Posted: September 15, 2011

I like to organize my coupons in what I call “Binder Style!”  I use a 2 3/4 inch binder (although a 3 inch would be nicer… I actually am doing a product review & giveaway in a few weeks for a 4″ zipper one so watch out for that!!!).  Everything in my binder has categories.  Each person can use their own specific categories, but I find that the ones I use cover most coupons.  In the categories I sort my coupons with baseball card holders.  At first I picked up standard size ones at the dollar store.  As time has gone on I’ve ordered some online from Coupon Clutch that have different sizes because coupons aren’t all the same size.

This is how my binder is organized:

  • I have a pencil holder in the front with a small pair of scissors, pencil, little scraps of paper (for notes) and paperclips.
  • ALWAYS in the front, I put my BOGO and FREE coupons.  That way they are right there if I need them for quick reference.
  • I then have some clear plastic covers that keep my coupon policies and my stock up price list.
  • I have a few peachy type folders in front with envelopes.  Each envelope has a store name on it (ie Walmart, Rite Aid, Albertson’s, Kmart, etc).  These are in the folders with their own store coupons in them.  If I get a coupon specific to a store that prints out I put them in here.  I also keep my current shopping list and any related coupons I’m going to use during that trip in them.  I do this so when I get to the store I pull out that envelope and it’s got my list and coupons in there ready to use.  I still keep my binder with me for un-advertised sales and that is where the next step is important.
  • Next I begin my categories.  I use subject dividers and write the names of categories on the tabs.  The categories I use are:  Dairy/Products Refrigerated, Drinks/Snacks/Desserts, Deli/Meat/Frozen, Canned Good/Condiments/Spices, Cereal/Pasta/Boxed Foods, Personal Care/Beauty/Pharmacy (this is my biggest category), Household/Paper Goods/Cleaning Supplies, Misc/Pet Supplies.  I also have a few more categories after this that are more specific to my needs.  They are:  Sauces, Salads, Outdoors/Sunscreen and Toothcare.

Because I don’t like carrying a binder that will chew up the insides of my arms (from rubbing) I put my entire binder in a Coupon Clutch.

Its super cute (comes in all kinds of designs) and has easy handles to throw and carry on my shoulders.  When I get to the store I can just set it in my cart and open it when needed!

NOTE:  When I have duplicate coupons, I group them together in the same card holder pocket so it doesn’t take up unnecessary space.  I can quickly look and see how many I have instead of looking all over for my multiples.  This saves a LOT of time!

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