Posted: November 17, 2012

CVS Ad Deals, Matchups & Store Coupons provided by Time 2 Save Workshops

Ask a question in the comments section below; I am quick to answer.  I want to simplify couponing, not make it more difficult.

Read my CVS Training Guide if you’re new to extreme couponing!  Don’t forget you can register your Extra Care Card Online to sign up for email coupons and a $4 off $20 in-store coupon will be sent to you via email! And don’t forget to be a CVS Advisor to get high-value ECB’s! View this week’s CVS Ad Scan.

*****Stock up “Cuckoo Deals” are in pink!

Freebies After ECB 11/18-11/21

Other ECB Deals and Good Deals

Spend $30 Get $10 ECB wyb Mucinex, Cepacol, Delsym, or Lysol Products Limit 1

Best ECB Deals:

Other Good Deals:



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  • nd

    The MQ for the iron supplement is definitely gone; it says so right on the page. They say it will come back but it doesn’t say when. Get a raincheck for it and hopefully the coupon will be back by then.

  • Micht

    The $5 Bayer Contour coupon says you have to have a valid prescription to turn in with the coupon.

  • I did the Listerine deal last week, can I do it again?

  • Wren

    if you go to the coupons offered through…there is a $4/1 CVS coupon for Visine (it says to go to to print $4 coupon right ON the picture)…..makes it a small moneymaker! Combine it with the $1/1 print you have and make $1 on it! 😀 OR if the Tired eye one is the only one offered, use the $3/1 coupon you mentioned AND the $4/1 on cvs’s site making it 1.50 moneymaker or more if your store will give you an overage! :) I hope that made sense! lol

  • Chicora76

    Went to cvs tonight. Totally awesome shopping trip. Some of the items are not on sale in my area. But still cant complain. Planning my next trip to finish off the free items. Had to regroup because some of the items not on sale here. Thank you for the heads up on all these great deals.

    The south beach bars had a 1.00/1 coupon on the box. Not all of them had it so be on the look out.

  • Chicora76

    The street king energy shots are $3.99 get $3.99 rewards. You have them in as $.99 get $.99.

    • Chicora76

      in the scenarios it is right, but at the top list its is in wrong. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • chelsea

    Thank you so much for this post i love this website

  • auschick

    I got a great deal on the kid’s advil! A couple of weeks ago I got a $3 off children’s advil (any size) from the Magic Coupon Machine. I also had a $1 off children’s advil (no size restriction) – sorry, not sure which newspaper it came from. I was able to use both of them on my transaction, so the overage was $4!

  • sarah

    question, does this sale go through 11/24 or simply through this weds? The instore ads read through this wed. help :(

  • Ashley A

    i have a question…under the Best ECBs section at the bottom of your list where it mentions the CVS flossers & Cheerios & Wet’n’Wild nail kits…are these sales regional or just not marked? i could not find them anywhere…

    • KenniL

      Those deals start on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and run through Saturday HTH

  • Angel Card

    I went to CVS yesterday with $36.00 in ECB’s and $22.00 left over from a $30 giftcard. I only spent .77 because I forgot to give the cashier $4.00 in coupons for the Playtex Sports 36ct. I had a fun time. I thought the store was gonna be packed because all the free deals but I’m happy to say alot people in Quincy, Fl don’t know how to get free stuff from CVS or Walgreens. :)

  • Angel Card

    Here’s my photo

  • Angel Card

    Here’s my photo…

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