Posted: April 6, 2011

What is a price points list? It is your “stock up” price, or the price you see and say “I’m going cuckoo on this deal!”  These prices vary by region, but over the next few days I’ll be posting pointers to set you in the right direction.

Here’s more price point lists:

I included baby items on the drugstore list, since I find usually you can get the best deals on these items there.

Baby Formula (Store Brand) 25 oz $9.99 ($.40 per ounce) Target $18 for 40oz when it is not on sale

Earths Best Baby Formula 25.75 Ounce $25.00 This is normally $30

Baby Shampoo/Conditioner: Free-$1

Body Lotion: Free- $1

Body Wash: Free- $1

Baby wipes: $.99/tub of 72 wipes

Cosmetics: Free when on clearance

Contact Lens Solution (Store Brand) 12 oz $2.50

Contact Lens Solution (Premium) 12 oz $3.50

Deodorant: $.50

Diapers (brand name): $5.50 Jumbo packs  I have seen these go as low as $2.50 though and I suggest buying as many as you can get when it goes below $4 – I try to get them $.13 per diaper or less.

Diapers (Store) Jumbo $4.99/$0.10 ea

Diapers (Training) Jumbo $5.99/$0.10 ea

Diaper Cream (Desitin) 2 oz $1.50

Dish Soap: Free-.49

Dish Detergent (Cascade) $0.03 per oz

Dish Detergent (Electrasol/Finish) 75 oz $1.50

Dish Detergent (Tabs)FREE – $.08each

Fabric Softener (Liquid) 128 oz $1.99

Fabric Softener (Sheets) 80 ct $0.015 or less

Face Wash: Free- $1

Floss: Free

Laundry Soap: $1.50/ 32 loads

Laundry Detergent (Tide) 32-40 ld $4.50 or less

Moisturizer/ Sun Screen: Varies, but Coppertone had some killer deals at the beginning of the summer last year.

Mouthwash: .99

Pads: (feminine) $.75 per box

Shampoo/Conditioner: Free- $3.00 (for higher-quality brands)

Shaving Cream: .50 or less

Razors: Free (I buy the razors and hardly ever buy the cartridges, I just get a new razor for free)

Tampons: 18 ct. $1 or less

Toothpaste: Free-.25

Toilet Paper: $.19 per single roll

Toothbrushes: Free- .99

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures & Savvy Shopper Deals for help in compiling this list. I used ideas from their lists, then adjusted the prices to what I feel is a cuckoo stock up price.

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  • Lisa

    I am newer to couponing (about 3 months in now) and I just don’t understand how to get items for free. I love your price points, but I just can’t get there. I got a tube of toothpaste free at Walgreens (because of the register rewards) but really I still paid $3.00 for it. Yes I know I can roll that into next trip, get more rewards and keep going…but to me that isn’t free. How does one get razors for free? Along with the other items you say your price point is free on. I live in Utah and they don’t double coupons here…is that how a lot of items can be obtained free? Thanks!
    Love your site!

    • deidre

      Hi, I live in Utah too and the best time to get these freebies is on Black Friday at Walgreens. Especially razors. And you need to stock up when the prices are low, because it doesn’t always come around often so it’s important to stock up when it’s low so you don’t have to buy when it’s high. And Walmart’s in Utah Valley double coupons up to $.99 on Tuesdays so that’s a great day to get freebies too.

      • Lisa

        Thank you. I guess I am a little different because we are military so we shop at the commissary for most everything. I have been branching out when there are good deals at Target, Walmart, Smiths and Walgreens. I have got pretty much a years worth of toiletries, so I will work on getting them now for the lowest price (free) that I can.

  • Marcia

    Where can I find these items? What store or stores?

    • deidre

      CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are the best ones to get down to these prices.

  • Rose

    I am new to the whole couponing thing. Not sure how to stay or get the coupons to start. Anyone I know that’s doing it won’t really help me out. Tug have any tips on what I should do?

  • Megan

    I have a question on buying toilet paper. You said $.19 is the price you should pay. Is that a regular roll or a jumbo or double. I’m kinda confused! Thanks!

    • deidre

      regular roll! If it’s a double roll, then $.38

  • val

    I have only been couponing for about 6 weeks, please bear with me! I understand the concept of using a store sale or store coupon stacked with a manufacturers coupon along with say, ECB, for low prices, but I still can’t come up with how to get toilet paper this cheap. Can you give me a scenario? This is a great website, well done.

    • deidre

      It’s this cheap at Staples until July 31!

  • Megan Sucher

    What is a good stock up price on facial tissue? I see a deal, but IDK if it’s a good one or not. Is 12 boxes of Kleenex 125 count for $10 good? Thanks

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