Posted: July 10, 2011

I feel like after reading dozens of threads, and talking to the Catalina headquarters directly, I have a very clear view of how double coupon events at Kmart work and how their catalina program works! I personally tested and yep, you need a filler item if you are buying one item, using one coupon, and paying with a a catalina! You’d need to have two items, one to attach the catalina to and the other for the item with the coupon. Who knew Kmart was so similar to Wags?

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  • Jen

    Thank you for the video! I just watched it and want to ask a question for clarification.
    Yesterday I bought 2 Cottonelle and it printed a $3.50 CAT. If I go later in the week and get 2 more it will not print because I already got the deal? However, I can buy 3 and get the $4.50 to print?
    Do I understand that right?

    • deidre

      yes from the description I got from catalina this morning, that is correct

  • Amanda Murphy

    Stupid question from the newbie here! lol At my Big K there’s a cat printing for viva (single roll) paper towels and there was a .40 cent coupon recently. If I were to do the cottonelle deal and use that cat to pay for part of the viva deal would it still print because their both from KC?

    • deidre

      YES that catalina is for a different amount! Although my Big K didn’t even sell single size Viva paper towels when I went in looking for them!

      • Amanda Murphy

        And of course it’s not worth going to a different one because you’ll waste more in gas than its worth! lol

  • Trisha

    Thank you for this video! It was very helpful :)

  • Coupon Carla

    I went to Kmart last night and lo and behold, found out they were double couponing. I got some really good deals. Lots of trays of cat food for free for donating to local animal shelter. It does work on B1G1 frees = both items are free. They were out of the Cottonelle TP though, bummer. The clerk told me they would be getting some more in today. My Kmart clerks are all very nice and helpful. Also, don’t forget to get your free coupon booklet that Kmart has out right now, filled with lots of good coupons. I think there is like $60 worth in it. I asked for one at the customer service desk and the clerk handed me one and told me about all the good deals in it. I am going back to Kmart tonight!

    • Beth

      You are so lucky. My kmart employees looked at me like I had two heads when I asked them about the coupon book. Then the cashier didn’t even use my BOGO coupon but she did write down how much the product was worth on it! Ugh! So frustrating!!! It’s a good thing I check my receipts!!!

  • Connie

    My cashier knew nothing about the double couponing but was SUPER nice about it all and made sure they all doubled (since I checked to make sure they should). And I got my $3.50 catalina so I was a happy girl that day!

    Went back today and paid at the pharmacy. Had a rx to pickup and I’ve always been treated nicer there in the past usually. I went to use my $3.50 catalina and the cashier told me I had to buy 2 cottonelle to get $3.50 off. I explained I already bought the 2 and that’s how I got the catalina to use. She said no I was wrong and that it lists on the coupon (on the side) about the deal, I had to buy 2. I explained to her again how I already bought 2 earlier in the week and that is why I got the catalina for $3.50. She looked at me like I was lying and called over another cashier. She looked at the coupon and the both still thought I was incorrect (after I explained it yet again). But that cashier knows me so she said to just let it go through.

    I walked about the door frustrated and doubting myself. I am not wrong am I? Catalinas can be used off ANYTHING correct?

  • ambernicole8484

    Sometimes videos are so much easier to understand! You work too hard to make things easier for us! Thank you!

  • couponmacey

    I know this video is dated, is the new rule 25 in one 24-hour period?

    • yes you can use 25 coupons in one 24-hour period – only 5 will double per transaction though if you hit the $25 requirement.

  • Sylvia

    Deidre, I think I speak for the whole coupon community when I ask you to please make an updated Kmart how-to video. I’ve been intimidated by Kmart bc they are confusing and now, new rules… Yikes. Thank you! You are the Kmart Queen.

  • I recently signed up for kmarts reward card but was never given a card becuz they ran out :/ I was told just to give them my phone #. Can i still get my coupons doubled (during double coupon promotions) w/just my phone #?

  • Jenn Baisley

    I think you need to update your Kmart coupon video because I can only use 24 coupons per day per and double 5 like coupons per day. Thanks

  • where on Kmarts website can i find their coupon policy?

  • Kim Case

    I heard Kmart will only double coupons after the first 25.00 you spend is that true ,

    • yes you hit $25, then use double coupons to drop your totals down.

      • Kim Case

        Thanks so does that mean I have to get up to 25.00 with the stuff I want to use the coupon on or other stuff I found where you said only 5 coupons will double but is there a limit on how many coupon you can use

        • get to $25 with whatever, it can be the stuff you are using the coupons on, and the first 5 you hand over will double

          • Kim Case

            Thanks Deidre for all you help I know you probably answered a lot of these questions more than once and I appreciate that

  • Kim Case

    I just now got your video to load sorry for all the ? Thanks for all your help and for this wonderful site and got all you and the others do..

  • lorena

    Video don’t work in my phone blank..

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