Posted: January 5, 2017

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing Guide


Have you ever worried you are costing a store money by getting freebies? Or how exactly getting free items with coupons can be legal and ethical? Let’s start at the very beginning:

Coupon Advertising

Manufacturer’s create food products, beverages, household and personal items.   It costs a lot of money to do ads on T.V. or elsewhere to inform consumers of these products, so another form of advertising for them is a coupon. Manufacturer’s create a coupon for an item to get the word out about the product, and get it directly in the hands of the consumer.  They want you (the consumer) to use the coupons. What a better way to get the word out about your product then having people try it out!

Where do I get coupons?

Manufacturer’s pay for the coupon to be distributed in Sunday coupon inserts, online, or through magazine ad placements.  This is to get the coupon in your hands.  See my video where I show you how to find coupons:

I want to use my Coupons

After you get the coupon in your hands, you create your shopping list and may even choose to use the coupon.  After you scan your coupon on the register, the store takes the amount off the total purchase.  You are stoked – if you follow my site, you may have just scored a freebie by combining a store sale/coupon with the manufacturer coupon! But the store is not reimbursed yet.  The coupon is sent to a coupon clearinghouse to verify it was used correctly.

What is a coupon clearinghouse?

A coupon clearinghouse is a third-party independent of the manufacturer and the store the coupon was redeemed at.  They determine the amount each manufacturer owes each store.  The manufacturer takes the “hit” for the coupon, not the store.  The store should get reimbursed for the amount of the coupon…but…if you scan a coupon on the wrong item, the coupon clearinghouse may find out and decide the manufacturer doesn’t owe the store that amount for that coupon.

Do not copy coupons

If  a coupon is a photocopied coupon, the clearinghouse will know and will not reimburse the store for the coupon.  This means if you use coupons fraudulently, stores don’t get reimbursed and they lose money.  That is stealing from the store!  Some stores have already decided that too many fraudulent coupons are being used, and they have stopped accepting coupons printed from the internet because they are worried they are photocopies and won’t get reimbursed.  So please don’t photocopy coupons; as a general rule, coupons can usually be printed twice online and should never be photocopied.

Store Coupons

Store coupons (coupons released by a store) are not reimbursed by the manufacturer.  The store releases these to attract customers. You can “stack” a store coupon or sale with a manufacturer coupon.  The manufacturer pays the store back for their coupon and the store is the one who takes the hit for the store coupon.

Everyone Wins with Coupons

It’s not all bad news for the stores! Many people uses manufacturer coupons legitimately and stores are getting reimbursed by the manufacturer – plus eight cents for handling.  Manufacturer’s are getting their products in the hands of consumers and are happy their ads were successful.  They hope once a consumer tries a new product, they may try it again even if they don’t have a coupon next time.  Consumers are getting to try products they may have never tried before at great prices.  In the end, if coupons are used properly then the consumer, manufacturer and store are stoked.  Using coupons to score freebies can be done completely legally and ethically without hurting anyone involved!

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  • susanjones

    Do stores get reimbursed for expired coupons? My publix always takes them…

    • deidre

      No they don’t. Overseas commissaries get reimbursed for expired coupons up to 6 months. But not here.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting this. It helps me see how things work after I use the coupon. Lisa:)

  • sandra

    my name is sandra this information helped me out alot im new with coupons and having so much fun with savings but at the same time i was a little curious about what happens after vi use them thnx for the info it helped out a lot now i will have even more fun.

  • rebecca shockley(becca33)

    You learn something new everyday, I believe this 100%, thanks for the tips!!!

  • Patricia Mohl

    Just started couponing. Trying to gather all the useful info I can get to help along thanks.

  • Angelia

    Thank you for explaining the process, I am knew and hope to become a pro .

  • kris

    the photo copy thing is definitely true i actually had safeway tell me they will not accept printed off coupons because of this issue?
    anyone else get told the same or have been able to use printed coupons at safeway?

    • Pat

      Last yr my local Walmart cashier refused to accept a printed off coupon. She said they were not allowed to accept them. I pd for my purchase and then went to the mgr and politely relayed what had just occured and asked her about the situation. She actually had to get the manual out and search for the answer. She verified that YES WM does take them, then she gave me the amt back for the value of my unused coupon and then asked me to point out which cashier I had gone to and she said she would give her the proper info.
      It pays to either research the policy before you go or even question when you run into that situation before you leave.

  • Linda

    i wanna coupon but my husband doesn’t…..can I leave him now! I think this is a deal breaker in our marriage

    • deidre

      Work it out :)

  • karen

    I have looked through the Sunday paper coupons and have not found any coupons for products I use regularly. How can I find coupons for products I use?

  • liz

    hello, im going to start couponing i just was lost in the process, i had like 19 i believe diaper coupons for $1.50 but i wasnt sure what and how to use them. i was reading the back and they had all these restrictions one i remember is no doubling. ok here is where i was lost if i have more than 1 coupon can i use my multiple other ones for each box of pampers i were to buy??

  • Karen

    I went to Giant Eagle Yesterday 6/15 my bill was 239.74 and after coupons and food perks my bill was 31.65. The lady at the register was truly annoyed she acted like the money was coming out of her pocket. Then a lady stood behind me with one pack of meat the whole time. And then the Cashier informed me that Giant Eagle is changing their policy and going to limit double couponing to 12 coupons. I thaught that was going to happen every time something good happens they do something to stop it. I have Buehlers and Super Kmart I have to find out what their policy’s are. If any one can help this was only my second shopping trip. and I sent for the book from Krazy lady .

  • telisa

    Can I use a coupon that says 55cents off of somethingand get the item and use another coupon just like it and not get the item?

    • deidre


  • Tambra Coons

    Woah! You know your stuff woman!!

  • Morgan

    How do we find out how to send coupons overseas?

    • nan lee

      coupon lady..

      angelina Austin
      1350 e.Schafer Rd.
      Pinckney,Mi.    48169

          helps military   sending coupons, they are good 6 months after they expire for our troops and families…………………..

  • Catrina

    I’m still learning how to save big on coupons… but it seems where I live coupons are a rare item and sometimes don’t even show up in newspapers… I am determined to learn this thought :)

  • Lisa Moffett

    Good explaining!

  • charleigh

    What I think is sad is the fact that I subscribe to a major Newspaper where I live. I use coupons but for 3 months haven’t received any. I called the paper and while they did give me a credit? I found out on the news last night that there are people going around, & stealing our inserts and guess who has to pay? The person who delivers our paper! Had I known that? I would never have complained. But, I did go buy a camera syatem and got hold of our paper carrier and apologized and told her what I had done. So, for those of you that think it’s ok to take them out of people’s Sunday papers? I will tell you now it is called THEFT! And be sure of one thing. If you get mine now? I will have several views of you and any vehical you are in.

  • Tina Anacleto

    You can send an Email to and request a family to send expired coupons to.
    I hope everyone does this. Couponers Unite and Support Our Troops.

    My family is in South Korea!!

    Thank You
    Tina Anacleto

  • Lorrie

    Is there anyone out there that can help/show me how to do the couponing step by step, plz thanks

  • Craig

    Just getting into this couponing thing.. Yep that is right a guy doing it… Now pick yourself up and e-mail me tips on best practices and where to build my coupon stash. Thanks in advance!

  • Willow Scalisi

    I am new to the couponing world. How do you double coupons? I also would like to know what your site is called. Please do not answer to me e-mail! I never check it!!! (:

  • Shayna

    I had a question about using a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. If the manufacturer coupon says it cannot be combined with other offers can you use it with a store coupon? After reading about how the coupon clearing house works I seems like you should be able to since the store isn’t losing money. Does anyone know??

    • That is always referring to other manufacturer coupons – it doesn’t mean store coupons which should not affect it

  • Alexis

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t even finish this video because the way you say “coupon” made me grind my teeth.

    • Tiffany

      I don’t see anything wrong with the way she says “coupon”

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  • karen strohscher

    I won’t sign up for anything thatt requires my phone #. I only hve a cell phone and pay by the minute.

  • jenny

    Hello I am new to this. I am really trying to understand this coupon thing. I was watching Extreme Couponing and I was wondering how they get all this free stuff? Someone please help me I am a mother of 3 with a minimum wage job. I need to learn how to do this and fast. Please help me

    • HelperJen

      I’d start by picking a store you like. Then use the tabs at the top to find the store and try some transactions.

  • Gina Goodman

    When a coupon says “limit one coupon per purchase” is that per transaction or per item?

    • HelperJen

      One coupon for one item. If you have 4 items you can use 4 coupons.

      • Gina Goodman

        ok thank you!

  • Dani

    So I have this coupon from walgreens that says “limit one coupon per customer per offer” what does this means? and, it also says “not valis with any other offer, so that means I cannot use it with a manufacturer’s coupon? Thank you!

  • mugi

    will stores get paid for wrong coupon and wrong product. how can couponers fix that issue.

    • No stores don’t get reimbursed for coupons if they are used incorrectly.

  • Laura Campos

    Diedre, Idk if you’ll be able to reply to this question in time/before this weekend, either way your answer would be appreciated. If I have a MFcoupon that says $3 off when you buy 3, then I have another MF coupon that says $1.50 off when you buy 2 (of the same item), and then another MF coupon that says get $.50 off when you buy 1, can I use all three coupons when I buy only 3 of the item? Since I’m getting three can I use the first coupon, then the second coupon because of 2, and then the last one because of the one? If that makes sense? or do I have to buy 3 to use the 1st coupon, then buy 2 to use the 2nd coupon, and then buy 1 to use the last coupon??

    • HelperJen

      The $3 off 3 coupon is tied to all 3 products so you can only use (1) coupon for all 3 products.

      The $1.50 off 2 products is for two MORE products.

      The $0.50 is off one product. You cannot combine all 3 coupons for 3 items.

      Does that make sense?

  • idayalid bautista

    i am completely new at this can anyone help me i am a single mom of 2 i am currently in school and working a minimum wadge job this would help me so much but i am so confused of how this works i need help

  • Laurie Malina Edward Kaleohano

    Thanks so much !!!

  • Claudine Sherlock

    just wandering what stores in my area do they stacking coupons, the main stores in my area are Kmart, Walmart and Giant Eagle..thanks for the response.

    • Deerhart23

      Giant Eagle does stack, but they do not put out that many store coupons and they no longer accept competitor store coupons (at least in my area). They do double coupons (there may be a limit to the number, I haven’t hit it recently)

      Giant Eagle does NOT accept printed coupons for FREE items. You need to request that those be sent to you (if your getting them from, they come in color and on the back have all over them – those they DO accept). This doesn’t apply to B1G1 coupons

      Also, on the day (and the exact time in I believe PST) the coupon was printed is ON the coupon in multiple places as is the expiration date and the amount of the coupon. This makes it very easy to spot an altered coupon.
      A cashier,manager and myself at Target had a nice lesson in how to spot faked coupons (the cashier thought my coupon that I had just printed out the day before was altered because she was looking at the printed date and not the expiration date to check for alterations)

    • Kmart stacks coupons, and doubles them one week a month

  • Liddie

    I’d just like to know where people get the very large quantities of coupon inserts. I don’t want to be buying 100 newspapers. thanks for the help.

  • Barbara Arnot

    keep asking for another email when there is one in there and won’t give me the coupon

    • Which coupon are you trying to get?

  • charlotte

    i am so new at this —–and confused on all the different coupons and where to go

  • Janet

    Most of my older relatives are eager to learn how to coupon and i swear i had to translate all of your abc of couponing to spanish and they did understand. Thank you so much for this

  • Elizabeth

    I was at a CVS recently and knew about couponing and how they get reimbursed(handling etc). The manager states no..thats not how it works..we send a big bag in and get reimbursed by weight so they don’t have to go thru them all.. What??

    • Nita t

      Like chuckie cheese tickets? LOL

  • marisol segura

    I’m new to this anf trying to get a hang of it. I’ve searched for coupon websites but afraid they might be a fraud. Anyone know any that might help me out? Thanks in advance!

    • Glad you found us! Our site Cuckoo for Coupon Deals tests deals to make sure they are legit. We only link to legit coupon sites such as, and You can follow us daily as we list the best possible, legit deals.

      • Beth

        How can I get a printable copy of your abc’s to couponing

        • Jen

          We do not have it available to print.

  • Jennifer

    If a store such as Walmart submits a coupon that is a manufacturer coupon with the Kroger logo on it to the clearing house, will they get reimbursed for it?

    • Jen

      As long as it does not say “ONLY redeemable at Korger” – the logo is fine if it says manufacturer coupon.

  • Heather

    I there a pdf of these? I’m teaching a class on couponing and budgeting to a local shelter and I would like to print each lady out a copy to keep.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      Hi Heather! Great question! Unfortunately they are not in pdf format at this time, but you can right click to print each out. I will pass your message to Deidre. 😉

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