Posted: December 3, 2009


Wow, have you activated your December UPromise eCoupons yet? 42 new coupons worth $48.55.

Here’s how eCoupons work: You login to and click on “coupons & deals” then “Grocery eCoupons”.  Then you select ALL the eCoupons.  Make sure to type in your rewards card #’s for Smiths, Albertsons, and more. Once you do that you won’t ever have to do it again. That’s it. When you go shopping and swipe your members card, your eCoupons will register to your UPromise account and you can use that money for your children’s college.  I have my Debit card added as well so if I am shopping at other places I can get rewards using it as well.

Really, I don’t bother matching these eCoupons up to sales because I just activate them all in about 1 minute and if I happen to shop at Smith’s or Albertson’s when I swipe my card I just automatically get those savings in my daughter’s college account.  Sometimes I use a lot; sometimes none. Never hurts to have them activated though!

There are some hot ones this month, including $5 for 2 Similac Baby Formulas,  $1 off Nestle Chocolate, $.75 for Little Debbie (combine this with the $.75 on right now or the FREE coupon they recently sent their Facebook fans in the mail.)

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