Posted: June 30, 2011

Part of the ABC’s of Couponing ebook

Here’s some coupon savings calculators and spreadsheets to help you calculate your spendings and savings.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • How much did your coupons cost? I go on a per-month basis.  I spend about $17 a month getting 4 copies of the Sunday newspaper each week.   So when I calculate my savings at the end of the month I subtract $17 from my amount saved.
  • How much extra gas did you use? Often driving to multiple stores to get deals uses more gas then a regular shopper.  This should also be calculated.
  • How much ink and paper did you use? I normally get paper free after rebates at Office Max and Staples, so my only cost is ink.
  • Do you insure your stockpile? Some people have insurance on their stockpiles, well you need to subtract that from your savings.  (I do not personally but some people on Extreme couponing said they do…)
  • Lost time: you can’t put a dollar amount on this.  Sometimes deals take too long to do for the amount you are saving.  Never let couponing take over your personal, family, and spiritual life.

With all that in mind, are 100% savings possible?? YES!  Some deals you end up making money on, which cover your gas money to get to the store. Also, with online deals 100% savings are easy to calculate and I post as many of those as I can find!  But there’s tons of amazing deals in-store too.

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