Posted: December 22, 2012

CVS Ad Deals, Matchups & Store Coupons provided by Time 2 Save Workshops

Ask a question in the comments section below; I am quick to answer.  I want to simplify couponing, not make it more difficult.

Read my CVS Training Guide if you’re new to extreme couponing!  Don’t forget you can register your Extra Care Card Online to sign up for email coupons and a $4 off $20 in-store coupon will be sent to you via email! And don’t forget to be a CVS Advisor to get high-value ECB’s! View this week’s CVS Ad Scan.

*****Stock up “Cuckoo Deals” are in pink!

Best ECB Deals:
Other Good Deals:

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  • Stephanie

    I’m a little confused by the Christmas clearance. My store already has stuff marked 50% off so will I get an additional 33% off?

  • Carlie

    Shick Razor deal help please-I have the $8 CVS Q and the $2 MQ. I also have the BO revil, get one Schick Hydro razor free (up to $12.99). So can I buy the refils (using the 2 Q’s) and also the razor, getting the razor free?
    Also, can I pay with ECB’s or will it not give me an ECB for the razor since I am paying with 3 coupons?

    • Yes, you can buy the razor and refill blades. Use all three coupons and you will get the razor free, $8 and $2 off othe the blade refills and get a $5 ECB as well. That makes an awfully sweet deal!!!

  • shauna
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