Posted: May 27, 2012

My downloadable PDF Stock Up Price Points List has been completely updated for 2012.  I just added all of the following information to it, so you may want to re-print it if you haven’t already and put it in your binders.  This way when you see an unadvertised deal you know if it is a good deal or not.  These prices do vary slightly by region, but most of the USA is the same for things like Razors, so this is a great guide to get you started.

Some items on the list were increased from the 2011 prices due to tightening of coupon policies, higher food prices, lower coupon values, and less great BOGO free sales in general.  Last year I didn’t have a great Pet section, as you can see below I have dramatically increased it with help to reader Dawn.

This is part of my ABC’s of Couponing series.

Dog Food Stock Up Prices:

Dry Food:

Authority, $1.10/lb
AvoDerm, $2/lb
Bil-Jac, $2.50/lb
Blue Buffalo, $2.50/lb
By Nature, $1.85/lb
Castor & Pollux, $2.45/lb
Eukanuba, $1.45/lb
Iams, $0.85/lb
Innova, $2.50/lb
Kibbles’n Bits, $0.60/lb
Nature’s Recipe, $2/lb
Nutro Max, $2/lb
Nutro Natural Choice, $2.25/lb
Nutro Ultra, $1.90/lb
Omega, $2.75/lb
Pedigree, $0.50/lb
Pro Plan, $1.40/lb
Purina, $0.95/lb
Purina Alpo, $0.40/lb
Purina Beneful, $0.95/lb
Purina Chef Michel’s, $1.20/lb
Purina ONE, $1.10/lb
Purina One BeyOnd, $1.55/lb
Royal Canin, $2.35/lb
Science Diet, $1.45/lb
Simply Nourish, $1.35/lb
Wellness, $1.80/lb
Store Brand, $0.55/lb

Dog Wet Food:Cans/Trays

Store brand

$0.30/5.5oz cans
$0.50/13-oz cans
$0.75/22-oz cans

Organic/Natural Brands

Hill’s Science Diet 5.5-oz cans, $0.80/can
Hill’s Science Diet 12.8-oz Cans, $1.25/can
Nutro Natural Choice 12.5-oz Cans, $1.50/can
Nutro Natural Choice 3.5-oz Tray, $0.80/tray
Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free 10-oz Cans, $2/can
Nature’s Recipe 13.2-oz Cans, $1.25/can
All Other’s, $2/can

Specific Brands

Purina Mighty Dog 5.5oz Cans, $0.30/can
Beneful Prepared Meals 10-oz Tubs, $1/tub
Cesar Canine Cuisine 3.5oz Trays, $0.45/tray
Pedigree 13.2oz Cans, $0.50/can
Pedigree 22-oz Cans, $0.85/can
Purina ONE 13-0z Cans, $1/can
Alpo 13.2-oz Cans, $0.50/can
Purina Pro Plan 5.5oz Cans, $0.75/can
Authority 13-oz Cans, $0.90/can
Purina Chef Micheal’s 3-oz Cans, $0.50/can
Iams 12.3-oz Cans, $1/can


Purina Moist & Meaty 6oz. Pouches, $0.35/pouch
Pedigree 5.3-oz Pouches, $0.40/pouch

Dog Treats

Brand Name, $0.25/oz.

Store Brand, $0.35/oz.

Organic/Natural Brands, $0.40

CAT Food stock up prices:

Wet Food:Cans/Trays

Authority 5.5oz Cans, $0.75/can
AvoDerm 5-oz. Cans, $1.20/can and 3-oz Cans, $1.10/can
Blue Buffalo 3-oz. Cans, $1.45/can
By Nature 5-oz Cans, $1.70/can
Eukanuba 5-oz Cans, $0.85/can
Fancy Feast 3-oz Cans, $0.45/can
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys 3-oz Cans, $0.70/can
Fancy Feast Appetizers 2-oz Tray, $1/tray
Iams 3 or 5.5-oz Cans, $0.65/can
Innova 3-oz cans, $0.90/can, 5.5-oz cans, $1/can, 13.2-oz Cans, $2/can
Meow Mix 2.75-oz Cups, $0.50/cup
Nature’s Recipe 2.75-oz Tub, $0.90/tub
9Lives 5.5-oz Can, $0.35/can
Nutro Max 3-oz Cans, $0.70/can or 5.5-oz Cans, $0.85/can
Nutro Natural Choice 3-oz Cans, $0.80/can or 5.5-oz Cans, $1/can
Purina Friskies 5.5-oz. Cans, $0.44/can or 13-oz Cans, $0.85/can
Purina ONE 3-oz. Cans, $0.77/can
Purina Pro Plan 3-oz. cans, $0.70/can
Purina Pro Plan Selects 3-oz Cans, $0.85/can
Royal Canin 3-oz. Cans, $0.25/can
Science Diet 2.9-oz or 5.5-oz Cans, $0.75/can
Simply Nourish 3-oz Tubs, $0.95/tub
Store Brand 3-oz Cans, $0.35/can, 5.5-oz Cans,$0.50/can or 13.2-oz Cans, $0.75/can
Wellness 3-oz. Cans, $1.10/can or 5.5-oz. Cans, $1.55/can
Whiskas 3.5-oz Trays, $0.40/tray


Wellness 3-oz. Pouches, $1.25/pouch
Whiskas 3-oz Pouches, $0.30/pouch
Friskies 3-oz Pouches, $0.45/pouch

Dry Food:

Authority, $1.25/lb
AvoDerm, $2.60/lb
Blue Buffalo, $2/lb
By Nature, $1.88/lb
Eukanuba, $1.88/lb
Fancy Feast, $1.85/lb
Iams, $1.15/lb
Innova, $3.20/lb
Meow Mix, $0.95/lb
Nature’s Recipe, $2.12/lb
9Lives, $0.70/lb
Nutro Max, $1.65/lb
Nutro Natural Choice, $2.86/lb
Purina Cat Chow, $0.64/lb
Purina Friskies, $1.04/lb
Purina ONE, $1.40/lb
Purina Pro Plan, $2.25/lb
Purina Pro Plan Selects, $2.75/lb
Royal Canin, $3.42/lb
Science Diet, $2.05/lb
Simply Nourish, $1.86/lb
SophistaCat, $0.59/lb
Store Brand, $0.75/lb
The Goodlife, $0.95/lb
Wellness, $3.30/lb
Whiskas, $0.59/lb

Cat Treats, All Brands, $1 or less per pkg.

Cat Litter:


Arm & Hammer, $0.30/lb
Blue Buffalo, $1.10/lb
Cat’s Pride, $0.38/lb
Ever Clean, $0.65/lb
ExquisiCat, $0.25/lb
Fresh Step, $0.40/lb
Precious Cat, $0.65/lb
Scoop Away, $0.36/lb
Swheat Scoop, $0.75/lb
Tidy Cats, $0.39/lb
World’s Best, $1/lb


Arm & Hammer, $1.05/lb
ExquisiCat, $0.50/lb
Feline Pine,$0.40/lb
LitterMaid, $1.70/lb
Nature’s Miracle, $1.10/lb
Swheat Scoop,$0.73/lb
World’s Best, $0.92/lb
Yesterday’s News, $0.48/lb


ExquisiCat, $0.15/lb
Fresh Step, $0.38/lb
Store Brand, $0.20/lb
Tidy Cats, $0.15/lb


ExquisiCat, $1.50/lb
Nature’s Miracle, $0.35/lb
Precious Cat, $0.50/lb

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