Posted: April 7, 2011

What is a price points list? It is your “stock up” price, or the price you see and say “I’m going cuckoo on this deal!”  These prices vary by region, but over the next few days I’ll be posting pointers to set you in the right direction.

Here’s the rest of my lists for great prices to pay:

Apples $0.59-$0.79 /lb

Bananas lb $0.33

Bread (Store Brand) 20 oz $0.88

Bread (Premium) 24 oz $1.00-$1.25

Brownie Mix $0.59 or less

Butter (Quarters) lb $1.50 or less

Cake Mix – $.50

Canned Beans: $.50

Canned Veggies .25 is what I aim for but I will pay .50 (especially for canned tomatoes)

Canned Soup: We don’t eat a lot of canned soup- I try to stock up on cooking soups for .50 or less a can

Canned Tuna: $.25

Cashews: Costco Kirkland = 5lbs for 39.99                    So if you can cashews $.26 per 0z that is a good deal!  Or under $3 per lb. is a CUCKOO STOCK UP price!
Sams club = 2.375 lbs for 12.98  ($4.27 per lb)

Cereal: $.75 or less

Cereal Bars/Breakfast Bars $0.75 or Less

Cheese: (Basic Cheddar or Mozzarella) $5.49 for 2 lbs (.17/oz)

Cheese (Shredded ) 8 oz $1.00 or less

Chocolate Chips 12 oz $0.89 or less

Coffee:$5.50-5.99 for a 29 oz tub.

Cornstarch 16 oz $0.90 or less

Corn Syrup 16 oz $1.00

Crackers: .49 or less not name-brand

Crackers: Ritz/Cheez-it types: $.99 or less per box

Crystal Light To Go 6-8 packs: $.65 a box

Dog Food: Alpo Canned Dog Food $.59 or less.  BAGS: $4.99/ each 20 pound  bag.  50 lb. bag of come n’ get it from alpo for $19.99 or .39 cents/lb at Sam’s is a good deal.  Blue Buffalo: 50 lb bag for $30 is a screaming deal.

Eggs: .99/dozen (usually I can get 18 for that price)

Flour: $.99-1.49 for 5 lbs

Frozen Pizza: $2.50 or less for a large pizza

Fruit Snacks: $.50-$.75 per box of 10-12 fruit snacks packs

Ice Cream 1/2 gal. $1.00  (or $1.50 if it’s your favorite name-brand one!)

Jelly: .99- 16 oz. (I will pay a little more to get a high quality product)

Juice 64 oz $0.95 or less

Ketchup: 32 oz.  $.35

Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft) 7.5 oz $0.40

Mayonaise – $.75 for 18 oz.

Milk Boxes: I have seen 8 oz. chocolate milk boxes as low as $.49 each.

Mustard- 20 oz. – $.35

Oatmeal: .49-.99 for instant oats

Oil (vegetable): 24 oz. for $.75

Olive Oil: $.12 per ounce

Pasta/Rice-A-Roni 4-7 oz $0.65

Pasta: .49 (I try to pay .25 or less)

Pasta Sauce: .49-.99 (with double coupons you can likely get a much better deal!)

Peanut Butter: .49-.99 for 16 oz.

Potatoes (Fresh) 5 lb $0.80 or less

Slim Fast Shakes –  (Pack of 24) $15

Soda Pop 2 ltr $0.69 or less

Soda Pop (Name Brand) 12 pk $2.40 or less

Soda Pop (Store Brand) 12 pk $1.67

Sugar: $1.49 or less for 5 lbs

Yogurt (Single serving) 4-8 oz $0.30

Water (Propel Water Bottles) $.50 each

White Minute Rice, 42 oz.– $1.00

Whole wheat bread: .99/loaf

Thanks to My Frugal Adventures & Savvy Shopper Deals for help in compiling this list. I used ideas from their lists, then adjusted the prices to what I feel is a cuckoo stock up price.

Please leave a comment with items you have questions on and I’ll add them to my list!

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