Posted: November 14, 2012

UPDATE: No Longer Working!

Now you can download the Working Mom Coupons Couponing Spreadsheet Application / Program on last night’s episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing!

She calls it “Numbers

I have got several readers asking for it – it is the program Erin used on her extreme shopping trip.   It is $4.99 to download – I am not in charge of this price, the lady who owns that website sets the price.

Reader Tracie said: I do pretty well on my own, but a nice spreadsheet program/application would really help with estimate total bills beforehand. Either that or someone give me some suggestions on what I can do to help with this part of the couponing.

I don’t use  a program at all to track my deals, as  I just use the printable matchups lists on my site.  However, you may have a small store no other deal sites cover, or you extensively want to calculate your savings. Either way, I know people were excited about his so I decided to go ahead and let you know about it!

How many of you use a similar program? If you don’t want to pay $4.99, you can also view my list of freebie coupon savings tracking tools.  Let us know which if your favorite or best one.

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