Posted: September 29, 2011

Why get multiple copies of the Sunday paper only? Full of money-saving coupons and you don’t have to get the paper the rest of the week.  I have worked with the Sacramento Bee to get you a deal for $.77 per week for a copy of the Sunday paper, and you can get up to 9 copies!

And this coming Sunday, there will be 6 inserts in it!

It’s better then picking it up at the store, because it’s guaranteed to have the coupons inside (unless you have neighbors coming to your driveway and stealing them!)

• Proctor & Gamble every month
• SmartSource and RedPlum every week!

The only way to  get this deal is going through my referral link here for Sacramento Bee Sunday Only Subscriptions to get the Cuckoo for Coupons special!  You can select to get up to 9 copies delivered to your house, all with coupon inserts!

If the option for multiple copies isn’t

If you want a daily or weekend subscription, not Sunday only, I have lower rates for that as well! Sacramento Bee daily/weekend specials for Cuckoo for Coupons readers!

Let me know if there are any other papers you’d like me to try to work with to get you deals!

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  • can we get that deal in rochester ny

  • Erica Tanner via Facebook

    this deal isnt good enough, 1 or 2 times a year it will go down to 38 cents a week! Thurs-Sun

  • Janet

    Dag…..Wish we had something like that in my city….

  • @jamie I can call your paper and try to work out a deal, that is the only way I know how to do it! Sometimes there are deals on daily deal sites for newspaper subscriptions, but not too often

    • heather

      I just saw this posting and I am sooo thrilled-I LOVE YOUR SITE ALREADY & I have only recently stumbled upon it but this particular posting makes me sooo happy-I am always looking for ways to help my sister who lives in Oceanside CA-she is a baby couponer lol so she needs all the help to make the process as easy as possible with her she is a very busy mom of 2 boys under 2yrs old and her husband is gone a lot-he is a Marine. So the 1st ? is would this paper deliver to her in Oceanside-I am sorry I have no idea where that is in relation to Sacramento-
      2nd ? can you pretty plz with sugar on top try and work this same deal out for us here in Florida-specifically with Lakeland Ledger-Tampa Tribune-StPete Times and Orlando Sentinal-that would be the best Christmas present we could ask for-well other than world peace :)

  • Annie~Savor This Moment

    Will they send the paper to Chico area? How does that work?

    • deidre

      No I think you’d have to live near there, although I am working on getting deals for more areas. It takes a lot of work for me to negotiate these deals, I have deals for 5 newspapers in Utah, 1 in Idaho and 1 in CA now. Hoping to get some more!

      • Kim

        Can you try working with the Inland Empire newspapers like the Daily Bulletin? Its more of a local paper so you might be able to get something like this from them too!

  • Joan Smith via Facebook

    too bad i live too far :(

  • Autumn Begay via Facebook

    i need this deal in new mexico!

  • Jennifer sheffield

    I live in the San Jose area… zip 95123… any deals you can get for here would be GREAT!

  • We need this deal in Missouri too! Only expecting 4 inserts in our paper on this Sunday. Sounds like were getting shorted and for $2 a paper too!

  • here we are getting 5, and our paper is only $1 depending on where u get it

  • oooops, forgot to put where i am lol, i am in wentern washington

  • western*

  • angela

    Really need a good deal on the Houston Chronicle in Texas. Any suggestions?

  • I live in cali and get the LA times (our big paper) and I paid $0.50. Usually if you ask they will give you this price, especially if you get more than one subscription

  • I really need a deal like that for Cincinnati Ohio, they were going to charge an outrageous amount for me to get 4 delivered every week. Cheaper for me to just go to kroger. :(

  • Lisa Moffett

    I live in the California delevery area. However, when I try to use your deal, there is a zip code already there that I can’t change to mine. If I try and delete the zip, it takes me back to the beginning. (??) Very confusing.

  • Christy Flora via Facebook

    I wish there was a deal like this in KY :(

    • Puddin2001

      Yes I wish we had that deal here in Birmingham AL they charge $2.50 a paper here

  • I can’t use the link to your deal, it won’t let me change the zip already there on the order form. Please, help.

  • @lisa did you try a different browser? Its not showing any zip code for me

  • Jennifer Rivera via Facebook

    Could you please call here in Rochester , NY? Our paper is democrat and chronicle. Let me know what deals we can get lol thank i

  • Jennifer Rivera via Facebook


  • Robert

    Went to sign up got this.

    Something is wrong. We are unable to offer a PRINT subscription in your zip code.
    Please press the back button and verify your zip code.
    Or click HERE to view delivery options in the 93635 zipcode.

    Thanks for trying Deidre.

  • It’s showing the zip 95758 on the order form, this is on both browsers. Should I just call them about your deal?

  • Yes and I will email them now too, use code DCMEDIA if you order over the phone.

  • Jennifer Lewis via Facebook

    i’m in so cal and it said my zipcode wasn’t accepted

  • Thank you, I’ve been waiting for a deal like this! :)

  • Not available for me in Concord=(

  • elissa

    ive been trying to work with the sales people at walmart that are reps for the press enterprise and or la times. they cant ever seem to be able to answer me about a deal on sunday only paper. please help!

  • Angie LaFond

    Can you try the Desert Sun 92270 and the L.A. Times? Thanks so much!

  • Angie LaFond via Facebook

    Can you try the L.A. Times and the Desert Sun 92270? Thanks!

  • samantha

    I have got the sacramento bee for a month now and the past 2 sundays I have had nothing but issues with my paper only got the red plum coupons and target and big 5 ads. I have spent over 2 hours on the phone with the sacramento bee and they are not helpful at all and tell me that they don’t have any control over what coupons we get. Any tips on how to actually receive my coupons and be aware that I only get sunday papers.

    • Angelica

      Samantha– while i don’t have any answers, i wanted to comment that I am in the same situation! I am SO upset that I ordered the stupid paper ONLY for the coupons (i get my news online) for it to be only the red plum coupons. Typically, the coupons I use are from the OTHER companies. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! And you pay a year at a time, which isn’t that much, but if im NOT saving the $ from coupons like im supposed to then WTF is the point!? I am ready to call and pitch a fit and get a refund because this is BS!

      • Michele

        Make friends with your newspaper delivery person. The subscription office isn’t any help. It may sound silly but after talking with mine and explaining why I am getting the paper, he actually brings me his extra inserts. (SacBee)

  • Jaelyn Klotz via Facebook

    Is there any way I could beg you to work out a deal with the Tennessean? I’m in middle, TN, 37186 zipcode.

  • Maria White

    Samantha, I’ve had this happen with the Sac Bee.. this is what I do.. I don’t mention that the coupons are missing, you just say fill the form on their website. If they ask the reason, you just say “my copy was incomplete” and they deliver another copy on Monday morning. It works like a charm… talking to them will get you nowhere…

    • samantha

      where do you go to fill that out on their site?

      • Angelica

        Samantha — when you log into your account go to ‘manage your subscriptions’ and it has the option there to report delivery problems. :) thanks Maria!

  • I’m from the rochester area also. Daily messenger refused to give me any discount when I told them I was interested in 4 each week. I was surprised. Democrat said the same. All they offered was 2 free weeks if I signed up for 10. Hello I want multiples. Maybe they were just misunderstanding me. I would love a bulk rate for democrat & chronicle and finger lakes times here. Only two inserts for $2 each!

  • Maria White

    My current suscription for sundays only is $19.99 a year… $0.77 per issue would be around $40 a year…

  • melissa hall

    I talked with a representative for the Los Angeles times, he said they only offer one paper per address, no multiple subscription’s for us.

  • OK It sounds like the Rockester area is the next one I need to work on a deal for!

  • Lisa

    do u know of any deals for PA. or can u work on trying to get some for sunday papers. would be so greatful.

  • Becky Harrison via Facebook

    After that, maybe you can work out a deal with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They charge $2 per week per subscription, and they will only let me get one subscription per family member AND I have to get each in a different name! Every now & then they run a special for like $1.50/week but only 1 special per address. Sometimes the store will have a 2-pack with the early and regular editions for $3, but they have different inserts depending which edition you get!

  • Crystal Porter

    The site doesnt allow you to change the zip code from 95758. How am I suppose to get it to my address if the zip code isnt right?

    • deidre

      Sorry, not sure what the deal is. You can call them and use promo code DCMEDIA and tell them Cuckoo for Coupons sent you to get the deal, I will try to have them fix the form soon.

  • Liz

    Any help to get Arkansas Democrat/Gazette a great deal? Little Rock, AR

  • How about buffalo ny? Any deals for us?

  • Is there a way to get a california paper in other states? One lady on xtreme couponing said she gets them cause they are higher value due to the cost of living over there.

  • Charrise

    I’d LOVE to see a deal for the LA Times for less than $1/week for the Sunday edition! Thanks a bunch for your hardwork reducing the rates on Newspapers for your Fans =)

    • katie

      If you call the times and ask, you can usually get the paper for $0.50 each week, but you have to pay the $26 up front. They are also more willing to give this deal if you are going to get more than one a week. Never hurts to ask. I did and this is what I pay.

  • Liane Elizarraraz via Facebook

    I live in so Cali n got the la times delivered for $0.25/paper . I get 2 papers a week . So for the year is $56 I believe. I had seen a flyer in the paper talking about that price, u called and got it. :) but I think for the most part the coupons are the same . Sometimes you’ll see s high value coupon.but I think they are the same

  • TheCouponingDad

    You would think that these bigger Papers would have a wider circulation. I can’t get the SacBee and I am only 2.5 hrs away, I can’t get the LA Times (probably the Largest Paper in CA). It is so hard to get a really good deal here in CA.

    Did you see the TLC EC this week when the lady said that she uses a Clipping service here in CA becasue they have higher Value Coupons!!!……… Hey where are hey I would like to get some…….lol

  • Elizabeth

    I live in Fresno (Clovis actually) in Ca, but it says my zip code cannot get a print subscription. Oh well I’ll try to call later, I was hoping to get this Sundays though. Thank you for all you are doing to help everyone, it’s very nice of you!

  • Mary

    Can you try and get a deal in San Diego

  • Betty

    I need this deal for kalamazoo mi too and i would also like a scription to the Saramento Bee any ideas

  • Angela

    Is there any deals like this for Michigan?

  • Alice

    SF Chronicle mailed out an offer that is $26 for 52 weeks of Sunday only paper ( that comes out to be 50 cents per Sunday paper) or $19.99 for 26 weeks of Sunday only paper (77 cents per paper). Not sure if a lot of SF residents got this offer in the mail.
    I mailed it in for the 52 weeks and paid $26 – can’t wait to get my first Sunday paper via delivery. The sign-up card does not have options to subscribe to more than one copy.
    If you can get a deal with SF Chronicle for mulitiple copies like the Sacramento Bee – that would be great and I would definitely be interested.

    • Alice

      Oh, forgot to mention – there is a link to this offer if anyone is interested: (it is case sensitive)

      • LilPrettyWonder

        Thanks Alice for that link! I just signed up for the Chronicle through it, and it is a great price!
        I usually buy The San Jose Mercury News from a store or newsbox every week for $1/each. I prefer the newsbox because I don’t have to pay extra for tax, but then I’m not always guaranteed my coupons. (I had an instance one day where I went to three different boxes and none of the papers in them had the coupons, but I got them in the paper I bought from the 7-11 nearby.)
        I too would love to get a deal for multiple copies of the SF Chronicle or even the San Jose Mercury News.
        For the Chronicle deal above, I know it only allows you to subscribe to one copy, but what if you put a second order in? would that work? Would it have to be under a different name?

  • Erica Knapp via Facebook

    any newspaper deals for us in Syracuse, NY we get the post standard.. we get 2 coupon inserts a week for 2.00 a paper!

  • Denise Reid via Facebook

    Does this include the LA Times & Daily News?

  • Lynette

    I get the Sacramento Bee every Sunday. I have 2 extra Subscriptions. So a total of 3 papers on Sunday. And I do NOT get my coupons every week. I deal directly with Maria at the Sacramento Bee and I am told that they will NOT guarantee me that I will receive coupons every week coupons are available.
    Also I do not receive ads.
    I am told that because I do NOT live in Sacramento I am NOT guaranteed anything.
    I am also told that the subscriptions and papers delivered to stores and boxes have different inserts etc.

    Any suggestions???

  • Deborah

    Can you do anything about the Sacramento Bee for Smithland Ky.? It took me to a page. But I would have to pay around $44.00 A week I think that’s right. May have been Monthly!!. Just want Sunday Inserts!! Here in Smithland Kentucky, We DON’T get much. I need other papers.
    Deborah H.

  • Deanna

    Like Lynette, I get the Sacramento Bee, but because I don’t live in Sacramento, my zip code doesn’t qualify for all the inserts every week. I am so angry about this because I ordered 3 copies of the paper ONLY for the coupons.

    The Sac Bee says they don’t have any control over which inserts are given to which zip codes, so it seems to me that they have STOLEN our money by not disclosing this little tidbit before we order 6 months worth of papers.

    I don’t know if we can complain to Red Plum, et al, but if we can, I would sure like to know how.

  • Pat

    I have been getting a flyer in the Sunday papers I’ve been picking up at Dollar Tree for the last several weeks. is says “Get Sunday Plus Home Delivery Only $29.99 for 52 weeks, that’s only .58 per week. Call 1-800-284-3233 and mention promo code SUNONTV or visit and enter promo code above”.

    I don’t know if this would be the same issue with not getting all of the coupons depending on if your address is specifically Sacramento (or if just in Sac county) or not, but is a lower price. I can send in a copy of the flyer if anyone can tell me where/how I can attach a copy (I have it scanned).

    • Maria

      This is no longer valid

  • Cotty

    We live in So Cal in the high desert, 93536. Are there any deals in our area? The newspaper here is the Antelope Valley Press.

  • tascha

    i just moved from california and had that deal. Its pd up front for six or twelve month increments cheaper than dollar store and like she stated guaranteed your coupons. Up here in Eugene, Or it cost $2 to deliver the sunday paper but only $1.50 to go buy it at the store, but i can get better qs in the state paper rather than the local paper :-)wish you could work on our paper.

  • Carrieanderson74

    I would love it if you could try to work a deal with te Bakersfield Ca newspaper for discounted rates on the sunday papers.

  • P2ejay

    Can u try Fresno,CA please?

  • Jackie

    When I click your link it is showing Sunday only on sale for $1.74 for Sunday only. It is only $1.09 at the dollar tree but I don’t like the drive to get there. Can you try and talk them back down to .77 a sunday? I would spread the word to all my couponing fiends for sure! Thanks for your help and your wonderful site!

    • yes it was $.77! I will email them and see what is up

      • Maria

        Agreed, I actually drive to the 99c store now, since I can choose how many copies I want each week, but it was so handy when I had a suscription…

  • Ricky Pauli

    can you let me know which is the best coupons for Tracy,CA zip code 95377, if you could that will be great..thank you.also do you know anywhere closest to tracy where i could get the Sacramento bee, if there is, could you let me know..thank you

  • YellowDress

    Great deal! Could we get that for the LA Times, please?! 😉

  • Gali

    I Llive in California would like to know if you can try to find deals with the San Francisco Chronical or the Oakland Trubune. This would be very helpful. Thank you for everything that you do save me some money. I really am grateful for the time you do reseach for us.

  • Gali

    I Llive in California would like to know if you can try to find deals with the San Francisco Chronical or the Oakland Trubune. This would be very helpful. Thank you for everything that you do save me some money. I really am grateful for the time you do reseach for us.

  • Ezzie

    Can you work out a deal for the stockton record? Thanks for all that you do!!!

  • Ezzie

    Can you work out a deal for the stockton record? Thanks for all that you do!!!

  • Is there any way we can get this deal in southern california?

  • nicole k.

    is this deal still available? can you get any deals for the LA times? i’m in twentynine palms, ca and when i click on this link it just brings up the weekend rate. no sunday.

  • I  tried to get it an it says “the page is expired”

    • ya I am trying to contact them to see what is wrong but they aren’t answering my emails :(

  • JENN

    How can I get 10 papers delivered to my house?

  • Eldalee

    I found this an “old link” and no weekend is even a option. Does anyone know if this deal is still being offered, in any form? Thank you

  • alicia calvin

    I called a week ago to the sacramento bee and got a special 52 weeks, 4 papers a week $1.52/week $80/year!

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