Posted: September 17, 2011

Your “price point” or “stock up price” is the point at which if it is at or below a $$$ then it’s time to stock up on an item.  It means that item is very very very cheap compared to what you normally see it priced.  So cheap it’s better to get more now so later when you need something you aren’t forced to pay higher prices.

A Price Points List is a simple way to help you decide when to stock up on an item.  This does not mean filling your whole house with one item!  This means having sufficient stock until the next sale comes along.  For me I try to have a 3 month supply each time I stock up. If I want to build it up from there I can (or I like to donate items, too!)

By using a price points list you will save yourself time and money!  I have an established price points list for my area.  Each area will may have a different list. Here are some pointers for newbies:

Start by printing this Price Points List.  This will give you a basis to start off your list.  I keep a copy of this list with my coupons (for me it’s “Binder Style.”)  I keep them with my coupons because I might be at the store, see an unadvertised deal and I won’t have to wonder if it is worth stocking up.

As you get to know your area ‘deals’ and regular ‘prices’ you can change or add your own to the list.  You can also add more specific items you like to buy.  For instance, we like Pizza Rolls!  I know that they usually cost $1.25 a 15 ct box in my area.  Before I used coupons I would buy them when they were on sale for $1 a box because it seemed like a good deal.  Since I’ve learned to coupon I’ve been watching and I can find them at about $0.40 a box at their lowest.  So I’ve decided my Price Point for a box of 15 Pizza Rolls is $0.40 a box.  If they are more expensive I don’t buy them.  However, when do see them at $0.40 a box or less I buy a lot!  I have a big freezer so I can store a bunch in my freezer. Then my family has them in the home when we like to eat them (Sundays after church, quick, easy and yummy!)  If I keep watching the sales eventually I will find them at my price point again and stock up.

You can do this with laundry detergent, fabric softener, paper towels, toilet paper or anything in your house!  I used to shop twice a month.  One of those shopping trips was always MORE expensive because I needed to pick up the more expensive items (laundry det.,etc).  It was something I was running out of and had to have!  Now when I use a price points list and stock up I NEVER have that problem.  I always have what I need on hand and just watch to add more as the sales come.  This has saved me a lot of money and helped me keep a more even budget for the month.  It really helps stretch your money!

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