate transaction! 

Separate transactions CAN be applied to single check rebates for the same month.

If a price is “buy 2 get a +UP reward”, you have to buy two for the +UP to print!

Fluke? Sometimes multiple+UP rewards will print for a product that weren’t advertised.  This happens with Huggies alot.  If that happens, readers let us know and I update the deals to work some more great scenerios!

My video walks you through a complex deal to make it easy for newbies to get paid to shop at Rite Aid.  You’ve never truly shopped at Rite Aid until you “stack”, “roll”, and “rebate” in multiple transactions.  It’s easy.  I’ll show you how.

My Rite Aid video training teaches you how to “stack”:

  1. in-ad store coupons
  2. manufacturer’s coupons
  3. video value coupons
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: You can no longer use both an in-ad coupon with a VV coupon (You could do that back in the good old days!).

My video teaches you when to scan your $5/25 coupons and Wellness card (scanning them at the wrong time can ruin a transaction!).  Then my Rite Aid training video teaches you how to “roll” your UP rewards into another purchase.

Last but not least, I show you how to login to Rite Aid’s video values and enter your rebates – no mailing rebates required!

How do I know you can stack video values coupons with in-ad coupons? Rite Aid’s own ad shown below states that you can use the in-ad coupon with the video values coupon!

Posted: June 1, 2010

FBMemorialDay10 – 10 points

JunFacebook2010 – 10 points

View my full list of previous Pampers Gifts to Grow points here (leave a comment if any have expired)

What is pampers gifts to grow?

It’s similar to Huggies Enjoy the Rides.  You enter codes that are shareable online and non-shareable ones inside the packs of diapers to get build up points which can be used for rewards.  But it does take a long time to get the good rewards.

Posted: May 14, 2010


Pampers gifts to grow program lets you turn points from the inside of diaper packages into rewards, they have a new deal where you can get a free box of Cheeries for only 200 points.  Sign up here.

If you already have an account, go here to Pampers Gifts to Grow to enter this 10 point code:


Go here for a list of all other valid codes – 100 points total.

Thanks, SavingsAndStewardship and WhoSaidNothingInLifeIsFree!

Posted: April 27, 2010

Enter code here: FPSNN83JX9 for 25 points.

Read more about Disney Rewards here.

Thanks, MojoSavings

Posted: April 25, 2010

You must be a member of Staples Rewards to get these deals, sign up for free in-store or online here.

Remember, these rebates are checks to use on future purchases at Staples, not checks that can be cashed at your bank.  So this deal is only for you if you need something else at Staples later, or you want to “roll” rewards on the next deal.

Duracell Batteries 20 count pack for $9.99 – Limit 2
Get back $9.99 in Staples Rewards
Final Price after Rewards= Free!

Thanks, Mojo Savings

Hammermill Copy Plus Paper (500 sheet ream) – $6.49 each – Limit 2
Get back $10.98 in Staples Rewards when you buy 2
FINAL COST = $1 each after rebates

Thanks, Coupon Katrina

Posted: April 14, 2010

The catalina for Betty Crocker Potatoes is still running at Smith’s until the 18th!

Buy 1 – .50
Buy 2 – $1.50
Buy 3 – $3.00

Use .40/1 printable
Use .25/1 (SS-3/28)
You can also load .40/1 onto your rewards card using Cellfire!! easy!

Posted: April 5, 2010

What is Disney Movie Rewards?

Disney Movie Rewards are codes you get online, inside Disney DVD’s or Blu-Rays, or by going to Disney movies and submitting your movie tickets online.  The rewards can be used for Disney products! Plus, just for being a member you get one free Disney Blu-ray every year on your birthday.

Here’s a List of all Disney Rewards codes which may be active still – please don’t enter them if you already have them, or it may freeze your account!

I verified and all of these new Disney Movie Rewards codes worked for me:

  • FROZEN and ELSA to get 20 more points!
  • U13PEKSZZD (25 points)
  • FPSNN83JX9 (25 points)

I’ll update this list if they expire or as I find new ones!

View my DMRPage for latest info & codes.

Posted: April 4, 2010

$10 Rewards Card by mail in rebate when you purchase $20 worth of Swiffer Refills between 4/1 and 6/30.  Limit one per household.

Thanks, Jenny.

Posted: March 30, 2010

View the other posts in my ABC’s of Couponing series

I receive emails daily from people with questions.  Here’s  a new video I made today to go along with my others store Videos that answers a lot of stacking coupon questions and printable coupon questions.

In the video I talk about coupon policies, view each stores coupon policy.

I also teach how to “stack” a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon.  You can read a text walk-though of how store coupons and manufacturer’s coupon work.

In the video I talk about these sources of coupons:

Rite Aid Video Values No Longer Available

I didn’t mention eCoupons: but I should have! These do “stack” with coupons from above.  You don’t have to print them, you just type in your rewards card number for your grocery store and when you swipe your card at checkout it will deduct your coupons. Learn all about eCoupons now!


Posted: March 9, 2010

Because you can send them into Disney Movie Rewards for points! Login for more details, basically you select the movie you saw, it prints out a form, you send it in with your stubs, they give you points (50 – 100 depending). I meant to post this earlier and forgot.  For those of you who have seen it, was it good?

Posted: February 24, 2010

Thanks to Couponing to Disney for these Disney Movie Rewards codes: 5 point code: 29VM48FNDZ. It expires 2/28. 50 point code: 9FTMRYWEK.

Haven’t signed up yet? Remember to enter in your birthday, because you get a free DVD on your birthday!  Plus, enter in codes from Disney DVD’s or CD’s and get points that can be used for  free DVD’s or other Disney items!

I just had my Birthday on Monday, and I got “Meet the Robinsons” shipped to me, all free!

Posted: February 22, 2010

I got my Free Excedrin coupon I told you about (link still looks like its working) in the mail today.  Some Walgreen’s have $2 Register Rewards going on for Excedrin Menstrual Complete, so make some RR’s!

Thanks, Who Said Nothing in Life is Free???

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