Posted: June 9, 2017

Raise your hand if you LOVE Costco? I never understood the value of Costco, until I went in there myself. Since I’m a Costco veteran now, I thought I’d share some money saving tips for Costco. After all, if you’re going to shop there, you want to save as much money as possible.

Don’t be afraid to return something

Let’s say you spend your hard-earned money on something at Costco. Well, maybe you hated it or it went bad. Costco is well known for their return policy. If you don’t like something, don’t be afraid to return it. Especially since most things at Costco are bought in bulk and not necessarily cheap.

Pay attention to the numbers on the tag

When you’re looking at what to buy on a Costco item, their numbers may not make sense. However, glancing at the tag numbers will give you all the answers you need. An example would be the retailer’s price ends with a 97, Costco’s price ends in a 98. When you see a double zero though, you know that the manager has gone and marked it down.

Seasonal items are where it’s at

Not sure what to buy at Costco? Start with the seasonal items that are being marked down. If you were to walk around Costco right now, you would see different items than you saw last time. Items are constantly being moved in and out due to seasonal demands.

Don’t be shy about frozen foods

Little do you probably know how good of a deal Costco has on their frozen items. If you don’t like to buy frozen items, give them a shot. Buying frozen proves to be cheaper than buying fresh. Compare the prices and see for yourself.

Buying everyday items

Who would have thought that everyday items would be so cheap at Costco? Buying items like bottled water, rotisserie chicken, and even gas is cheaper at Costco. If you’re in the need for tires, check out their tire deals as well. I’m always looking to see what’s cheaper than a regular store and Costco always wins!

Grab the membership

You’re always going to save more money by having the membership with Costco. However, my advice is to go half/half with someone. That way you don’t need to pay full price for the membership, but you still get the perks of being a member.

I find it fun to just walk around with the kids to see what Costco has available. It’s a great place to shop. What do you love about it?


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