Posted: September 25, 2010

There are so many aspects of couponing; I try to cover them all, but one I have never covered is coupon trading.

One of the reasons is I don’t have to do it. I am so lucky to live in Utah and get the multiple newspaper subscription deal.  But there are lot’s of you who may need to coupon trade to get coupons – so here’s to you!

The best place to start is at, here is their definition of coupon trading:

Trading coupons, forms and qualifiers and a great way to easily get what you need while sharing what you don’t need with others.

You mail what you have and don’t need to others, and a train starts where everyone gets a fresh batch of coupons.  This may be risky to do on your own, but A Full Cup (AFC) has a voting system called iTrader to keep track of trades on AFC and put bad traders on Caution and Banned lists.   iTrader allows user to give trades they participated in feedback, so you can avoid trading with someone with negative feedback.

Another benefit of using A Full Cup for coupon trading is you can search easily search by category for the type of coupon you want to get in a trade.  You can also list your coupons for a trade as well.

Did I mention its free to join A Full Cup?  I wouldn’t recommend it to you if it wasn’t free – I’m all about saving money!

We are talking about physical coupons from Sunday coupon inserts/magazines here – not photocopied coupons or links to pdf coupons.  If the manufacturer is no longer hosting the pdf of a coupon, then it is not meant to be seen by anyone other then who it was originally emailed to by the manufacturer.   A Full Cup does not endorse emailing pdf coupons or other non-legit coupons.

Has anyone been a part of a coupon trade or train? I have not, so I would love to hear about your experiences with these!

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