Posted: August 17, 2011

Download the Stock Up Price Points List PDF.  There is a list of all items from grocery/food to baby and hygeine, and what prices I try to buy these at, AKA my Stock Up prices. I took my 5 pages on my ABC’s of Couponing guide and merged them into an easier-to-browse format.

What is a stock up price?

These are the “cuckoo” prices that when couponers see them, we stock up.  I remember being a newbie and having a hard time telling what was a good deal.  So browse through this and leave a comment if I left anything off and every few weeks I’ll update it.

I would print it out and carry it in your coupon binder in case you come across any unadvertised deals so you know if they’re *Cuckoo* or not!

Keep in mind some prices vary by region, so this is a general guide to get you going.

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  • Katem

    Great list, thank you. I always wanted to have one

  • Su Ann

    I’ve been hoping somebody would do a list like this. Much appreciation!

  • Lisa Bowman

    where are these prices at?

    • deidre

      these are prices I look to find at any store, and when I do I know they are a good price. These are prices after coupons/rebates/discounts.

  • Winona

    Thank you. I find variance in prices, but this helps me to be more aware and not jump at the first sale I find.

  • christina

    great list! I searched online and yours is the most complete to my buying needs…I thought of a couple more items:
    bandaids, coughdrops, bar soap, liquid hand soap, aluminum foil, spaghetti sauce, gallon milk, cream cheese, sour cream

  • laura b

    I am a cat owner and a dog owner, it would be great to have a few more price points for canned cat food and dry food premium brands

  • thank you very much!  This is awesome :)

  • Asiancoupon

    Do you mind putting up a file so we can edit? 

  • Tiffany

    This has been so helpful (coupon newbie)

  • Donna

    This is a great service

  • Raquel

    do you have an updated list since this is over a year old?

  • Jessica Hutcheson

    are the prices still valid? This is a great help. TYIA

  • ddkenton

    Deirdre, Thank you for such a great website! Could you please update the stock up price list? Thanks a bunch!

  • Chandra

    I noticed the stock up list was a few years old. Do you have a new one ??

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