Posted: January 20, 2013

UPDATE: This appears to be an error and CVS has killed the deal in their systems :(

Looks like the Nivea Tins are part of the Nivea promotion at CVS!  Although they will not be marked in stores, the $0.99 Nivea Cream Tins are producing the monthly $6.00 ECB when you buy 2 (limit 6)!  This means a $4.02 MONEYMAKER!  This deal has been going for a while, so I wonder if these tins have always worked???…wish I tried!  Other participating brands in this promotion are Aveeno, Eucerin, and Jergens, so if you haven’t reached the limit on this deal, you can do the deal below.

Thanks, OC Deal Mama!

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  • pennypinchin4disney

    Has anyone tried with the blue tins of nivea?

    • Elizarae

      It is confirmed working on the blue tins too :)

  • nicole

    got 6 how do you know when you reached the limit? and is is a limit on each brand?like 6 per brand or 6 period?

    • Elizarae

      Your receipt will show a “Curel” deal at the bottom. If it says “Limit reached”, you’ve reached the limit. You can get a total of 12 items for this promotion.

      • Hi Eliza, I bought 2 Nivea Soft tins ($0.98 each) and it didn’t print any ECB.

        My receipt says –

        Curel, Buy 2 Get 6 EB
        Quantity Toward this Reward 10
        Quantity Needed to Earn Reward 2

        • Elizarae

          There is a good chance that CVS caught this and killed the deal in their systems. I will try tomorrow to see if it works for me.

  • Christy

    If you haven’t done the deal can you purchase 12 in one transaction and get 6 of the $6?

    • Elizarae

      Yes, you can do that, but you will get a $36 ECB back, which may be difficult to spend all at once, so I would do separate transactions if you can.

      • Christy

        Where in the store would I locate these tins?

        • Elizarae

          You can find them with the other full-size skin care items.

  • Natrulprototype

    Is this a different deal than the Nivea, Jergens, Aveeno and Eucurin buy 2 get $6 ECB because my ad says limit of 1

    • Elizarae

      No, this is the same deal. It has been in the ad for 3 weeks now and has said limit 1 each time, but since it’s a monthly deal, it doesn’t reset each week and the limit is 6.

  • swtp62402

    The limit is 6 rewards. You can get 12 tins and get back $36

    • swtp62402

      I did 4 aveeno a couple weeks ago, so I could only buy 8, but I got $24

  • Scrapper9494

    All the CVS stores in our area are sold out of this !!!! Of course because everyone found out the great deal :(

    • Trishg22

      I just found out about this deal, live in a urban area so had to go to a nearby small town to find them.

  • Yippeeee… Got mine… 12 blue tins 36 ecb’s total. Did 6 sep transactions and got 6 ecb’s on each…. What a great deal :)

  • Amy

    Is this just a fluke with their systems or will I be able to get this deal when there are more in stock. All our shelves were empty :(

  • y0mama

    will cvs do rainchecks on these with the same promo goin?

    • Elizarae

      It depends. Some stores will not as this item is not tagged as part of the deal and the ad says “select” items.

  • Jamie

    The blue ones DO work!

    • Sonia

      Did u get the deal on the blue ones today?

  • Has anyone tried this today? I was going to but didn’t know if cvs had caught on.

    • cotyr

      I’m want to try it today if i don’t get any ecb I’ll return them! I hope can find some!

  • Amy

    Im about to try if theres any in stock here!

    • Shariberry

      I went earlier and it Didnt work. But I’m wondering if it will work with 4?

      • Elizarae

        Since the deal is “buy 2 get $6 ECB”, the ECB should print with 2, unless the deal is dead, which it appears to be.

    • Sonia

      Please let us know if deal is still good. Many posts already a dead deal???

    • Sonia

      Let us know if deal is still good please.

  • Shariberry

    4 might work? Seem like my curel went up one when I tried it earlier. But I left my receipt:(

  • Angel Card

    I’ve just left CVS and tried to do this deal with the Blue tins but it didn’t even recongnize that I have brought any Curel on my receipt. I did this deal last night but I brought the White ones and the deal worked out just fine.

    • Shariberry

      Thanks for letting us know:)

    • Sonia

      Thanks until I read these posts, I was going to try the deal but looks like I missed out :(

    • Elizarae

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • tin

    From what i have seen this deal works in certain stores only for the blue tins, I went to the closest cvs to me last night and was able to score 4 tins and also get the ECB, then i tried a different store to see if they have more in stock and even though the store had about 20 tins in stock they were producing the ECB.

    • tin

      EDIT: Please excuse the typo in the last sentence above.

      “…in stock and even though the store had about 20 tins in stock they were NOT producing the ECB.” i have checked 5 different stores (i am lucky enough to live in a place with a lot of cvs stores in a 2-3 mile radius) and only been able to get this deal in ONE store

  • sureyouwillyellatme

    Since it is obviously a computer error, and they are trying to adjust it, why risk taking advantage of a great store like cvs. They give valid and cheap items all the time, but that could change if, they lose too much money.

    • I wasn’t aware that this was a computer error, I’ll update the post. Thanks :)

  • ReneeRN

    I just bought 6- didn’t work:( will be returning them tomorrow. It was worth a try

    • I don’t think this deal is working anymore.

  • yameli

    Don’t work for me

  • Where are the tins located? I winded up getting the Lip Butter and Lip Care for 2/$5.00 and the coupon didn’t print out, she had to do it manually.

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